「鎖の音」 (Kusari no Oto)
“The Sound of Chains”

I honestly thought that one of the maids were probably going to be the murderer. With the focus on Rem/Ram in the past two episodes, it’s likely that one (or both) of them have the motive to kill Subaru. Unfortunately, other than guessing, I actually don’t know what the motive is. We see Subaru relive this arc 3 times now and each time, there’s slight variations in the turn of events but nothing that screams “Ah ha!” to me. If it did – that wouldn’t make for good mystery. If I had to make a guess, I would think it’s because of a) Subaru’s relationship wth Emilia (which is one of the only things that stays consistent each time) or b) someone is just out to get him and he’s going to die regardless of what he tries to do. It could be linked to Roswaal, Beatrice, or even Elsa but either way, Subaru could’ve been marked due to his actions previously (and Rem got the lucky job of doing him in). I really don’t see what he could’ve done IN the household in the past 4 days that warrants DEATH as a punishment. Unless of course – people think he’s a threat. That leaves me to believe that there’s a bigger picture in play and Subaru is just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

A much slower episode in general since Subaru decides to take a different approach to finding his killer. He talks a lot more with Beatrice to find out if he’s been poisoned or compelled or drained of mana (which is the most likely scenario now). And he gets a bit closer to Ram – who is the more difficult one to crack compared to Rem in my opinion. Ram opens up to Subaru later on though as he tells the tale of the Red and Blue Ogre. If you’ve been reading RC for a while – you might notice another anime that references the same tale. Anyway! The tale talks about two ogres, one which is red and wants to befriend the humans and the other is blue, who helps the red one befriend the humans. The tale isn’t necessarily a happy one as it ends with the blue ogre leaving the red one because the red ogre finally has the human friends that he wanted and the blue one leaves on his own journey. I think this tale mimics Rem and Ram’s life in some way and it’s ironic that Subaru is the one to bring it up unknowingly. First of all, I think the fact that both Rem and Ram have flinched at the word “ogres” now, probably means that they are indeed ogres or are some form of one. Secondly, I think the tale probably mirrors their lives before they came to be maids for the Roswaal residence. Does the red ogre represent Ram and the blue one, Rem? I can imagine that possibility more so than the reverse. It’s likely that Ram wanted to be “with the humans” more than anything else and Rem sacrificed a great deal to get her there. Ram mentions the fact that instead of asking the blue ogre to be the “villain”, the red ogre could’ve chopped off its own horns (ouch!). Is that what Ram did? Judging solely on the conversation they had, it does sound like Ram would’ve been the red ogre in this scenario as she puts more blame on the red ogre for its own selfishness and regrets doing what she did (if she did cut off her horns). In this case, I cam imagine that Rem continues to be very protective of her sister and thus why Ram feels bad for everyone she’s put her through. I still don’t know why that leads to Rem killing Subaru but it’s an interesting relationship.

While I enjoyed the reveal of which sister actually murdered Subaru, I can’t help but think that a lot of the clues still don’t tie together. Perhaps it’s because I don’t actually see the full picture yet, but did Rem really murder Subaru all those other times? Can her mace really chop off Subaru’s arm and crush him to death? I guess it could if you have no idea what’s coming… that and he was severally weakened. The first death was clearly in his sleep though so who knows how he died there… unless Rem crushed his head in and he died instantly the first time. Either way, Subaru puts up a good fight this time and I’m rooting for him to at least uncover more secrets before he gets crushed to death again. Or hey! This might be the actual moment that he lives through after talking it out with Rem.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Subaru’s killer is revealed! Did you guess right? It didn’t surprise me who it was, but I’d like to know the motive behind the attack.The story of the Red and Blue Ogre was good too #ReZero

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  1. This series has some seriously important world building, even if it’s technically exposition. Since they are folk tales and not fairy tales and because we already saw some supernatural elements in this world, you already know the stories about the dragon and the witch are significant and must be remembered for later, especially the story of the witch since that’s probably who Satella really is and because Ram interrupted Subaru when he was gonna talk about it. Which kinda makes me wonder what role Subaru will play in all this and who else will be involved. But for now, he needs to deal with this imminent threat.

    The sisters don’t strike me as people who would hold a murderous grudge against Subaru, unless their now surely revealed nature as demons has some influence on them. And the killer maid maybe the same or different every time Subaru dies. Either way, the order to kill Subaru must come from high above them for some reason as they themselves don’t have any reason to kill him, do they?

