「機雷でピンチ!」 (Kirai de Pinchi!)
“In a Mined Pinch!”

I used to play a fair bit of Starcraft. In it, there was a unit that could lay mines. Unlike the antique sea mines that one can leisurely prod at with a 10-foot-pole of Hai-Furi, Starcraft had super advanced robot mines, which means they pop up out of the ground and chase their targets. What you’d do is, you’d send one of your dirt cheap but fast infantry units and run them through a mine field, dragging all the mines behind them. The mine field would be cleared, but your infantry unit does not survive the exercise.

It was with that experience in mind that I was thinking: what a completely predictable outcome.

I suppose mines are yet another standard danger for warships, so it’s good that we get an episode featuring those if only to check the boxes for our warship anime. But having to confront static defences just does not feel as exciting as getting shot at, so while I approve of Hai-Furi mixing things up it certainly didn’t make for as tense as episode as last week with the Musashi. It didn’t help that I could not remember who the sacrificial chumps were (also, who’s the understudy?), so when they got blown up for not watching where they were going (following the example of their captain from last episode, no doubt) it wasn’t as dramatic a scene for me as Hai-Furi may have planned. Or maybe that’s not the point of that scene, since they didn’t even die—which I’m actually fine with because Hai-Furi went out of its way to mention that its ships were suppose to have nifty safety features, and it’s not the kind of show where they would start offing the crew now. Maybe the point was just to have a heartwarming moment when Captain Ship Mum rescues her girls—in which case I don’t feel it either because I, like Ship Dad, cannot really approve of the captain running off at the drop of a hat. After her stunt last episode she didn’t suffer any reprimand other than some sass from her crew, which is no good as well because I don’t care for insubordination either. And this episode, they let her skip out again (that’s not that ‘skipper’ means). You know what it makes these girls? Enablers, that’s what. It seems that only person on this ship who has it together is the chief engineer—whom because she is an engineer on a ship and has an accent I’m going to call ‘Scotty’ from now on.

At least our captain is self-aware of her own failings, which is a good thing because doubt is the first step to character development. Her flightiness will probably be an issue to work on in the future. Also in the future: shady men plotting in the dark. We already know we can’t trust them because one can’t trust anyone who likes to hang out in the war room from Dr Strangelove. They’ll probably decide to nuke the Musashi or something, in which case the Harekaze will be the only ship that can save them! Props to the detailed script, by the way, for actually trying to justify why our heroes are our only hope, as opposed to the usual deal where they’re charged with solving all the world’s problems for no good reason. One thing that does seem a bit too convenient, though, is the doctor managing to do in days what takes a real lab years and concocting an antibody for the berserk virus. She seems to have learnt none of the lessons of Dr Jekyll about self-testing though. If she awakens her dark side and starts murdering the crew at night, it’ll be her own damn fault.

I would watch it, though.


  1. Other than showing a clear relationship between the “rat” and the
    radio interference on the ship, there wasn’t much forward movement
    in the plot / mystery / story. But many more details were revealed;
    they don’t all make sense (at least to me), hopefully when everything
    is tied together, they’ll fit together.

    So, cuteness + ships + mystery – an interesting combination that seems
    to be working out pretty well for this Anime. And were (episode count,
    anyone?) about half way through the season, so the pacing is actually
    pretty decent given the story line.

    Hoping for a strong second half…

  2. Episode 6 is most certainly more revealing in more ways than one


    But frankly speaking, the full screen for this screen shot practically reveals the entire collection of surface ships for the JP Blue Mermaind branch –


    And by employing the 19 data points from all 6 episodes thus far, a friend of mine came up with this list detailing the entire IJN and Kreigsmarine list in HaiFuri


    Anyway guys… For the battleship Kii mentioned in this episode, would you guys think it’s Tosa on steroids or Yamato with 51cm and 10cm secondaries?


    Velvet Scarlantina
    1. I believe its the unfinished in real-life Battleship No. 111. Essentially its talked about in the same level as the Shinano, which in this world is still a Yamato-Class BB, not converted into a Carrier.

      However, in this world where there are no Carriers, why there are no modern big-gun battleships? Why they have to rely on old BBs of Naval Schools? In a world without carriers, the big-gun battleships wouldn’t go obsolete and newer, more technologically advanced BBs would still be developed on and on. Where are the Navy’s battleships? Since instructors can have Independence-Class LCS, would we see Zumwalt-Class Railgun DDGs?

