「監視者」 (Kanshi-sha)

“I touched it! I touched it! I touched it! I touched it! I squeezed it!” Yeah you did.

Caren’s Fashion

Between this and Carnival Phantasm, I’ve never seen Caren Hortensia as she was supposed to be. I know what she gets up to in Fate/hollow ataraxia, but knowing the plot isn’t the same as knowing the character. So after seeing her slap Lancer with a stack of cash in Carnival Phantasm, it was no surprise that she revealed herself to be even more broken than her existing I-love-to-see-injured-children personality.

There’s her exhibitionism, for one. I appreciate that they actually justified reason the male gaze on her crotch, since it was leading up to that joke, but it would have worked sooooo much better had they not spoiled the punch line in last week’s preview. Though maybe it’s just more noticeable this time because there were only like three gags the entire episode.

And on top of that, she’s an shameless voyeur too! But as much fun as Caren turned out to be, her appearance was a symptom of an oddly paced episode.

Panic Panic Panic—Or Not

Last episode was great, no question about it. And when Card|Gil broke through from the other dimension at the end, it was a nice dose of, “Holy crap!” Tension was high, everyone was panicking, and then he hopped on his jet and blasted out of the ground and—puttered about in the sky for a while.

And everyone just agreed that he wouldn’t do anything for a while, without any evidence to back it up. So they had some tea.


The pacing was strange this episode. Not that this isn’t a common Fate series problem, because if there’s anything the Fate series is known for, its exposition. Between reintroducing Caren and wondering what Card|Gil was up to, most of the episode was exposition, and it just kicked the pacing in the balls. Which—I mean, they had to get through at least some of that. Especially the stuff about the Holy Grail War. But the transition was awkward, and as much as I like yuri twincest make out sessions, it felt out of place when they should have been hurrying. Also, that leg in her crotch is a bit much, Kuro. You’re going to give your poor onee-chan a heart attack, stop it.

Look Everyone, It’s Kid Gil!

Okay, this is officially the last major reveal that I’ve been spoiled on. I knew about Kid Gil (Endou Aya) because I was looking at some of the manga spreads way back before the first anime, and who wouldn’t want to draw Kid Gil? Dude’s cool. But that’s it. I’m not spoiled on anything else. To paraphrase John Oliver & Samuel L. Jackson: DON’T SCREW ME ON THIS GUYS. SPOILER TAGS MUTHAFUKKAS, USE EM!

*Ahem* All that said, I’ll admit that I didn’t expect Kid Gil to appear like this. Uhm, shouta get-o? (Take that, people who thought this was a yuri anime! It’s branching out. Oh my.) It—I’m going to be completely honest. I have no idea what’s going on. There was a big spell under the mountain, there’s another Holy Grail War (caught that part when Kuro was explaining it), and somehow Gil separated from his card and became human, even though the shadow form is still kicking. It’s a Fate show. I have no idea what’s going on, and that’s par for the course.

One thing is for certain, though: Miyu knows what’s going on. That means we’re close. Close to finding out what’s really going on with Miyu. About time!

Looking Ahead – Fighting Kid Gilgamesh

I’m looking forward to seeing what Kid Gil can d—oh my gods, is that Illya!? She powered up. Screw Kid Gil. I’m interested in seeing how she came to that.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – The pace abruptly slowed to make way for exposition. Then Card|Gil became Kid|Gil & whipped out his lil Enuma Elish. Oh my #prismaillya s3e8

Random thoughts:

  • A Bounded Field to put everyone to sleep, and keeps others out. What is this, Shakugan no Shana? (I should finish that series someday.)

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  1. Well I got the same what a shift of pace and mood. Seen comments that a bit of this anime only. On the other hand the hey you can’t stop him then what do we do now was a big of unusual logic in a story. And yes after Caren intro everyone knew it time to get in some relaxation while a plan thought up. A break while enemy in view is against human instinct but a very professional military thing to do so I support it. And it got us some needed very interesting information and puzzle.

