It’s a four minute long short about a magical girl who wears a swimsuit. That’s it so far.

Forgoing my usual post format, because there’s not a lot to say, here’s the premise: Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara. is about Hanami Yuzuka (Fujita Akane), a girl who meets a weird flying ball thing named Miton (Wakai Yuki) and becomes a magical girl. Only her magical girl uniform is a swimsuit.

That’s it so far.

This is a four minute short, so the first episode had like two jokes (“yours is a swimsuit” and “You stink!”). They weren’t bad, but it’s understandably not a lot to go on. They slid in a few other character introductions too, like the cute blonde friend, and the possibly yuri friend, but most of the episode focused on introducing the conceit, which it did fine. No, wait, three jokes—the father planning to work a 21 hour day, like he usually did, got a laugh from me. To be honest, one out of three isn’t a bad average for an introductory show.

There’s definitely a fanservice element, but they were upfront about that in the marketing, so you have to go into it realizing that. The biggest surprise was how smooth the animation was from studio Pine Jam, a studio with … one episode of one four minute short on its resume so far. This is the first thing they’ve animated. So kudos to their team, because the animation is clean with a nice soft color palette, which makes it cute and I’m pretty sure that’s what they were going for.

That’s it. Magical girl whose outfit is a swimsuit. I’m not really sure if it’s any good yet, since the first episode had to burn half of its runtime setting up the whole magical girl thing—and to their credit, they didn’t run the OP so they had time to do that properly—but if the premise sounds funny and/or cute, give it a try. It seems competently executed so far.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – It’s a four minute long short about a magical girl who wears a swimsuit. That’s it so far #mouii_deskara 01

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  1. I’ve seen better shorts, to be honest. This kind of feels like a poor man’s version of Prisma Illya. Especially since this season is actually pretty good short-wise, I think I’ll be skipping this unless the jokes get a bit more inspired.

  2. A lot of the comedic content was removed from the introductory scene with weird ball-kun, which is upsetting since it worked out so well in the manga. Good animation is always a boon, but I think the production studio needs to work on its screenplay and direction. There’s a relatively good amount of content in each chapter of the manga that they can use though, so I’m hoping they’ll do a proper redemptive work in the subsequent episodes to make up for this frankly sad and unappealing premiere.

  3. Honestly I came for Futami Sui. (How many people know who I’m talking about? That’s right, you don’t.)

    Kinda disappointed the studio didn’t capture what was unique about his art style, but hmm, ok, ok.

    Loved the opening joke though. Studio should really make fun of absent parents more often.

  4. I cannot wait i watched it on crunchyroll and i went looking to buy it could not find nothing, then i found out it was brand new lol x_X but i liked it cannot wait for the rest.


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