“The Time to Reveal the Answer”

「解明の時」 (Kaimei no Toki)

The Seventh Brave – Nashetania Loei Piena Augustra:

So there we have it – it’s Nashetania. After being trapped by the barrier for eight episodes, all is revealed. I don’t wanna be like: “I called it”, but I kind of did. Back in episode one, I knew from this moment that something was fishy about Nashetania. She was my first ‘Suspect of the Week’, and even though I recognised her as one of – if not the – most obvious choice, I tried to spotlight others in hopes it could be them. I made it clear from the start that I didn’t want it to be Nashetania, because it was too obvious. So many people called it, and looking back, there was so many giveaways that anime-only viewers caught on to. Her breaking the tablet was as obvious as it comes – it wasn’t an understated scene when it happened, and so I tried my best to ignore it, despite how vital it was.

But of course it was Nashetania. It had to be. Last week I said I wasn’t sure who it was, but a day later I looked back at the discussions and tried to narrow it down to who it could have been. By the end I knew it was either Adlet, Nashetnia, or Goldov, because those three interacting with the tablet was a key moment. I realised it a little too late after I made the post, but what could I do? If anyone has been following me on twitter, you’d know that I came to that realisation last week and still didn’t want to accept. I can’t fault Rokka no Yuusha for delivering an asspull at the very end, because it was all grounded in evidence up till the big reveal. Unfortunately, the evidence was far too obvious, and I think we all realised many, many episodes before we probably should have.

The Sixth Brave – Rolonia Manchetta:

But the best part of the episode wasn’t the reveal of the seventh… it was the reveal of the sixth! That’s right, just when everything seemed clear, Rolonia Manchetta (Kanemoto Hisako) came stumbling in, apologising for being late due to the fog keeping her from entering sooner. My first reaction was just to laugh, because I knew what was coming. And then she said those wonderful, hilarious words: “Um, I’ve been wondering… Why are there seven of us?

And so it all begins again! Except it doesn’t, because the anime is over and I wouldn’t count a second season as guaranteed. The last few minutes of this episode were pretty solid, setting up for the story ahead while reminding us, yet again, that there’s still a fake within the group. All along there were only five real Braves among them. The rug has been pulled from under our feet, and the pain in our asses has never felt so good. Last week I said I loved a good cliffhanger, and this is one. But I also love a good twist, and Rolonia strolling up just as the credits were about to roll was just… perfect.

The Eighth Brave – ???:

Now begins the spoiler territory. For twelve weeks I managed to remain unspoiled for who the identity of the seventh was. I saw hints and a few giveaways, but nothing that ruined the experience. However, around thirty minutes after finishing this episode I managed to spoil myself for who the new Seventh “aka the Eighth” is. I tried so hard all this time not to ruin the anime, and now that it’s over I’ve gone and ruined the light novels for myself.

Perhaps ruined is a little overdramatic, since I wasn’t sure I was ever going to read them, and even still, I might read them at some point despite knowing the Eighth’s identity. Personally, I don’t think we’re getting a second season of Rokka no Yuusha; from what I’ve heard the sales are not great, and I don’t think Passione would risk another season of something that isn’t giving them profit. If, like me, you suspect there won’t be anymore of the anime and you want to know who the Eighth Brave is, feel free to read beneath the spoiler tag. Otherwise, ignore it and find out on your own!

Show Spoiler ▼

Overview – Final Impressions:

Rokka no Yuusha was a blast. Every week I was entertained, both as a viewer and a blogger. Just watching the mystery unravel and reveling in the tension made for a satisfying experience, but gathering all my thoughts in these posts and sharing my theories was what made it that much more enjoyable. In the end, the fake may have been the one I didn’t want it to be, but I can’t complain too much. The evidence was rock solid, and Passione did a good job adapting the source material, even if the production quality was poor at times and the art quality was inconsistent from episode to episode.

It’s rare for a single light novel to be adapted over one cour. Perhaps it’s because the Rokka no Yuusha volumes are longer, but I have to give credit to the staff and studio for taking the slow route with this one. It paid off to take the time to focus on the Braves and get to know them before the curtain was pulled back. Narratively, it makes sense for it to be Nashetania, made clear by Adlet’s flashback to their interactions across the series, so I can’t moan about that either. All I can say is that Rokka no Yuusha delivered what it promised, and proved to be fun weekly watch because of that.

As I’ve said, I doubt there will be a second season. Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong, but if by some freak occurrence it is announced, I’m not sure whether I’d blog it or not. Now that I’ve read up on the events of the following light novels, I feel I know too much to properly talk about what will go down. Of course, this is all hypothetical. If the anime ends here, there’s always the source material to read. I’m sure plenty of you will be eager to jump onto the light novels after this episode’s cliffhanger. Right till the end, Rokka no Yuusha had us in the palm of its hand.

I feel I can safely say this is one of the best mystery anime in the past few years. It’s been a treat to blog, and thank you all for your comments and input. Many of us solved it early on, but that doesn’t ruin the overall experience one little bit.

P.S: Please use spoiler tags if you wish discuss anything regarding the new “Seventh Brave” or anything else that wasn’t covered in the anime. The temptation is real, but let’s not ruin it for those who’d rather find out on their own. Sadly… it’s too late for me.


  1. I enjoyed this anime. I liked the use of a Meso-American setting which differentiates it from other fantasy anime or stories in general. I liked the use of a closed-room whodunit in this fantasy setting. I liked the characters they had their flaws and could be annoying at times, but that kept them realistic. It was also impressive how they adapted one light novel volume over the course of the season. It allowed us to get to know these characters more and have suspicions for each of them. I gave this show an 8/10 on MAL. It could have been better, but I appreciate that is stuck close to its adaptation and I was entertained each week. Unlike some I have seen, the ending didn’t turn me off either. I want a season 2 of this (though that’s unlikely).

    Gouka Ryuu
    1. I admit, I mostly haven’t noticed the quality issues people have objected to before, but this epsiode contained so many off-model faces and such that even I caught it. They really could have used a better budget for this.

      1. My hope, though a bit far fetched, is maybe, just maybe, with a low budget for this 12 episodes and given they have good sales, maybe, just maybe, breaking a profit is easier and increases the possibility of a second season at some point?
        Someone correct me?

    2. Once more. “Quality” =/= low budget. Passione is a small and relatively new studio. Probably they just don’t have enough experienced staff to handle this series properly and even with decent budget they can’t hire enough additional staff.