  2. If there’s one thing that has really piqued my interest in the anime, it’s how they added so much original content in terms of Miyu’s development. Not just that, the entire dynamic between Illya, Miyu, and Kuro is really being set up. It’s really something. Makes the inevitable climax all the more fantastic.

    Also. Hot damn. Another kiss.
    I think they’re just having too much fun with it by now.

  3. “Also, that leg in her crotch is a bit much, Kuro. You’re going to give your poor onee-chan a heart attack, stop it.”

    Hey Illya closes her legs on Kuro’s leg to bring it in better and then starts humping the leg back. No they are going to give me a heart attack. 😉

  4. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20kaleid%20liner%20Prisma%20Illya/Fate%20kaleid%20liner%20Prisma%20Illya%20Zwei%20Herz%20-%2008%20-%20Large%2033.jpg

    Yes Illya, you have now touched the ORIGINAL package. Actually she is lucky its only Shota Gil. If it was adult Gil, it would have blinded her.

    But yes, even in the manga, the introduction of Shota Gil is a surprise.Though I’m more surprised the he was voiced by Aya Endou. Gilgamesh is Sheryl Nome! I don’t know why I find that amusing.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Kid Gil can d—oh my gods, is that Illya!? She powered up. Screw Kid Gil. I’m interested in seeing how she came to that.

    That new form has been in the OP for 8 episodes already. Lets just say I have been waiting for this moment ever since the Zwei anime has been announced. Its going to be awesome.

    1. Sheesh. Adult Gil could use his chin chin to blind enemies. Actually, was that what he was doing there? Smart guy.

      And yeah, I know it’s been in the OP, but the prospect of actually seeing what’s up has be excited. Plus, I only watch the OP or ED every three times or so. Blogging takes long enough as is, and I have like 20 shows to watch this season.

      1. Apparently they needed to leave the Moon Grail, and one of the requirements were to steal secrets. So to reveal the dragon’s secret, Gilgamesh stripped and her reaction revealed her secret that she’s pure (a virgin) still.

  5. So this Black Mana Servant, was about to manifest himself as an Human in her World. Illyia just separate him from his Black Mana mist, when he converted into Human. Left behind his Mana Servant clone…

    But, in the original how was the Master of this Black Gil Servant?

  6. this episode was so full of LOL moments, and most of them were due to Caren oh-so-broken personality…
    “this is my fashion!”
    “dont mind me, feel free to continue…”
    “I touched it!!!!”

  7. In some ways I agree on the pacing, but in others I thought they did a good job here. Miyu did have the original instinct of running like hell after it. But Caren made a fair point that sometimes it is better to stop and think first. The big scary drama was Gil coming out after them, but once they all got outside and he was starting his search there wasn’t an immediate need to do something insane and reckless. After all some people in that group had actually died in the last few minutes and could use a minute to recover XD.

    And yeah that ending was just plain hilarious and a bit unexpected. Ilya knocking Gil out of shadowy Gilgamesh and then a scene that may scar her memory XD.

  8. So they had some tea.

    Anime-original. Again. There was some exposition at this point, but it was done with the impression of “we don’t really have time to talk about this right now, so I’ll tell you what little I can, hey why don’t you two fly after that thing while the rest of us follow in/on vehicles and relate more details to each other?” There also wasn’t a kiss at this point.

    It is becoming increasingly evident that the people running this season of the anime simply do not understand pacing. Which is all the stranger because the previous seasons came across so well.

    1. To be fair, by virtue of there being so little actual plot left, we’ve already seen how much filler they’ve had to stuff into this one already. Not to say that I like there being anymore (or do I? Who knows?) than absolutely necessary at this point, but as long as we get right back on track, which we did, I’m willing to let it slide. Show Spoiler ▼

      Ryan Ashfyre
      1. …continuing for no other reason…

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Now, to liven things up, let’s replace Baseball with Hockey for the rest of the jokes…

  9. I’ll agree that this one had a wonky pacing issue, “Hurry up and Tea!”. But, darn it! Silver Link wants to sell two seasons of physical media for 2wei, and I for one, won’t fault them for wanting to make that money.