      1. EXACTLY! They should have better, more up-to-date ship. But so far the biggest modern ships they deploy are just Akizuki Class DDGs.

        So, in a world without airplanes, what kind of ships would Navies use? There has to be some kind of Capital Ship that aren’t Carriers. No planes, but is that means no missiles? We did see ASROCs, so perhaps some Guided Missile Battlecruisers such as Kirov Class are possible – however, since there are no airplanes, does that means no cruise missiles? All of their ASM are ballistic?

      2. Rocket propelled Arrows are invented, but Rockets that need the uplift effect of the Air wings are not. i dunno if these “Tomahawks” cruise missiles work with this uplift effect with their wings. But if this are just plain Stabilisators, then perhaps it is just an guided Arrow.. some kind of V2 rocket

        or they just think (i read this in reddit), if god want us to fly, he should have gave us wings

    2. @Velvet Scarlantina @kittyraider: FYI – mentioned Kii in my ship list post below( BTW, used spoiler tags for length. Not any real spoilers), but in case you miss it Kii was the proposed lead ship of the
      Kii-class fast battleships
      which were part of the IJN’s “eight and eight” fleet program. Never got off the drawing board. It’s not Yamato-class “Warship Number 111”.

      As for “Yamato on steroids”, your thinking “Design A-150 battleship” which also never got off the drawing board (not even sure if plans were 100% complete).

  3. I’m surprised Munetani hasn’t thrown Misaki into the brig yet. I would if I was her. It’s not that I don’t understand her desire to rescue her crew/friends, but she’s in the military now. Discipline and rank are there for a reason,to prevent things from quickly falling out of control like the last episode.

  4. In it, there was a unit that could lay mines. Unlike the antique sea mines that one can leisurely prod at with a 10-foot-pole of Hai-Furi, Starcraft had super advanced robot mines, which means they pop up out of the ground and chase their targets

    Funny you say that, because Sonar-chan said its possible there are CAPTOR mines laid as well aside of the usual moored and bottom mines.


    Okay, what are those shiney-glasses, scheming Navy SEELE are referring by “for fighting 18 inches you’ll need 18 inches as well, eh?”


  5. I think I know what’s wrong with this anime… too many girls. Unlike kancolle, which introduces the girls in batches and has a focus on 3 destroyer girls, this one is all over the place. GuP and Strike witches are both easier to get into for the same reason. This show doesn’t have a “core”. Even the anime aboutmaking anime, Shirobako has a core of 5.

    1. One way of handling large casts in narratives that have relatively little ‘time’ to expand upon them is to group them into easily discernible groups. From there, exposure to and the expansion of the shared characteristics between individual members in the group will allow the audience to remember, recognize, and understand them each time they appear in the narrative.

      Also, even if a narrative consists of a large cast that maintains its interpersonal structure as a single group, usually what happens in ‘limited time narratives’ is to provide the individual members with distinct traits or quirks for easier identification. Whether the members form subgroups is not especially relevant, as the audience can eventually group certain individuals together based on shared traits and characteristics between individuals.

      Nishizawa Mihashi

    Kuro, Munetani… SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

    Geezus Fucken Christ, sheesh. Shut up man, just shut up.

    Look, fuck this shit man. My reactor’s gonna meltdown anytime like this, I just want those 2 pieces of shit outta my fucken face- GEEZUS!

    And I thought those dunces from Aldnoah Zero drive me insane, this is even worse.

    Nishizawa Mihashi
    1. Hey Cool Down…Let’s see now
      1.) Mashiro Munetani – Yeah she is just too Unlucky Tsundere (or whatever it called) But hey
      I don’t smear at it much…
      2.) Hiromi Kuroki (?) – Hmm, She is…Kinda Smug cuz she kinda bit unpleasant to The Captain’s Performance so yeah she had it coming
      So Patience man…

    2. *Sigh*

      I apologize for putting you guys visually through my comment. But sometimes, people can just be too damn serious and we don’t need more unnecessary drama.

      Also, I’ve observed that quite frequently writers put in all this unnecessary ‘drama’ just to make ‘tension’ and ‘conflict’, and that’s very cliched, very trite, very… overbearing.

      I’ll still watch this show and geek out, just that I’ll have to remind myself to mute the video each time those narrative cliches appear on screen to mouth off their lines.

