「伝えたい心」 (Tsutaetai Kokoro)
“The Feelings That Must Be Conveyed”

Saw that coming.

Classic Comet Lucifer

The battle this episode is hardly worth talking about. It was better than most, to be honest, though that’s a function of how low the bar is. Most of it still consisted of Moura effortlessly shrugging off damage, though at least someone finally brought out a weapon that can harm her. Much of it was contrived, such as how the psycho-shouta only dropped Felia because the hacker freaked out—how convenient. (I’ve also stopped remembering their names.) Or how Gus kept missing Sougo, even though the projectiles in a mech-sized rifle would evaporate a person on foot if they even came close? Classic Comet Lucifer. Not to mention how Sougo healed Moura and piloted the mech somehow, or was he piloting at all? Instructions unclear. At least the fight had something like stakes, even if the movements were as shoddily written and convenient as Roman and co showing back up, because Roman needs a chance to show that he’s a Nice Guy so he can get with Kaon in the end. How very predictable.

A Family of Do Mon and Sougo

Speaking of predictable, let’s talk about Do Mon and Sougo. First of all, Roman’s assertion that Sougo couldn’t return to the cafe was bullshit. Lack of blood relation notwithstanding, Do Mon and Sougo are family, and family members do, occasionally, fight. One fight doesn’t mean he can’t return home. Depending on the family it might, but in this context, certainly not.

Not that it matters anymore, because Do Mon is dead. Death tropes are a funny thing, really. I’ve read and seen some deaths where I knew they were coming, and they still ripped me apart. Not wanting it to happen when you see it coming toward you is a potent human emotion, a kind of terror we all have to grapple with eventually—hopefully, when we’re old enough and satisfied enough for the terror to give way to contentment. Here, I felt nothing. No, that’s not true—I actually felt the rumblings of some emotion when Do Mon tearfully said he loved Sougo. That’s a relationship I can get behind. Compared to nearly every other relationship in the series, it’s the only one with any depth.

Buuuut Do Mon’s dead, as I called last episode. About the only interesting thing I can pull out of the whole thing is that Zoneboyle’s Dragon (trope!) may be the real Big Bad (The Starscream, perhaps? Trope), though then again, maybe not. (I also don’t remember her name either. Little late to start characterizing her now.) I know I didn’t believe that Ena had survived for even a second, though I was thinking more along the lines of “hallucination” than “flesh mask“. Gross.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Do Mon died as expected. Didn’t expect the flesh mask. Gross. The fight wasn’t as bad as others, but that’s not saying much #cometlucifer 09

Random thoughts:

  • I’m conflicted on how Do Mon got shot. What kind of elite soldier doesn’t know about the double tap? Though on the other hand, he has been out of the game, so maybe he’s rusty. Either way, what a bitch way to get shot. And his plan of “Invade the Secretary’s office and ask him to stop attacking the kid nicely” was lame.
  • Now Captain Gus is cackling. Not a good sign. For his mental health, and the already doomed writing for this show.
  • Rest in peace, Do Mon. You’ve gone to a better place—out of Comet Lucifer.

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    1. I’ve thought of that, yes. And I will, if anything, be just as pissed. That would make everything they did in this episode a giant waste of time, because Sougo doesn’t even know that Do Mon is “dead” (or injured) at the moment. Sure, they could milk that for drama later, but it’ll be so delayed as to dull the effect.

      Take Charlotte. Imagine if (spoilers, in case you haven’t seen it and still want to for some reason): Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I get what you mean but the idea of that spy girl (agent Honey Bee, was it) will find Do Mon and help him sounds pretty strong inside my head. It might have the same effect that the stiuation situation with Charlotte had but at this points who cares? Can´t get any worse than this, right?.

        P.S.: their names are Yuu and Ayumi.

