「きなこ棒と生いきビールと…/笛ラムネとめんこと…」 (Kinako bou to Namaiki Biiru to… / Fueramune to Menko to…)
“Kinako Sticks and Namaiki Beer and… / Ramune Whistle and Menko and…”

Candy is war, Saya has ulterior motives, and Hotaru is zany-moe.

Suddenly, War!

When the episode started and the Hotaru started talking about the Kinako sticks, for some reason I was confused. I remembered Dagashi Kashi being funnier than that. I don’t know why I was expecting it to be laugh out loud hilarious from word one, because even the best of comedies needs to bring the tempo down occasionally, to build up to the laugh—troughs are as important as peaks, because all peaks is tiring. Then an elephant showed up and the candy went to war, and I was laughing out loud. There it is!

It’s weird, how fun it is to watch a show about Japanese candy, even though I don’t recognize many of them. It’s like getting a peek into a small part of Japanese culture, and instead of doing the “Japan is weird” thing that foreign media does, it celebrates it while making the zany stuff primarily be an outgrowth of character.

Namaiki Beer

Hotaru, you can’t say such misleading things to a boy in his youth! But in all seriousness—which, this being Dagashi Kashi, isn’t much—I found the Namaiki (lit. “cheeky”) Beer skit impressive for multiple reasons. First the sexy misdirection, then a bit of earnest feelings when Hotaru was talking about being the only one left out of the reindeer games adults’ fun. Then, naturally, Hotaru got drunk on imitation beer (trope!). Which would normally make me roll my eyes even as I enjoyed the antics, but with Hotaru, it works. She’s so reliably zany that it’s not “Oh, they’re getting it past the censors,” it’s “Yeah, that seems like something Hotaru would do.” And she’s a hilarious drunk! I’d totally drink with older Hotaru, as long as I got a few beers in me before the madness started.

Related: My favorite “drunk on juice” episode is the final episode of the first season of Minami-ke. I liked the antics of course, but also how Hayami shamelessly lied about the alcohol being “high-grade juice.” Hah!

Ulterior Motives

Looks like Saya-chan and Coconutsu are already growing used to Hotaru’s lectures. The Ramune Whiste skit could have easily been no different than the Kinako stick war, and not as good for the repetition, until Coconutsu realized it was an allegory for him taking over the candy store. Which led to the critical strike—Saya-chan saying Coconuts should succeed the store for clearly ulterior motives. HNG~! I love me some Hotaru, but I might have to ship Coconutsu x Saya. She’s too adorable. Plus then Hotaru would be freed up for me.

Beginner’s Luck

As much as I enjoy these vignettes into Japanese candy life, I like that they diverted off into a game this time. Menko, which sounds like pogs to me—and which pogs might have originated from, according to Wikipedia; also, did I just date myself with the pogs reference?—seems like a fun little game, and reminded me of the ruler game in Non Non Biyori. It was also a relaxing short to end on. The only thing I can say is that I’m jealous of Saya’s beginner’s luck. I never get beginner’s luck *sad face* That and I enjoyed the friends-goofing-off vibe. I’m a sucker for friendships, so I hope we get more of the group just hanging out in the future.

Looking Ahead – On Blogging a Comedy

I tried a little something different this time, and blogged each quarter of the episode after it ended. I think it worked best for the first half, maybe the first three-quarters. It’s still difficult to blog a comedy, but I am enjoying this one so far, and it seems like a lot of you are too. Hmm. I guess you’ll find out what I decided when the schedule goes up next week.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Hotaru gets drunk on non-alcoholic beer, and Saya-chan is on Hotaru’s side for clearly ulterior motives #anime_dagashi 02

Random thoughts:

  • Hotaru has a really distinctive way of describing events. She’d be a good writer.
  • I’m calling it: Hotaru is zany-moe.
  • While some beers do taste like apple or pineapple juice (bad beers, mostly), macro Japanese lagers (Sapporo, Asahi, and Kirin) don’t. They taste like nothing, though in a not-bad way—they’re some of the cleanest beers in the world. Namaiki Beer isn’t just cheeky, it’s filling children’s heads with lies!
  • It’s summer in the story while it’s winter for most of us. Well, I live in Texas, so the weather unfortunately fits.