      1. I won’t get over it. All I have to is just drop the series for good.

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    1. I don’t understand all the hate for Subaru honestly… I don’t find him annoying as an MC at all. He’s actually doing stuff rather than waiting for stuff to happen to him. And that’s more than I can say about a lot of MCs in anime.

      1. It’s his antics and way of speech that’s annoyed me.

        I don’t know any of you know it or not but that’s exactly how 2ch / niconico user speak/type. It’s the epitome of japanese kimoi otaku culture. And it’s disgusting.

        Of course it’s just me. It’s totally okay for you to not hate it.

      2. Admittedly he can be somewhat annoying with his choice of actions, but I don’t find it excessive. Rather it’s a bit entertaining if they don’t overdo it or reapeat the same gag too much. If there is anything I would knitpick about (which really isn’t needed) it would be his emotional resistence. I mean seriously with the stuff that’s happening to him I doubt anyone normal could be as “cheery” as him

      3. Show Spoiler ▼

      4. Cherrie / Of course there is nothing wrong with not finding Subaru annoying.

        However it’s hardly surprising that many people find him annoying since he often speaks and acts in a way which reminds them of Japanese kIMOI Otaku’s way of saying/typing as Heisenberg pointed out.

        And I’d like to point to one more thing which possibly contributes to all those Subaru-hate. It’s the way Subaru’s act and saying is treated in the anime (and the Web novel). It often feels like blantan Otaku-pandering.

        Here is an example. Remind the scene in which Subaru made a so humble request (of being hired as a butler). Though the request is extremely humble, he speaks as if his request is nothing like that. Rather than that, the tone, his facial expression and the gesture he made at the time, all of them feel so unnatural with such a humble request. In other words, the content of his request is really trivial and light-weighted as reward for what he did (he risked his life to protect Emilia), but the form of the request he made appear to be heavy-weighted, a sort of over-reaction.

        Now a question. Why does he act like that way even though he is quite likely to be very well aware that his humble request would be taken to be something so unexpected by everyone? Why not simply and plainly say “well, I really appreciate your offer, but I don’t want to get much reward for that. To be frank, what I want is stay with Emilia, so even being hired as a butler is fine with me”.

        One possible and plausible interpretation of his peculiar way of acting/speaking (over-doing) is that he does so to impress others, to show how nice/humble he is. It’s as if he tacitly says ” WOW. Look at me, Look at me! I made such humble request although I know I could require much more! How humble and nice I am. You guys surprised, right??? Impressive, isn’t it?”

        This is a childish way of bragging oneself. Kimoi Otaku way of bragging oneself.

        Even worse is that such childish way of bragging oneself is presented/praised as a sincere, nice, cool attitude in the work (both anime and the web novel). Later in the anime, Subaru was asked about the request (being hired as a butler) by Emilia, and he answered he made the decision because “I want what I want at that exact moment, I want it from the bottom of my heart”

        So the Kimoi Otaku way of bragging oneself (making use of a gap between triviality of no big deal things and the appearance of being heavy weighted) is embellished as an attitude being faithful to his true self/true heart at the moment.

        Ultimate Otaku pandering, beautifying tactics of writing.

      5. Well, it’s a little bit weird since to be able to hate Subaru, that person have to be aware how annoying actual Japanese niconico user is? Then it’s not our fault for not hating him so much compared to you people who know too deep into kimoi otaku culture since I see a lot casual people doesn’t find him so annoying compared to people who knows indepth of Japanese kimoi otaku culture. It seems casual people here only find him chatty and eccentric at best instead of kimoi, I also find him eccentric instead of kimoi. I won’t hate a guy just because his speech pattern is a little bit weird as long as he doesn’t bode ill will to other person, and a lot of people here seems to think so too.

      6. @fripsidelover9111 that’s an interesting interpretation of Subaru, if not one I had considered. I’ve kind of explained his behavior to myself as forcing himself to be cheery in a mentally stressful situation (dying repeatedly and reviving), and didn’t really think much more of that. Though to be fair, he was acting like that even before his first death, so I guess it’s more than that after all. Maybe it started out as what you explained (plus his groundless confidence that he became a special snowflake protagonist), and continued as a sort of defense mechanic to keep himself from falling into despair?.