      Nishizawa Mihashi
      1. Ahh, if that’s the case then what I was referring to was the practice of inserting interpersonal conflict in narratives merely for the sake of having one in the narrative even if the narrative does not necessarily require it. And, how should I put this? Uhm, whenever I encounter works that have such elements, the dialog and character types used tend to veer towards certain tropes you could say. It’s just like having cartoony villains and designing them in the story as such in narratives requiring a degree of seriousness and nuance.

        To provide you with an example, one particular anime franchise I’ve been watching recently is the Macross series and in almost every single iteration of Macross there’s always some character who’s too damned serious just for the sake of ‘conflict’. This kind of thing has become a cliche in almost every form of narrative media and it’s just become overbearing. It’s like, “Yes, we GET it okay? You’re ‘serious‘, yes, I get that. That doesn’t mean I’m gonna like you very much, if at all”.

        Nishizawa Mihashi
  7. Well, So far it seem like this show somehow got a little criticism on the Local (Japanese) audience, i do not know about it really, the plot somehow gets weird yet understandable. but nonetheless it still looks good and i keep watching it, now this show reach the next half of this season, hopefully they do something tough, and yeah this show will only have 12 but there is a slight chance of having a new season, personally i can’t wait until the final episode to show some hints or announcement there, but again who knows!

    NOW for this show:
    So The Big Ship (Musashi) is escaped, and Too many ships Had lost, I wonder if the rats are involve (and controlling) with it…(Probably, but again they had no idea for that), and they are planning to…

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Luckily the Harekaze Crew finally find out with those rats, unfortunately they need not just cats but something else…

    So they create a anti-berserk vaccine eh, will it works? well…

    Keep your finger cross…

    German Food…Man, I would like to try cooking that one…I’am kinda good on cooking ya know!

  8. It can’t have been a coincidence that during that round table meeting where the men were discussing countermeasures against the Musashi, the scene cuts to Wilhemina undressing and some of the engineering crew can’t help but feel defeated because of her…ahem, assets. Shortly after one of the men says 14 or 16 inches are just no match for 18 inch cannons. As if what the men were discussing slightly parallels what’s happening during the girls’ bath time. The studio must have been trying to squeeze in a little bit of laughs in a rather serious situation. I guess it’s a little consistent with how each episode is part serious, part light-hearted comedy.

    On more serious matters, I fear that constant frustration of Mashiro towards Misaki running off is gonna be a recurring thing. Worst that could happen in a mutiny on the Harekaze. One of the crew already openly voices her dissatisfaction with Misaki as a captain.

    Nice to see too how some of the other departments of the Harekaze are highlighted in this episode, and I mean Engineering and the cooks. Only when they were discussing it in the bath did I notice that the Engineering crew really just concentrates on what it’s good at that they aren’t always aware of what happening outside. We also at least get to know that the head cook, at least I think that’s her position, is pretty prideful. I really thought she was good in German cooking that her reading a guide surprised me. And of course after that we find out the twins are the pretty talented ones. Really can’t remember their names.

    1. Entendre!

      I don’t remember any names in Hai-Furi (as you may tell from my posts), but I didn’t for KanColle, I didn’t for Girls und Panzer (except for the history club, who dressed the part), and didn’t for… well, basically any show with a even a moderately large cast. And frankly, it never felt very necessary to know any names, so maybe I’m just lazy about it.

  9. “Any ship can be a minesweeper. Once.

    Just when you thought you got rid of one rat, there’s another popping up… At least the Harekaze crew are starting to make the connection between the rats and the hate plague affecting the crews of ships (plus they have a dedicated ship’s cat keeping watch). Though in all honesty, the ship’s doctor should start reporting her findings back to shore (now that the Harekaze‘s crew have been cleared of mutiny charges, the Blue Mermaids higher-ups will be more willing to listen to them) and help bust this whole mystery wide open (unless communications are down again).

    And ah yes, Terran Vultures and Spider Mines… Losing one Marine/Zergling/Zealot/worker unit to a Spider Mine is fine, not so much when it’s a whole bunch of units (or more expensive units).

    1. I wish they’d explored more the feelings of the two who were volunteered to do the minesweeping. I mean, doesn’t it basically mean they’re the most expendable members of the crew?

      (Completely useless, pedantic, off-topic nitpick: workers don’t trigger spider mines.)