    I won’t make any fans here, just as I don’t really make a lot of fans on my own Prisma Illya posts, for saying this: But Caren is very nearly a complete waste of time. And…this is the only version of Gil that I can tolerate; as he is a broken tool nearly everywhere else. And no, hanging a lampshade on that in Carnival Phantasm doesn’t count. But that’s it for my belligerency, I’ve said me peace.

    It’s a wild and woolly (?…was Gil woolly?) time for Team Illya….It only gets that much more interesting from here.

    1. @skylion
      Caren sets up things nicely for probably later with the Church, as you could bet that once they get this information, they’ll be wanting to speak with Illya, Kuro and Miyu, very soon. Though I’m basing that strictly

      Also, I’d like to believe this Gil is his normal self. Not influenced by other things. I mean, running away from Illya and being calm and cool, but also admitting he should be the one screaming? Yeah, this Gil seems… Normal? Yes, let’s go with normal.

  10. Why couldn’t gilgamesh be illya’ rival in the first place? That would be pretty cool a rival of pure energy who could turn human by the power of friendship. Or maybe that’s my wishful thinking because I want kid gilgamesh and illya together hopefully we’ll get a kiss between them like the one illya shares with kuro this episode. Although that one is still non comfortable.

    1. That continues to be the most disgusting thing anyone has ever suggested. About anything. Ever. I cannot even fathom what sort of deranged shipping fanatic a person would have to be to come up with that concept in the first place.

  11. I was tempted to post fake spoilers and pretend they’re real.


    What is this, Shakugan no Shana? (I should finish that series someday.)

    Nah. If you got bored of it once you’re not going to change your mind on that.

      1. And the third season is the one I stopped on! Just because I got busy.

        Shakugan no Shana is one of my legacy anime. It’s one of the ones who ramped me up from moderate anime fan to totally fuckin’ bonkers (and made Kugimiya Rie the first seiyuu I could recognize on command, which led to me paying more attention to seiyuu). So I’d like to finish it eventually, even if it’s not super high on my list.

  12. Ok so Rin has a spell to make her lighter. You know the thing about magic themed shows is they tend not to explain the scope of how magic can be applied to things in their world. Like EVER. So they can sort of just bring it up when they need too. Feels like I’m watching a harry potter movie. “Oh apparently they have magic that can do this?” Guess I have no choice but to roll with it and then wonder why such magic was never referenced back too again later in the series!”. Like shouldn’t there be a spell that can make someone run faster, jump higher, be able to fly etc.? I mean there is nothing wrong with slowly introducing new magic to a world but I just think it can be used as a crutch sometimes to surprise the audience later. Anyone who’s watched Naruto KNOWS what I’m talking about. Also not exactly sure why they decided to stop when they were flying out of the cave. I mean did they really think a bunch of rocks would kill Gil? Bunch of amateurs I tell ya :/

    Gill went from trying to kill them to just chilling in his seat like a boss for…………..well no reason really. So we could get more needless Kuro mana antics and more anime original footage I guess. I mean he wasn’t even close to it when he started to fly towards the mountain so how exactly does his power work? Seems like something he’d be naturally drawn too. Plus in the manga he only takes a couple minutes then immediately flies towards it after coming out of the cave. Which makes sense from a pacing perspective. Things were already frantic so suddenly giving everyone a smoke break makes little to NO SENSE. The series has already had enough unnecessary padding writers. Shit like this isn’t helping the fact that almost over half the season was utterly pointless.

    I guess Caren is just another exposition dump character. Who just happens to have the most ANNOYING use of the “pronoun game” that I’ve ever seen. Why make everyone waste time and figure out what you are going to tell them anyway? Instead of you……..just FUCKING TELLING THEM! Especially when you are in an emergency situation? What a bitch! >:/

    Hell I gave Luvia and Rin shit for not having much character to them but sheez………….Caren just takes a shit on BOTH of them combined. Maybe being a quirky, sadist christian makes up for it? Ummmmm no it actually doesn’t. Plus she’s apparently “just an observer” even though she clearly knows more than she lets on. So I’m not expecting her to do any fighting either. What a waste. I think a “haha I wasn’t really on your side!” is in order :P.