        (Incidentally, I found your explanation to fit Rudeus from Mushoku Tensei much better than Subaru)

  2. The first death was clearly in his sleep though so who knows how he died there… unless Rem crushed his head in and he died instantly the first time.

    Considering how he got violently ill the time he decided to stay up, I still think it was a poison/shaman art/mana drain that did him in the first time. And since the maids are in charge of his food, they might have slipped something in there. As to why they needed the mace then though…I wonder if both maids are trying to kill him on that day. One using underhanded means, the other using brute force. It’s a possibility at this point, anyway, because I don’t trust either of them anymore.

    They still lack a motive though. They certainly wouldn’t have gone out of their way to murder him if they were worried about him finding out their secrets or something, because this time he was leaving anyways. So Roswaal? Another assassin? Puck (who knows mana drain, zomg)? Finding out who his killer is only left him with more questions, really.

    Which is how it should be, really, it wouldn’t be much of a mystery otherwise. This show is starting to engross me more and more in any case, and it’s certainly giving me the ‘ah, why’s it not next week yet?!’ feeling now.

    1. I think that’s exactly what I love about this show – there’s no one moment where everything falls into place until the end because it keeps you guessing. The cliffhangers suck though =(
      I also think that it might’ve been different murderers killing him each time but we don’t have enough information to justify who it was and how. All we know is that in this scene, it’s Rem and her motive might be different than the last person who killed/poisoned Subaru last week.

  3. I’m not 100% convinced Rem is the only murderer, if only because, well, it seemed like it was magic that killed Subaru before. I’d like to think I wouldn’t miss a flail. I can’t quite figure out why Rem wants to kill Subaru, though. Master’s orders? But why?


    Regardless, maybe the key to this quest is for Subaru to befriend both sisters?

  4. Actually, I think the plot twist would be this:

    Subaru is indeed marked for death on Day 4 like the same way the gut-slicing woman kills him in every iteration until he breaks out of it.

    But the killer in episode 5 and episode 6 is different. I think Ram (red) killed him in 5, not Rem (blue).
    I theorize that the twin sisters have similar yet contrasting weapons. A mace for Rem, and an axe for Ram, both swung from a chain. That’s why Subaru was disarmed and beheaded in the end of 5. Something a blunt weapon could not possibly do.

    I think it’s because this arc is kinda similar to how the Persona games work; relationship values. In episode 5, it is Rem that Subaru got emotionally close to, with the shopping and promise of a haircut and all. But in episode 6, Ram is the one he spent the most time with (putting aside Emilia for now), therefore, the sister in each iteration that was neglected became the trigger man.

    I think Beedle is right. To escape death, Subaru would have to befriend both sisters within the 4 day time span. And Heisenberg, this show is essentially KonoSuba meets The Edge of Tomorrow. Subaru is basically Kazuma thrown in a much more serious setting. Get used to it.

    1. If only we could get Kazuma instead of Subaru in Re: Zero… He’d probably still stumble with similar problems, but at least timing and quality of jokes would improve. It is sad that otherwise fine anime is dragged down by one element.

      1. I think if we get kazuma instead of Subaru…at first episode he will said “whatever I don’t care with troublesome girl” and then died by old age to only found himself back to day one another type of horror hahaha.

        Well while I don’t really hate Subaru…it just weird to see presumably average people can still act happy go lucky after getting and seeing friends killed several time and aware of the cause, normally people will be act more cautious but not this pony badass..in a way I think Subaru already broken before transferred..hahaha

    2. That’s why Subaru was disarmed and beheaded in the end of 5. Something a blunt weapon could not possibly do.

      Wouldn’t that be possible even with a blunt weapon with enough force though?

      1. I feel like the kind of force needed for a blunt weapon to remove an arm would leave some noticeable damage around the impact point. We saw his arm when it was no longer attached to his body; though the shoulder area was hidden, the part we could see showed no signs of damage from the attack aside from a little blood. It didn’t look pulverized, just separated from his body. His body didn’t look like it had a gaping hole near his missing arm, either.