  10. Damn the Captain should just give her post to the XO and become fully-fledged SAR officer (Search and rescue). In a more serious setting this could easily have led to the
    scenario, but her it is played for laughs…
    Other than that the crew actually manges to behave in quite competent manner. especially the Doc who not only managed to discover connection between pseudo-rats and people going berserk and electronics haywire, but seems ready to try out antidote for the virus. Also, gunnery officers blast mines enthusiastuicvally but without problems, volunteer minesweepers survive, and engineering crew explains why whole time max speed was unavailable (heat was drained from the engine to warm the big ofuro bathtub!). Finally, quatermaster crew produces something loosely resembling German cuisine, enough to please Wilhel-MI-na.
    And the best crewperson is of course Grand Rear Admiral Isoroku, the indomitable rat-catcher and savior of the ship. For those who play World of Warships and follow the YT community – he is obviously Jingles…

    1. “They laughed at me and made jokes but I proved beyond the shadow of a doubt and with… geometric logic… that a duplicate key to the wardroom icebox ofuro DID exist,!”

      Actually, I think Misaki watched too much Star Trek TOS and thinks all Captains are supposed to lead away missions.

  11. And this only continues what I posted last episode, but at least there was SOME response to Akeno’s actions by Kuro and Shiro while Akeno questions herself, but otherwise yeah…no real consequences.

    Again, I understand Misaki wanting to, probably even BECAUSE she’s the Captain that is responsible for the crew, be the one to rescue people herself but it still doesn’t make it the right course of action, especially if it comes at the risk of losing her own life and stripping the ship of that very Captain.

  12. In case anyone is interested in the ships mentioned in this episode, see spoiler below:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. The naval treaty was a result of WW1, and I think that just as I’ve thought, there were no world wars in this setting, which makes sense, as the wars were catalysts for massive technological advancement. But then missiles, radar and satellites would also not have been possible as they’re the direct or indirect results of those world wars. Logic? What logic? lelz

      BTW daikama, what’s CL, CVL and FBB? Never heard of those designations. Also, I’m assuming that CVL refers to ‘light carrier’.

      Nishizawa Mihashi
      1. Fast Battleships huh? Sounds pretty redundant.

        As for aircraft, we only saw blimps. No Zeppelin sized blimps but blimps nonetheless. Usually what I’ve observed about the ‘technological development cycle’ is that technologies are further developed when people become more aware of their practical usefulness. Today, it is much easier to understand the practicality of technologies and their development cycles as we’re now very dependent on our increasingly advanced inventions. Basically what I’m trying to say is, the show’s setting does not seem to be aware of the practical usefulness of ‘aeroplanes’, but understands the need for aircraft or stuff that flies in general.

        Nishizawa Mihashi
      2. perhaps Speed was not saw as important in the Sky, the advances of Planes against Helicopter was their speed, and bigger versions could carry more Cargo. Perhaps in this World, they did not saw this as necessary

      3. @Nishizawa Mihashi: Others already stated this, but full list anyway: FBB = Fast Battleship, BB = Battleship, CA = Heavy Cruiser, CL = Light Cruiser, CV = Standard or Fleet Carrier, CVL = Light Carrier, and DD = Destroyer.

        FBB (Fast Battleships) are not really redundant. Among other things, the faster speed gave FBB more flexibility in terms of allowing them to carry out additional roles besides taking part in battle such as escorting CV. That was an important duty and why Iowa-class FBB were designed such as they were, and unlike Montana-class BB, still built vs. freeing up that production capacity for more CV. However, there are still limits and speed does require sacrifice. For example, Montana-class were slower (28kn), but had a fourth 16”/50 Mk7 triple gun and much heavier armor than Iowa-class. Like anything else, design follows expected role/use with each having their own advantages and disadvantages.

      4. @ Worldwidedepp –

        I was reading on wiki yesterday that fast BBs are actually battlecruisers. The IJN used the term fast BB as they wanted to do away with the battlecruiser-BB distinction.

        And anyway, historically, battlecruisers were indeed BB size and carried BB guns. Just that they sacrificed protection for speed

        Velvet Scarlantina
      5. @Velvet Scarlantina: Disagree that “fast BBs are actually battlecruisers.” Not the same thing. Bit OT so I’ll put the the rest in a spoiler

        Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Perhaps the WW1 did happen as we know, and they invent these WW1 planes. But the invention to give these Planes an iron hull, and better reliable engines. Did not happen… But then perhaps we have here something alike “Porco Rosso”, without the WW2 Plane designs. imagine it only with WW1 “Cloth” planes with very limited rang because of Fuel

      but these Planes thinking here, should not affect the Show. We want Ships, and a little bit Submarines. Sadly for the “Air Carriers” Kancolle fans. But its focused on Ships and “mind controlling” Bio Weapons. At last they do know DNA Sci-fi

      1. I just do not hope that we see here something alike the “Zipang” Universe, where only the WW2 did not happen for Nippon, because they did not needed the resources from the outside.

