「ふがしとふがしと…/グリコとグリコと…」 (Fugashi to Fugashi to…/ Guriko to Guriko to…)
“Fugashi and Fugashi and… / Glico and Glico and…”

“How can we encourage as many ero-doujins as possible?” asks one writer. A second writer stands up: “I have an idea.”

The Fugashi of Oral Fixation

This show has one hell of an oral fixation, especially when it comes to Hotaru. Not that I’m complaining. The ending joke of the fugashi challenge skit was obvious from the get-go, though I’m glad it was You-san who walked in on Coconutsu, instead of Saya (probably when it was Hotaru who was blindfolded and tied up); I have no problems with the occasional unintended pervert joke, but variety is nice, and it would have ended up being twice this episode anyway.

But beyond that, it was just fun to see them compete. Did you notice Hotaru’s I-found-a-worthy-challenger orgasm face? Or her fluffy happy face? But if this skit did anything, it was probably spawn more doujinshi. Though maybe they’re not needed, because that scene was suggestive enough. Oh my.

Math Marathon

On the other hand, the second half of the episode was a long buildup to the obvious joke, but it wasn’t zany enough on the way. Doing math while running and eating candies for energy is silly, yeah, but they needed to go farther to make this work for me. Alternately, they could have zagged where we expected them to zig at the end, and have Saya not get angry, or have Coconutsu madly explain that Tou was the one who modified his drawings—and have her listen, and get angry at her brother instead. Without one or the other, it was too much time for too little payoff.

This skit was also the first time I thought Dagashi Kashi had gotten flagrantly infomercial-like, as opposed to talking about candy because it (via Hotaru and others) really loves candy. The 1921 line in particular came out of nowhere, and led nowhere. Ah well. A few misses are to be expected.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Blindfold, check. Ribbon to tie wrists, check. Thick, long, pink … what? What are you looking at? #dagashikashi 04

Random thoughts:

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    1. Mai from Musaigen no Phantom World is probably going to sweep a lot of it, but given that Hotaru was already getting doujin before this anime came out I imagine she’ll earn some too.

  1. A thousand doujinshi artists cried out, and began furiously drawing.

    Began? More like they’re already done. Err, or so I’ve heard.

    You’re right in saying though that the second skit lacked a proper payoff. I didn’t actually mind the build-up (especially with its melodramatic tone), but instead of ending with a bang, it just fizzed out on a whimper. Too bad.

    The first half, on the other hand, was one of my favourite skits in the show so far. Watching the two get into an epic showdown over candy-tasting was hilarious (helped by their enthusiasm and reaction faces) and dear me, the suggestiveness was off the charts. And him being caught by his dad of all people just makes it all the better. Ah, youth.

    1. And? Only ~1% of Americans (to use us as an example) have gluten intolerance. That means 99 out of 100 can eat gluten just fine.

      Just because the fad might be overblown doesn’t mean those 1 out of 100 people don’t exist. That could easily mean that most of us know one or two people who are legitimately gluten intolerant.

      1. Aye. I have a friend with Celiac’s. You shoulda seen the first time he got to drink real beer again after finding out he had it (Omission Pale Ale, which chemically extracts the gluten). He damn near cried. It was an awesome moment.

  2. This scene was definitely more entertaining to watch than the entirety of Fifty Shades of Grey… (Not that I’ve actually seen it…but the only time I’ll watch it is when the RiffTrax guys, CinemaSins‘ Jeremy Scott and Honest Trailers‘ Jon Bailey decide to get together and roast…nay, scorch the hell out of that film.)

    And as soon as Hotaru went all…err…”mathematician-y” in the second half, I couldn’t help but have flashbacks of The Martian…’s Honest Trailer. (Maths… @_@)

    Also, “Hell hath no fury than a former tsundere heavy cruiser woman scorned.”

    Kokonatsu will surely get 256 corrosive warheads fired at him now. All while he’s screaming…


    And meanwhile, Hotaru got the toy she wanted from the candy, just as planned.

  3. I guess having those infomercials and product placements really do help with paying the bills. Other than that, my knowledge of Japanese snacks has expanded. They look pretty savory.

    In any case, I’ve begun to notice that this show is veering towards being more of an SOL/comedy rather than straight up comedy, where while being less humorous, is still interesting enough to maintain interest. But holy smokes was the first half soaked in innuendos.

    Mihashi Nishizawa
    1. I labeled as a “feel good comedy”, less humorous, but still interesting enough to maintain interest, as you said. I think the subtle comedy tone mirrors the daily life for the people of the town, that’s why Hotaru and Kokonotsu’s Father stand so much.

      I love all the info about candy, if they could talk for half an episode about candy packaging it would be the greatest thing ever.

  4. I haven’t seen any of this material in the currently translated chapters of the manga. Can someone with more knowledge chime in on this? Is the content in this episode anime-exclusive? Or did I miss out on a couple of chapters or something? I mean there’s no doubting that they’d definitely cover the iconic Glico running man sooner or later, but I have no recollection of having read about it in the manga.


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