    3. Yayaya! I mentioned The Edge of Tomorrow in my initial post for episode 4 😉 Definitely reminds me of the series but at least Subaru can “advance” and gets new save points lol

      I like the theory of having to befriend BOTH maids in order to make it work. I don’t see why either one of them would have so much hostility towards Subaru though just because he’s “friendlier” towards one than the other. UNLESS there’s someone else *coughRoswaal (creepy clown) that’s ordering it to happen and the maid that likes him more is not willing to do it. Thus it would make sense if Ram killed him last week and Rem kills him this week… but that still doesn’t answer WHY anyone would want him dead at all.

      I’d like to see Subaru try and befriend both the sisters at once though. He knows them enough individually now… it’s just about choosing the right circumstances to get to know both of them equally as well. One of them could be getting really jealous or worried if the other is getting too close to Subaru… but I don’t really like that reasoning either because it sounds too weak of a motive to MURDER someone.

      1. Looking at the same theory from a different angle, considering how almost fanatical Rem sounded about her sister, it isn’t too far outside the realm of possibility that she killed him because she somehow believed ( or was made to believe) that Subaru was taking Ram away from her. It doesn’t sit right in my gut as the answer, but given how they seem to love each other more than anything, not impossible.

        The Walker
      1. It all makes so much sense now! The dog failed its assassination attempt in the village when Subaru got a hand up to block its fangs, and now it works through its catspaw (heh) Rem!

      2. yes but i also guess right that the maid is also the killer ; it is easy to guess the maid because of that on scene when she is talking to the clown about how she think Subaru is that a spy(They sure aren’t trusting), at first i think it is poison but then i caught on the conversation about small animal , talk about curse and god bite ; it is easy to assume that dog is the cause ; but as for Rem reveal. I see that coming a mile a way, a big ass ball and chain is a a big trope for loli ; same as all Huge weapon ; especially the timid one!

      3. I was thinking of the dog as well. Some form of “MAGIC RABIES” causing Subaru’s vertigo spells. Let’s see if the dog bites Subaru again and he gets a spell :))

  5. Unless I’m thinking of someone else/imagining it, I’m pretty sure that Rem mentioned something about wishing he was sleeping so she could have made it less messy which seems to indicate this is all Rem’s doing. Blunt weapons can sever limbs (cannon balls have done so) if they are launched with enough force. I am however, fond of this “Relationship values” dependent murder scenario. It seems really interesting. I’m quite sad I have to wait to see what happens.

    Things that I think about at this point in the show:
    What ever happened to Felt and Reinhard. I’m pretty sure we’ll revisit them, but somehow it feels like we just (justifiably so) forgot about them.

    When Subaru/Barasu dies, is he splitting off multiple branches or is he “saving over the old file” each time he tries again. I keep envisioning time lines where Emilia is dead alongside Subaru with a devastated Puck, or multiple castle scenarios someone finds Subaru dead and how that furthers the scheme.

    The Walker
    1. I don’t think the show is complex enough to have multiple timelines going at once… I agree with Wanderer, I think he “saves over the old file”. Which just means he goes back in time but withholds his memories.

      1. I figured the whole ‘branching’ timeline was outside the scope of the anime. That was more of a Steins;Gate thing, but I thought it’d be neat if there was such a thing operating in the background somewhere.

        The Walker
    1. Haha, no Styx Helix this time, but i suppose it would ruin the atmosphere at end of the episode.
      I like how they included the whole song at the end of ep 3 though.

  6. I think it may potentially be more than one killer. We never actually see the killer in the first 2 loop, so it’s very possible that the changes Subaru goes through in each loop could set off a different set of event that leads to different people gunning for his life. I’d say he’s probably gonna have to befriend both sisters like how he responded when asked if he would want the red or blue ogre as a friend to stop this loop from happening again.

    Trap Master
      1. Weather my comment was right or wrong (and definitely poorly worded), did you really need to insult me?

        I think he was hoping to get away, once he realized, that the murderer was definitely targeting him and not Emilia or just killing everybody in the mansion. So at that point the best strategy for him was to get back and call for help. However, not being a tactical genius he didn’t think that far ahead. I didn’t meant to say he was a fool – just that he’s an average person, with quick wits, rather than chessmaster-level protagonist.

      2. I guess this is misunderstanding, since well your way of presenting your initial statement kind of vague and can be interpreted in a lot of ways. I’ve seen a lot of troll using that kind of comment so he/she probably mistaken you as a troll. With your clarification, it does alter my interpretation of the meaning of your first statement.