    3. FYI – I found this on another site concerning world lore. Not sure if it’s correct or not.

      A later interview in May 2016’s issue of Model Graphix reveal that, among things, World War I and World War II still happened, but slightly differently, both because Japan never participated in either (due to the aforementioned subsidence of its landmass) and the fact that heavier-than-air flight technology was never developed in-universe, because the people in this timeline decided that it was a line of research that was just too impractical to pursue.

      Re. Aircraft: It’s not a convincing reason IMO – especially given the year this takes place, but whatever. That’s what the setup is – just have to go with it. From that quote, WWI and WWII did happen, but “slightly” different. What “slightly” means…. I have no idea. Slightly as in “this time Graf Spee wasn’t scuttled” or something else? Frankly, Japan not taking part in WWI or WWII is, uh, a bit more than “slightly different”. It also makes me wonder whether just Japan went “water world” or other places as well. Again, no idea.

      On a technical note, “planes are not viewed as important so no planes” would (or at least should IMO) have a major effect on naval ship design. For example, IMO in this situation certainly Montana-class BB would have priority over Iowa-class FBB. Given industrial capacity, Iowa-class might still exist, but certainly Montana-class as well. No CV to escort so FBB become less important. Also, no CV airstrike ability places a higher premium on main guns until missile tech ramps up. I’d expect Yamato-class to have company in the 18”/46cm main gun department, and possibly BB with even larger main guns. Also, much less (if any) need for AA specialty ships when there’s no plane threat (albeit the show does have Akizuki-class DD). Even secondary and smaller guns are different on ships. For example, points for the show using Musashi’s 1942 layout (4x 15.5cm triple gun secondary) vs. 1944 layout (2x 15.5cm triple gun secondary removed to increase AA ability).

  13. Less exciting (I guess) than the last two episodes, but also no huge WTF moment either so for me a bit better than last two episodes.

    Things I Liked:
    – Harekaze took noticeable, non-engine related, damage.
    – Rin showing some continued character development. Frankly, I’m pretty meh on her overall, but credit for following through on that and with decent progression.
    – Wilhelmina (aka “German Girl”) is still best girl and with this episode extended her lead on the others IMO. Nice pick-me-up speech from her to Akeno (thank you Wiki and MAL for character list because the only name I remember is “Tama”).
    – Maron (chief engineer) wasn’t really on my “radar” before, but like how she stuck up for Akeno and has some personality = one more character I kind of like.
    – I actually liked the sea mines – realistic and a typical DD duty even if not as dynamic as battle. Execution, particularly at the end though…

    Things I Didn’t Like/Don’t Get
    – *sigh* tech with this show. >_> The not-rats (we’ve moved on from hamsters or TL change?) seem to affect all modern electronics, but twice those snazzy I-Pads keep working juuuust fine when all the ship’s electronic equipment doesn’t. Seem very in-universe inconsistent and poor attention to detail.
    – Pretty much what other said about creating a vaccine so fast. Not worth commenting further.
    – Short version = I wish the show would just stop with this “worst in class/best in class” student stuff. It’s not convincing, and frankly so far the instructors seem less competent then supposed HS freshman crews.
    – “Not-rats”: “Slightly” genetically different from rats aside, not-rat virus confirmed I guess, but it still leaves questions. A vaccine is fine and all, but uh, doesn’t the apparent “cure”/fix/solution – whatever, of “dunk infected in seawater” kind of matter? Tama’s right there and she seems just fine, but they completely ignore that fact. Might want to mention that in your report along with “Bring cats. Lots of cats”. If the “cure”/fix/solution – whatever, is the not-rat passing out/in shock/dying, then are we not back to mind control (via virus, but still)? Also, OK electronics jamming + virus, but uh, how did Tama leap from the water again?
    – Plot advancement by stupidity. The idiot driving the jet-ski boat irked me. “Such fun! Full speed ahead!”… in a freaking mine field. *sigh* Akeno isn’t far behind. She sent two people on mine sweeping duty so just send two others to go fetch them. We already had an issue because you went off and tried to rescue your BFF. Fine, it’s the first time and your BFF, but it’s like she learns nothing from her mistakes. However, the plot demands it so… *sigh again*