    Also isn’t this a good time to call in help from the association? I mean this is clearly an opponent they can’t beat by traditional means. Illya just got lucky she attacked Gil when she did. The situation was practically hopeless. Plus Rin made a comment earlier mentioning that they were going to inform them about the situation too. Which makes the filler section of this episode make even LESS sense. Why weren’t they asking for help during that time Gil wasn’t doing anything? And don’t tell me they didn’t have the means of contacting them or some bullshit like that. In a world of magic on THIS level I’ll believe them talking to each other through a plastic cup strung through an entire school of fish before believing they can’t talk to each other in any fashion. You see this is why you have to be smart when delivering filler like this. Otherwise you just create plotholes and messy pacing. Bad anime! BAD! >:/

    Think about what you did next before making next season! >:P

    So ummm penis/ball groping just happened………………can’t say the anime isn’t full of surprises but damn how does that even happen? I mean landing on someones boobs at least makes sense to some degree if you fall on top of them. But how the hell does your hand end up on someone’s nether regions? I guess Illya is natural at foreplay!……………………..I’ll go die in a fire now.

    1. Like shouldn’t there be a spell that can make someone run faster, jump higher, be able to fly etc.?

      All of those exist except flying. Rin’s used them in the main Fate series.

      I’ve got nothing to say to most of the rest of your complaints this time. Almost all of them stem from the anime’s changes to the original content, which I think were a bad choice this time.

    2. Guess I have no choice but to roll with it and then wonder why such magic was never referenced back too again later in the series

      Its called Reinforcement Magic, and its one of the more common applications of magic in the Nasuverse. Rin and Luva use it quite often during battle.

      You know who else uses Reinforcement magic for combat applications? Bazett! You think her glowing hands and feet are for show?

      1. Rin and Luvia haven’t really used them that much in this series. The picture you posted with Rin in it isn’t even from this series. I’m sure that’s from Unlimited but that’s unrelated. If they know such spells you’d think they’d be more helpful in fights. Of course I’m not complaining that they aren’t as strong as they are in the main series I’d just like a proper explanation why they don’t use them more and how much it can be applied to their world. If Buzet can just use them without saying anything why can’t Rin or Luvia? Just because something is a spin off doesn’t mean you don’t have to explain this stuff.

      2. Why would they? Its a setting where magecraft is established so anything of casual mention can be handwaved with “Its magic!” There’s no reason to split hairs on a single spell that was on a scene a few seconds long and irrelevant to the plot. On one hand you criticize the pacing, and on the other you want an exposition dump on a minor spell? Which is it that you want?

      3. It’s called spreading your exposition throughout the series. Where in my comment did I indicate I wanted them to go into a huge dump of info about the properties of magic RIGHT now? Please don’t put words in my mouth. That’s a huge exaggeration of my statement.

        In my opinion there were plenty of times to this when you consider how much humor is in the series. Plus the idea that just saying “I can do this because……MAGIC!” is just setting things up for shock value or ass pulls. I think Fullmetal Alchemist is a perfect example of a somewhat magic based concept done right. The rules are laid out for the most part during the start of the story. And when new elements come up that were unexpected it is perfectly explained WHY they were able to do it in an unobstructive fashion to the pacing of the show.

        But with this I’m basically just left wondering why they don’t use this spells more often or why some spells take FOREVER to cast and others you can just say three words and be done. Hell I’ll even give “The irregular” credit in this regard. Even if that anime was boring as hell I can respect the fact they explain everything about how spells work so you aren’t left questioning why or how something is happening.

      4. Its a spell to make someone lighter so Illya can carry her. What more do you need? No there is no need to explain anything else because its completely irrelevant to the narrative nor does the set any asspulls, not unless you think losing a few pounds will suddenly be a game changer. If you are going to rant about one spell, then you might as well as do that on the others.