        Since it’s written statement we can’t hear the intonation or see the expression of the speaker, it’s prone to misunderstanding. That’s why I always try to write in a concise and trying to eliminate alternate interpretation as much as possible. It’s a hassle though, and looks stiff…

  7. I liked this episode particularly because Subaru changed tactics and used some initiative. House guest rather than butler and the rope as a “safety net”. All good stuff. Liked how going from butler to house guest changed his interaction with Rem/Ram as one would expect.

    I did guess right, but it was just a guess/”gut instinct”. I still don’t have a motive per se for Rem other than under orders from Roswaal, but I can’t think of a reason for Roswaal to want to kill Subaru. OK, he might be suspicious of Subaru, but big leap from wary to “go brutally murder him”. If Rem is acting on her own, then… IDK.

    To me using fairy tales was a good way to have a bunch of exposition. I have to think that both the dragon and witch tales have some bearing on the story later on. Kind of curious why Ram didn’t want anything to do with the “jealous witch” story.

    So overall a good episode IMO, and possibly the best one yet for me. I’m still pretty meh in sum total on Subaru. Some his SOL antics are a little annoying to me, then there are times I like the guy. :/


    @Cherrie: Also agree with your comment above how the show keeps the mystery/puzzle going here. Like any good mystery, information is doled out at a slow, but steady rate. So far so good. The mystery/puzzle aspect to this show is the primary draw for me, and I have to say, this episode did a good job with maintaining my interest and curiosity.

    1. I’ve been wondering if Roswaal knows about Subaru’s reset capability (he is a powerful mage) so he’s having him killed to figure out what his agenda is. Regardless, Roswaal has a vested interest in Emilia it seems so maybe he sees Subaru’s attempts to romance her as a danger to his control.

      1. @Bear: I wondered about whether Roswaal or Beatrice (she’s quite knowledgeable) suspects there’s something odd going on with Subaru (i.e. reset). I don’t think so at this point because it’s such a fantastical thing to occur. If he just told them outright, would they even believe him? Roswaal does have an stake in Emilia ascending the throne, but whether he views Subaru’s romantic interest as a threat or even likely to come to fruition is hard to say. But yeah, perhaps “some strange guy getting too close to Emelia” could provide a motive.

  8. uhm did you all forgot about the conversation between rem and rosswald at night talking about him being a spy. but since he was working in the mansion it didn’t seem likely he was. then he died in his sleep due to curse or unknown virus/germ/bacteria from the dog bite. remember different world different antibodies. then he died second time by acting suspiciously and pretty much wandering in the mansion in the middle of the night and since he could hardly talk due to dying from the curse he had no chance of explaining himself. so ross probably gave the order to get rid of the spy/ assassin threat. and this last one he plainly fuck-up by becoming just a guest writing those memos and notes on curses and plots (you know the kind of thing that makes you suspicious as hell) then asking all those questions to all the staff. I’m like yeah… we killing you after you leave here so you can’t report your findings.

    the other interesting point is subaru slowly breaking down. he is forcing himself so much to stay cheerful and it comes out so forced(because it is supposed to be like that) once he breaks is gonna be ugly as sin though.

  9. I know that it’s the formula of the show, but I’m not too fond of him dying several times in order to advance the plot.
    Takes away the surprise, unless there’ll be arcs where he won’t die at all. Guess he’ll die right at the beginning of next episode. Hopefully for the last time.

    1. For me at least, the surprise isn’t that IF he will die, but WHEN, HOW, and WHY. The gimmick of this show is him dying and returning to life at a certain point until he solves whatever issue. We don’t know why him and what the overall purpose is (One would suspect it has to do with Emilia and the throne). This death cycle was a surprise for me because it happened in his sleep. How horrifying must that be to begin to grasp that you rewind time to a specific point when you die and then suddenly wake up three days ago when last night you felt secure in the fact that you were safe? While they always say “Life is a gift” or “Tomorrow is not guaranteed”, to wake up in that situation definitely wears away at the spirit and sanity. Other viewers are saying that his loud obnoxious behavior is a front to keep himself from the inherent downward spiral this situation would cause, and I say I would buy that. You would literally have to force yourself to be happy and optimistic and laugh to keep from crying to make it through this. If that is actually the case, then I applaud this characterization.

