「ロズワール邸の団欒」 (Roswaal-tei no Danran)
“The Happy Roswaal Mansion Family”

The horror of having to repeat the same ordeal over and over again would be 10x worse if you had to repeat the stuff you thought you succeeded already. Re: Zero reminds me so much of Edge of Tomorrow where Tom Cruise had to repeat the same day over and over again. Literally. But the slight advantage that Subaru has is this new “revival” point. Storytelling-wise, I thought the staff positioned this perfectly and the bomb that it drops implies both a new start for Subaru but more importantly – he was murdered in his sleep! Obviously no one likes a cliffhanger, but it was paired very well with the music and being the complete opposite tone from the rest of the episode with that title? Oh, the irony. There is nothing “Happy” about living in a resident that may be out to kill you. Or who knows, maybe it wasn’t someone within the home but an assassin from somewhere else. That’s the scary part – Subaru has no idea who did it, why or when. Subaru has technically been living for a week now and during this time of “peace”, everything seemed so normal and then, you get stabbed in the back. Trying to backtrack an entire week to see where you went wrong might be more troublesome than just a day so I’m excited to see how he does it.

Not everything is as it seems in the Roswaal Manor and despite the welcoming attitude they had towards Subaru, I’m sure there’s a lot they’re not telling him. I’ll start with the easy one – Emilia, who has demonstrated her character and personality multiple times in the past few weeks already. I trust that she’s genuinely a good person and she wants to do what’s right but she’s holding back a lot of secrets from Subaru (for good reason I’m sure; he’s a complete stranger) and she puts up a high wall to hide behind. For example, being a candidate to rule the nation?! Beatrice (Arai Satomi) is a new character this week and she was hired by Roswaal to protect his library. She has an obsession with Puck (but he’s just so cute!) and her magic allows her to transport the gateway to the library to another door in the mansion. Subaru gets on her nerves because he can locate her so easily with one try. Asides from the attitude of hers, I don’t really sense any red flags coming from Beatrice even if she’s capable of strong magic. Rem (Minase Inori) and Ram (Murakawa Rie) are next and they’re the blue and red headed twins accordingly. Rem does the cooking and Ram does the cleaning; even though Rem claims to be capable of doing both very well. I’m generally not very attracted to the quiet/emotion-less type of girls (not to mention that they’re twins) but I’m intrigued by them nonetheless just because they’re in the OP and seem like pivotal characters. They’re probably the ones I trust 2nd-least in the household. And they’re so good at the cleaning/cooking… they could’ve poisoned Subaru. The last individual is Roswaal L. Mathers (Koyasu Takehito) himself and he’s the one that owns the estate. My first impression of him was – ”Oh my god, I’m scared of clowns!” and then when I calmed down, he reminded me a lot of evil clowns that you know are out to get you. From his demeanor to his seiyuu and just his creepy appearance in general, I don’t feel comfortable watching him. His relationship with Emilia is also one that I wish they talked about more. She said she didn’t have any family so who is he to her? For all I know, the creators could just be throwing red herrings everywhere but I’ve clearly taken the bait and I dub Roswaal as the most conspicuous character in the household. I just don’t trust him (yet).

I feel like time-travel is a trend in anime these days and I can’t get away from them. However, that’s not to say that it’s a bad thing and I actually like all these different interpretations of it. A lot of people were anxious to see this anime blogged and rightfully so. Re: Zero definitely has its own original spin on the fantasy/adventure genre with a mysterious undertone that makes it a more mature watch. I love that it isn’t all about the comedy and plethora of females surrounding Subaru, but there’s actual substance to the story. It reminds me a bit of Zero no Tsukaima except with less ecchi and more serious mystery. Plus, Re: Zero actually animates the gore and death scenes (with the sound effects too) which turns it up a notch from cute to ”OMG!” (that’s two gory White Fox shows for me now). Stilts has a lot on his plate so I thank him for covering episodes 1-3 already. It’s going to be another long ride as I watch cliffhanger after cliffhanger but hopefully the show will continue to impress.

