「虹色の過去」 (Niji Shoku no Kako)
“The Rainbow-Coloured Past”

After three episodes of flailing about because people keep dying, our protagonists finally step up to be the amateur sleuths that genre dictates they have to be! Or rather, Souhei ducks all commitment by claiming that it’s not his specialty (stop going around touching everything, then), but Moe goes at it with gusto (and a lack of ‘delicious food’; you out-of-touch rich kid you). Initial genius verdict: Magata Shiki is weird. Because we didn’t know that until now.

Unless it’s a cop drama, the police are always useless anyway

If Subete ga F ni Naru was an adventure game, we would get a notification of ‘Area Unlocked!’ before being allowed into Dr Magata’s room(s). As always, there’s a lot of little clues that we can only file away in our memories for now, because you can be sure that Subete ga F ni Naru isn’t going to start explaining itself now; it’s only the fourth episode! We’re far from the reveal; in fact, we’re still really only just up to the ‘wild postulation’ part of the story. Were her limbs finely diced and thrown in the garbage chute? In the robot? Fed to our protagonists for supper? Characters throw out ideas willy-nilly to try to provoke the audience to guess as well, which is fun but probably ultimately fruitless. For one thing, they’re still stuck on the idea of murder, but with no blood or signs of struggle, the circumstances gets stranger still.

One thing we do know for certain: Magata Shiki is such a genius that she can make impossible Lego. How does this bearskin guard stay together (glue is crass)? It’s far more of an engineering miracle than Michiru.

So… which Shiki was Moe talking to?

I’ve never directly interacted with someone with dissociative identity disorder, but surely it’s not like how Magata Shiki has it? At least, I don’t think they’re supposed to have merry little round tables with themselves? I doesn’t seem that Magata Shiki had the same kind of crippling mental illness as other people do, though I guess medical science doesn’t really have a very good understanding of dissociative identity disorder (and, some will argue, brains in general) yet, so in the case of Magata Shiki’s weird mind, anything goes (maybe that’s how she got off for murder; jury confusion). But considering how peculiar Dr Magata’s mental circumstance is, who would be familiar enough with it to even sign off in-character except for (some aspect of) Dr Magata herself?

It must be a surreal experience, though, listening to a thirteen-year-old talk to herself about seducing you. Just when I thought young Shiki couldn’t get creepier, we learn there’s a host of them in there. Brrr.

Aaaand… title drop!

Finally, some mention of why this show is named Subete ga F ni Naru. Or at least, an indication that it’s going to be an integral underlying theme to the mystery. But did Dr Magata mark that herself on her calender? Or was it her alleged ‘killer’? We’ll have to answer that before we can answer what it means.

The other motif that will probably run alonside ‘everything returns to F’ (for now, cryptic nonsense) are colours, which the episode titles should have made obvious. This week there is a mention of… purple? I don’t see the purple here. I guess there’s plenty of purple in Moe’s dreams. What does it mean? No idea? Why do I even write posts on this show?

Looking ahead ~ taking bets on who dies next

So Moe has some connection to Shiki, some dark, repressed memories, and some inane need to solve this mystery herself. I guess there’s really nothing better to do. I really would generally recommend leaving these things to professionals, though, instead of smoking all over the crime scene.

For now, it seems that everybody has forgotten that there’s supposed to be a murderer loose around the lab, and have decided to split up and mill around instead of hopping on the first boat off the island ASAP. Gee, what have horror movies taught us about splitting up? This is a great time for somebody else to be killed mysteriously. In particular, we haven’t seen Miki or the director’s wife for an entire episode, making them ripe targets. Of course, it’s possible that everybody will manage to survive the week, but I would be a bit dissappointed if they do. One just can’t go around tempting fate this much in this genre.

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  1. With the main cast finally entering Dr. Shiki’s room for the first time, I think the latest clues make it obvious who the main killer is:

    Major Spoiler Hypothesis! Click at your own risk!

    Show Spoiler ▼

    This would explain the toys and the sewing machine in the room. As well as the subtitle “The Perfect Insider” – it refers to the Show Spoiler ▼


    Fat Cat Lim
    1. Regrettably, that’s actually quite the solid theory you’ve got there. Still, that kind of despairification that really doesn’t sit well with me, particularly when it would seem to reinforce Souhei’s dim view of the world, so I can’t say that’s the kind of resolution I’d enjoy seeing.

      Ryan Ashfyre
    2. Hmm, while definitely an interesting theory there could be some flaws in it, though those could end up being pure holes in the plot that they end up glossing over.

      Show Spoiler ▼

    3. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

    4. I honestly hate reading theories and spoilers but I just had to know what people were thinking…
      and I’m spoiler tagging this just in case…
      Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Wow, everyone is really lackluster about contacting the police, it took what, one try, and then everyone just skated right off the idea. Also turns out they have a way to come back to the mainland somehow which implies an active line of communication, and this totally unimportant piece of information we get in a throwaway comment. Huh.