      The Waker
  10. reading the previous comments so far, doesn’t seem like anyone has touched on this. Beatrice has mentioned that only herself and Puck are able to mana drain so, unless she was lying or someone is able to hide their true abilities from those two, then there’s still of question of who’s draining Subaru

  11. Good episode and the mandatory Puck dose is there !
    The red/blue oni story (referring to Rem/Ram of course) was a very good hint for the episode ending. I’m waiting for the next episode because Subaru’s 1st death is still unsolved.

  12. Yay, looks like I was correct in guessing Rem was the killer. Although, I haven’t figured out exactly why it was her. My suspicions was just a vague hint in an earlier episode where Rem smiled somewhat ominously when Subaru told her that he liked demons. With this episode though, I have a feeling that depending on his interactions, it would be either of the two maids, especially because of the story of the red and blue ogre. I think the last episode, he was killed by Ram, mostly because his interactions with Rem were a lot stronger, and vice versa here. As to why they’re doing it…perhaps Subaru is deemed as a dangerous entity, perhaps because of his unknown nature. He managed to save Emilia just by chance before, yet he himself has no knowledge of the world around him. From their perspective, Subaru is quite the strange one. And so the maids were ordered by Rooswall or someone else we don’t know yet to kill him.

    At this point, I’m just glad that Puck and Emilia seemingly have nothing to do with this. Otherwise, Subaru would truly hit rock bottom in terms of motivation and willpower :X

  13. cryarc/ “it’s a little bit weird since to be able to hate Subaru, that person have to be aware how annoying actual Japanese niconico user is?”

    The reference to niconico user is more of an explanation of where Subaru’s way of interacting/speaking with others come from, a likely explanation of its origin. One doesn’t have to be well versed/familiar with niconico user culture to find Subaru annoying. The point is some specific features found in Subaru’s way of interacting/speaking and there are some sort of people (including myself) who find them annoying/distracting.

    “it’s not our fault for not hating him”
    There is nothing wrong with not hating him, regardless of whether you are familiar with niconico users or not.

    “It seems casual people here only find him chatty and eccentric at best”
    casual people here? Probably, but it does not negate the fact that there are also bunch of casual people who find Subaru annoying. It’s not a matter of being right or wrong. What I say is just that it’s hardly surprising to see many people to find Subaru annoying, just like it’s nothing surprising there are bunch of people who like him, at least find him not so annoying.

    “I won’t hate a guy just because his speech pattern is a little bit weird as long as he doesn’t bode ill will to other person”

    You misunderstand. “I hate Subaru” is just a short-cut way of saying “To my taste, that type of character makes the show much less entertaining, even boring sometimes. Another kind of character would have been way better for the show”.

    Erimaki / “(Incidentally, I found your explanation to fit Rudeus from Mushoku Tensei much better than Subaru)”

    I’m surprised. Though Rudeus is also an Otaku MC, I think he is a very different type of Otaku MC than Subaru. He is the sort of pervert Otaku MC who steals a pants of a heroine he loves, and worships it as the sacred object, sniffs the pants as a peudo-religious ceremony.

    But as far as I remember the original web novel, his way of interacting with others/ speaking is quite normal unlike Subaru (speaking in plain and straight forward most of times, not trying to attracting other people’s attention or to try impress himself on others), especially when he speaks with those who are strangers, or not his friends. Instead, Subaru never does Redues-style pervert things.

  14. This episode and the last one were like:

    – First 19 minutes: ok, fun and fine, but nothing special.
    – Last minute: Holy shit, this is awesome!

    I hope we got an entire “holy shit” episode next time.

  15. By way, it’s pretty funny people getting annoyed by a character like Subaru.

    I mean, your regular shounen character, such as Naruto, Luffy, Gon, Goku, Natsu, etc are SEVERAL times more annoying than Subaru.

    Not only they are annoying, but they’re all stupid as well.

    Subaru is just a cool guy. He’s the whole reason why show works.

  16. I don’t exactly understand why they keep killing him, but he obviously needs to befriend the both of them. As always, the harem END is always the solution to all of life’s problems.

  17. با توجه به نظر دیگه شما دقت کنید که فایل های هر روش جدا هستندبرای ساخت سرور هم ابتدا فایل هاتون رو دقت کنید که درسته و برای امتحان وارد سرور بازی بشید و سچس با همون فایل ها واحتمالا چند فایل اضافه سرورتون رو بسازید.

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