        And you do not want that. As a veteran of this franchise I can tell you its its best and worst quality is the ridiculous amount of detail its puts on everything. All those card Servants? They have STAT sheets! Each of their Noble Phantasms? Paragraphs of text of explaining what they are (with stats on them). Remember that Excalibur Arrow Kuro did last episode? Yes there is a paragraph for that too.

        Prisma Illya’s biggest strength among the franchise is that it avoids most of this and give its audience the essential need to knows. And even it can sometimes delve to long exposition as that is still an aspect of the franchise that is expected by the fanbase.

      5. Oh my god. It’s like you didn’t read my comment AT ALL…………AGAIN. I simply stated that they should have explained how the magic in this world works throughout the story. This isn’t hard to understand. Yet you seem to insist that I’m only complaining this one instance where it suddenly comes up. Please for the love of god if you chose to respond again don’t use “selective reading” only picking out the parts you want. It’s getting annoying. If spells exist that can increase ones agility, strength and speed then why don’t Rin and Luvia use them more in fights? That spell Rin used to amplify power would have been HELLA useful before this. Yet they were borderline useless in the first season. It’s not like they are noobs in this world. They clearly have pretty good knowledge of how to use magic even considering they used to rely on their wands.

        Also what essentials are you talking about? The show has barely explained anything about magic in this world. If you call explaining “Oh did you know I could do this? Well I can because magic duh.” then that’s pretty bad. These people have the ability perform massive hypnosis which is what was used to get everyone away from the area (I think). I could understand if they were doing this with Noble Phantasms (which is pretty much the ONLY thing that’s decently explained) or something but that’s never told. We are never given any idea of the scope of how powerful these spells can be. Thus anyone can just pull out a random spell whenever they want to surprise the audience with or for the convenience of the plot. I’ve seen this sort of thing before. I like to call it the “Bullshit no Jutsu”. And it annoys the hell out of me.

        I will take the story that puts detail in it’s world over one that half asses it any day good sir :). Not like this series has an excuse either considering it’s gone on longer than what it is based off of.

      6. You missed the point I made. The Nasuverse is heavy on details. If you want explanation on how the magic works on any of its materials it WILL stop to do the exposition. At best it will be optional material like in the Fate/Extra RPG where you can go to the menu and do some light reading. That is the standard for the franchise, for better and worse. And it is something the Prima Illya thankfully has avoided for the most part.

        And yes they did give the essentials. What does Thor’s Hammer do? It enhances the girls magic blast. What does Jormugandr do? It sets up a binding. Why must they hunt the cards? If they’re left alone bad stuff happens the real world. Those are the essential need to knows and it serves as a hook for non-fans to understand what is happening.

        I could tell you what Rin and Luvia can’t fight Servant Card without the Kaledio Sticks, but then that involves another long winded explanation. Asking anything else from a long-time franchise like this will have yourself hammered with details, if not from the narrative exposition, it will come from a devoted fanbase. You have to be the kind of person who enjoys spending time on supplementary materials to understand the scope. If you don’t want to do that then I can respect that but don’t try to rant about details on an established setting unless you want to make the effort of researching it yourself.

      7. Pretty sure I made a point that a good series regardless of whether it’s a spin off should always properly explain it’s details. Asking me to research it is like telling me to read the books to understand what a movie left out. A good series can stand out on it’s own without making the audience waste time trying to understand what it all means by reading or looking it up. I mean i have no problems looking up historical figures that might get randomly used but asking me to look up it’s rules is a real sign of lazy writing to me. Being ambiguous about how a world works is fine when the series is BUILT around that concept. Again like in Fullmetal Alchemist the characters run into situations that break their current understanding of the world. So they constantly find ways to understand how it was possible while still being entertaining. They don’t have to break the pacing all the time in order give the audience more info to work with.

        I’m not part of the established fanbase nor should I have to be in order to be told crucial details. I understand that this is a spin off that is catered to dedicated fans. However alienating newer viewers who actually WANT to know how a world works does not set well with me. I’ve seen many spinoffs that explain everything just fine. So I’m not going to give Fate Illya a break just because it’s bigger than other spin offs I’ve seen.

