「ここにない世界」 (Koko ni Nai Sekai)
“The World is Not in Here”

After what’s seemed like an eternity, the episode we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. It doesn’t make up entirely for the flaws from previous weeks—odd pacing, quick resolutions and the like—but there’s no denying this is a game-changer that flips everything on its head, answers many vital questions, and firmly emphasizes what’s been at stake all this time.

Up until this point, the part about “big bad scientists keeping ability users in research facilities” seemed to be nothing but an urban legend, and why not? The only thing we had to go on was Tomori’s story, and despite the “threat” they posed and the rampant usage of powers from Tomori and the Student Council, not a single of these proverbial boogeymen made even a single appearance. As it turns out though, Tomori was on the mark all along, and things end up being on an even larger scale than we ever anticipated.

The catch is that it never happened in this timeline, and I’m in awe at how this episode brings together almost all the series’ loose ends in one go. One could reason that the scientists haven’t shown up because they’ve been preemptively thwarted by Shunsuke (and may not even know of the prevalence of such abilities), and the latter’s appearance not only confirms the existence of another Otosaka family member, but the identity of the “mysterious benefactor,” and the fact that there’s a huge variety in the strength and type of abilities people can possess. At the same time, we now know who the mysterious orange-haired figure from the end of episode 6 is, and it goes to show how intricately linked our main cast’s members are and have been from the start.

As expected however, answers only lead to more questions—the most pressing of which is how Yuu is able to remember something that he never experienced in the current time line. Assuming Shunsuke seized the opportunity to go back in time and change the past, it would reason that he should be the only one who knows the past he’s changed. The members of the new timeline shouldn’t possess memories of events from the other, and while it’s easy to see how Kumagami would know (Shun could’ve just explained things to him), it doesn’t explain how Yuu knows or why he had to have his memories erased in the first place. I suppose the erasure of memories is only a step away from altering or transplanting memories, but is that really it? Could it related to his relationship to Shun? Does he also possess the ability to time-leap?

Either way, there’s a measure of predictability in regards to how things’ll work out, and it seems all but confirmed that Yuu will use his “plunder” ability to acquire Shun’s powers (assuming he doesn’t have it already) and use them to go back in time to rescue Ayumi—perhaps in a plan codenamed “Charlotte”? The setup is there for a heartwarming ending involving the reunion of our brother/sister combo, but count me as someone who suspects it’ll be one more bittersweet than anything. The fact that Shun’s ability left him blind (is it a coincidence that Sala is blind and has similarly colored eyes?) makes you wonder if Yuu may not suffer the same fate, and it could very well be worse. After all, he’s utilizing an exceptionally powerful ability that wasn’t his own to begin with, and it only figures the drawback could be larger than we ever expected…


  1. Actually, there’s a very terrible possibility. That over usage of your powers causes you to become blind. With both Shunsuke and Sala being blind, this could be a terrible revelation. Or at least the first part of it. It may even mean your senses shut down. With only the first being sight.

    Since Yuu’s powers require him to have eye contact with the person he needs to use it on. It will likely mean that in his most desperate hour, after enough usage, he’ll go blind and lose something else as well. Probably Tomori, Ayu again, or even both.

    Before you say I’m reaching on Sala, remember that Shunsuke likely needed to meet with someone who likely has powers and convince them to change something. It wouldn’t just be the scientists. Sala’s probably the one that caused a wholesale change.

    As for why certain people remember, I’d bet that is probably an effect of Yuu’s plunder. Although he plunders a skill, he also probably places a little bit of what he has in total into someone. Kind of like leaving a trail of crumbs. This would explain how everyone still remembers. It is only the people he had actually affected that would remember.

    You may say that he hasn’t done it with Shunsuke and that would negate my theory about plunder, but I’m thinking that he probably had stolen Shunsuke’s time ability to prove it that Shunsuke had it as well as to prove to Shunsuke of the awesomeness of his own power.

    The worst thing about this episode for me was when it entirely shifted and I was like “aw hell, so this is the future/parallel world and he transports back and forth between the two planes due to Zhiend’s music, doesn’t he”.

    And I also just realized that Zhiend is a play on The End. Ye Gods, I fail at that.

    1. Also, before you say “but the baseball guy doesn’t remember”. How many people have they used the person’s talent with memory eraser on? They’ve already said that Yuu had it done to himself, you know. And that isn’t something you’d just drop for no reason.

