An Empty Episode:

I really wish I didn’t have to say this, but this episode was a complete let down. The changing of time slots and somewhat inconsistent airing of the episodes has slotted GANGSTA at the most awkward time of the week for me. I was actually relieved that last week was a recap, in order to get everything in order for the following week. I was prepared to thoroughly enjoy this episode, like I have for every one before it… but throughout I was bored and by the end I thought: “Is that it?”. I even re-watched parts of it to try and read between the lines, but still this episode felt empty. I’m sure it is adapting content from the source material, but that doesn’t change the fact this this episode felt like filler. In a way, this seemed more like episode 9.5 than the one we got last week.

I didn’t hate this episode by any means, but when my expectations for a series like this aren’t met, its like a kick in the gut. I want to get over this episode and hopefully enjoy the last two to come, since a Manglobe sequel is very unlikely. Sadly, I just can’t get excited for what happened here, as well as what’s happening in the story right now.

Current “Hunter Arc”:

I claimed that the last episode was more action and less subtlety, which I stand by. The action wasn’t pretty, but it was the most packed episode to date, and there was enough shock revelations to remind me why I liked this series so much. However, this episode had none of that. Looking back, last episode might have been the beginning of a shift in the story that I’m not particularly interested in.

Apart from Emilio and Erica, these ‘hunters’ just aren’t doing it for me. The set-up for the, hasn’t inspired me that much, and their arrival on the scene (this week and last) doesn’t have me near as pumped as I should be. I do suspect, however, that most people are still happy with what’s going on and have little to complain about (other than the D-grade art and animation), so my opinion isn’t likely to be the most popular one. It’s unfortunate that these last two episodes are going to focus so heavily of these villains; I just hope it doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste in my mouth when I look back at the series as a whole.

The Little Character Moments:

I’ll try and balance out the negatives with some highlights. For me, all the good parts of this episode were the short, heartfelt scenes with the characters interacting with other, showing little hints of the story to come, like GANGSTA always does. I liked Connie and Marco’s embrace – it was a rather touching scene, followed by an amusing one where their wedding/engagement ring was compared to mind control or manipulation. Seeing Alex and Emilio as kids at the start of the episode was painful, especially knowing what Alex went through after selling herself off. And then there was the focus on Worick’s notebook was smart and subtle, but not enough to save the episode as a whole. These were just snippets lost amongst the tides of this boring, uneventful episode.

Overview – What’s Next?:

It feels strange to write a post as negative as this one. And honestly, I never would have guessed it would come from GANGSTA. Up until episode nine, I’ve considered this one of the best of the season – a true gem with impeccable storytelling and brilliant main characters. Sadly, this current arc is losing me. I really don’t want this to be where my love for this series ends. There’s still two episodes to prove otherwise, so I really hope things turn around for the better.


  1. From what I’ve seen, people definitely aren’t liking the hunters. And I’m with them. I mean how can we take them seriously when one is a psychotic shota and another is a crazy girl mugging at the camera, maniacally chewing on lolipops. It just feels so out of place in a show that has had fantastic moments like the Worrick/Nick flashbacks and brings the whole show down.

  2. I feel like the gang/Twilight conflict should’ve been set up better, especially the parts leading up to the attack on the Twilights in ep 8. The new characters and their relationships popping up all of a sudden don’t help either.

  3. I think this episode was fine!! I mean, these characters have actually been in the works for a while. Probably people never noticed them but they play a huge key role in this anime. The Hunters have been around since the Twilight rebellion back when Worick and Nicolas were kids. If anyone DOES NOT remember check back to the episode when they were kids, it definitely mentioned. Also the Hunters are people who Show Spoiler ▼

    and if anyone actually hates them, then that’s fine too they’re the BAD GUYS. I just hope Nicolas, Alex and Worick stay safe!! It’s jearing the end people!!

  4. I also have a question for u Samu, did you read the manga?? I’m just wondering because i love how somewhat unbiased your posts are! Most reviews o read online r clming from people who actually read the manga and r now watching the anime but i guess that’s why one person would see the anime as being on track (like me) and those who haven’t are seeing it as all over the place this one episode!!

    1. No, I’ve not read the manga. I don’t know if this part is just being adapted badly or if it was less interesting in the source material as well. Either way, I appreciate your comment – I can only be honest!

  5. I think i can understand you here @Samu

    This Episode present us many new Faces, and Faces with OP Powers behind them, with nearly Zero Information about them. They can be abducted Twilight Kids, but i think not all of them can be explained with that. I thing they are the Next Generation of Twilight’s Drug users. Perhaps they upgraded the Drug for more Powerful Humans or something. Well perhaps soon we get some background infos here, or they let them stay a mystery. What are Hunters? Why do a little Boy/Kid can bend a Massive Door with a Kick, where he take the Mass to bend it? Should he not recoil of his Mass? But oh well, Real Life Physics never work in Animes

    But, until now we do not have any Infos about them. Only of the Old generation, thank to the Notebook Alex found in the Desk

    1. Infos that i assume from the Action myself:
      She must be S rank, because he can not see her Movements. She just disappear
      and right now i know of, only this Person is capable of the same Speed
      And She is S/5

      So, we get perhaps to much S Overpower New generation Twilights

      Also, i get a little feeling that Alex here..
      …Is she perhaps an Twilight sleeper? Because her Brother is with this Gang, and i assume he must have also an special Skill

      1. She’s not a twilight!! Hunters do not have any ranks amoung them they are just people who were once Twilights who broke out of the habit of taking Uppers and Downers and thus they are super strong and or fast.