      KyoAny and P.A.Works for example mostly have average budgets but they keep high quality because of good staff, connections to hire more for their projects and good management. While a lot of new studios have problems not because of law budgets but because of schedule and management problems.

      1. Less then half the episodes were animated in-house, so overloading shouldn’t have been an issue. However, if the central management and scheduling is busted, this is what happens.

        Being a new studio isn’t really an excuse since most of them are actually run by veteran producers with ample connections. The thing is that everyone wants to make more money by going independent and becoming the studio owner/boss (and who can blame them given the dismal pay in this industry?). With so much competition, they can only get a leg up by racing to the bottom – making anime faster and cheaper than the others while presumably maintaining reasonable quality. We’re just seeing the strategy bottom out and the runners collapsing.

  2. Rokka no Yuusha is one the show that gives you very high satisfactions especially because I expected run-of-the-mill heroes show. It is unfortunate that maybe we won’t see season 2 but I am really encouraging everyone to read the LN from now on. Starting from Vol.2 the fight with fiends started and we will saw of plenty of betrayal and back-stabbing that you wonder if the heroes even can finish the job. Rokka have on of the best setting of heroes vs fiend IMO. In one side you have utterly motivated and calculating fiends versus haphazardly assembled heroes that not even can trust each other.

      1. Don’t It’s pretty much this for 6 volumes. Basically the writer doesn’t know wtf he’s doing and relying on this gimmick to further the story which really doesn’t get furthered. Yeah you might like the whodunnit style that was the crux of this show. Unfortunately, this gets drawn out for the whole story (and it’s not even finished.) It gets old REAL fast.

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Rokka%20no%20Yuusha/Rokka%20no%20Yuusha%20-%2012%20-%2021.jpg

    As it is with the cake, the cute bunny girl with the awesome rack is a LIE!


    Embarrassed Flamie is Awesome Flamie. 😉

    And so it goes. Rokka no Yuusha, while certainly wanting in its quality at any given time, was the unsuspecting gem this season and one of the best mystery series I’ve seen in a good while. Though the odds for a second season don’t look great right now, I hold out hope regardless.

    In any case, onto the source material and what I’m sure is gonna be an awesome story! 🙂

    1. Embarrassed Flamie is an awesome Flamie, but Flamie overall is just so awesome already 🙂 extra points (especially extra kyaa points) when she’s with Adelt. You have no idea how hard I’m shipping these two right now, lol 🙂

      Trap Master
    2. wow guys i know this took so long and all but I just thought of a major fail in nashitanya’s plan,
      okay here it goes: Remember how when a brave is killed and a petal disappears from the marks? Well if nashitanya’s mark is fake then it shouldn’t have disappeared. Also if she plans to erase it, it should be difficult since she has to make it legit or a real tatoo or else it would be easily removed from sweat or baths. So her plan of making the braves kill each other only ends up of adlette being dead since all they have to do is check whether who’s petals disappeared. dayum can’t believe this just pooped in my just now.

  4. Poor Samu. Fancy getting spoiled.

    Poor Goldof, too. I didn’t care for for his character for much of the series, but the reveal about Nashetania must’ve been a huge emotional blow. After rewatching the ED sung by Yoko Hikasa (the title couldn’t be any more obvious about who Nash really was), it seems to me that she saved his life at some point. I want to see more of him- how he deals with this, how Nashetania earned his devotion in the first place. I have doubt he’ll get focus in the near future- that is, if the anime gets renewed.

  5. Man. Double-bluff with Nachetanibunny. Well played.

    But now we got Miltank-blood-girl and the Seventh still stands. Well, fuck.

    Asides from animation quality (I’m assuming they didn’t have a great budget), this show was great. I wasn’t expecting this whole mystery bit at all, but it definitely made RnY one of the more intriguing shows this season. I hope we’ll get a sequel.

  6. I correctly guessed it was Nash after ep2, and said that even though I want to be right, I also want Rokka no Yuusha to surprise me. Now, in the end, I realize that I got both of those wishes fulfilled. The anime had me entertained and constantly shaking my resolve and making me rethink my choice. I managed to overlook the drops in visual quality (although Maura’s cubes still make me laugh) in favor of the quality of the story and it worked well for me.
    Will I proceed to read the LN? Maybe. My list of those is getting longer… If another season of the anime comes out, I’ll definitely follow it. Giving it an 8/10 on MAL and will remember it fondly every time I read its title on my anime list.
    Thank you, Samu, for writing great reviews of Rokka no Yuusha week after week, and thanks to everyone who commented, making the experience a lot of fun. See you around. :3

  7. Personally, I don’t think we’re getting a second season of Rokka no Yuusha

    I hope you’re wrong! I am going to miss this show. It was a blast. There’s just nothing else to say I’m going to miss it bigtime 🙁

    Rick Anime
  8. @Samu: Since you are spoiled as to the 7th (or 8th) Brave, I think you should reword “The Sixth Brave – Rolonia Manchetta” title to “The New Brave…” or “The Latest Brave…” because given that you are spoiled, that seems like that title is a spoiler that Rolonia is not the 7th brave. Perhaps, I’m reading too much into it (don’t tell me), but the inference can be made based upon the wording.


    Welp, looks like I and pretty much everyone else was right – it was Nashetania (or “Bunny Princess” as I think of her) because she want’s “true peace”… after killing 500,000 people. And she’ll change the “majin” to demon Gandhi by… Yeah… Let’s just say I’m having a bit of trouble connecting the dots here. Anyway, big twist is that Nash is fake #1. Honestly, I’m not sure what to think of that. On the one hand, I guess it does what’s intended – add a “new mystery” and keep up some tension. On the other hand… uhh… didn’t we just go through this already?

    While waiting for the final episode, I decided to read LN vol 01 so I’d have a base for comparison. In general, I think this was a good adaptation (certainly better than others recently) though one not without fault. Perhaps due to the advantage that information is not spread out over 3 months, I think the LN does a better job of presenting clues (though there still too much plot convenience/stuff kind of happens in the LN for my tastes).

