“Midday Duel”

「まひるの決戦」 (Mahiru no Kessen)

Souta & Inami Resolution?:

I went into this episode expecting to be the last, so in a way I ended up disappointed… until the last few seconds. I thought we were going to get a climactic resolution to Souta and Inami’s romantic development, but in the end they just went on a date? It was a sweet scene with plenty of funny moments (Inami with her bag on her head was my personal favourite), but it didn’t feel like it was resolving anything or progressing all that much. Sure, Inami quietly admitted that she’d fallen in love with Souta, but that’s not what I’ve come to expect or want from WORKING!!! I want them to be full-on blushing, confessing their love loud and clearly. This felt a little… flat.

My memory fails me as far as Inami’s father goes, but I do recall their relationship was not a particularly nice one. I didn’t expect his return this week, but it did manage to bring Souta and Inami closer together, even if Souta ended up running off in the end. I thought this was going to be the big scene where they’d embrace one another and I’d have a silly grin on my face, but it ended before it began, sadly.

I also thought Souta’s mother was going to play a much more important role in the final episode, as that’s what was being built up. It appears I wasn’t wrong to think that, as Souta is whisked away in the final scene. If this was the true ending, then I would be furious and let down, but thankfully, that isn’t the case.

One Last Time At Wagnaria?:

That right – this isn’t the last episode! Well, technically it is, but the just as the credits were rolling, we got a preview for an hour long special that seems to incorporate the RPG in-series alternate universe that we saw a glimpse of earlier this season. I would never have called an hour long special being announced, but I’m over the moon. My expectations haven’t been ruined yet – there’s still time for everything to come full circle and for WORKING!!! to leave on a positive note.

As for the rest of the episode, Yachiyo is still leaving, and Popura is finding it difficult to come to terms that she’ll be the new chief. The scene between her and Souta was a nice callback to their very first meeting where I starting shipping them and loved their interactions. Of course, as time has passed, it’s Inami that Souta has fallen for, but that other part of me was happy to have some proper Souta/Popura resolution. She’ll make a great chief!

Souma’s being too embarrassed to get his photo taken was another funny subplot. I can relate to him, but it’s more funny because this is the guy always so intent on snapping others at their weakest and is always stirring the pot. None of the major storylines this season have affected him majorly (he says so himself when Yamada begins reenacting the highlights of this third season). It’s nice to have the spotlight shined on him if just for a moment, and not have him sitting in the back row whilst everyone else enjoys the attention.

Overview – Final Impressions (For Now):

It’s difficult to write my final impressions when I know this isn’t truly the end. This one hour special looks to be a fantasy take on the Wagnaria cast, but I suspect (and hope) there will be some in-series developments that continue from where this episode left off. If this is the true finish line in the Souta/Inami racecourse of love, then count me disappointed. However, I’m being optimistic and assuming that there will be a more climactic end to their relationship in the TV special. Souta’s mother also has a big role to play, if promises are to be kept, so I’ll be waiting to see how that turns out as well.

As for this third season of WORKING!!!, it’s easily been the best of the bunch. The other two were already great, but this raised the bar even higher. After hinting and teasing the character developments and relationships, using the same jokes over and over (whilst still being very funny, mind you), I was expecting much the same for this final season. I don’t go into a comedy series expecting fleshed out characters arcs and gradual development; I come for some laughs, and WORKING!! always delivered that in spades. However, this third season balanced the laughs with rounding the story off in a satisfying way, and that’s what made it so much more fun.

Satou and Yachiyo are together, the Yamada siblings have been re-united, Otoo-san finally found his wife (then lost her, then found her, and may have lost her again?), and Souta and Inami’s relationship is on the cusp of a resolution. It’s been a treat to blog this season, and whenever this special is eventually aired, you can expect coverage of it. Looking back at all that we’ve been given these past three months, I’m hopeful it will provide a satisfying send-off for the WORKING!!! franchise.

Also, to all those who haven’t seen the light: Yamada is still the greatest, the cutest, the bestest. Yamada is life.



  1. This was soooooo disappointing. I was mentally ready for the end and resolutions to the final conflicts plaguing our favorite characters. I felt somewhat cheated.

    But, hey a one hour special!

    1. I agree with what I read elsewhere: if you ignore the completely pointless character of Takanashi’s mom, and the teaser for the one-hour extra special, then the ending’s actually pretty darn solid. They wasted way too much time on Yamada’s boring middle arc in the season to give Souma a real character arc of his own, and Matsumoto barely made an appearance, but the rest was wrapped up pretty well as far as sitcoms go. It’s the idiotic mother and extra that nearly ruined it for me, until I realized I could ignore it competely and it would change absolutely nothing about the series.