      1. Do not forget another major thing, a MAJOR line from the promotional trailer:

        “It Was a Sickness…”

        We do not know -what- Charlotte is exactly, it could be the name of a project, it could be an individual or it could have something to do with the shooting star that the promotional material for the production has brought up over and over again.

        Also, Yu may have memories from the past timeline due to the lingering energy related to the ablities he plundered. That direct metaphysical but organic link he’s had with other gifted people is likely what has allowed him to maintain his memories. To everyone else however, Shunsuke is likely just a hero that thwarted the Organization (I assume we’re calling it that for now) but we don’t know how or at what cost.

        Maeda is almost as much of a fan of ‘success at a cost’ as some other highly praised producers like Urobochi, albeit sometimes in a softer delivery, so we have only received two major pieces of the puzzle at this point. Shunsuke’s Time Leap abilities and Yu’s Plunder ability, which we’ve discovered is the true nature of his temporary body jacking.

        The real question now that we have to ask ourselves is seeing that both Shunsuke (And probably Sara) paid the price for his (their) power usage, will this happen to the others, to what extent and what happens based on the nature of their power?

        Regardless, you’ve made a really fucking spot on statement about the episode. This game changer was the hook I needed to redeem my faith in Charlotte but for me, it does make up for the eternity we’ve sat through when you look back and realize that Yu has plundered all the abilities of every gifted person they’ve met. All the investigation of other gifted members that Nao orchestrated resulted in Yu jacking their bodies and plundering their powers, but whether this was intentional and done with good or malicious intent is the real question.

        The upcoming 3 episodes definitely look like they’ll be one wild fucking ride and I can’t wait to see it conclude. Looking forward to the remaining reviews for the series.

  2. This episode had it’s ups and downs i would say. For 1/4 of it i was like, okay here we go..the typical date scene.. (tomori looked adorable by the way) and then by the 2/4 mark i was confused as hell. I mean, first the concert started and i was so confused because he started claiming how he geard it all before. Then the revert in time happened and then i was beyond confused at this point and i was begging for someone to explain something to me. When i saw Ayumi i thought “oh, the imouto is alive, why am i not surprised” then all the other stuff started happening and now the wet long hair dude now seems to be a BadA** character in disguise and that was surprising. And then we find out the missing link in Yuu’s family was actually his older brother who is a time traveler and we now also know Yuu has the power to steal other people’s power and that is an awesome power, if not THE BEST. and i like how things are finally picking up.
    On another not Zheinds song didn’t sound that well to me. Am i the only one? Also, we finally get to find out who the orange haired chick from the previous episodes was, (she can erase memories) and that’s cool. If people were looking for a change in this series this episode should suit thwir fancy!! Good job Zephyr!! I can’t wait for next week!!

    1. That’s most likely because we’re conditioned to consider engrish as sounding awkward, because to anyone, hearing their native language mangled sounds weird. It’s the same for people that elongate syllables for Japanese words, when Japanese and Korean syllables are equidistant from one another.

  3. Not to say anything bad about the show but i felt that the twist no matter how interesting it was has come too late in the game. All the things i didn’t like about the show are still there and this wasn’t enough to make me forget them. Heck the end of the episode showed how uninterested i was in the characters

    1. This. This is the best way to sum up my feelings.
      This twist would have been much, much, much more appreciated if the story had been coherent and fluid prior to, but the amount of counterproductive (to a 12-13 ep season) fluff has killed every single twist and shocking moment this show has had to offer.
      Ayumi’s death had no effect on me. Yuu’s big stroll into the deep end had no effect, Sala’s introduction had no effect on me whatsoever.
      It says a lot that it only took 1 episode for the guy who we’re used to seeing soaked in water 24/7 to be more important than Yusa and Bullet man and they’re supposed to be the main cast. I can’t even say I’m interested in any of the characters anymore.

  4. Uhhh…mmhm…
    I’m trying to determine if this revelation makes up for all the nonsense from previous episodes or just makes things utterly more annoying. Though, before I make any further mention on that, that family is OP as fucking hell.
    Power stealing
    Utter destruction/collapse
    Time travel
    Yuu ofc has the most OP of them all cause he can straight up possess and utilize multiple powers at once, if not all of them if he could manage it w/o repercussions.