    The sun saint for one is noticeably mentioned repeatedly in the LN. Other saints are mentioned as well, but the repetition/emphasis gives readers a heads up that “you might want to note this”. Honestly, I can’t remember when the anime mentioned the sun saint, but I don’t think she was mentioned nearly as frequently as in the LN. The LN also does a better job with the temperature drop clue. Maybe not a huge deal, but that stuff makes the whole “science of fog” resolution more palatable. Another thing is that the 7th’s (which “7th” you don’t know) internal dialog, which I found beneficial, was also cut. The anime went at an unheard of one LN volume per cour pace, so it’s not a question of “not enough time” to include this stuff. I don’t see any reason why the anime couldn’t have followed the LN in that regard.

    Episode two felt slow/padded, and now I know why. Things in the LN move quite fast early on. EP. 02 did have some nice scenery pr0n, but nowhere near the quality of dialog and character chemistry as in Spice & Wolf IMO (I’m a big S&W fan) as some comments suggested. In general, pacing felt a bit sluggish at times. Still, I can’t say the wrong choice was made here. 6 episodes per LN vol. would almost certainly be too fast. Perhaps a 10 episode cour would have been “just right” in this instance. However, I do think that if there is a second season, they’ll have to speed things up to 6 episodes per LN volume pacing. That’s still not fast (certainly not by today’s standards). Otherwise, character introduction/depth/development (not to mention plot progression) is too slow. Adlet got some background as did Flemy (also a bit of development for her), but apart from maybe Nash, the rest are still very thin, and character background is important to a story like this.

    Honestly, I wasn’t enthusiastic about the show early on. However, IMO things got better as the weeks passed, and my interest grew accordingly. The anime deserves some credit for that. Long story short, IMO Rokka no Yuusha was pretty good show – certainly one of the better ones I’ve watched this season (caveat: I’m not watching many shows). If the anime’s “job” was to get me interested in the LN, it succeeded. I plan to read LN vol. 02, 03, etc. in the future. I’m also up for a second season of the anime (hopefully covering two LN volumes).

  9. Our cow girl is also the new Fresh Blood Saint!
    This means she has blood manipulation powers, similar to Kuriyama Mirai from the Beyond the Boundary anime. (Unfortunately not as cute/pretty as Mirai herself.)

  10. Well this was certainly a great show. Well paced, sufficient character development, and timely, good use of cliffhangers; an excellent little fantasy-mystery show all things considered. I’d argue the latter half of this episode was rushed and seemed jarring compared to everything else beforehand, but cannot complain too much all things considered; thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Also called it, the (fake) seventh was Nashetania 😛 (who also is likely not Nashetania IMO, full bets on the real princess being dead and replaced).

    As for a second season I wouldn’t discount it yet. RnY apparently is quite popular in Japan at the moment and the possibility of boosting light novel sales is more than enough to get the publishers to consider a second cour. Much like Overlord the pacing and adherence to the source material is enough to suspect we haven’t seen the last of this series yet.

    1. I’d love to see the source on that information, even if it is in Japanese. This is the first time I’ve heard someone say that RnY was popular in Japan and I’d liked to keep my hopes up too because this show will surely be missed if it does end here since volume 1 (this season) was only the prologue arc to the next one, which is probably one of the best pieces of LN writing I have seen to date.

    2. I’d take my claim with a big grain of salt :P, it’s largely based upon comments I’ve seen made by Japanese speakers and recent LN sales data floating around. MAL should have something data-wise up though.

    3. Unfortunately there has been zero novel sales boost and it is unlikely that the sales of the BD’s will be good. You have to accept that this is all you will get for ‘Rokka no Yuusha’ anime wise.

      1. @Scruffy: That’s disappointing to read. I wouldn’t consider this the greatest LN ever written, but I do think it deserves better than that. :/ If we don’t get a second season, I do hope at least LN sales pick up.

      2. Of course, Rokka no Yuusha isn’t the greatest LN ever written but it seriously isn’t far from a masterpiece in LN standards and it definitely is my favorite to come from recent years. There are multiple LNs such as Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria that take the cake for best LN. My feelings may be colored by my bias for Yamagata but his work really is ingenious in plot structure and character development with his main weakness being the dialogue between characters which can come off as clumsy and stale.

  11. “since I got spoiled I’ve gone ahead and read summaries”

    Could someone help direct me to where the rest of the light novels are summarized? I would would really like to know a little bit more how things go from here. Help appreciated! 🙂

  12. The reason I personally loved this show is because it made most of us go full circle.

    Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, was calling Nashetania after the altar scene. Then our resolves were shaken along the series, making us second guess ourselves all the time and then BAN! It was really Nashetania after all!

    Everyone suspected her but no one predicted it because we were constantly in doubt, for various reasons.

    We were given solid clues and a likely culprit, then made to doubt all of it and then made to believe it all again! Awesome!

    Now thats good mystery for me!

    Screw the animation, for me Rokka no Yuusha is the hidden gem of the season and also one of this year’s best.

  13. Wahahaha! Ive been calling Nashetania the fake brave since they were trapped in that damn barrier. I love it when Im right (coz Im wrong most of the time).

    Hands down, Rokka no Yuusha was one of the best this season. Its good to see a mystery based anime amongst the tied of moe/echi stuff that we often get.


    On another note: Blushing Flamie is Best Flamie! I just love it when kuuderes have trouble maintaining their Kuu ^.^

    Too bad Rokka no Yuusha is unlikely to get another season coz based on what I’ve read on volume 2, the mystery/doubt/fear/backstabbing is taken to a whole new level

    1. The blushing Flamie just killed me. I think i lost as much blood as Adelt did when he was being chased by everyone from Flamie in this episode. I’m shipping her with Adelt so hard.

      Trap Master
  14. Despite all the evidence, I would have to say if they didn’t have one certain scene in the second ep then I wouldn’t have been fully on board the Nash-train. It was that eerie look she had after Adlet left her to fight the fiends alone to chase after Fremmy. They showed them all dead, which is normal, but then they shown the shot of her dead horse. That got me thinking….”OH hell….this crazy B ended up killing her own horse. She has a dark streak inside her somewhere” Literally, if they didn’t animate that part I would have just pinned her actions on the fact that she was one of those emotionally-awkward princesses who hasn’t experienced the world outside their castle.It would have been a toss up between her, Goldov, and Mora.
    Granted, the only qualms (little they may be) were the inconsistent animation and them being trapped in that fog for so long! (Granted that’s unavoidable but having to look at so much gray background for so many episodes was grated on the eyes). Anywho~Rokka, I did enjoy you and if there ever is a second season I’ll watch.