        It’s a matter of opinion at the end of the day so you are entitled to think differently. I’m simply apposed to this kind of story telling considering I’ve seen so many movies use it poorly.

    3. Bit confused. Your wanting a coverage of all spells usable in a info dump at the start of the story? That is normally considered boring and bad storytelling.
      The mage association as far as I know had no instant response team ready. And flying from London to Japan takes awhile. I would hope during the break when Kuro was trying to have a we might die sex break Rin and Luvia called home, in fact I will assume they did for me does not have to be shown.
      If I had written my earlier post clearer you would see that a break when they can’t kill the enemy and the enemy is not doing something that has to be stopped the smart thing to do is take a break. In war you have to catch your breaks when you can.
      Gill was defending himself in mirror world once they attacked he realized the grail was available so he went for his objective not the enemies that could not defeat him. Maybe not the smartest thing to do but one a arrogant foe would do.

      1. Yeah looks like you didn’t read my comment properly either. You even put words in my mouth just like frag did. -_-

        It’s possible to spread exposition properly throughout your story. This is not some foreign concept people. It’s something a good show does. From what I can tell this series expects you to know how everything works BEFORE watching it. Which is just unacceptable in my opinion. A good spinoff acknowledges “There are people who might not be familiar with the original story so telling them the ins and outs might not be a bad idea!”.

        Also why do you believe an IMPORTANT plot detail wouldn’t need to be shown? Like seriously man I don’t know what you are trying to argue here -_-. You are telling me with all the filler bullshit that has been in the series that having a short scene of Luvia or Rin attempting to call for backup is just not important? Because watching another Kuro/Illya make out session is more important? Jesus help me……

        Again this is a magic world. How do I know if these people don’t have teleportation devices or ways to travel quickly between locations? We are lead to believe that the association has a lot of influence and power. So it’s rather hard for me to believe they couldn’t help the situation at all.

        But let’s just take a piss in the wind and say for some reason NONE of what I mentioned is possible. Having backup coming even if it would take a while would be better than NOTHING. They DON’T have a plan! They had no idea how to handle this enemy yet they still went into a hopeless battle. I understand that they just can’t let Gil do as he pleases but they knew they had no way of winning after that first encounter. Seems like a situation where you’d rather have backup come late than never.

        I’m not sure I should argue this with you anymore. Seems like you are intent on depending every single detail in this show no matter what. Normally I’m fine with that when my opposition brings up valid points but some of the things you have said to me make my head shake constantly. Especially when you try to bring real life situations into a mix that has NOTHING to do with what I’m talking about. If this were a real war they would be thinking about ways to beat it. Yet NOBODY even attempted to do such in this episode. Plus once again the whole break was anime original. It did not happen like that in the source material. So you need to realize you are defending a story element that wasn’t supposed to happen, broke the tension and created a plot hole. Until you at least try to understand what I’ve told you I see no reason for me to continue having these conversations with you anymore. Good day.

      2. Ah I argue what I know. And I was a Army Infantry Officer and study history. What is a better measure of actions reality or fiction? Now I have to turn off a ton of my knowledge to enjoy almost any story. In example just like a ton of stories there is no way the worlds governments are not involved in something like the grail wars. I turn that off to enjoy things. Almost and modern military or future anime has horrible errors and any robot tale without energy shields is complete junk. But I tend not to mention that as I’m using suspension of disbelief and actually enjoy a good fighting robot tale.
        I was pointing out something like a make your self lighter spell there is no reason to tell the audience about it till it comes up. I do hate when hero have a major attack in reserve that they should have used earlier but that not happened here yet.
        I was trying to enjoy an argument sorry you took it another way.
        My point on my error in commenting was attacking myself sorry you took it as me attacking you. You were criticizing the delay and break without addressing my comments on that point. Sorry it was not clear enough for you to notice.

  13. I’m glad Gil showed up, mainly because I’m a shameless gilfag and because his entire existence has been the only good thing to happen in this sad fillerfest.

    Seriously, I would tell anyone to start this show on the 7th episode and it’s not like they would have missed anything.