Bottom line – @RCCherrie: Enjoying the slice-of-life moments in #ReZero this week but hoping to get back to the mystery next time! Man, the music can be super spooky, especially when you know that something bad happened/will happen but I love how it really fits the tone of the anime. Damn those cliffhangers!


  1. Oh yes, all my concerns mute now, Re:Zero has shifted nicely into a mystery focus akin to Rokka no Yuusha. I’m definitely looking forward to see where this goes.

    Regarding the episode itself, quite a bit was happening under the surface, especially in terms of antagonists. Although our resident clown is the most obviously suspicious (along with the maid(s)), IMO he’s not the primary threat; Beatrice bears the crown. First is Beatrice’s initial meeting with Subaru. When Subaru awoke at the start, the two maids were not present, and he was already stuck in the hallway loop (a la Matrix Reloaded). Next Beatrice (supposedly) drains his mana, which is interesting considering Emilia’s comment previously that mana is taken from the surroundings to execute actions (i.e. likely not stored). The cliffhanger isn’t the only time Subaru died this episode IMO, it could be he died during that initial encounter with Beatrice (notice every other time she pushes him out the door, she doesn’t repeat the draining). I highly doubt Subaru is also finding Beatrice’s doors by accident, more probable is someone guiding him to them, maybe to have Beatrice check up on him for whatever reason. The change in Subaru’s save point also likely has something to do with Beatrice and their continuous encounters. No question Beatrice is not a simple librarian.

    Also intriguing is the plot “hole” of Puck recognizing and acting chummy with Subaru in the previous episode–that has not been dealt with. Interestingly, however, an answer is (somewhat) given by Puck’s statement that he can partially read minds, potentially explaining it (IMO Puck is not tongue in cheek body language reading). Of course it could just be Puck’s personality playing off Subaru’s, but more likely is that Puck’s skills go further than simple mascot and icicle slinger.

    TL;DR: The clown and maids are low hanging fruit, they are not the true antagonists of this arc.

    1. Goddamn I hate clowns. Instantly suspicious! Clowns are ALWAYS bad guys arghhh. I actually hope he’s NOT an enemy because of how cliched the clown being a bad guy is lol.

    2. It’s been an anime tradition for clowns to be evil, wondering if this Hisoka’s brother. Of course, there are exceptions.

      Notably most anime lolis, especially when they have drill hair styles, are very dangerous.

      If Puck was a pokemon, and he was captured, this would be the first thing a trainer would do to cute little Puck. Of course, sleeping on Puck’s lap sounds nice.

    1. That was my thought. He didn’t “die” when Beatrice drained him of mana the first time – he chose the wrong path, and Return by Death isn’t Return by Death, it’s Choose Another Day. After 5 days of being a butler, he didn’t do something that he should have done (the blonde-headed girl and the knight?), so he “reset”.

      1. his ability didn’t trigger when Beatrice sucked up his mana if that’s what you’re implying. note the lack of Rem/Ram the 1st time and yet they’re already there the 2nd time and when he actually reset

  2. “His relationship with Emilia is also one that I wish they talked about more. She said she didn’t have any family so who is he to her?”

    Actually Emilia stated he’s basically her sponsor/backer for the throne. He isn’t related to her beyond that. His title suggest most likely a higher up the royal/imperial court.

    Iron Maw
    1. I was hoping there was going to be a story where he saved her from being an orphan or something like that =X I guess not. He’s just some creepy fellow whom she lives with then o_O And gives her money?

      1. Nah, she basically a princess remember? If she inherits the throne he himself gains more power and connections. It’s more like a business or political arrangement they have between them. This doesn’t necessarily he doesn’t care about her, she one of this country’s heirs of course but he’s not getting some out of this for nothing.

        Iron Maw
      2. Yeah, the story was poorly written on this part. Without spoiling anything…the inheritance of the throne is a little special for this country and it has something to do with the insignia as mentioned in the previous episodes, some of the more perceptive folks might have already guessed why the previous mini arc ended in that manner. Here are some facts to consider, it was never mentioned that Emilia is royalty or a noble and she does not have a last name, she is not a princess. This is something a lot of people have mistaken due to bad writing.