  15. This was one of the most pleasant surprised I’ve had in quite a few seasons. Sure the animation was low budget, but taking an entire season to animate just one volume of the light novel paid off so well for us the viewers. Such a shame that the season 2 prospects are so poor, but given that I’m definitely tempted to get into the light novels.

    Purple Bomber
  16. I hoped that they would surprise me, but they didn’t. Well, the previous episode was really good, but I can’t shake the feeling that the ending is underwhelming. Nashe being the 7th is too obvious, while “there’s actually an eighth” is kinda asspull for me, except if it could give additional hidden layers to this arc. Plus visually her image is just not for me.

    So, if I have to give this series a score, it’s low 8 (7.5-8). I hoped I could give it better.

  17. Wait.. So, do people actually enjoy this series over others? They were literally at the temple from episode 3 to 12 trying to find out the seventh person. don’t you think that was overkill? There’s a good amount of episode that just repeated. I saw potential but ended up choking,.

    1. Yes, because why not? There is such a thing called “a matter of opinion”. Not everyone likes fast paced adaptations, especially when it comes to adapting a LN. I like how it’s a faithful adaptation instead of spending 3 episodes on solving the Seventh Brave mystery.

      How would you feel if I say all the fast paced adaptations that you like are absolute crap and have no potential? It’s the same thing. People complain when the adaptation is not faithful and didn’t give the characters any development. People complain when there are lots of character development.

      So? What is your point again? This isn’t a valid criticism if that’s what you think it is. Goddamn it, I want to force all of you to take psychology courses so that you guys can be more aware of what is wrong with you all.

    2. i also found this Season to much Microcosmic. They need an entire Season to find out how is the Fake, and the last Seconds restart it all again, except they are out of the Barrier trap. So what now? Keep run in circles to hunt the last Fake down, instant of doing their real Job? “There is an War out there, peoples die. And what you have you done this entire time?, playing with yourselves!!”. So why do they need the Braves in the first Place? When they still need to trust themselves

      And i get not the feeling away, that this “She is the Faker!” conclusion is an Ass pull for me. to cover for the Plot holes the Anime (ANIME not LN) created here in visual us the LN. Like running in the Barrier in circles, How the hell did she move the Knife into this Hole, from outside with no Line in sight?, oh the Activation process was a Lie? how convenient (make the activation sequence progress meaningless). They gone there are cut their own Anime Story Limbs to save the Corpse from Plot Holes. That why i do not get this feeling away, they cover their Anime Plot holes with Ass pulls

      Sorry, that is just my impression

      1. World Wide Deep,
        “They need an entire Season to find out how is the Fake, and the last Seconds restart it all again, except they are out of the Barrier trap. So what now? Keep run in circles to hunt the last Fake down, instant of doing their real Job?”

        What are you talking about? They ARE heading to do their real job! Adlet just explained that all seven of them will just head toward defeating the demon lord, even though they don’t know who the impostor is, because IT WOULD BE A WASTE OF PRECIOUS TIME to try to figure out the impostor BEFORE heading out. Are you actually watching the anime at all? It seems like you are deliberately claiming that some things have not been shown when they actually have been shown just so you can bash the anime’s narrative.

        You say there are plotholes. There probably are some that I can’t see yet. But there is one you mention that I don’t understand:

        “How the hell did she move the Knife into this Hole, from outside with no Line in sight?”

        I am guessing you mean the Knife to activate the barrier, and by “she” you mean Nashetania, but at what point in the anime are you talking about? If it’s when Adlet entered the temple for the first time, the Knife was already in the Hole (the Hole that actually was just there to hold the Knife and had nothing to do with the activation sequence <- got this from Hans's explanation of the re-activation sequence in eps 12). No need to stick the Knife into a Hole.

      2. So Episode 03 is a Waste, because all what this Fighter explained is useless, as why did they do not cared it at the start with the 7th Fake? Now they are smarted. To late for me

      3. WorldwideDepp, (<-apologies for getting your screen-name wrong the first time)

        Well, looks like I guessed what you meant correctly.

        "So Episode 03 is a Waste, because all what this Fighter explained is useless, as why did they do not cared it at the start with the 7th Fake? Now they are smarted. To late for me"

        Care to specify what "Fighter" you are talking about, and what that "Fighter" explained? Well, you will have to clarify later, because I will have to (again) go with my guesses for now.

        Assuming that by "Fighter" and "explained" you are referring to the guy who explained the barrier activation process to Adlet and Fremmie:

        …are you now basically saying that a VERY CRUCIAL part of the "Trap Braves Inside the Barrier" Plan shown in episode 3 was a WASTE OF TIME? The point of that scene was to give the Braves and anime viewers false information to mislead them, thus creating the mystery of how the barrier was activated and who the 7th was. Without the false activation being assumed as true at first, other conclusions would have been drawn and the tension to prove Adlet innocent would have not held up at all (would Adlet have even been suspected?).

        The scene in episode 3 was NOT SKIPPABLE. Skipping it would have made the solving of the mystery (basically THE PLOT of the anime) incoherent (or as you might call it, FULL OF PLOT HOLES). In fact, Adlet explained in episode 11 that if any of the Braves had known of the real activation sequence, the barrier plan would likely have been aborted. But since the King had been so secretive of the barrier, the demons figured the likelihood was low that the plan would have to be aborted.

        You ask why the Braves didn't think that maybe the "Fighter" was lying before? Well, did YOU figure it out (assuming no LN spoilers)? If you had, post the link to your comment that shows that you figured it out beforehand based on the same information as the Braves had. Given that you state, "oh the Activation process was a Lie? how convenient", I highly doubt you were smarter than the Braves you are calling idiots for not noticing. Too late for you indeed.

        While I am at it, there's some more stuff I want to talk about from your earlier comment:

        "So why do they need the Braves in the first Place?"

        You missed the part (in episode 3!) where Fremmie explained that only the chosen Six Braves would be given the Goddess's protective power against the red poison-filled atmosphere where the demon lord was. Only they can go and reseal the demon lord who, if fully awakened, would give the demons an overwhelming advantage over humans. That's why the Six Braves are needed.

        "to cover for the Plot holes the Anime (ANIME not LN) created here in visual us the LN. Like running in the Barrier in circles, How the hell did she move the Knife into this Hole, from outside with no Line in sight?, oh the Activation process was a Lie? how convenient (make the activation sequence progress meaningless). They gone there are cut their own Anime Story Limbs to save the Corpse from Plot Holes."