  1. I have lots of problems with this show, and here is my list:
    1. The villains are overpowered, and have plot armor. Gus doesn’t even die after his whole mech blows up. Also, why are their mechs as powerful as Gundams? They feel utterly unbeatable.
    2. The villains have stupid reasons for fighting the main cast.
    3. The villains are composed of unlikeable characters. A war maniac, a child psychopath, and a pedophile.
    4. The main cast is incompetent. Sogo runs around like an idiot, and doesn’t plan things through. I understand his reasons for protecting Felia, and I wouldn’t leave someone behind to die as well. However, at least use your brain and think of a plan. Don’t freaking talk nonchalantly in front of your enemies! That’s why you got found!
    5. Moura sucks at fighting, but becomes overpowered when Sogo pilots her. Seriously, what in the f***? It’s much more difficult piloting a mobile suit, than for one to move it as if it’s their own body. That is Moura’s own body, so how is she failing to control it so badly that she needs Sogo to pilot herself? Also, how did Sogo even learn to pilot her?
    6. What are the reasons for the military to obtain the Lima anyway?
    7. What is the story even about?

    Problem Child
    1. Yup, since the introduction of our IT Hacker (Madmossielle), the Dark Side is to overpower. It’s on Imperator Level, where our Yedi’s are on Padawan, not even Han Solo level

    2. I guess once they reach the Altar of the Abyss some light will be shed abou what the hell is going on with Felia. I only hope the war maniac, the child-psycho and the pedophile don´t make it out alive of this story, I really hate them.

  2. Wow, Do Mon was such an idiot in this episode. Why wait all day for the Big Bad Guy instead of getting to the healer or something? He had time to buy flowers, after all. Actually, why infiltrate the bureau at all if he just wanted to arrange a meeting? There is internet in Comet Lucifer. You could’ve written an e-mail.

    The fight was meh, although I quite enjoyed the song. Had to pause and facepalm when Alfried made Pack drop Felia. What a mess.
    Oh, and speaking of names and remembering them – the writers, clearly enamoured with their own work, made fancy names for several characters and then managed to forget about them entirely. You know who Malvina Aniance is? Or Mo Ritika Tzetzes Ura? I sure didn’t.
    Actually this anime would probably be funnier if every instance of “Moura!” was replaced by this mouthful of gibberish.

    Kaon’s Big Damn Heroes moment did nothing for me, and neither did curry as a metaphor for familial love. Feels were not had.

  3. Glad the baddies finally brought out something that could damage Moura. For all the issues this show has, Moura’s seeming ability to shrug off anything was one of the ones that stood out to me.

    My bet is one Do Mon surviving his flesh wound. After all the plot thread with him and Honeybee is still unresolved. As bad as the writing for this show is, do you really think they’re going to leave that hanging?

    Why on Earth did the secretary disguise herself as Ena? From a dramatic perspective I guess there’s a bit of shock in going from “oh, he’s either dead or having a near death experience” to Do Mon getting impaled, but from a logical one…

    It’s interesting that while I would definitely not classify this show as good (except maybe from a production values standpoint) I do still find it entertaining. I got a kick out of psycho kid’s despairing “Not this guy again!” when Roman showed up with his mech.

    1. The Ena disguise was undoubtedly for drama rather than anything logical from a character standpoint. It’s another example of shoddy writing. If what’s-her-name had a history as a sadist who enjoyed psychologically tormenting her enemies, sure, go ahead, but she didn’t. She seems all business. Seems like she’d snipe him rather than get close, or just send in a bunch of mooks to gun him down.

      Granted, it did let her get in close enough to ensure her attack worked, and disguising herself as Ena was probably a better choice for height reasons (I don’t remember if second-in-command-chan is the same height as Zoneboyle), but that’s me trying to excuse crappy writing. About the best we can hope for is that she reveals herself as a huge sadist after this, so this is just the first hint of that. That would be fine.

  4. I was just thinking, if writers are supposed to write what they know, is the way this show is going implying that the author knows nothing? Well I guess everyone’s a rookie at the beginning. I guess he didn’t have a good editor?

  5. This is the romantic equivalent of Charlotte’s eleventh episode. We are supposed to have those ‘feels’ with Do Mon but all we had is ‘eh’? Is it only me or this anime is really scraping the low end of the bar for every episode? Most of the occurrences in Comet Lucifer happen ‘just because’… waaaaah.

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