    1. I disagree. Ep1-2 were amazing, and I’d miss not having ep5. Ep6 was also pretty necessary to set up the following. And I enjoyed ep3 too, though I still feel that would have worked as an OVA-like final episode (or an OVA), even though everyone assures me we won’t be able to flash back to something obviously and clearly out of order after ep10 (even though ep3 was apparently exactly that in Drei).

      The individual episodes were largely good (except for the pretty useless ep4), it’s just that their placement fucked up the pacing somewhat. The most I’d say is skip ep4, watch ep3 afterwards.

      But, of course, you’re welcome to your opinion on the matter. Keep on keepin’ on, compadre! <3

      1. Stilts, I have no idea how one can even begin to justify episodes 1-5. It’s like a soulless parade of the worst anime cliches that plague the medium. The generic beach episode, the theme park episode, the festival/fireworks episode, etc. Then we have the weird yaoi-themed episode jammed in there because reasons, which would have been fine as an OVA but being in the main show its contribution is ultimately nothing but filler. None of these episodes did anything new for the characters (except the fujo one) except maybe turn Bazett into a joke character? It was like watching the same joke repeat for 21 minutes for 5 consecutive times.

        Episode 6, okay, I’ll give you that one but the rest were just a huge waste of time.

      2. ‘Cause it’s a wide world out there, and not everyone enjoys the same things. If this was all SUPR SRS PLOT all the time, I wouldn’t like it as much. Just as I didn’t like it when the plot seemed to disappear for a while.

        There are many way to enjoy good fiction, and intellectually or seriously aren’t the only ways that count. Like I said, to each their own.

  14. Speaking of pacing, with 2 episodes left they could easily squeeze in a few scenes from Drei now. And I really wish for it to happen, given the terrible, terrible cliffhanger 2wei ends with.

  15. is it just me or is it like 6 servants down 1 to go, and that completes the grail?


    A Bounded Field to put everyone to sleep, and keeps others out. What is this, Shakugan no Shana? (I should finish that series someday.)

    To be fair a Fūzetsu is probably a lot more powerful than Caren Hortensia’s bounded field

    Shakugan no Shana is one of my legacy anime. It’s one of the ones who ramped me up from moderate anime fan to totally fuckin’ bonkers (and made Kugimiya Rie the first seiyuu I could recognize on command, which led to me paying more attention to seiyuu).

    Well that makes 2 of us then,

    I think they should really make OVAs out of “Volume S3 – Shakugan no Shana SIII”

  16. The weird pacing is a result of padding. In the manga, they basically caught on that Card!Gil was after the Grail right after they noticed that the town’s lights were all off (and Gil’s ship started moving), and Illya’s punchline was delivered just as Illya was about to chase Miyu. She literally stopped and turned just to deliver the punchline. I’m so upset they didn’t fully animate that bit – Caren gives her reply with this incredibly triumphant look on her face. After this is literally just the final battle followed by…a certain type of scene, so I’m very worried about the next two episodes. There’s so little material left it can fill one entire episode without any pacing issues, pretty much. So either the last episode will be an omake (which will be VERY out of place), or they will pad and stretch it out over two episodes and the pacing will be completely shot.

    1. Agreed. The manga had intensity when Miyu and Illya immediately chased after Gil after the revelation that the town was asleep. Illya’s question to Caren regarding her fashion choice was more hilarious as it seemed like a very urgent and serious scene, and it came out of nowhere. Rin’s reaction as well was to fire gems at Illya to get her to hurry up after Gil! The brutality of Rin never ceases to amaze.

    2. This really is an odd series, pacing-wise. For one that got an entirely appropriate 10-episode run during S1, you’d think they could keep pulling non-traditional cour lengths out of their publisher, but they ended up with an oddly long Zwei. Which goes to show something I (and we all) have long known—artificial constraints are poison to a good story. Seems like they got screwed by the suits this time.

      Now, constraints in general aren’t bad. If you can do anything, you’ll often do nothing (see: The millions of people who say they want to write a book, but never will) or too much (see: The Star Wars prequels, the fourth Indiana Jones). But artificial constraints imposed by an outside party because “reasons” are roundly deleterious.