        I seriously think you do not understand what a "plot hole" is. None of what you pointed out are plot holes. I mean, how is "running in circles in the barrier" a plot hole? Maybe you are thinking of "contrived"? Even then, I do not see the point of your complaint, since it is established that the barrier is a very powerful, magical one that took years to make, in a world where such magic is possible.

        Even further, you are claiming that the anime (but for some reason not the LN <- huh?) thought up of the solution to the mystery of the barrier/7th AFTER the anime had built up the mystery. I honestly don't know what words I can give in response to such backward thinking as yours, especially when during Adlet's explanation of the solution in episode 12 there were numerous screenshots and flashbacks to PREVIOUS EPISODES highlighting the clues given throughout the anime run. It's not an ass pull if all the clues had already been given beforehand. You might want to recheck your definition of "ass pull" along with "plot hole".

        If your chief complaint was that the anime focused on too small a portion of the LN's story, then okay. That (and only that so far) is a valid opinion for you to hold.

      4. I do not want to beat a Dead Horse anymore, and if this Anime is a success for them. Good They raised High School/University Fans that understood this kind of “Detective Conan” playing on a high Level. False Information right from the Start to present an Story changer, is not working ever time. Looks like this Season use these kind of Last Minute Story changer a lot, and fails

      5. WorldwideDepp,

        ” False Information right from the Start to present an Story changer, is not working ever time. Looks like this Season use these kind of Last Minute Story changer a lot, and fails”

        IT WAS NOT A LAST MINUTE CHANGE!! It was planned FROM THE VERY BEGINNING of the anime script to be misleading information that CREATED the mystery IN THE FIRST PLACE! Without it, THERE WOULD BE NO MYSTERY. I am just flabbergasted at how you can keep stubbornly insisting on something that makes no sense both story-wise and in reality.

        I’m now worried about your thoughts on what a mystery story should be like. What do you have against people lying (especially when they have a reason to lie) in a mystery story? If ALL information given to the characters and anime viewers cannot be lies, then you might as well also say that there being an impostor is IMPOSSIBLE because all 7 of the Braves said they were real.

        In fact, you must hate ALL murder mysteries because the murderer always lies in them to keep themselves from being found, thus creating the contradiction in “facts” that make a mystery a mystery! If not, it wouldn’t be a mystery anymore. It would just be a simple math/logic problem! Don’t you see how ridiculous your thinking becomes?

      6. So, WorldwideDepp bails out because they cannot counter even a single one of the significant flaws in their thinking that I pointed out.

        Look, not liking the show because you expected something else is PERFECTLY FINE. Feeling that the show dragged is PERFECTLY FINE. I can understand why some (or many) would feel disappointed and even angry at having spent time on watching this series without the expected payoff. I won’t and can’t argue against that.

        What’s NOT fine at all is making up outright FALSEHOODS in order to try to further justify why one didn’t like the show. I’ve pointed out the falsehoods in WorldwideDepp’s comments, to which they either failed to respond to, doubled-down on the falsehood, or in this case ran away from. If WorldwideDepp wants to cling to their falsehoods to make them feel better, I can’t stop them. What I can do, though, is respond to the falsehoods if they are brought up again in the comments.

      7. @ Monimonika

        Dude, the fact that WWD is still watching the show until its FINALE while he was berating it every week nonstop means that he has some loose screws. That or he is a masochist. Save yourself some frustration and leave him be. The moment that he didn’t get the premise of the series, everything was lost.

      8. Please, some more Dudes that want to punch me. Do you want to Rant? Come here and take an Nummber, only One at a Time, and please do not use different Names, or the Fun will not be that great

        So come on, give it a try to tell the World how Mad, Boring, Stupid and worse WWD is. Perhaps you win the Price of the Golden Comment of the Week. It’s a one way Trip to Hell, with no refund

    3. If phrased that way, it does sound like an overkill. But it’s a matter of execution. Finding out who the 7th one in a single setting has been a clever way to introduce the characters and set up character dynamics. And isn’t it such an excellent way to start building trust by conquering such a great issue like a traitor among them? There was nothing wrong with the way the light novel or anime did it. It is simply different from what you’re used to. I want to say it isn’t unheard of either, but I can’t really name another series similar to this at the top of my head.

      But I really didn’t fully appreciate Rokka until I read the light novels. While reading, pieces just fell into place and form a painting that was much more clever than I thought; it blew my mind away to be honest. Not much of the reveal, but the connections and the underlying theme that has been sneaking up since the first episodes.

      1. Part of the problem is, we had 12 episodes to introduce us to the characters, and we still don’t know much about Chamot or Goldov. Maura isn’t that much better than those two. Nach, we just got a lot of mixed signals, nothing substantial since it was all an act. So all we got was Adlet, Flamie and to a much lesser degree Hans.

        Saying you didn’t fully appreciate the Rokka until reading the LN sort of implies the anime didn’t do a good job. The anime should have to stand on its own without the LN’s help. That to me says there was a problem in the execution then.

        I can’t think of an anime that did multi-character introductions well at the moment, though the one show that comes to mind is Lost, specifically the first season. They did a pretty good job fleshing out most of their cast.

        Frog? No. Hippo!
  18. Alot of people seem to be happy that it didn’t turn out to be Goldov, because he’s such a “boring character”. But I have to say, Nashetania being the seventh just made Goldov ten times more interesting. I get how people find his character unappealing, but it really is justified with how the princess was playing him all this time. It’s easy to forget he’s just a 16 year old. Now that Nash is out of the group, I can’t wait to see what Goldov’s character will grow to become.

    It was nice though, wasn’t it? Those few minutes after Nashetania’s reveal up until Rolonia’s introduction, where we could take a breather and stop suspecting people willy nilly. This gave me time to see them all in a different light, just think about what types of characters they really are. And then bam, Rolonia shows up.

    What do you guys think, are we likely to get another season any time soon?

  19. This to me didn’t seem like it could stick its landing. Probably was asking a lot for all that they threw at us concerning Nach, There seemed to be too many things Nach did just for the sake of the audience, like her whole crazy act last episode to supposedly convince herself Adlet betrayed them. Was it just really just for Goldov’s sake or was it for us? Some shows have gone that route and it’s usually considered a bit of a cheat.