      2. I was about to say the same thing. Animes like this can’t function if the combat oriented character is so vastly overmatched with no obvious means of enhancing his abilities. The fact that Alex’s past is a mystery and that her brother is hanging out with these “hunters” suggests to me that she may well be a twilight who forgot she was one.

  6. I have lost hope for this show. It has a rough start, but episodes 2-6 were pretty awesome. 7-8 feel a bit slow and I got bored from there. 9 gives some action scenes and I was pretty fine with that. But this one is just going to the dog.

    When I first saw this anime, I thought it was going to be some dark alley gangster stuffs, like Godfellas or God Father. But this gets more and more into DC comic territory with people ranked according to their power and some rather spectacular action scenes that I feel like I am watching a superhero anime.

    And animation. Good Lord, why? Come on. I thought Rokka no Yuusha was bad, but the recent episodes have improved significantly. Gangsta is somehow getting worse, which is sad because at some point I could say it was passable.

    Pacing…. I have nothing more to say about this except you can all see it is pretty slow. There are 2 episodes left, and I still don’t see the epic conclusion coming. I have not read the manga, but is this getting season 2 or something?

    1. You have an point with this Superheroes with Powers. i just hope they do not build entirely on these new twilight Hunter faces. I also do not thing, we need an Naruto Dark gangster rip-off here. But Why do Big Boss began to fight each other? Money? Power? Revenge? Work for Outside Military force?

      If its only Yakuza/Mafia World setting, then it should be Power and Money. But these fresh Hunters, introduce us to possible outside Forces that want to clean this last resort of old Generation Twilights

      I think, this Path should be also flesh out, and not only build on Action here. Alex is not an Fighter or? Warnick also. So build a World where even these peoples can shine, without their Combat Abilities

      This is just my friendly Anime Veteran Advice

    2. The studio that adapts this isn’t a very large one so you have to hope the blu-ray is better.
      Another thing THEY DO NOT HAVE POWERS!! They have no powers whatsoever!! They take drugs that make them powerful like steroids or something that makes them that way. Hunters DO NOT HAVE POWERS. They are people who used to take drugs but got powerful without needing the drugs anymore! I find it tiring that you would even compare this to DC comics! Seriously?? It’s nothing like this, GANGSTA. Is a war between normals and Twilights. They literally have been saying this all season long!! The ranks are based on how powerful they are between missonaries! It has nothing to do with DC!! Like seriously!! This comment got me so pissed!! Were you even listening to the important parts?? And they have to go slow into the adaptation because there are only 7 volumes out there!! 7 ONLY!! If they make original material it would throw everyone off track!! Please pay attention first! And never compare it to DC Comics ever again please!

  7. Well, s***.

    Okay, there aren’t many, IMO, cardinal rules to follow in anime. There does, however, seem to be one that’s broken more often than others…

    Good stories are driven by characters, NOT by plot.

    This season’s Rokka no Yuusha is a fine example. Its plot, while not bad, isn’t anything terribly amazing thus far. And even with its subpar animation, the show’s a success because of its fantastic character cast; characters whom, whether you love ’em or hate ’em, make you feel something about them. They’re memorable, and keep you invested in seeing how they turn out, for better or worse.

    These Hunters though…


    We’ve got, what, two episodes left? Unless Gangsta manages to pull a proverbial rabbit out of its hat, there’s no time to explain, let alone have us care about these sudden antagonists. Even if they’re a part of the original source material, at this point I almost wish they’d gone with some timely placed filler instead.

    Gangsta has always been at its best with its laser-like focus on the troubled lives of our three protagonists: Alex, Worwick and Nic. That was what drew me in in the first place, yet now it feels as if they’re being shoved off to the sidelines in favor of a plot that won’t have nearly enough the time to develop itself, let alone make us care about it.

    But wait, you might say. You’re forgetting about Alex’s brother, aren’t ya?

    Yeah, funny thing about that (actually, it’s not funny at all). That would be the one redeeming light in all of this, if I honestly believed that there were enough time for these siblings to have it out before the end without it being terribly rushed and unbelievable. I don’t.

    1. There aren’t enough chapters left and i have a feeling i’ll know when it’s ending but don’t worry about Nicolas, Alex, and Worick. You will see them before the season ends

  8. I think this episode highlighted some important info on Twilights, and also neatly informed us about where the hunters come from – Twilights abducted as a kids and raised to be Twilight-killers…
    I absolutely loved/hated the moment when Mr Monore was observing situation whle his underling was about to backstab him… It was that kind of moment where you have likealble (for a mafioso, that is) character about to get backstabbed and you just can’t do anything to help him…
    Hunters are either insanely powerful, or insanely stupid (or maybe both?) if they think they can take out entire mercenary unit of Twilights, complete with such monsters as their commander and Ginger.
    Anyway while this episode was quite quiet before storm, I expect some absolutely epic battles next week.


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