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  1. OMG, that menko game reminded me of Non Non Biyori as well! That episode where they played the ruler game was definitely my favourite, i couldn’t stop laughing as it got so intense lol

  2. I will be most pleased if you do pick this up Stilts.

    Also, you have fine taste in 2D women Stilts. Fine, fine taste. Then again, with who we share a birthday with how could we not have excellent taste in anime girls. 😉

    Gouka Ryuu
    1. The only character I know of that I share a birthday with is Katsuragi Misato of Evangelion. In fact, I share my birth date with her (how’s that for dating myself?). Which would mean I have suspect taste in anime men and a fondness for alcohol.

      Well, got one of the two at least.

      Who were you referring to?

      1. …Misato, and yes, it is birth date not just birthday. Though we also share it with Misato’s/Sailor Moon’s/Iori Rinko from GBF’s VA Kotono Mitsuishi because they just gave all the Eva cast the birthday (not date) of their VA. Asuka’s is December 4th for example. I’m the one that told you this on Twitter to begin with. *sweat drop*

        Gouka Ryuu
      2. To be fair, I didn’t actually remember that. I googled it whenever you mentioned it, and made an educated guess, haha

        Sorry :X My mind is filled with characters and plots. They force out the real people sometimes.

  3. This must be getting some attention as J-List is now offering pre-orders on several Dagashi sampler packs of snacks. Was tempted until I saw the shipping charge. That and it didn’t look like the sticks were in any of them anyway.

    As for Texas weather – SA resident here. The only snow I ever see is on Anime. Not that I’m complaining in any way…

    1. I lived in Houston for a long time, though now I actually live north of Ft. Worth, so it can get chilly once in a while.

      I highly suggest snow, though. It’s a lot of fun, especially when you can visit it for a week or two and don’t have to drive through it to work every day.

    2. yes of course, the undertone of this Anime is all about these Snacks, you did saw some of this Mascots in Japan for Kids?
      Is it there not an popular Anime with him?

      also these “easter Eggs”
      Gundam and
      Fist of the North Star (just his sword alike thing i dunno)

      and others well known “Kids animes”. It is well hidden and better embedded as we have in this Phantasy Star Online and SEGA being the Money backup. Yes in PSO they ditch our nose to deep in this “promotion” things

      it is that just here the Ramen is better cooked then the PSO one

  4. Cripes, that menko game really is like pogs. Now that brings back memories. Of twenty years ago. Cripes I’m getting old.

    Anyways, this episode reinforced the notion that while I still don’t think this show is laugh-out-loud material (that honor goes to Konosuba this season), it sure is relaxing. I’m finding myself quite interested in all the weird candy trivia, for some reason, and the whole slice-of-life atmosphere of friends hanging out and getting into hijinx due to Hotaru is working out pretty well so far. Probably gonna be a keeper for me this season, good show to watch after work on fridays. Though man, I’m jealous of the weather in the show, it’ll just be cold and wet for like months to come over here. Stupid Dutch sea-climate.

    And while I’m all up for pairing Coconuts with Saya to free up Hotaru, Stilts, I will fight you for her. In the arena. Wearing loincloths and roaring like barbarians. Playing pogs.

    1. *whips off his clothes, revealing a loin cloth & brandishing pogs* Bring it on, old man! Who is probably around the same age as me.


      *throws down a slammer at the pogs* *gets nothing* *cries silently*

  5. I wish I had Fue Gum-senpai in my life.
    I had given up on whistling since grade school. My mouth just simply cannot make that sound.
    So yeah, I fully sympathize with Fue Ramune here.

  6. I don’t know if it’s me who’s getting old or something but the Humour Comedy Act here is really awful. The chain of conversation they do feel really forced alongside the way the backstory is shown. There’s a real lack of sense of humour here and that goes with that typical PASSIVE MC (yeah literally I find his reaction and act really boring), well the Art Style kinda really interested me though.