    Plus, she could’ve killed Adlet last episode at any time when he was taking his sweet time to reveal who the seventh was. Since she is the fake, it didn’t make any sense not killing him and just blaming Maura for pushing for it. But most ppl didn’t agree with that, but that’s ok, it’s a mileage thing.

    But now there’s another seventh (or eighth)? I feel like I’m playing a game of Sudoku and just found out one of my numbers is off, and now I have to re-evaluate all the numbers in one of my boxes!

    If there is a second season, I hope the mystery is a little better executed.

    Frog? No. Hippo!
    1. @Frog? No. Hippo!: “Plus, she could’ve killed Adlet last episode at any time when he was taking his sweet time to reveal who the seventh was. Since she is the fake, it didn’t make any sense not killing him and just blaming Maura for pushing for it.”

      I can see your point. It gets resolved with a bit of “tee~hee~ I goofed!” bit about not being “aggressive enough” or looking down on Adlet, etc. Also, you get “And I would have gotten away with it if not for that meddling Hans!” Not the strongest stuff, but if you consider she’s still pretty young, and despite what must have been years of planning, she’s not a tried and true veteran spy either. In the end, I just kind of shrug and go along with that because it’s plausible enough IMO though less than ideal.

      As for her acting… that’s kind of hard to say because reading the LN, you don’t get the extra “info” that you get with anime. You don’t see her acting things out or you don’t hear voice inflections, etc. – nuances of communication that you get with anime/live action but not with written works. One question I have is whether the anime “amped” things up a bit/exaggerated her “acting” beyond what the LN author intended, or if her actions are per author’s intent and there to provide additional clues that “something ain’t right with bunny princess”. That’s kind of a big deal IMO, because as much as anything else, Nash noticeably acted “fake”/inconsistent a lot in the anime which alone made her a primary suspect for me.

      1. I didn’t read the LN, so reading what you’ve written about the LN tells me it’s a lot more subtle. Sounds like the anime, imo, botched it a bit. It was like they sent mixed signals about wanting to reveal it because they thought it’d be too hard to figure it out, but everyone saw it as too obvious as a result. I would have preferred the former.

        It’s sort of like the reverse of fight club – the book was more obvious, but the movie wasn’t.

        Frog? No. Hippo!
    2. true. but there’s another way of seeing. More like Nash was hoping mura would kill him so that Mura would be forced to suspect Flamie and continue with the killing plan she hoped for. But she stopped and thought that something similar will still happened if mura was killed ‘cuz then Adlet would be forced to rethink who would be the possible 7th and at the same time get mura killed. (The liar has to make sure someone does the killing to avoid suspicion after the next brave’s death )

      I think what would have happened if mura got killed was either they re-suspect adlete or Flamie if either of them gets killed then they would suspect again and kill either of the 2. Then that would mean they’d be left with 4 which is Goldov, Nash, Hanz and chammot. Nash knows she can trust and use Goldov and would try to suspect Hanz next since she did mention him being suspected in one of the episodes then if Hanz dies and all that’s left is chammot who’ll be against goldov and nash w/c is obvious the tag team would win. Once the fight is over Nash will probably reveal her plans and kill goldov while he’s broken in mind

      1. See my reply right below for why she might’ve been able to get away with killing Adlet and still pin the blame on Maura. All she needed to do was kill at least 3 of them, which was totally possible.

        Frog? No. Hippo!
    3. You’d be surprised. Anyone who’s played Mafia/Werewolf to any significant extent should find a lot of Nashetania’s actions very familiar.

      As for that last bit, remember that Nashetania’s endgame was to take out the majority of, if not all, of the Braves – taking out Adlet at that point, in front of everyone else, would be the peak of suspicious behaviour.

      1. Taking out Adlet at that point would just play into Maura wanting him dead for her own bad reasons like the past 2 episodes showed. She even could’ve done it after Hans showed up, because they still didn’t fully believe him nor did the see the body of the Sun Saint yet. If she killed him, she could still chalk it up to believing Maura’s lies, as it seemed to be working pretty effectively without her having to really push for it, and maybe then play up that Maura’s the fake since she got them to kill Adlet, to get the group to turn on her.

        Chamot would probably defend and fight with Maura, which would make it even deadlier if she got them thinking Maura was the fake, and Chamot was pretty eager to kill Flamie, and Goldov will listen to the princess easily, so It seems like it’d be really easy to cause chaos amongst the group, since most of them were easily tricked into wanting to kill Adlet so quickly.

        Having said that, I’m not saying that’s what I wanted to see, but it feels like the Nach’s plan was sort of short sighted past a certain point. It felt like there were so many ways for her to go to really stir some shit up, but plot reasons. You either bought into it or you didn’t.

        Frog? No. Hippo!
      2. yeah but if she stirred up more problems she might have been suspected more. Either way Adlet was already convinced that she was the 7th when he remembered that she was the one that told adlet to go ahead. Her could have been perfect if only Adlete didn’t remember who told him to go to the temple first. Either way well played. Haven’t read the LN either but i’m hoping there’d be a 2nd season.

      3. To me, killing Adlet solves the problem of the only person trying to actually figure this thing out. She has an excuse if they begin to suspect her, Maura freaking lied, which would put a huge target on her back. It’s not like Adlet had great success in trying to reason with everyone he wasn’t the fake.

        If her goal wasn’t to get her hands dirty at all, then sure, that wouldn’t make sense, but then that means she really wasn’t trying to kill him before, which really would’ve been a good time to do it if she really had the opportunity.

        It’s a tough tight rope to straddle when you have a character pretending to be someone they’re not. Too many plot issues arise that need to be explained, and it’s tall order once there are so many loose ends to tie up.

        Frog? No. Hippo!
      4. true it would have solved it but she really wanted to execute her plan of the braves killing each other (she said so in her confession that she hoped this and that might have happened). So as much as possible she didn’t want to do the first blood rather let someone else do it. Also she thought mura was gonna die there but she didn’t expect that adlet would remember which led to the demise of plan and also the chance she had in killing at least one of the braves, so most likely it was a misplay in her part.

  20. There it is, the long awaited animation quality drop only they waited till the last episode to do it honestly I’d prefer they go for mid-high quality throughout the season than give us a below average quality now.

    As for the show, It surprised me how much I enjoyed watching it along with overlord those two are my favorite of the season.

    Am guessing since this is a light novel adaptation it will be along time till we see season 2?

