“That Woman Shizuka”

「その女シズカ」 (Sono Onna Shizuka)

Romance at Wagnaria:

We didn’t get any Yamada commentary this week, but I suspect if we did she would be saying much the same as before: too much flirting, not enough dating! We’re really being teased with the two main couples of this season, to the point where I’m wondering if they’re ever going to take that final step. I mean, of course they will… surely?

The Shatou-kuns are still hilarious, as was Popura defending Yachiyo. Satou cannot help that he was born with a scolding face. Poor Yachiyo, however, is becoming less stable as time goes on. However, Kyouko is finally becoming aware of all of this, and is likely to be the final push in this relationship. Her parfait competition was another funny moment, especially when she couldn’t criticise Yamada – who could hate that face? Overall, we didn’t get much Yamada this episode, but the fact that she exists in these little moments is enough for me to keep on smiling.

As for our other relationship… I must say I am being swayed. Their moments are just too damn adorable, and this episode was no different. After last week’s punch, Inami and Souta seem closer then ever, except for the pole between them. I wish they’d just hold hands on their way home like they both want to. No more holding back, please! We’ve got three episodes left, and if we’re gonna get some romantic resolutions, I hope they come sooner rather than later. I want to see these two as an official couple on-screen, rather than it being revealed in the last moments of the last episode. I want to see some cute, canon, awkward hand holding from here on out!

Takanashi Family Reunion:

I know I said I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Takanashi-centric episodes, but this one was an exception. The mother of the Takanashi family has forever been an enigma, only referred to now and then. But whenever she was brought up, it was never met with warmth or smiles. I didn’t know what to expect going into this one, but I have to say that Takanashi Shizuka (Orikasa Ai) is a welcomed addition to this cooky family; in fact, she may be my favourite of the bunch. From the flashback scenes to her proper introduction in Souta’s bedroom, there was a real pang of horror to it all. WORKING!!! never fails to surprise me this season – I never would have guessed a character would be this scary. Yet her intimidation is played for comedy, in a good way. She’s able to manipulate and emotionally destroy her children without remorse. It’s actually quite dark, and shows that WORKING!!! can deliver these serious scenes mixed with the comedic moments. I should feel sorry for the Takanashi siblings for being cursed with such a mother, but the results are too amusing not to enjoy. More Shizuka, please!

Overview – What’s Next?:

I suspect next week we may see a shift in romantic developments. On one hand you have Kyouko’s dissatisfaction with Yachiyo’s parfaits, and on the other you have Shizaku being aware of her son’s love life. Both these characters are being set up to play a role in pushing the romance forward, or so it would seem. If that is the case, we should be in for something exciting. If not, hopefully WORKING!!! will a least continue be funny, even if the development is stretched out once more.



  1. Poor Ko… Ko… Komainu? Kozukai? Kozumosu? Her. Poor her.

    Last Boss is flat out scary. Nazuna is also kinda scary, too. (Stop admiring your mother! She’s not someone to emulate!)

    1. Agreed. Seeing how their mother treated her, it makes more sense now why Kozue craves so much attention. Could be also why she turned to drinking for comfort. Yeah you can’t help but feel sorry for her. Now I hope she somehow ends up with Youhei…and/or Mitsuki.

    2. I can totally envisage Nazuna will go into politics at the age of 25, which is the minimum age of eligibility for election in Japan, to follow her mother’s footsteps. And even succeed to her mother’s team and electoral district when she retires.

  2. https://randomc.net/image/WORKING!!/WORKING!!%20-%2006%20-%20Large%2028.jpg

    All of a sudden Souta’s image of Nazuna in season 1 doesn’t look so far off after meeting their mother. Nazuna will really grow into an evil overlord if she continues aspiring to be like Shizuka.

    I have to admit though, that’s an unexpected but pretty awesome solution by the Takanashi matriarch. Her solution to her son being bullied for crossdressing? Buy him a tank!

    And speaking of Souta, one way or another it looks like he acknowledges a bit that he likes Inami…finally. Way to go!

  3. You know, Souta’s thoughts about little girls makes a lot more sense in context if he was like that when he was younger. He’s actually wishing for the days when he could be like how he was as a child. Not having to worry about society thinks of him or his likes. It isn’t really that he likes children, it is his own wish to have his childhood dreams and times back. Though, yes, he does like kids too.

    And boy… T_T I never thought Souta was such a deep character until just now. Wow. I missed a lot of signs I think.

    1. Don’t think it is anything like that. If anything – the cross-dressing from his childhood days had scarred him for life.

      His love for smaller cuter things is because he views older woman as a hassle to deal with, and who can blame him with the mother and older sisters that he has, and Kyouko?

  4. I have no idea how, but this season has managed to make characters I didn’t really care about to ones I kind of feel sorry for. Aoi being the first (not that I didn’t like her character, I just treated her as a run-of-the-mill comic relief), and now Kozue!

    Seeing her trying to get attention from her mother after the latter destroyed Kazue and Izumi psychologically made me wish that someone could give that woman a hug. Wonder if her drinking habits started because of Shizuka, and if so, man that is kind of depressing. Brings a new light to all the moments she was drunk at the restaurant and craving for attention…

    Might have to rewatch the whole series again once this season is over to see if the tone of some of the scenes from the past has changed due to recent developments!

  5. This has been a surprising season in terms of giving some real depth to people. My god Kozue….she just turned from someone I kind of just disliked to someone I feel sorry for. She grew up literally forgotten by her mother and that’s just lead to her current state. Her alcoholism, inability to maintain a relationship, her desperation for attention, it all makes sense now. Without good support she’s going to drink herself to the grave and her mother probably wouldn’t remember to make it to the funeral.

    Souta was scared terribly as well. Forced to wear girl’s clothing….for no reason. It’s not like that woman doesn’t have the money to buy her son some clothes.

    I mean heck the story about their father is just scary. Did the story say how he died? I’m willing to bet suicide just to get away from his wife.

    On the non dark side…we did get some nice development with Souta and Inami. Thank god. He’s really pushing himself to accept his feelings now because he has more important things to worry about. He has to watch out and protect Inami. It’s not even a silly thing, that mother is someone you literally want to protect people from.

    1. From memory, the reason why they didn’t get boys clothes for Souta was just because it was easier to give him hand-me-downs from his older sisters. And his father just adored Souta dressing up as a girl with all the photos and vids he took…

      1. So I guess we’re actively changing out the ‘!’s to ‘%21’s (and the spaces into ‘%20’s while we’re at it)



        btw, I do think this pair has gotten very far in the 3 seasons

        This pair looks more of a anime-normal “I have a crush on her” into a potential couple in less than one season; Though that’s just my mind going around in a circle (5 theoretical-meters outside of my head).


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