        Some information will be revealed regarding the inheritance in this arc but almost all of it will be dumped at us at the next arc. Poorly written in the web novel and they did not fix it in the light novel either, now the anime is also suffering from it. The next arc will be gigantic in terms of length and might actually eat up the rest of the remaining 24-n episodes (80ish chapters vs 20ish of the mini arc).

      3. @Cherrie: I agree with you on Mathers being creepy, but I think your oversimplifying the situation. Agree with Iron Maw here. He’s a political backer to the potential next ruler of the country. If Emelia is the next ruler, that gives Mathers a lot of power. Not saying he’s trying to make her a puppet (though that is possible), but either way he should profit handsomely if she is the next ruler. Same thing as political backers in RL.

        @Oliviaven: Haven’t read the LN so I can’t comment about the writing, but from just watching the show, I picked up on the general concept that rulers are selected from a pool of candidates drawn from all walks of life, and the badge is their “ticket” for consideration. Definitely needs to be fleshed out, but point got across.

  3. Nice to see him have a new save point, it’s like it’s really a game that’s divided in different story arcs. So it looks like we’ll be getting into the darker parts of the show from now on. I assume Subaru was killed in his sleep by one of the maids because he was deemed useless? Although there’s probably different ways to look at it. Subaru may have to prove his worth and learn more about his power if he wants to retain his sanity. It’s humorous how Subaru is just a random guy who wants to enjoy his new life here but he keeps getting killed and caught in some shady acts.

  4. The assumption is that he was killed in his sleep. Maybe not. Couldn’t it just be that he’s failed to clear something so he gets a reset? Death is obviously one way but maybe this time it’s just going to sleep that’s enough to do a reset (a la Groundhog’s Day). Possibly becoming a butler was the wrong choice. Emilia suggested as much.

    1. He resets at his death. Only at his death. The “only” wrong choice he made was whatever caused him to die: otherwise he wouldn’t have reset, no matter what choices he made.

      1. to be fair, that mechanic is only assumed (by Subaru) and implied (though not really implied since this is Subaru’s name for it rather than a solid confirmation of it, meaning it’s still just Subaru’s assumption) but not actually ever confirmed. it’s possible that it’s objective based where death is an obvious failure of objectives. we just haven’t seen otherwise so, like Subaru, we can only assume that’s how the mechanic works

    1. No, she didn’t. She just hurt him, knocked him unconscious, and sent him back to his room. The situation when he woke after that was entirely different from when he woke before, so it was not a reset.

    2. The Restore Point is after Beatrice knocks him out. Otherwise, the Maidos would have been there when he first awoke.
      Also, the ceiling and Subaru’s face were darker when he first awoke and lighter the second time, suggesting that he first awoke very early in the morning and then the Maidos woke him up at an later hour.

      1. That’s actually a good observation, the maids weren’t there when he first awoke, yet they were there when he died in his sleep. It may be that Beatrice knows something about Subaru’s power and somehow set the reset point after she “drained his mana”. Whether that method involved actually killing him or not is the question though.

  5. I had an idea, Cherrie, when watching – perhaps he wasn’t murdered? My immediate thought was that it wasn’t about being murdered, but instead he had a set task to achieve for each period of time – and for this section, at least, he failed to achieve what he was meant to do, and thus time reset. That would be much more difficult (and more awesome for us) if it was that, versus simply death.

    Anyways, that’s my theory. Is this show based on a manga or LN?

    1. That’s a good theory and I don’t really have anything that disputes it >_> I guess the LN or manga readers would know better… It sounds too much like a game though when you think that he hasn’t cleared a stage and therefore the time resets. I don’t want to believe that there’s a force out there that’s forcing him to complete a “stage” before he can go on. As interesting as it would be, I think his power is really just activated because he dies o_o

    1. Soliloquy/ I can’t agree more, but I’m afraid that someone will likely show up to say you a lame excuse for that as follows,

      (1) Subaru’s retarded meta humor is not intended to be funny, but to show how lame he really is. In this respect, it becomes (the author’s intended) critique of typical LN cliches since that lame Otaku boring humor is not really about otaku pandering, but about making fool of it.

