「紅緒と繭良 GIRLS’ PARTY」 (Benio to Mayura GIRLS’ PARTY)
“Benio and Mayura – Girls Party”

Benio’s conflicted feelings about friends, and that useless Rokuro

Rokuro Getting His Groove Back

Rokuro’s contribution to this episode: tsunderely asking if he should help fight kegare, and doing so. Which I liked, for all the reasons I mentioned in last week’s post, and because d’aaww, so I won’t belabor the point. The big takeaway for me is that it’s becoming increasingly clear that Rokuro doesn’t whip out his arm powers at first on purpose, not because plot demands it. As Magewolf noted last week, his arm is unlike any other spell—instead of laying the spell on his limbs, he takes it off and seems to store it on the black talisman. That, along with his trauma, screams “cursed power” to me. That’s no problem for me, I can dig a cursed power. I’m just glad that, in retrospect, last episode’s rescue by fire shounen doesn’t seem so convenient. As I expected, that episode is improving as the building block it was.

(All that said, it still seems dangerous for Rokuro to only bring his arm out when shit hits the fan. It only works because the kegare keep being kind enough to wait while he gets ready. If I were writing this story, he’d get slapped the hell around every time he tries to power up in front of an enemy, believe you me.)

Benio’s Hangups

Ah, to be young and stupid. Repeat after me if you’re sympathetic to Benio’s concerns: friends are not weaknesses. All work and no play will not only make you crazy, but it’ll make you less effective. So on that level, Benio’s concerns about not having the time to waste on friendship made me snort…until I remember that I maaaay have said such a thing about dating a time or two. (Hypocrite alert!) Which makes me think that her reasoning is as much an excuse for not wanting to do something she finds uncomfortable; Benio ain’t the most social gal around, after all.

So that part worked, as did Mayura’s persistent pursuit of Benio. (Though I can’t help but think that if Mayura pursued Rokuro like she did Benio, she’da gotten him by now. Poor osananajimi.) The only odd bit was how Benio toggled between seeming rivalry with Rokuro, which also worked, and a respect that bordered on too much. Take her mentioning that watching Rokuro gave her a little more courage. That struck me as an odd moment. Unless she meant emotionally, which would make more sense. Hm. Maybe that was it. Hm…

Either way, this was a good episode. I also liked seeing Rokuro in his combat digs, even if Benio totally rocks him with her workout clothes. That’s not just ’cause she’s a girl, either. Simple is always cooler than baggy and overdone, though showing off her legs without getting skeevy may have helped. Yum.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Benio wrestles with balancing friendship & exorcism, while Rokuro gets back in the groove #sousei 06

Random thoughts:

  • Benio-chan doesn’t seem to especially want bigger breasts, but they still annoy her a bit, hah! Ah, youth.
  • Mayura “really likes” Benio, she can’t leave her along, and then Benio hugs her back. SHIPPING ALL THE SHIPS!
  • Puberty top-runner? o.O At least Rokuro doesn’t know what that means either.

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  1. The Mayura-Benio interaction in this episode broke my yurimeter.

    *looks at preview image three*

    Appears that the next episode will try to restore the shipquilibrium, aided and abetted by creepy glasses boss.

  2. Manga readers say the anime’s been filling and expanding the source manga content with anime original scenes. Even the Shimon episode was largely anime original.
    It’s surmised they’re doing this to fit the 1st 17 chapters of the manga into this cour, which make up Part 1 of the manga. Part 2’s a work in progress.

    1. I am following the manga. Yeah, it’s gotten quite different now. A lot of readers hate it, but while some things rub me wrong (like the largely useless addition of the mascot) I’m still okay with it and having enough fun with it.

      As such, I’m just commenting on it based on its own merits and will try not to say anything too detailed about the manga so as not to spoil anyone. Though sometimes I do admit to being sorely tempted when Stilts comments on something yet to be revealed in-show but I already read about. Then again, given the changes, who knows how the anime will ultimately do?

    1. Well, spoilers of course, regarding that…

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. @Dude: They are following the Manga, most changes that do exist are so that the show can be a long-running one, that is to make it slow-paced. Important events are very unlikely to have major changes.

    2. Talking about extraordinary, Mayura also have a hell of a Kanji to her name 繭良. 繭 meaning Cocoon, 良second meaning Good. Is this suggesting she’ll transform into someone special in the future for the better?

  3. I can’t help but feel that Mayura’s character design, as much as I like it, seems too misplaced in comparison to everyone else with her gradient hair. She looks like an alien. Either that or a fashion victim.

    1. It’s probably technical difficulties, since in the manga the gradient is much more gradual and not blatant yellow/green, it’s supposed to be yellow with green tints. But to achieve that result it will take too much time and effort so it resulted in current design to compromise.


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