  21. And so there we have it…

    What I shall begin to say may not be completely reflective of what I felt or remembered 11 over weeks ago, but I’ve always had this strange feeling that there’s just something wrong with Princess Hunnie-Bun. The way she exhibited her behavior, the way in which she mentioned certain aspects of her life, they all just felt off. Seriously, her actions gave me the jeebies! I remember paying extra attention to minutiae strewn here and there throughout the show, and thus when it was finally revealed that it was Lady Hunnie-Bun herself, I thought “I knew it! I just wished it wasn’t her!”

    Overall, it was a pretty good show.

    From the studio that brought you “Rail Wars!”– who’da seen that comin’?

    Nishizawa Mihashi
    1. Yeah, you can never put it past Rokka to slide in what everyone thinks is unimportant details only to have it go BOOM in our face when they reveal something. Like i honestly was not expecting that Adelt making a comment about the weather would come back as proof to finding how the 7th activated the barrier. 🙂 Props to the author for slipping in these details.

      Trap Master
  22. A wild Miltank appeared!
    Jokes aside, Rokka no Yuusha was a breath of fresh air in the anime, no harems (so far), no schools, no MC winning just because is the MC (cof cof Kirito cof cof), it made myself wonder about the seventh heroe outside the 20 min of each episode, this series earned my Seal of Aprovement.
    But more importantly WHERE IS MY SECOND SEASON D:!

  23. the new cow girl is UGLY how can fremy be jealousy
    they skip the kiss ¬¬
    fake bunny should be a surprice but i already have read some spoiler about her e.e
    low quality in last episodes but overal was ok, i´ll hope 2 season

  24. Concerning the spoiler about the eighth, I really hope that…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I haven’t read the light novels, but my research tells me what you wrote is pretty much correct. And the mastermind behind it is doing it exactly to get that effect on the person you talked about.

  25. case solved, barrier lowered… WP heroes…
    “yet nother Brave appears!”
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
    …and then I remembered Adlet’s theory of “eighth Brave”

    so here we are, back to square one, with “give us another season dammit!”

  26. Really liked this show. Kinda wished more anime would follow the same pacing.

    The biggest surprise about Nache was actually her motive. Didn’t see that one coming from a mile away. It does makes one wonder on who she really is. Kinda hoping she shows up again IF there is a sequel. So, yeah hoping for a sequel here.

    About the new seven braves, one healer, one fighter, one ranged, two thieves and two mages. Common RPG/SLG logic kinda lowers the probability of others as the fake. The arrival of a healer really reminds me of that.

    Got a question though, what is the population that region? Just wondering how significant is 500,000. Trying to figure out the loony levels of our bunny princess.

  27. I feel listing the hints about Nash would really help those who still might feel that this wasn’t telegraphed well enough:-

    First Hint: Her lies, she lied a lot and in several occasions, pretending to be a maid at the start of the show, lying about her combat ability claiming to be new to using her power to kill fiends only to shortly after Adlet leaves proceeds to slaughter an entire group of them with relative ease.

    Second Hint: Her emotional instability and sadism, during two specific events you can clearly see “something” is not right about her, first when she fought the fiends for the first time she set a deathtrap of spikes at the bottom of a ramp for a fiend and watched gleefully as it ran towards the spikes only to look really disappointed when it jumped off the ramp and avoided the trap, 2nd scene is when she chased Adlet and almost killed him, she pretty much the person who came closest to taking his life, the way she talked and acted while doing so clearly showed something is wrong with her.

    Thirst Hint: The biggest one and the hint used in the show to reveal her of course is the tablet breaking, that’s just so condemning that we had to know it was her back then if it wasn’t for all the red herrings and false flags they threw at us, first you might think it’s just one of her emotional out bursts due to her unstable personality but when you look back at the whole scene it looks very deliberate and intentional .. and equally condemning.

    That’s all, i have to say i immensely enjoyed this show as it blew my expectations away and turned out to be something very different from what i expected and equally interesting, i hope there is a 2nd season soon, hope the DVD/Bluray sales in Japan get a boost after this episode.


    Another thing, it also reminded me of another show i liked a lot which also betrayed my expectations in a good way, it’s Zetsuen no Tempest, i remembered it also because ever since Zetsuen no Tempest there hasn’t been any good mystery shows to watch that feel interesting and fresh, Zetsuen is really the closest thing to Rokka i can remember, it surprised me after i thought it’s an action series with a bit of magic (same with Rokka) only to be pleasantly surprised by the well constructed mystery that’s at the heart of both series that allows for entire episodes where two or more characters would do nothing but stand there and talk yet it still feels very intense and exciting (only other series that did this aside from those two was Death Note), if you liked Rokka and want more anime like it i highly recommend Zetsuen to Tempest .. you won’t be disappointed.


    Speaking of recommendations, there is another one, but this time it’s a video game, one that came out recently on the PS3 and PS Vita, it’s pretty much Rokka no Yuusha the video game, you get a team of character who are tasked with entering a mystery tower to reveal it’s secrets and defeat a powerful villain who threats to use the tower to destroy everything, the catch is .. yeah, you guessed it, the is a TRAITOR within your team *Insert dramatic music here*.

    And not only that, every few floors you have to sacrifice (or leave behind) one of your teammates to be able to continue, so you really need to figure out who the traitor is early on or it can really bite you in the ass later when your team shrinks down to 2 or 3 characters near the end of the tower, what’s even better is that the traitor and the hints leading to them are different every time you start a new game, so no character will be the traitor twice … what’s more is that it plays like a mix of Valkyria Chronicles combat and Persona character bonding activities, you need to learn the stories of you team-members and their quirks between missions which affects both combat as well as the story and the plot regarding who the traitor is, it’s really a very neat and unique game that’s worth playing for any mystery or RPG fans.

  28. I’m surprised this isn’t selling well. On Crunchyroll each episode has over 1000 rating votes. I’ve seen endings like this before so I guess it wouldn’t be too surprising if it doesn’t get a second season. Still waiting on that No Game No Life second season.

  29. I was hellbent on it being Nashetania once they introduced the entire fake fog theory because it aligned so perfectly and was the only theory that made any bit of sense in comparison.
    Her emotional instability gave her away along with her emotional transition not being fluid.
    It’s like Adlet said, that trick hinged on pinning one person in the thick of suspicion.