      (2) Though lame, cheesy and boring in itself, it is necessary to make a sort of contrast effect between Subaru’s illusion of ‘Otaku-dream-cometrue- and confrontation with harsh reality.

      (3) necessary set up for a character development, that is, growth from a mentally immature Otaku MC to Otaku MC’s paradigm shift and head-on confrontation against reality.

      As someone who have already read until the 3rd arc of the original web novel in Japanese, I’d say that none of the above excuses is legitimate or justified.

      1. “Soliloquy/ I can’t agree more, but I’m afraid that someone will likely show up to say you a lame excuse for that as follows,”

        Sorry this not valid counter argument for anything ever and just shows your insecurity and desperate need confirmation bias. It’s fine don’t like the meta humor, but doesn’t mean it is neither justified (which is completely pointless to do) or is it something that needs an excuse. This not a crime because you don’t like it. You either like or you don’t irregular of what you say does reduce as the story goes on. Yes this comes for WN readers who’ read up to Arc 6.

        Iron Maw
      2. Iron Maw /

        You don’t get the point.

        Contrary to your belief, I have no issue with those who say, “O.K. But for me, his meta Otaku humor works well. I found it funny. After all, it’s a matter of taste.”

        I just shows that I’m sick of those who just don’t understand that such humor could not work at all for some, or try desperately establish that any apparent downside of the show is not really a flaw but there is something deeper behind it.

      3. Nah, the “meta humors” are actually the setups for the author’s dark humors. They exist in order to show the audience what Subaru expect to get in that world. Expectations that he’ll practically never get because the author has decided that he’d crush whatever Subaru expects, almost all of them.

        Some examples:
        – Subaru thought that he’d been summoned by some beautiful magician. –> Such person does not exist.
        – Subaru thought he got some powerful magic –> He can not use magic at all.

        This time he thought that he finally got to the juicy part of his adventure because he had overcome the difficult part. That’s why he thought of those various otaku dreams. It goes without saying that none of those dreams will ever come true.

    2. @Soliloquy: While I don’t hate Subaru, have to admit that I didn’t like him as much this past episode. Also totally agree about toning down the MMORPG meta YMMV humor.

      @fripsidelover9111: Agree with you regarding your conclusion that all three are unnecessary.

      Regarding #1: So, the author is making fun of “bad otaku humor” by inserting his own bad otaku humor? If the intent is to make fun/critique such things, the message got lost for me. Never would have thought of that if you didn’t mention it.

      Regarding #2: Problem with that is his “otaku MMORPG dream” should have died by now with his, well, multiple deaths. The “harsh reality” aspect should be clearly set in his mind by this point.

      1. daikama / The interesting thing is that I have actually seen all of the three arguments in South Korean anime forums (where the web novel was introduced, translated way much earlier than in the west), and in the recent English speaking anime forum (reddit/anime, my anime list) as well.

        It’s almost amusing to see how core-passionate fans of the anime/novel come up independently with almost identical arguments to defend the work against any critique of it.

      2. Yeah, these “dreams” of the summoning really should be gone with him having realized the mechanics. I can only hope that as he keeps on dying he will be less likely to spout this shit otherwise I’d have to figure out some label I can put on him like we put on all dense harem protagonists.

        If Subaru wasn’t such an unlikeable twat I think I’d probably say this would almost be guaranteed a spot competing for best this season since everything else is interesting. Still going to be watching this obviously because he doesn’t drag it down beneath the threshold.

    3. For some reason the character I found most annoying was Felt. Something about her personality that’s just the right mix of cocky, obnoxious, immature and emotionally irrational to stoke my rage. Found myself wishing she wouldn’t survive the last arc just so we wouldn’t get more of her in the future. Alas, no such luck.