  17. Honestly, the whole fight with Gil (including last episode) should’ve only taken up 3 episodes maximum. I believe there is probably enough material left for only 1.5 episodes. Which means either (i) they will drag things out a lot, possibly with a long recap in the final episode, or (ii) it will be an original anime ending. It might potentially be the second, as they may want to tie up the series so that the story ends on a reasonable note if another season isn’t green lit.

    I do think that the whole 2wei season could’ve possibly be condensed to 13 episodes if they had left out some episodes. For example, having the swimsuit parts as an OVA, since they never really advanced the story much (though they have been the best episodes thus far this season).

    1. I disagree. 13 episodes would have been too few. The funny episodes are just as important as the plot-heavy episodes. Take out ep4, save ep3 for an OVA, and if you’re correct that we only have 1.5 eps of content left, maybe do some condensing here at the end, and a 17-ep run (for Zwei + Zwei Herz combined) would have been appropriate. Maybe 16 eps, though I’d miss not having ep4.

      What they needed was a wonky Nisekoi-style odd-length cour and a half. (I’m referring to Nisekoi S1, which was 20 eps long, for some reason.) 16-17 would have done it nicely, maybe 18 at the high end.

      1. They could have done a Black Rock Shooter and tried for 8 episodes too.

        Alternatively, they could’ve possibly rearranged some parts. Like throwing some of the filler stuff into the previous season and shifting the Bazett part to this season. That way, the previous second would’ve focused on Kuro’s arc, while this season would be more on Miyu, with a few fillers here and there that won’t feel too overwhelming.

        Either way, season is now over. If I look at both zwei seasons as a whole, it was a solid run overall 🙂

  18. This is a pretty important episode, even with that strange exposition time in the middle. The exposition of the Holy Grail War (or the nature of it) maybe very boring for Fate faithfuls but necessary for new audiences.

    But man, how the hell he can destroy the entire mountain? Does he use Ea on it? Or maybe some kind of Broken Phantasm? One thing for sure though, if he use that power in final episode of UBW, no traces of Shirou will be found and we will be killed by Holy Grail’s curse.

    1. I can’t be said to be objective in that, ’cause blogging a show in some ways makes it “mine”—I certainly remember events in my blogged shows better, and there’s a natural tendency to root for them to be good. But there are AT LEAST two fights in Prisma Illya so far that stand with the best of the Fate series, and with notably less technobabble on top. So no, go ahead 😀

      1. Lol i agree. The fights i enjoyed in the anime so far was archer illya vs alter saber i could say same-same with the other fights the other fight i’m waiting for is not yet aired which is:
        —-no one read unless you read the manga—-
        Show Spoiler ▼

  19. IIRC they never sat down and had a nice talk over tea and biscuits in the manga. They just continued chasing Gil and never even met Caren.

    The stodgy pacing is just a result of the anime team padding out 4-5 episodes worth of content (at most) into a full season.

    1. They did meet Caren in the manga. It’s just that after she challenged them to figure out the situation Gil immediately went towards the mountain. Which would have probably only been the span of a couple minutes compared to the 30min/ 1 hour break they had in the anime.

  20. Leatherhead333@ totally agree with you! Like miyazaki said you want to make a story draw from real life experiences and stay respectful to the source material. Look at brave of the six flowers for example are they changing anything crucial in the story such as character relationship just to appeal to a certain crowd? No the studio is sticking as closely as possible to the source. Completely disregarding the source material or changing key elements of it is not always a good idea.

  21. For people who complains about adding fillers, anime original and stuff.. You have to realize that the studio has to expand on what’s left of Zwei into 10 eps and that’s not easy at all.
    Removing all the unnecessary points, I think the whole season 2wei needs about 17 eps, which will leave you with another 5-6 filler episodes (if this went the whole 2-cour). What then? Putting anime original episodes then?(Cough, Railgun S …) Or SoL? That would be an extremely unbalanced, don’t you think?


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