「嵐でピンチ!」 (Arashi de Pinchi!)
“In a Stormy Pinch!”

Hai-Furi continues to be unable to maintain seriousness for more than half an episode, so per the familiar formula this week we need to goof off for around five minutes before we get to the juicy stuff. I don’t think I necessarily have a problem with this, but perhaps Hai-Furi is too obviously a show of too halves. While I do think that Hai-Furi shouldn’t be serious all the time—I don’t think the relatively idealistic nature of the world can sustain it—it’s hard to tell, sometimes, whether Hai-Furi wants me to take it easy or wants me really invested in life or death. I suppose it’s mostly okay, since there is clearly two conflicts in every episode, one trivial and one less so, but it does require one to exercise something of a mental switch when inevitably ‘suddenly stuff happens!’ and the cast goes action mode (some less willingly than others). In particular, I think this could have been an episode that could have been all serious, if it wanted to. Perhaps if this were an anime featuring older ships, galleons and such, the risk of running out of fresh water, of being becalmed, and of being wrecked in the fog would all real dangers. And then celebrating the rain could be more akin to a scene from Robinson Crusoe or something, instead of first world problems.

(Rain’s not entirely clean either, too. Better than sea water, I guess.)

The second half, though, was definitely serious business, though I couldn’t help but wondering whether Hai-Furi is going backwards. Not in terms of quality—that has been mostly consistent, thankfully—but in plot. We started, if you recall, with warships blasting at each other, and a rescue mission is arguably a de-escalation. Helping distressed ships on the high seas is what the Blue Mermaids actually does, as opposed to shooting each other, which would make the distress call this week the kind of world building that I feel should perhaps have come first. Arguably, only now do we actually see the status quo. I don’t have a complaint about this, really, but it is interesting to wonder why it was done this way. Perhaps it was all to sync up with our captain’s tragic backstory, which probably wouldn’t have worked shown earlier without us already having seen her ‘crew is family’ philosophy or her predilection to running off to save people. More cynically, perhaps Hai-Furi was easier to sell as a ‘war machines fight!’ anime, leaving a meatier but less pyrotechnical episode like this one to be smuggled in later.

If this is the true form of Hai-Furi, I approve, because once the episode got rolling I found it to be quite strong. I had been looking for more word building in Hai-Furi, because that’s the kind of thing I enjoy in my science fiction, and just watching the Blue Mermaids function as intended was disproportionately interesting for me. Beyond just the subject matter, the execution was also great. The rain effects and submerged corridors really set the scene, and it managed to maintain throughout the tension of a disaster movie (like a compressed version of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0). All very gripping. And of course, the personal touch, tying back to character development for both the Captain and the Deputy Captain. Mike actually staying put and staying captain is a significant step for her, and Shiro-chan has always been the kind of stoic character who works best when struggling (plus, she manages to get over both her cat phobia and her professed misfortune). Sure, it was a bit of coincidence for the distress call to come right when Mike was telling her life story, but the storm did link both so I’ll forgive it. And it was a bit silly for Shiro-chan to end up having to risk her life to save a cat, but Japanese is that kind of language so I’ll let it slide. Ship Mum and Dad coming to an understanding was quite satisfying, so I’ll forgive the minor contrivances needed to get there. It’s suspension of disbelief.

Good though it was, this may be the only episode of actual Blue Mermaid-ery that we’re getting, since there can’t really be that many ships getting wrecked around the Harekaze. And an Evil Red Musashi Some Ship is around, and beckoning at the plot to notice it. For those of you who much prefer the gunpowder and explosions to this slight diversion rescuing civilians, rest assured that Hai-Furi has not abandoned you.


  1. You know there is a way to gain Drinkable Water from Sea Water, not just pressing it through very little filters to catch the Salt Crystals. No…

    Boiling Water, and then catch the vaporized Water in form of Steam. Something alike boiling soup in the Kitchen. You could use the Bath room to boil the Water, just release the “overheating” protections, and the water are drinkable. Like in The Martian (film) he used the side effects to give the potatoes the water they need. Yeah, but so you can use the “side product” of the engines heat to gain some water

    Also in this Zombie School, they used the same kind of technique to gain water, just they used the Sun heat as heat source

    Biological combine with Chemistry + improvise talent = survive = Robinson Crusoe effect