      Not necessarily a substantive criticism, by the way. Just a personal preference. In fact, how annoyed I got with Felt really caught me off guard. Haven’t been at all annoyed with a character in an anime for years.; I guess I simply can’t stand people like her, even irl…

      1. @Zen: “Likability” for characters is just like comedy – subjective. Have to say though, you finding her the “most annoying anime character in years” is surprising. She wasn’t great, but for me she ended up on the plus side of “meh”. So far, I find Mathers easily the most annoying character, but as I noted, character likability is subjective. 😀

  6. This was more of a mixed (good & bad) episode for me than I expected. :/

    The new characters were certainly a mix. I liked Beatrice for the most part as an acerbic loli (though for me the loli part is optional). Twin maids are twin maids = OK though I think they had an amusing line or two. Mathers though… WHY is he a clown (OK – looks like one)? Bleh. Also, personally I find his voicing/manner of speaking annoying. Bleh, again.

    Subaru was surprisingly mixed as well. His comedy moments were more hit than miss. :/ Furthermore, while I defended Subaru in previous episodes, with this episode I’m thinking Stilts may have more of a point than I thought. I neither want nor believe that for this story (or in general) you need an omniscient, know everything, always make the right decisions, predict the future, etc. character. However, there’s a middle ground here and you can go too far the other way. I get Subaru is “happy go lucky” or “spur of the moment” type of guy, but “hire me” as his reward for saving Emelia’s chance at becoming the next ruler? Yeah, he needs a job (though then again, ask for a bunch of money or freeloading), but c’mon. There’s a limit to being humble.

    Not only that, for someone who constantly brags how much he’s totally MMORPG savy, you’d think he’d consider some other options beyond “butler trainee” unless he plans on going full Hayate here. Besides, he has died 3 times already (4 at the end). How about some combat training? Actually, isn’t Mathers some great mage? How about magic training? As for Puck, how about helping with getting your own contract fairy? That would be very “RPG” cool and helpful.

    There were things I liked. As noted, Beatrice has some amusing moments with Subaru. Still like Emelia of course, and for a mostly SOL episode, the plot moved forward (*glares at Utawarerumono Itsuwari no Kamen*). Not a fan of Mathers, but I did like how he was suspicious of Subaru (makes total sense) and is testing him. Lastly, have to admit, I am curious as to what happened with Subaru to cause his 4th death. Not only that, but as I mentioned before, the show (or series) needed to move the reset point (analogous in my mind to a game save) forward periodically. So I’m glad that happened because I’d drop the show if he went back to the apple-seller again.

    Not the best episode IMO, but I’m still interested in the show and looking forward to next ep.

    1. “I get Subaru is “happy go lucky” or “spur of the moment” type of guy, but “hire me” as his reward for saving Emelia’s chance at becoming the next ruler? Yeah, he needs a job (though then again, ask for a bunch of money or freeloading), but c’mon. There’s a limit to being humble.”

      Yes, there is a limit to being humble and it’s hard to make sense of Subaru’s decision to make that humble request (even more so given that he is not so hesitant or did not spend reasonably enough time to think to make the decision).

      My speculation is that the author might have intended to show a sort of ‘gap moe’ in the very broad sense of the term. It’s like saying “See the gap! Here our MC apparently speaks obnoxiously and annoyingly (or more or less in a rude way), but he acts in an extremely polite and humble way. Isn’t this gape of our shut-in game Otaku MC likable and nice ?”

      1. @fripsidelover9111: Perhaps, though I didn’t get a “gap-moe” vibe out of this, or even think about analyzing from the author’s standpoint.

        My take was that Subaru is a very simple (more than I originally thought), “go with the flow” character. He even says as much. Why did he ask Emelia to tell him her name as a reward? Because at that time, it’s what he wanted. He likes petting Puck so his request from Puck is “to pet Puck”. Not trying to be mean, but if he was thirsty after saving some noble’s life, he’d ask for a refreshing drink as a reward.

        SOME of that (humbleness, no greed, good deed for good deed’s sake) is fine, but frankly after this episode, for me it’s starting to push things. Not good. It ties into what Stilts talked about with there’s a point to which you do need characters to think at least somewhat, especially if you’re in a world where you get killed – immortality reset or not.

        Comedy is subjective so let’s put aside whether his MMORPG meta humor is funny or not. Problem IMO is that you have a characer who is bragging about how great he is with this type of situation. He makes “dungeon master’s cry” and such. Yet, he keeps getting rewards from powerful individuals (Emelia, Mathers, Puck), and doens’t use ANY of his supposed MMORPG mastery to consider something which might be MMORPG savy… and keep him from dying.