    Apparently Souhei was around while Moe was still in elementary school (and felt some kind of way about her putting on a frilly wedding dress back then), and, I feel like the conversation between Magata and Moe implies he was there when Nishinosono couple bit the dust. Which – and I totally called it last week, four for me – elevates the whole obsessive dependency thing to the new levels of unhealthy; but, eh. Par for the course for the series.

    The instruments Magata has somehow have me thinking not about her constructing stuff, but actually taking apart things that she got through that little window, to get something or the other which she wouldn’t be able to get her hands on otherwise. Dat microwave.

    Right now I can see three workable theories:

    1)Magata staged an elaborate suicide scenario, administered by the robots she created. There are truly Sci Fi levels of genius programming here, but let’s just roll with it. Following her programming and will, they somehow later did in the director as well. Maybe he didn’t see it coming because there WAS no person behind him, just that long tentacle limb that Michiru has (by the way, SWEET detailing with that moment when Souhei holds it to inspect closer, and Michiru sort of trashes about like every automation would.)

    2)The robots did it, but against Magata’s will/without her knowing. Faulty algorithms, other personalities tampering with the software, they went cookoo and rebelled(but what about 3 laws), you name it. Not the kind of solution I’d prefer, we’re not in Asimov’s novel. The series has too much of a boner for the wretchedness of human mentality to simply put it on the robots.

    3)Someone else did it. I’ve got nothing; we have way too many variables so far.

    Last of all, I can’t express how much I love that we are getting the classical mystery soundtrack tunes, the glorious cross between X Files and the video game music from 1999 when you are exploring a sketchy old house. The series truly embraces alllllll the classical tropes for mystery, and I’m 120% here for it.

    1. Yeah, their lack of effort concerning contacting the police isn’t really explained very well. Is the internet not working as well? Are they trapped inside or can they leave and try to send people to contact the police? Wouldn’t Moe or Souhei’s colleagues they left behind come looking for them eventually? I wish they put in some throw away comment to explain it away.

      Bamboo Blade Cat
      1. It actually is explained, but a bit earlier on. The lab’s IT system is isolated from the WWW for security reasons, so no internet. The island is too remote for any cell towers, so no phones. And they don’t have their own boat off the island. The helicopter radio was their last source of telecommunication, but it was destroyed. That said, since they do suspect a murderer is on the loose, they should really leave the lab, lock it and wait. But the ‘murderer’ has shown themselves capable of bypassing the lab’s security, so maybe they thought it would be moot.

      2. I definitely missed/forgot about that. Though it seems a little too narratively convenient that all forms of communication are blocked off, and especially the computer systems, not even being adjustable for internet capabilities seems rather bizarre. Even if that’s the case, one would think there’d be a lone computer that’s not part of their system or network strictly for internet usage and communications.

        Regardless, it answers the problem of why they can’t communicate.

        Bamboo Blade Cat
      3. Though upon further research, the source material is almost 20 years old, so that would explain why communications are the way they are on the island, as back in that time frame, it wasn’t as unheard of as it is now, which is something we forget, even for those of us who grew up during that time.

        It just makes updating that sort of material to fit the modern age a far more difficult task than it once was, especially in more technologically friendly countries like Japan.

        Bamboo Blade Cat
  3. I dropping this… Everyone is this show is freakin’ stupid with a generic personality. The plot and dialogues seems to be a work from some amateur who is writting a mystery story for the first time…

    1. Well to me, the live-action one entertains me and kept my brain working out to figure out how, who and why the culprit of each case do it. That’s my opinion, but I’ve to agree with you that (sadly) this anime is almost ruining my expectations.

      So I would say so far, this anime is having a lukewarm response from the likes of me.

      Richie Kim
  4. Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed with this episode as it starts to build the mystery surrounding Magata’s mystery too slow being divided into many mini-episodic arc.

    Well consider this series is going to end with episode 11 as the finale, I guess I tolerate the staff production’s intentions behind this.

    Also, the ending scene was so abrupt and unexplained that I got confused on what Moe’s mind thinks or where Moe is right now. But I’m still going to watch this whole series for my comparison reviews between the anime version and the live-action one.

    Although I know what’s about to happen (based on what I’ve seen from the live-action one), I want to try to recognize the difference the anime version is taking. Besides, I have a hunch on the anime version having an original twist (though the live-action adaptation was really based on the novel with the right amount of chemistry blending the plotline and characters).