    How are people aware of a timeline that never existed for them? I’m assuming it will be clarified, but if it isn’t I’m concerned deeply.
    And a part of me (I think a part of everyone) knew that time travel would more than likely become a variable in the story once Ayu died in this timeline. I just can’t particularly say I’m content. Idk, I wanted to believe that the rest of the show could go without the plot being entirely solved by the supernatural in that sense.
    I guess it’s just better to say I would have had more enjoyment from the show if the trajectory of the plot was more fixated on dealing with an actual antagonistic faction rather than what we’ve been getting so far. Maybe we’ll get that, but I don’t think so.

    1. It makes you wonder if the whole family’s intricately involved in the whole ability phenomenon in the first place. It’d explain why the siblings are so significant and the parents mentioned a few times, yet we’ve never really seen them.

  5. I wonder how Yuu’s power works exactly? Does the original user still retain it after he steals it? And what’s the drawback? (obviously the 5 second limit doesn’t even matter if he can grab the power in that time)

    I predict he’ll somehow draw the different powers of the superpowered people at the beginning…. at least I hope they try something so those initial 5 episodes aren’t completely wasted. So… something about making photos and sharing something from his thoughts, pyrokinesis (and making talking to the dead), telekinesis, and flying.

    Episode 9/12. About time they picked up.

      1. ah, i kind of assumed it was because the telepathic user just didn’t have time to escape himself. It’s kind of a miracle that Yuu’s real power wasn’t found out earlier then? I figured somebody would have complained

    1. I’m going to say that they don’t keep it, and that’s why Flying-Man and Baseball-Boy were only given stern warnings and weren’t “invited” to join the school. They weren’t in danger anymore after Yuu “plundered” them.

      That also means that Nao knows his second ability, which explains what she was going for in the baseball episode and why she stopped him from taking over the teleporter and just threw him out the window herself. Which means she’s either smarter than she lets on or Shu’s been talking to her about Yuu.

      I still hate that they wasted a whole episode on Baseball-Boy…

      1. It can be argued that Tomori knows, but I think it’s far from a definite.

        Her interactions with Shunsuke make it look like she hasn’t talked much with him since their first meeting, and Tomori did observe Yuu for a while before taking him down, which she arguably wouldn’t have happened if she knew what his powers were already. You could argue it’s just to get some evidence to hold over him, but I don’t know about that. Considering her views on the powers they possess, I also can’t see her as someone who intentionally wanted Yuu to possess those people and obtain a multitude of different powers either, but I suppose it’s possible if that was the “path” laid out by Shunsuke way back when.

        Hopefully next week clears this up eh.

        But I do agree that ultimately Nao is someone that’s more than meets the eye, and she’s definitely smarter (and more considerate) than we tend to give her credit for.

      2. Interview with Maeda Jun below. There are story spoilers. You have been warned.

        Show Spoiler ▼

      3. Actually, I don’t think the before cases have lost their powers. And Yuu may not have the plunder ability anymore, or at least not the same. Afterall, it’s an “incomplete” power.

        Possibly, the whole “incomplete” powers is something ONLY introduced in the new timeline. As a way for power users to return to normal life. Since this story involves time travel, there can be multiple layers of events in play. Or not, Charlotte is far from being very mind provoking so I may be overthinking.

        I may have overlooked something, but none of the old timeline powers seemed incomplete or faulty. Most of them seemed pretty darn good. There are hints when one was reluctant to wipe his memory (possibly implying the fault) or the blindness. But I think that’s probably a whole different price.

        Goodwill Wright
      4. @bibotot

        I, like many viewers on this site do not like, nor care for spoilers. As such I (and many others here that comment) don’t go out of my way looking over interviews that may have a chance of such spoilers. And even if I did hear of this interview and spoiled myself before hand, I wouldn’t post them here, because it would spoil people that haven’t looked or heard of the interview you’re talking about.

        I’m not sorry that I’m not the type of blogger to blatantly spoil things for the people on this site. (Obviously, you missed the fact that I took care to avoid major spoilers in my excerpt on the front page too).

        You, on the other hand, don’t seem to care, and it shows how you don’t understand how this blog usually works or the views of people that come here.

        As such, I find it rich that you’re making statements like “for a blogger ______” when you don’t understand the reasoning behind it, and what’s truly regrettable is your eagerness to shoot me down/insult me instead of contributing to the discussion itself despite your “extra knowledge.”