    Well I don’t really want to spoil the good moment some of anime fan (well I’m a fan myself) are spending with those anime released recently, like this one, but I noticed that there’s a huge drop in the way the Authors Show their Shows. Aside from ORIGINALITY, story about Snack, about an Apparition, about a Haunted House, about a villain turning into hero, or whatever it may be… there was always ONE THING that connect every NON-GOOD Modern Boring Anime (don’t want to be harsh with the rating) and that is the “ENTERTAINMENT”. From my OWN POINT OF VIEW, I prefer that the Authors focused more on how they do the Act Player and the Plot Story rather than focusing more on the ART ITSELF, because if the production of Anime continues the way it is now, I fear that I will end up HATING all those MODERN GOOD ART graphic style Animation. Well, I don’t think that only Anime has that regression happens to it, even Film, series every Cinematographic show have a dropping issue (but I admit that the graphic itself grow always, but for me graphic is not the priority, it’s the SHOW). SO!!!… My only CONSOLATION IS: 1) There’s always some GOOD or OUTSTANDING Show between ALL those NON-GOOD Modern Boring Show.
    2) The World is in a state of Regression, as my Teacher said, that’s a normal thing in the Evolution of Human Being, so until we reach the state of Progression (in about 5 or 10 Years? *ARF*) let’s pray…

    Some said that “Anime is Dying”, I don’t think so…for me it’s “The World is Dying” because either it is Anime or Film or Cartoon, everything seems to meet its own demise, so let’s HOPE and PRAY for a RISING before falling into a hole where we can’t escape anymore.

      1. I also have questions for you.
        Why do you assume he is in middle school?
        Second, who’s the target audience?
        Lastly are you an impressionable idiot?

        Much as I like the character design and the main girl, it really doesn’t connect. I was waiting for a punchline and it never came. It feels hollow watching it. For now, I think I will hold off.

      2. “Why do you assume he is in middle school?”
        -> He writes like someone who hasn’t written too many reports in English class.
        High School

        Second, who’s the target audience?
        -> People who A) spend yen in Japan, B) speak Japanese as primary language, C) don’t feel embarrassed about watching anime/manga even as a Japanese teen/adult.

        Lastly are you an impressionable idiot?
        -> I don’t even know who you are, what’s your stake in this that you had to take offense from my words?

      3. “Why do you assume he is in middle school?”
        -> He writes like someone who hasn’t written too many reports/essays in English class.
        He was using words like a native speaker, but people in high school usually write more coherently, so I had to assume he is a middle schooler or was intoxicated when he wrote that.

    1. As far as I’m concerned, you’re all acting like middle schoolers. Don’t get into prissy slap fights in my comments. As I’ve repeatedly noted, comedy is highly subjective, so if it don’t work, it don’t work.

      Oh, and the world isn’t dying. It might, who knows, but we’re in the midst or on the cusp of a lot of amazing developments in human history. It all depends on how you look at it. I prefer the optimistic side myself.

      1. hey Soliloquy, wouldn’t you agree Stilts is a douche for saying that you are acting like a middle schooler? I certainly don’t think that. I wonder why Stilts is so condescending.

    2. Well I excuse myself if I offended someone with my comment, but you must know that EVERYTHING I say are from my PERSONAL VIEW that’s why I said in any critic comment “for me” or “from my own point of view”, so you’re free to agree or not. But I won’t deny that I was a little harsh in some of my comments. I’ll say to each people who replied to my comment here then:

      – Kaiba,first you shouldn’t assume that ALL middle schooler write and comment like they were all immature (I’m not middle schooler but I just said it for all middle schooler’s dignity). Two, I don’t think that the Author are aiming to that kind of audience you’re telling there, and it feels like you were insulting those audience themselves. Three, sorry for the way I write but I’m not English and I didn’t study it that well.

      – Stilts, it’s good to stay optimistic like yourself and I hope for all people who are like that doesn’t end up as pessimistic as me. But as I said before please don’t take my comment as offense for all watcher, everything I critic is from my personal view.

      ***SO since some people are somehow sensitive to my comment, I’ll critic in a more smoothly way next time and maybe put it in a spoiler as “Spoiler of good moment”


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