    1. Well…

      Watched it from the Physics Laws.. How much weight would have this Figure? let alone the Head section. So here must be more then just LEGO stones at work to hold it together.. Perhaps some kind of Superglue, too 🙂

      1. @strass

        I think this Statue has some Skeleton inside to hold this all together, and the Stones are just the Skin for decoration. Or they would crumble under their own weight

      2. Somebody hasn’t heard of Lego Technic … usually large sculptures like this (that cannot be held by the clutch power of vertically stacked bricks alone) have either a skeleton of Technic bricks/beams that can make much stronger connections with pins holding them together, or they have the Technic bricks reinforcing the System bricks inside. You’d be surprised at how much load a few well-placed beams can stand up to. Once that’s sorted you are free to not bother too much about how you replicate the outside (although illegal techniques are still very much frowned upon).

        As for the episode, it kept me interested but I’m going to have to check out the live-action adaptation. I get that characters don’t *have* to be likeable or relatable to be interesting, but it helps a lot. LA watchers: how much do you think the difference between the two adaptations’ handling of the characters is down to the live-action having some setup episodes whereas the anime went straight into the mystery?

  5. Well, the mystery is finally rolling along.

    The mention of 7 being the loneliest number had a little more explanation on the tv show.

    Moe mentioning it must be murder came off a little too exposition-y. Of course, who stabs themselves in the back?! It must’ve been someone he knew, more than likely. Thanks captain obvious.

    Souhei holding that robot’s arm as it tried to shakily move it back into place. No empathy from that guy. Better keep him away from small animals.

    Souhei’s disparaging comments about Moe’s current dressing style as opposed to her when she was younger. Thanks creepy douche.

    The flashbacks def aren’t anything I’m interested in, but they obviously serve a purpose. So…murder suicide?

    Bamboo Blade Cat
    1. So much hate :). I think there are perfectly reasonable explanation for why characters act the way they do than the reflexively negative. For example, Moe just witnessed two bloody killings, so blabbing about something logical is a fine coping mechanism (and fairly standard for the genre), Souhei also demonstrates the inflexible AI of the robot and relative strength of the arm, and he teases Moe because they’re close.

      If you aren’t even interested in the flashbacks, then I think you’ll definitely have trouble enjoying this show. There’s no need to keep hurting yourself over it.

    2. Certainly fair points about the flashbacks, it’s just not really my cup of tea.

      My criticism about Moe is really there to point out she’s not making any any astute observations considering how smart the show is making her out to be. One could conclude she’s just blabbering as a coping mechanism, which is a logical conclusion, but she did just witness a mutilated dead body ride out on a robotic cart, and she didn’t seem all that freaked out by it. Maybe she was just in shock and it took a while for it to set in, but I’d rather not start filling in the blanks for a show as opposed to letting it do that itself. So, the execution of characterization is on the inconsistent side.

      Souhei being a general prick I think is fair criticism of his character. He’s not sympathetic, not that he’s obligated to be, but it’s also not really fun or interesting approach to his character, imo of course, but it seems I’m not exactly in the minority. It feels needlessly mean, regardless of how true to the source material it is. My comment about his treatment of the robot was more tongue on cheek, so you’ll have to excuse me for that one.

      Bamboo Blade Cat
      1. As I mentioned last week, benefit of the doubt. The mind is much too good at confirming our own biases. It seems that you have gotten yourself into a vicious cycle of malcontent. For example, Moe being good at maths doesn’t mean she’s obligated to say ‘smart’ things at every turn, or even at all. But your brain’s automatic response is ‘why does she not say what I expect her to?’ rather than ‘why is she saying what she is?’. You have been thrown out of the narrative from the very beginning. So, while it’s unfortunate, I think you’re simply punishing yourself if you continue to watch this anime in this state. There’s no need to force yourself.

      2. That’s also a fair statement. I don’t think I’m forcing myself though, and I thought overall the episode was pretty good concerning the mystery and the characters, especially in comparison to the first few episodes. I’m willing to give it a chance knowing I’m filtering it through a bias and making an effort not to filter it, but I certainly shouldn’t be to blame so to speak when the characters don’t help themselves out when it comes to their own negative behavior, specifically Souhei, as that would be on the writing (if he’s shown to be a jerk consistently, even if it’s one instance during the episode, then the likelihood is that I will perceive him as a jerk). It’s tricky territory no doubt, but I’m hoping that I’m honest enough with myself not see stuff when it’s not there.

        Bamboo Blade Cat
  6. Well, it is not that this is to much Impossible. There where Crimes in the past, where a Father keep her Daughter in an secret underground Home, and she gave born to 3 children and more dead ones.. Whit 32 years she got found out, and more similar around the world.

    I do not want to go into details. But the Wife must had know some think, but perhaps she was afraid of the Man, or the Culprit was living alone

  7. I think the line ‘Everything Becomes F’ is very important if you look at it in the right context.
    It was revealed last week that the in-house system they use is quite similar to UNIX operating systems

    Show Spoiler ▼

    I think I have a fairly solid picture on what really happened, but that’s just my opinion and I’ll leave the rest to everyone’s own imaginations

    Mixed Milkshake

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