        As for your link, I have spoiler tagged it as it does still contain information that can be construed as spoilers for future episodes. Looking forward, I expect that the spoiler tag be used for any subsequent comments of such a nature, especially if it involves content not explicitly mentioned or discussed in an episode.

      5. @bitobot

        In defense of Zephyr, I don’t normally read articles for the scenes behind an anime (or that interview in that matter). He does not have to research every little thing about this show you know. We are presented this episode and we should judge it in according to what we have seen. He did a good job in judging the merits of this episode so it is enough.

        Now back to Charlotte, it answered some of my questions earlier in this series and I am fine with that. Yet I still do not forgive this show for its veeeerrrrry questionable execution.

  6. I’m not sure if this is just because of a difference in subs or not but it seems pretty clear to me that Yuu remembering the events of the alternate timeline is what is supposed to happen. The subs I watched even said that Yuu had his memories eased by that girl from episode six’s ending which the tracker guy remembering the timeline supports.

    Granted that doesn’t explain why Ayumi also seems to not remember the previous timeline or why the scientist aren’t after them but they might explain that next episode.

    1. The question is why he remembers it despite him being from a different time line.

      As for the others, I’m not so sure if they remember themselves or were told what happened instead, but yeah it does look like they do remember it, which makes you wonder if it’s not related to their abilities.

      Either way, I feel like it’s an important thing to at least touch upon next week eh.

      1. Kinda depends if you believe in the multiple world’s theory. They didn’t change the past/present, but rather just jumped to a new world which they molded into the now present. So it isn’t like what happened “didn’t” happen, so to say. Of course it must have happened or the person could not have “time traveled” from that point.

        Goodwill Wright
  7. Episode 9 and it finally feels like this series is a relative of Angel Beats, Clannad, etc. Seriously, I loved this episode, IMO it did 99% of everything right, but WAY TOO LATE!! We didn’t even need a lot of buildup for this one, just the parts of Nao experimenting with Yuu’s power in the baseball episode, Yuu taking over Flying-Man, Nao stopping him from taking over teleporter, and Yuu meeting Sala after Ayumi died. That’s all we needed. The rest could change and we’d still get here, probably with the audience a lot more interested in the story, too.

  8. Nicely played, Maeda Jun. Nicely played.

    I was chewing the walls and raging after eps 6 and 7, not happy with what felt like amateurish writing… but I was had! That was a nice rug pull, IMO.

    I’m prepared to eat my words now, if he manages to pull this off.

  9. So the eldest brother knows that Ayumi is eventually going to manifest a power so destructive it almost leveled the facility they were being held prisoner in… and just decides to leave her alone and not send any of his people after her until the instant her powers go out of control?

    I mean wet guy has been in on all of this, shouldn’t he be reporting new people with powers to the older brother just like he’s reporting to the student council? Shouldn’t the appearance of the collapse power have been a bit more of an “oh shit” moment for their organization rather than letting the student council sit on their hands waiting to see what happens?

    I know the big brother is blind… but you don’t need to see to have a little foresight.

  10. I like the fact that this episode did not straight out told us of the evil scientists plan, but did it in a show don’t tell in a lot of the scnes.. What I find interesting is that in the alternative timeline, we never see Tomori. The fact that Yuu is there is probably the fact that the scientists know that they know Yuu’s brother has esper powers, so it might be possible his siblings also may have powers. We see Tomori’s brother, but not Tomori. I wonder why?

    1. True that. If they have so much money, why not use it for the ability users? That’s pretty fishy. And where does the money come from?
      Because they had no interest in researching or finding a cure for the brother of Tomori?

  11. So basically Nao stops Yuu from taking over Speedbro because it’d steal his powers. There’s no reason otherwise for her to have stopped him. Remember the baseball guy? It wasn’t a test. Yuu has been stealing each of their powers. Isn’t it strange how Nao who trusts nobody is totally cool with them just saying “okay” to not using thier powers? It’s because now they can’t. She’s been deceiving them the entire time. Which leads us to “saving” him in griefmode. I thought it strange that she was so arrogant when she brought him over to speedbros house that was conveniently empty. “Get over it, you clearly dig me.” more or less. They need his powers. Nao gives hardly a shit about him. Damn she’s so fake. Worst girl of the season by far.
    She’s only close to Yuu because Shu told her to do so. She isn’t even thinking for herself, what a terrible gir

    1. That’s wrong starting with the fact that Yuu has taken over ‘speedbro’ on multiple occassions, such as during the baseball match. Not to mention that the entire research facility would be up in arms if they found out that all these power-users suddenly had no powers anymore. Surely that would’ve led back to Yuu eventually.