        Frankly, I’m starting to wonder if someone who never played an MMORPG would do any worse. Again, not trying to be mean, but to keep doing this stuff consistently, again especially when he spouts off about how MMORPG great he is, makes him look like, well, an idiot rather than “humble average Joe.” Asking for Emelia’s name? Fine. Guy (especially a never had a girlfriend trope type) is taken with hot elf-girl. I can go with that. “Petting rights” for Puck, eh, that needs work IMO, and same goes for Mathers reward.

        Going forward, I hope that Subaru finds better middle-ground as a character in terms of thinking about his situation and actually using his supposed MMORPG knowledge – especially if this series turns out to be pretty grim-dark.

      2. @daikama:

        While I’m not a fan of the excessively self-referential humour sometimes myself, as far as Subaru’s characterization goes, I’d say it’s really far too early to call it either ‘idiocy’ or ‘real character inconsistency’. Perhaps the question shouldn’t be ‘isn’t this humility inconsistent with his gamespeak’ but rather ‘why is his humility inconsistent with his gamespeak’?

        With that in mind, my current read on Subaru’s personality is actually rather simple – that, as you say, he’s a rather simple person, who, despite constantly making references to game/LN conventions because that’s what he’s familiar with, is the type that subconsciously doesn’t actually believe any of that can happen to him. Deep down, he doesn’t believe he’s a main character – he doesn’t think he’s anyone special. In other words – and this is where you’ll lose people that actually like the Kiritos and Tatsuyas of the world – it goes beyond mere humility and well into actual low self-esteem. This also fits perfectly with his obsessive crush on Emilia and his need to save others, even at cost to himself.

        Of course this could all be debunked at some later date, or simply never explored. I’ll call it a writing flaw and/or character flaw then. But as of right now, I don’t find Subaru terribly dissonant in characterization.

    2. I think Subaru has a ”gut” feeling, that if he tries to go genre savvy MMORPG way, he’ll be killed by the first goblin. Spouting anime references is one thing – trying to live them without plot armor of the chosen one is a short way to the grave. And while Subaru actually has said plot armor, I think he doesn’t trust his revival ability to always be there and is sensible enough not to try living out power fantasies, when he doesn’t have any power.

    3. @Corin: It is early – fair enough on that. I might not have been entirely clear/could have used better diction, etc. The issue for me is NOT “humble vs. bragging inconsistency”. Actually, it’s really character inconsistency since the anime explained that “he’s being true to himself”. He’s super “spur of the moment” type of guy who will go with whatever is on his mind regardless of how trivial (see Puck reward). So I actually agree with you on that.

      The issue for me is that you have a character who repeatedly shouts how he’s such an “RPG Master” – he’s got this, but then doesn’t spend an iota of thought to use said RPG knowledge when it’s important. That can work in a pure comedy SOL, but uh, the dude’s died three, probably now four, times already. Even if a character wasn’t “RPG savy”, one would think that even an “average Joe” would realize that his (or her) HS education is lacking the proper skill sets to survive in dangerous fantasy land. It’s impossible for me to overlook him dying multiple times as a massive clue that he should attempt gain some skills to defend himself. Now add “RPG savy” to that.

      If you played a fantasy RPG, and the top wizard in the country says “pick a reward”, how is “I want to learn magic” not the first thing that comes to mind? There’s a lot of synergy here. Magic sure is handy for a fight/emergency situation. I’d also think it’s a much better fantasy land career choice than “butler”. Even if you don’t want to go with magic, at least something towards being able to better defend yourself (i.e. combat training – though you could ask for that and free room & board). Something to show a modicum of “RPG savy” thought – actually just thought in general.

      Frankly, it’s the same issue that was discussed at length the past episodes. Is Subaru “smart enough”, does he “think enough”, etc. I defended him before due to the situation (i.e. on the clock every reset) and that he did put forth enough thought IMO. Ep. 04 though pushed that issue too far the wrong way for me. He’s got time/not under pressure. How about “Can I get back to you about the reward?” if he needs time to THINK about it?