  30. I feel like I’m the only one who actually liked Goldof… Sure, he wasn’t exactly the most engaging character out there, but I found his devotion and crush on Nashetania to be rather endearing. I also like his design a lot, and the fact that he can kick ass helps as well.

    It’s just really sad the BD/DVD sales are so low a second season is highly unlikely. Aside from the low animation quality in many episodes and some odd scene direction here and there, I thought the show was very well done. Everything from character design to pacing to general atmosphere was a delight. The openings and endings were amazing.

    That being said, I was intrigued enough by the story to try reading the light novel where the anime left off, and was pleasantly surprised. I often find it a bit tedious and sometimes even jarring to transit from anime to light novel because the two mediums are naturally different and it really shows with some series, but that wasn’t the case at all for Rokka no Yuusha. Reading the second volume was so effortless and everything felt so familiar it almost felt like watching another season. I highly recommend it.

    1. I agree with Mistic 😀
      Goldof gets his character development in third novel. This novel also includes his past and what sort of personality and character type he is. You would be surprised. I certainly was because i didn’t except it. He surprised me more than once in the whole novel.

  31. just gonna put it out there already, but the two fakes dont know about each others existence.

    meaning that nach and the other didnt know there was another fake aside from them and arent working together, otherwise it would have been a perfect opportunity for nach to let herself get killed by the others to let them think they’re safe and clear, before the other fake strikes while they’re finally relaxed.

  32. Makes me wonder if crests could be located at the same body part now. If there was a second season I doubt I could recall all that has happened; they’d probably need a recap episode to start it with. This would be a one-time watch for that twisted ending to work.

    random viewer
  33. Calling it now, without reading the comments here or reading the LN, Adlet is the second Seventh, albeit unwillingly and unknowingly.

    If there’s anything that the series have taught me, it is to pay attention to all details no matter how mundane it is.

    The only unused clue that the anime has left for the second seventh’s identity was Adlet’s vision when he acquired his mark. I mean, it seems that he was summoned by the demon lord instead of the Goddess.

    With Adlet being the second seventh it brings out strong writing from Fremy who will feel betrayed by the man that she trusts and possibly loves. And this sets-up for a possible reunion with Nashetania since they’re on the same boat now. And while Adlet actually want her killed in the finally, this situation forces Adlet to look into Nashe’s perspective again and understand her goal of peaceful co-existence between humans and demons after that 500K sacrifice.

  34. If this doesn’t get a 2nd season, what was the point of this anime? I mean, they revealed the fake…just to reveal another fake? And they never accomplished their goal of taking down the Demon Lord.

    Simply put, at this point, this was just an advertisement for the light novels.

    1. Simply put, at this point, this was just an advertisement for the light novels.

      As is every one cour adaptation of a manga/light novel. Welcome to anime! While I’m sure the people are Passione were passionate about adapting Rokka no Yuusha, don’t forget that all that matters at the end of the day is money being made, whether it be through anime sales or LN sales. I think plenty of folks are now interested in reading the source material after this adaptation, so if that reflects in the volume sales, then perhaps this was a success after all.

      1. Yeah, I’m sad that Anime is pretty much a medium to advertise the original source 🙁 I mean they did a DAMN good job of that cause now I’m itching to read Rokka but it really saddens me that a 2nd season is unlikely 🙁 I mean we can always hope right? (still hoping for NGNL, index and spice and wolf new seasons 🙁 )

        Trap Master
  35. So much potential but really.. 10 episodes at one area to find the seventh god damn brave. We finally conclude with a meh choice of seventh with no real reason or sense to it.

    and then towards the end, another seventh appears? Holy…

  36. Man, what a series. Sure there were a lot of nit picky problems Rokka had, but as a series overall, it was really great. There were some slight problems I sensed as I watched, but nothing that ruins the show.

    Now before I go off in a long rant(in a good way), I have to say, Flamie x Adelt just so cute, Jesus I can’t handle it!! Seriously, help, I’m shipping them so hard right now, and tsundere Flamie! Please, my heart! Adelt making steady progress here 🙂 And that kiss (even if it was to save Adelt) OMG, I can’t stop myself from fangirling (even though I’m a dude). Flamie really opened up to Adelt and it’s so nice to see that and Flamie being jealous of the saint of blood at the end, so cute 🙂 Really looking forward to the ship next season (please, Passione give us second season 🙁 i need more dosage of Flamie x Adelt!!, I NEED IT!!!!!!) *ahem* as i was saying, really looking forward to the ship next season if Passione gives us one. 🙂 (sorry for the rant 🙁 i probably sound really annoying already by now)

    Anyways onto my essay about this theme that was brought up at the end of the series, and just overall what i really liked about Rokka:

    The overall story is definitely a lot more complex than the whole clichéd (in a good way) heroes save the world from demon lord, since it adds more element than just defeating the demon god, and also adds more complexity in terms of themes and philosophical level. This has appeared in some anime already, the fact of can human co-exist with some other species that may harm human. Things from Madoka where we’re questioned about whether it’s alright to sacrifice a few human in order to save and keep the universe is running, or shows like Parasyte and Tokyo Ghoul where it questions whether it’s really wrong for a species that eats human to exist, since yes from a human perspective, having human being eaten is certainly not a good thing, but just as they eat on human, we eat animals and we don’t give a second thought about it. These themes are really interesting to think about and debate over. At the end when the Princess talked about the fiends and the demon lord co-existing with humans, I honestly thought it was a viable alternative (until she mentioned the sacrifice), and even after the mention of 500,000 human sacrifice, I still felt something nag at me from simply rejecting the idea. Are the fiends and the demon lord really bad guys, or are they just simply another species and what gives us the right to exterminate them just because they threaten out existence while we already drove countless species to extinction and we’re endangering lots of other species our self. This series did provides some great deep thinking (at least for me) and i really enjoyed it a lot more than i expected, where i expected just some nice action series where the heroes defeat the demon god, but it’s proving to be a lot more complex than it seems and i like it 🙂 Really looking forward to what more Rokka has to offer. Anyways, sorry about me going uber deep on something that was just lightly touched on in the last ep, but yeah, hope you guys enjoyed the series as much as i did too! 🙂

    I’ll say this again. Flamie x Adelt ship all the way baby! 🙂 They’re just too good together, comiket, we need those Flamie x Adelt doujins now!!!!!!

    Trap Master
  37. Editor’s note: humongous, full-on, flaming spoilers in this comment.

    Show Spoiler ▼


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