      1. No, Yu never used their skill in any member of the student council.

        speedbro is Takajou – Megane-kun

        You understood wrong, Yu steals the abilities of the ”esper”, when he uses his ability in other espers.

        The following contains explanations answering several questions from this episode and refers to a link that has future story spoilers. Read at your own risk.

        Show Spoiler ▼

  12. There’s no way the plot can make me not think this big brother is a douche.
    How are you 100% aware of the power your sister possesses and just leave her alone on her merry way?
    He basically gave her death a big thumbs up by not intervening.

    1. An official from a Japanese television channel, that transmit the anime and had access to the episodes, leaked some information in 2ch.net.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. It’s real because that posted the message in Japanese forum was the famous guy with 100% accuracy in their spoiler, the famous anon Aldnoah.Zero.
        the message below has a better explanation

      2. Just a warning. Whether it’s confirmed or not, any such posts without spoiler tags will lead to deletion of the comment and/or a ban. Ask if you don’t know how to use them.

  13. There’s nothing telling me that Durango’s info is real and not fake.
    That sounds suspect as fuck. Why would anyone risk their jobs just to leak spoilers for a TV show on the internet? Becase if that happened the responsible person would be fired.
    I think it’s a lie

    1. 2ch.net is a Japanese forum similar to 4chan /a/, the name of the users are kept anonymous.
      Therefore, the User is not at risk of being caught and fired from his job.
      Whenever this user, posts a message containing ”spoilers about future events of the anime”, then immediately a moderator posts a message warning you that this is the user real.
      the user is very famous, it has 100% accuracy in their spoilers due to the fact of working in a Japanese television channel, that broadcasting the animes.

      His most famous spoiler, was in Aldnoah.Zero a totally unique anime without source material.


      Show Spoiler ▼

      He posted this spoiler, two weeks before the episode aired.

  14. it look like tomori is faking that she don´t know nothing and maybe her real power have other effects
    shun and wet guy why could them wait for imouto death to show yourself¿?some fishy going there
    so it work like sharingan and go blind if you keep using it lol

  15. Strange. Very strange. I’d been waiting for this show to deliver a fustercluck of questions, but now that it’s come I don’t feel as engaged with characters or story as I have before. I’m gradually unpicking everything, but it’s somehow missing the excitement that earlier episodes had.

    More of my thoughts here: https://unnecessaryexclamationmark.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/charlotte-09/

    I think a lot of it revolves around how the introduction of Yuu’s brother lacked dramatic impact – I get it, no ‘melodramatic’ reunion (Maeda satirizing himself there?), but ending the show with at least something dramatic and relatable to our cast, something that isn’t just a question which we don’t have to materials yet to answer, would have helped the episode’s impact prior to Yuu’s reawakening hold more of my invested interest. Or perhaps ending it just after Yuu awoke, before meeting his brother, and not giving that underplayed reunion a week for it to feel underplayed, would have packed a stronger punch.

  16. Finally. A solid Charlotte episode all around. Yet it nullified episode four and five’s worth (also of Takajo and Yusa to some extent). Well, I am genuinely happy with this one.

  17. Well…the part where they show the parallel universe (or whatever it is called) is actually really good, though it feels really overused in stories like this (Heroes anyone?). Sadly, that’s the only good part about this episode..

    And ah, Nao seems to like Shun more than our MC. NTR is coming. Yea…..

    1. Not NTR cause she was never into him to begin with. She’s just been one massive tease to those that wanted to believe and thought this was a typical Maeda Jun formula.

      At this point I’m guessing it’s going to either turn into Yuu vs. Everyone for Ayumi having a normal life, or they’ll “help” him get Ayumi back and they’ll both just fall into line behind Shu with Nao as their watchdog to keep them in check. I see no real happy ending coming here.

  18. My prediction on what I’ve written in previous episodes:

    1. Ability user to time travel ~ check
    2. Yuu’s brother (Shun) is actually the one Tomori trusts ~ check
    3. Wanna-save-your-sister-again situation
    ~ check

    Only thing that needs to be explained is how everyone (especially Yuu cause he should be oblivious unless his plunder powers still made him remember previous time line) related to Shun, remember the previous time line.