      Again, not expecting/don’t want intellect god that foresees all, but going too far the other way is also bad. There’s a balance to it, and unfortunately, I think Ep. 04 tipped the balance the wrong way even if it’s character consistent. To put it bluntly, that doesn’t prevent him from potentially coming across as dumb (or perhaps immature). I’m NOT saying he is, but he certainly didn’t come across as the sharpest knife in the drawer this episode. As you say, there it’s early so let’s see how this plays out.


      @Kessler: I’m NOT suggesting he take up a career as an adventurer. My point is that he’s in RPG world and has no real skills in terms of defending himself. Granted he did (IMO) amazing well at times for an “average Joe”, but he still died 3, now seemingly, 4 times… in 4 episodes (technically 5, but whatever). That’s a lot. Yes, “he doesn’t have any power” as you say which is my point. You’d think he’d try to acquire some power/ability/skill to at least better defend himself… say when he’s offered rewards from a top wizard and magic, ice spear firing cat fairy. Instead, for one reward he asks to pet the fully kitty (Puck). Dude’s 18, not 5.

      1. Point taken. I don’t actually have a problem with characters who are a little slow on the uptake/unambitious, though, so it may be a preference issue.

        One thing, though – didn’t Subaru only learn Roswaal was the premier mage of the kingdom after his request? So that couldn’t have factored in beforehand. Puck, well, that’s something else, but I don’t think he’s quite caught on that ‘small cute fluffy cat spirit’ = ‘really powerful spirit creature that strikes fear into the hearts of regular men’.

      2. @Corin: True, there is personal view/preference/tolerance in terms of “a little slow”, but then again, what constitutes “a little slow” vs. plain ‘ol “slow” (or worse) is also subjective. So far, his requested rewards for saving at least one life, saving Emilia’s chance to become ruler, and thwarting some nefarious plot regarding said ruler candidacy in general have been “Got girl’s real name”, “butler apprenticeship” and “petting rights”. :/

        I can’t recall the order in terms of request vs. learning Mathers “occupation” (if you will). Even so, he could have done more with that as Emilia pointed out. As for Puck, Subaru is well aware of what Puck can do. He’s seen Puck in action – even once he called on Puck to protect Emilia. A good part of the issue is that it’s all three rewards (two really – I’ll give a pass on asking Emilia’s name). OK, “can pet Puck” for one reward, but then do better with Mathers reward and/or vice-versa.

        As you say, it’s still early, so lets see how Subaru is as the story progresses.

  7. I have literally never been more intimidated watching a clown pet a small child than I was this episode.

    I’m convinced Mathers knocked Subaru off to make sure his throne claimant is dedicated to her job and not going on dates with possible spies. And Ram is his assassin! Probably knifed Subaru like she was peeling a potato.

  8. Strong Spoiler (do not click)Show Spoiler ▼

    Damn if to make the Hero suffer is the only plot on this anime… Imma drop this sht.

  9. I can’t be the only one who got “Alice in Wonderland” vibes from this manor. The moment I saw the twins, they reminded me of Tweedledee e Tweedledum. After seeing that dinner table moment, I immediately thought of Roswaal of being the Mad Hatter and Beatrice being the Queen of Hearts. in fact, I don’t know if there is a connection, but the characters of the manor (and maybe even Emilia, Puck and Subaru) reminded me a lot of Tim Burton’s movie.
    English is not my first language, so sorry if there is any mistake 🙂 Also, I liked a lot of your review.

    1. wow! i’m glad i found a connection to alice in wonderland by myself. i decided to use re: zero vs alice in wonderland as the search phrase on google and lucky enough, i found a match, amazing.

      I didn’t notice that connection to alice at the manor. i was just commenting on youtube’s “glass reflection, “first reaction to re: zero” and then i realized the anime’s most bizarre and insane progression, and the appearance of the white whale; it’s mist of erased existence. I just felt that Subaru was Alice from the get go, from when he stepped into this fantasy like world, he stepped into a wonderland.

      thanks for the tip on alice in wonderland’s connection to the manor! that’s so awesome! > <

  10. Uoh, Stilts passing the flag on blogging this show to Cherrie? Thanks for Stilts for the 3 first episodes review and welcome Cherrie for blogging this show. I think this is the first time I saw randomc doing this to a series because of reader’s demand.