    Neutral/Not Sure
    – So Blue Mermaids are like some international “coast guard” type of deal (“Save live and keep the sea lanes safe”)? Started around WWII in Japan and then other nations joined in after WWII? Trying to understand Graf Spee in all of this beyond “We wanted a busty blonde foreigner in the anime”.
    – “Mutiny on the Harekaze”: OK, not quite there yet, but all signs are pointing to either that or Akeno stepping down (which no doubt will lead to problems from next in command’s wonky decisions). Mashiro (Dept. Capt.) is putting up with Akeno so far, but isn’t exactly thrilled. The Bitchy Girl (no idea who she is) certainly is bitching a lot about Akeno. I see her as the ring leader for any mutiny. Thanks to Maron, the engineers seem to be on Akeno’s side. So lines are being drawn, etc. However, for a one cour show, I have some doubts as to whether it’s a bit much on top of everything else. Only so much time here. May work out in the end, but something which crossed my mind.

    1. perhaps this “Bitch girl” you mention, is the Dangerous person on this Ship, someone mentioned. Perhaps she is there to take sure the mutiny will succeed, this way (with the Mice) or the other

      also, our “Drama speak Queen” on the Bridge, seems to pick up the “Fans thoughts” extremely fast into the Anime. perhaps this is the direct link feedback of the director with the fans

      1. @Worldwidedepp: Just to be clear, I was referring to this girl. I have no idea what her name is or even what she does on the ship (I’m sure it was explained, but well, didn’t register with me). Why she’s so harsh on FL/Capt., hard to say. She simply could be a very by-the-book person and Capt’s antics bug her. That also could be a reason why she likes the Dept. Capt. so much (IDK maybe she has a crush on the Dept. Capt.). Could be something deeper (i.e. hidden agenda/plot) as you suggest, but I kind of doubt it from how the show’s been thus far. You could be right though. We do seem to agree that if there is a mutiny, then she’ll be leading the charge – most likely pushing for Dept. Capt. to be Capt.

    2. At this point, I question why even bother to continue watching the show despite the amount migraines that it induces within me. But, I guess there’s some kind of sunken ship filled with porcelain on the other side of the horizon I guess. Oh well, guess it’s time to turn off the brain and mute the irritating fucks each time they appear on screen I suppose.

      Nishizawa Mihashi
      1. @Nishizawa Mihashi: I’ve been critical of the show as it’s been a frustrating watch. I’m struggling just to fit some basic pieces of the puzzle here. :/ I wasn’t expecting another Girls und Panzer, but given the shows pedigree (i.e. those involved), I did expect better. JMO of course, and ultimately have to deal with it or just move on. There’s (obviously) still the WWII hook for me and I’m curious as to how this all plays out the rodents. Can’t say I’m particularly enamored of the cast in general though there are a couple I like… along with a couple who annoy me, but not the extent one in particular seems to bother you. Not sure what to say other than if you continue to watch, probably best to take a “go with the flow” mindset.

      2. the Star Trek Classic vibes is okay for inspiration, just that our “Kirk” are not an Space Cowboy here, and need the help of the Crew. In Star Trek the captains are always the leaders at the bridge, backup with an fully trusted crew. Perhaps thats why the military otakus are “raging” in some blogs :). They need the “Ships mom” to grown into an “Ships mom Bear!” (bear with claws of protection, strong but also gentle, like a bit of the Apostle “hottie” in GATE just more teamplay). Because in Girls and Panzer, our “Mother Captain” come from an famous clan, and know how to lead. Just she wanted to change. Here in Haifuri, she need to grown into this “person”. perhaps the Vice-captain and the others on the Bridge (they all have some kind of responsibility on their shoulders) let her grown into the leader they need

        Copy & paste

  14. Was I the only one getting some “death flag” vibes this episode? I was a bit scared when Captain Mum was going to go out by herself yet again, and I thought something might go wrong this time that would change her idea, but I’m kinda glad it turned out okay for now. Rin resting on Captain Mum’s back right before they could save those random crew members also gave me that feel, I suppose it’s clever way to create some tension.

    As much as I like captain Mum, I think dad does have a point, the captain can’t keep leaving the ship like this, and at some point she’s going to need some kind of consequence that makes her reconsider the risks. At least it works out for her since Dad can operate as a great captain to take Mum’s place when she leaves to save her girls.

    1. I feel like Hai-Furi‘s been teasing us with various death flags ever since the beginning. For starters, I’ve been waiting for the best friend to die for a while now, but maybe this is too idealistic of a show to actually do it.

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