    The girl (who can erase memories), the boy who is the chauffeur, & Kumagami shouldn’t be able to remember their previous time line unless Shun tells them, and they just believe.

    Well, I guess next episode is gonna be like a nostalgic Steins; Gate (a modern classic time-travel anime) episode.

  19. You’re assuming that time travel creates branching timelines but that isn’t the only concept of time travel. Shun hasn’t switched to a different timeline but just modified it. We know that Nao and her brother were held by the bad guys so they still are active. The events we saw in Yuu’s memory still happened while Shun was preparing the school and his hideout. Yuu and Ayumi escaped with the others and were brain wiped to protect them I guess, though we’ll have to wait for the actual reason to be revealed. As for the blindness, could it be that as a consequence of age they just lose their sight? Both Shun and Yusa are younger than the rest of the group.

  20. @Zephyr

    A small correction. It’s not correct to say that “it didn’t happen in this time line” because the research of the scientists is actually ongoing in this time line with Tomori’s brother being one concrete victim of them.

    Perhaps though the difference is that Yuu’s brother is an opposing force to them and the scale may or may not be the same.

    1. The research continues yes, but from what we can see, it doesn’t seem to be in the same scope or size.

      At the very least, there’s a major distinction in that none of the main cast members have been caught, and that’s what I meant “when it didn’t happen in this timeline.”

  21. Just a speculation but I think:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I think we’ve been playing a lot of this kind of game Zephyr. 🙁

  22. That broken Engrish singing made me cringe, probably will take another 50-80 years for the japanese people to ditch katakana writing and speaking, and just learn to use English in its original form.

  23. Soooo… why didn’t aniki just tell long-haired ikemen and the other two x-men to warn MC about imouto and her power from the start? They came to the school to save her I guess, but that was like two days after ikemen told the student council about the new power user.

    Like why didn’t ikemen just say “oh we have a new power user, and her power is collapse. hey yuu, come with me for a sec and bring your sister with you. i have to show you somethin'”?

    It doesn’t add up.

  24. To answer your question about how Yuu kept his memories from that different timeline we need to know exactly what does “Time-Leap” do, depending on how it works it could all make sense or not, but there are already several possibilities of how Time-Leap might work.

    1-His power rewinds time itself and erases the memories of everyone except him, but everyone can still regain their memories if a the right “trigger” causes them to remember something from the erased timeline, but it’s a rare occurance.

    2-He travels back in time like with a time machine, changes what needed to be changed to erase the science facility and prevent it from existing then travels back to his current time period, this doesn’t explain the memories though.

    3-His power creates a completely parallel and new timeline where things are as he wants them to be, there could be a link then between the people in the old timeline and the ones in the new ones (so memories can travel back and forth between both timelines as long as it is the same person, it’s more of natural phenomena .. resonance of souls maybe XD)

    Those are the three main hypotheses for what Time-Leap actually does, and it clearly has a drawback like most powers in the show (mostly has to do with him going blind), i guess next episode will answer all these questions about how his time-leap works and what exactly happened so that they would need to wipe Yuu’s memories (why only Yuu and not everyone else !!!).

    Also .. Zhiend band also seems to be at the center of it all, i wonder what relation they have with all what’s happening, next week can’t come sooner XD

    1. I am more erring into hypothesis #3. Mostly because I’m a believer of the multiple world theories simply because it closes more loopholes than simply saying, “you travelled back in time and the future has no relative impact to where you are”.

      Goodwill Wright
  25. My first reaction seeing this episode is “they just pulled a fast one. What the heck Key is doing these days.”

    Okay, Charlotte is turning into a unfruitful effort in killing my time. They got nice prologue, a good Episode 6, a good followup episodes (Episode 7 is good but I didn’t shed a tear[probably emotionally detached or watched heavier shows prior to this one] and Episode 8 was great. Zhiend vocalist is a great game changer, Not Episode 6. But Zhiend herself.

    And come episode 9, and they pull out a Steins;gate. (I haven’t watched it yet.)
    Honestly, I was afraid this show is falling apart more or less, but what keeps me engaged is that I knew that Yu’s brother is someone I can’t trust(gigolo’s voice) and wet man’s secrecy is beyond top class(he sure has guts in hiding it even to Tomori), But then again it’s bound to become a ride to disappointment. They had engaging story and now a good plot line with lots of holes. Interesting, but very sad because they wasted a half of a season to be this good. I mean They procrastinate a lot in order for these events to happen.