    1. Thank you for the warm welcome =)
      Just once in a while we like to listen to readers’ comments =P haha! Jks… I typically pick up the remaining shows at the end that I think should be blogged after all the other writers get their picks. Re: Zero was one of them and the other would be BSD.

      1. I just hope your way of making your blogging picks doesn’t leave you without shows you enjoy often! That sounds like a real risk if you make your choices based on what “should be blogged” after everyone else chose their favorites (unless you’re an omnivore in terms of anime I guess).

      2. Cherrie has always batted clean-up, for some reason. I don’t understand it, but I do appreciate it. She’s omnivorous in her watching AND blogging, unlike people like me who’re only omnivorous in the former.

        I wouldn’t worry thought. The only difference from how we used to do things is that we’re introing/ep2ing/ep3ing more shows, so if the right blogger doesn’t do the intro, chances are they wrote more’n one episode of posts. In past seasons I woulda probably just picked this up and been miserable eight episodes in when I realized blogging grimdark shows gets me down, and then I would have flamed out and dropped it. It’s better this way :3

      3. LOL! I think you would’ve finished blogging Re: Zero Stilts… but all the while complaining and bitching about it offstage. It’s okay, I don’t mind taking over the dark/depressing shows. This one isn’t too bad, I’ve blogged worse – like Death Parade and PSYCHO-PASS 2~

        I don’t know why I always end up with the clean-up shows. There’s only been like 2 shows since I started blogging that I really put my foot down for. All the rest – well you never know what you’re gonna get so why not? =P

      4. Eh, if she’s okay with it, who am I to agonize for her 😛 (I don’t understand it either though). I guess hearing this inside info for the first time made me go all “cannot process new information” lol

        And Stilts, how far in the past are we talking? I’m pretty sure you had this “never drop a show” mentality before, so (like Cherrie pointed out already) I actually can see the past you blogging the full 2 cours of this while bitching about it on and offstage

        @Cherrie I’m interested to know, what were those 2 shows? I’m guessing Shokugeki no Souma was one.

      5. Shokugeki no Souma was not one of them actually =P lol… but I’ll be sure to pick up the sequel next season!
        It was Rozen Maiden and PSYCHO-PASS 2 >_> Does that surprise anyone? Rozen Maiden (the original) was one of the first anime I watched and PSYCHO-PASS… well I really liked season 1 =)

      6. @Erimaki

        I do try to never drop shows, which is why I’ve only done it once: Mahouka. (And I did a finale post, which forced me to finish that pile.) Notice how that was a 2-cour show as well, and I ended up dropping it after a cour. I can muscle through for a few months, but a full half year is pushing it. Though more than that, I was thinking of how much Maoyuu burned me out, to the point that I took a season off right after it.

        You’re right though, I probably would have either blogged it to the end or flamed out enough to have to go on hiatus for a while. ‘Cause I’m maso like that! \o/

        Cherr is weird.

      7. @Cherrie And I thought I couldn’t go wrong with you and food. At least I’m half-right since the sequel might be your third such series lol. Also, looking forward to it!
        And to be honest yes, those two do surprise me.

        @Stilts Fair enough, somehow I thought you had dropped more shows. Must be because I dropped some shows you continued to blog. Comet Lucifer and Heavy Object come to mind.

        And everyone loves you for the maso you are 😉

        Cherrie might be weird, but so is everyone else

  11. Thanks for picking this up Cherrie.

    And I gotta say that Subaru is about to get the otaku loving killed out of him this arc. Or be ready to be broken next arc, as that’s just one heck of a way to go “yeah, you may have these powers, but you are instantly going to regret them”. Until he breaks and then its “yup, I’m going through the deaths again”.

    Dorian S.
  12. I remember the first time I read this episode in the Manga adaptation. You just can’t help but feel your heart drop for Subaru when he realizes that he died and was repeating the week especially after he went to sleep looking forward to his date with Emilia… man that just realy sucks


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