      El Goopo
    1. With any luck it won’t be more than a season away, since they said definitively that it’d be a TV broadcast. That inspires a lot more hope than hearing it’d be an on-disc special not due out for another half a year.

      1. I’d imagine we’re talking weeks away, not months. They advertised it as a preview, so it may be as soon as next week (though I suspect another show is taking over this timeslot, so I can’t confirm). It should be sooner rather than later.

    2. The special was presented with the title “Working!!! – Lord of the Takanashi -” (and even if it’s written in English ala Lord of the Ring style, Crunchyroll managed to subtitle Popura saying Load of the Takanashi ahah), but there is other text in that same title screen, that roughly reads “The content might change without warning”.

      I think it’s obvious that the fantasy settings will not be the main theme of the special. As always, I might be wrong but we hopefully will see it soon (let’s hope).

    1. Well too bad, because it far more important to waste all that time on Yamada in the middle of the anime instead of giving Matsumoto and Souma some much-needed reasons for existence. At least they gave Souma a token purpose I guess, but who cares? Yamada is the popular character, the rest can rot.

      El Goopo
    2. Pick your favourites wisely, Dorkus. To be fair, I thought Matsumoto would get more to do this season, but apparently not. I’m just lucky that my favourite character got the most screentime, so I can’t complain 😡

  2. Also, to all those who haven’t seen the light: Yamada is still the greatest, the cutest, the bestest. Yamada is life

    Sorry Samu, I just can’t see it, not when she trashes a stack of plate within 5 minutes…
    …cue Kotori-chan Takanashi-kun berating her again:

    OTOH, my sides started to hurt from laughing when Yamada started to recite embarrassing moments from each of the staff have been in (that Souma somehow snapped a picture of).

    Also, hope that the Souta/Inami subplot would finish soon. My heart can’t really take the slow pacing much longer…

  3. I wonder if Souma has some personal reason why he doesn’t want his picture taken. Maybe he’s not who he appears to be?

    Obviously Souta’s mom has kidnapped/spirited away Souta (that hair enveloping him when he was waiting for Imani was really creepy). The preview hints that the fantasy part of it is some sort of quest. I’ve got to believe that the special is going to be Imani freeing him from his mother’s influence just as Souta has freed Imani from her father’s influence. Fingers crossed that this is going to be a great finish.

  4. Personally I didn’t find the “finale” to the series that disappointing knowing that it is not the TRUE end to the series. That said – I STILL WANT TO SEE SOUTA X INAMI ASAP! Having not read the manga, I am dying to find out how it happens. The anticipation is killing me ;_;

    I thought that overall the season has done a fantastic job of tidying up most loose ends. Yamada’s arc made me appreciate her character a lot more, Otoo finally found his wife, Satou and Yachiyo finally got together, Kazue got back with her ex-husband, and even Kozue’s character got much needed depth. We also see how much Poplar has grown (figuratively speaking of course *imagines her yelling out “chikaku nai yo!”*) in leadership. I don’t know if I would call it the best of the three, but it is definitely the most rewarding of the lot.

  5. I don’t think the special will be fantasy based. I think its more of a marketing gimmick just to present them in a fantasy-esque setting and to actually hide what will actually happen on the special instead of showing cut scenes from it. Even Popura mentioned the Takanashi family name properly so I believe its really a misdirection of what the Special will actually be. Probably to raise curiousity even more.

    And that Popura Fairy is cute AF!!!

    1. I feel fairly sure that at least part of it will be a sequence like Mahou Shoujo Popura-chan and the evil Takanashi making everyone shrink. It seems very odd that they’d make all these references to Takanashi’s mother being a witch and not use that as an excuse to go all out, and there’s also the cost of the animation for the preview.

  6. For me, the best part was Yamada trying to imitate the other staff members in their most embarrassing moments and being oblivious of its effects on the rest. That’s what makes her character awesome LOL! I think it’s also intentional (on the show’s staff) to leave Souta & Inami’s plot line somewhat hanging in mid-air because it will give them something to gun for in that hour-long special. Also it was nice that they were able to re-insert Souma in the limelight again

  7. I knew it wouldn’t just end like that. With that large subplot regarding Takanashi’s “evil witch” mom abducting her own son. XD

    Surely no one is seriously believing that this show would suddenly enter the fantasy realm? The preview is just that: the staff’s tongue-in-cheek effort at making a metaphorical representation of our Hero Inami heading to the witch’s castle to rescue her damsel in distress Takanashi.

  8. I was not expecting them to follow the manga that closely and go the RPG route. But it’s a welcomed addition. Since Servant x Service also ended a long time ago, I wonder if we’ll ever get a conclusion to that series as well.


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