    Overall: Episode 9 good (not that great) And I hope from hereon they don’t traumatize me with a bad story end or a failed possibility. Take a look at Angel Beats, It has a good setting but the possibility was wasted.

    Overall, Episode 10 shall decide if this show is worth it or not.

  26. MC has memories wiped because reasons
    Nao knows everything about his powers and makes sure he steals them after each time they find a power user. Makes sure he steals baseball guy just in case. Essentially lies to every person she met.
    Older bro doesn’t contact MC because reasons.
    Nao clearly knows about his powers as she stops him from taking over speedbro.
    Nobody tells MC of his true powers because le epic mystery anime.
    Nao, waterguy, and older bro pretty much responsible for the death of the sister (again) because they knew of Ayumis powers and do jack shit.
    The reason Nao does anything with MC including “saving” him from griefmode is because they really need his OP powers because without them there’s no guarantee the users won’t use their powers again. No wonder she is totally fine with them saying “okay” to stop using the powers. It’s because she’s got the guarantee of Yuu stealing them. Hence baseball guy.
    Nao essentially cold, aloof, egotistical, manipulative and unfeeling the entire anime.

    1. The wild card that Yuu have thrown here and possibly was not foreseen by Shun is Nao’s brother being partially ‘healed’ by Sala thru Yuu’s efforts. So Nao’s feelings might have been shaken up by that development that could be instrumental in the end.

      This is true if we’re going with the Show Spoiler ▼

  27. For some reason, I don’t like how Nao is treating Yuu compared to Shun after helping her brother come back his senses with the help of Sala, she treats him rather coldly. Yeah, I know Shun is her most and only trusted person, but still…

    1. Tbh, I was actually disappointed when Nao trotted up to Shunsuke like a child or an obedient dog hoping for praise and a pat on the head (and getting it). In retrospect, it’s not entirely surprising that she would be carrying out Shunsuke’s orders, but after seeing her being so determined, strong, feisty and generally fairly dominant, it just felt… uncomfortable, seeing her behave like that and realising that we’ve currently got no way of knowing what she did of her own volition and what she did because Shunsuke asked her to.

  28. Honestly, I see two possible antagonists

    1. It will probably be Shun and the Shun group (The other teens who have powers), because why would they erase Yuu’s memories over his alternate timeline? Shun looks shady and walks like he is the big man, so due to the physical evidence.. I could assume that he was the villain all along. He is using some people’s powers (as Guinea Pigs) or to do his bidding. Also, How did they get such huge amount of money that is the question?

    2. Honestly, Nao had to belong here.. She would be part of the Neutral (Evil) side.. First of all, I have come to the conclusion that her feelings, personality, actions that she has committed are just a lie due to being told by Shun. She probably did that out of Loyalty to shun who helped her out with her brother or she has a (questionable) crush on him. We don’t know. However, she did learn about Yuu’s ability to plunder other abilities and I highly doubt it that it would be a coincidence that she would knock off glasses before Yuu could possess him.. So, yeah.. Tomori is playing Yuu, which means that tomori is shun’s pawn to keep Yuu under his thumb..

    Also, if we learn that Tomori betrays Yuu.. I hope he doesn’t forgive her immediately like other characters who go “by killing them with love”… Because being a rebound sucks… That is for sure

  29. Wow! Just wow. There’s a bunch of *ssholes in here thinking their doing the show and its viewers a great favor by spoiling details and rubbing it to our faces so hard, acting all high and mighty because they have access to the ‘hot stuffs’. Throw your tasteless spoilers outta here.

    As for the show, the next episode better make it up. The reveal was waaaaaaaay too late already that I’m close to dropping this.

  30. This show has been really deep. Glad I gave it a shot. But I miss the light heart’ed comedy from the earlier episodes. Never really saw this coming. I had been wondering where the scientists were as well. Wow

    Rick Anime
  31. They really crammed in all sorts of plot twists and plot progression into this episode. It’s coming a bit late into the series considering we only have 4 episodes…but at least now I can see the bigger picture and how everything might be resolved, so this was a good episode. A shame they spent a few episodes on some random power users that followed a Jojo Bizzare’s adventure format of villain of the week, lol. I’m not quite sure this makes up for everything that came after, BUT I admit that these revelations interest me enough to keep me watching till the end. Hopefully the other two members of the student council are actually relevant and will help out with the time leaping shenanigans.


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