      1. @Passerby

        Harekaze – Damaged. Rodent issue dealt with? Isoruku promoted to Grand Rear Admiral. Apparently has 46 cm cannons
        Musashi – Undamaged. Mind-controlling rat infestation. Captain China Moeka stranded aboard
        Admiral Spee – Location unknown, Mind-controlling rat infestation. Captain Thea stranded aboard
        Mamiya – Replenishing academy ships
        Akashi – Replenishing academy ships
        Mentioned Ships: To save time, I will not be going over these ships in detail until they become of relevance or appear in an episode. I will list the ship class and present status, but since they do not appear in the anime yet, I will not be adding images yet. I promise I’m not being lazy, but there is a freak number of ships that were mentioned this episode
        Kazahaya – Japanese fleet oiler – Replenishing academy ships
        Hiei – Kongo-class fast battleship – Location Unknown
        Chokai – Takao-class heavy cruiser – Location Unknown
        Maya – Takao-class heavy cruiser – Location Unknown
        Isuzu – Nagara-class light cruiser – Location Unknown
        Natori – Nagara-class light cruiser – Location Unknown
        Amatsukaze – Kagerō-class destroyer – Location Unknown
        Isokaze – Kagerō-class destroyer – Location Unknown
        Tokitsukaze – Kagerō-class destroyer – Location Unknown
        Akikaze – Minekaze-class destroyer – Yokosuka Academy Escort Ship
        Hamakaze – Kagerō-class destroyer – Yokosuka Academy Escort Ship
        Maikaze – Kagerō-class destroyer – Yokosuka Academy Escort Ship
        Nagara – Nagara-class light cruiser – Yokosuka Academy Reconnaissance Ship
        Urakaze – Kagerō-class – Yokosuka Academy Reconnaissance Ship
        Hagikaze – Kagerō-class – Yokosuka Academy Reconnaissance Ship
        Tanikaze – Kagerō-class – Yokosuka Academy Reconnaissance Ship
        Yamashiro – Fuso-class battleship – Yokosuka Academy Ship – In dock
        Kaga – Tosa-class battleship – Yokosuka Academy Ship – In dock
        Akagi – Amagi-class battlecruiser – Yokosuka Academy Ship – In dock
        Ibuki – Ibuki-class heavy cruiser – Yokosuka Academy Ship – In dock
        Ikoma – Tsukaba-class armored cruiser – Yokosuka Academy Ship – In dock
        Yamato – Yamato-class battleship – Kure Academy Ship – In dock
        Shinano – Yamato-class battleship – Maizuru Academy Ship – In dock
        Kii – Yamato-class battleship – Sasebo Academy Ship – On voyage in the Atantic
        You’re going to notice I made a number of assumptions in the mentioned ships list, namely with the Kaga, Akagi, Ibuki, Shinano, and Kii. I have reason to believe that the first four, whose contemporary counterparts were converted into aircraft carriers during their contruction, retained their initial build designs and were completed as their original designs dictated.
        As for the Kii, I speculate her to be Warship Number 111 or the fourth ship of the Yamato-class which was never completed due to lack of materials in 1942. I am certain that the Kii is a battleship as she is named for the Kii (Kishū) Province in Japan.
        It seems only the Harekaze has a fictional name as I was able to check for the class of ship for each of the named ships aside from the Kii
        Edit: Y209 – Can you guys help me identify this ship?

        Thats a list of all Ships so far

        Copy & paste from reddit

  2. So those girls have a habit of…Um…”Playing in the Rain”…or sort of…
    but then again, they need some freshwater not only to drink but to take shower, oh man! i can’t believe this, first it’s about toilet paper and now this…i mean…whoa!

    Also, That Captain seem to be scared of lightning, probably a family tragedy there! So seem to be a legit answer, but i don’t mind really!

    So This Episode is about a Rescue Mission on a Ordinary Vessel, Hmmm, It seems like there is no rats on that ship just a storm accident!

    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. They really do like to make it half lighthearted half serious, don’t they. Really hoping Moeka and any other members of the crew are still alright inside the Musashi.


    And this is the scene that got me worried the most. Looks pretty clear Kuroki isn’t very fond of Misaki, and it could either be because Misaki was too close to Mashiro or because Kuroki witnessed her captain not acting like a superior officer again. Kuroki already did voice out her dissatisfaction with Misaki as captain and that Mashiro should be in charge. i just wonder if this is going to be a recurring thing which could possibly lead an internal strife within the Harekaze. Personally, I hope not.

    On a lighter note, that Kaede girl was pretty interesting in this episode in how she foresaw their shower getting cut off and somehow managed to avoid getting her hair messed up even with seawater.

      1. Pretty sure Combat also includes manning the sonar. It’s the only way to detect submarines, after all (like in Episode 3). And you need sharp hearing to know the acoustic signature of various ships (if you’re a submariner) and subs (if you’re on an anti-submarine combat ship).

      2. Yeah that makes sense. Oops sorry I mistook Sonar duty for Machiko’s job as lookout at the top of the ship. But really this is the first time Kaede caught my attention.

  4. btw…
    this was an smart move of her, because if she would still in this room, she would fallen to “death” when the Ships body also turn upsidedown. So in this Air tube, she can not fall out an are save from falling…
    i expect that the part she was the batteries are still living, or she would be in complete darkness

    What is this in front of her face? right, and Windshield.. but why are her hair showing us as if there are nothing? 🙂

    Surely they done small errors (on the Bridge all is calm, but outside the Ship is fighting against the waves..). But hey, i do not care. Just that i want to point this out, if you plan to do some OVA or bigger stuff. Do not deny Gravity

      1. i know, but would your hair blow always in this one direction? as i wrote, i do not mind, but in an possible OVA surly the “hardcore” fans will notice it then

  5. This episode is kind what I’d hoped Hai-Furi would be like from the start. Sure, cutesy “everyday life” stuff is fine once in a while, but I hope they’re going to start doing things a bit more seriously in the future and give us some more development for the characters.

  6. OK, so first some fanservice again (in the rain).
    Then we get a flashback, a rescue action and Captain finally acting as one! Good job!
    I loved Shiro making frends with the missing cat, of all creatures… her crawling thru airduct with a cat made me remember Ripley in the Alien (Jones!)
    Kuroki seems to have some issues with her commanding officers, this might yet prove fuel for mutiny scenario…
    and they realluy are overdoing the “ominous ship in the fog” trope…
    it is apaprently Y102 – Hiyei

  7. I love this series and all but seriously those people were douches for not telling her it was a F%^&ing cat!!!! Thats just beyond stupid to send her into a sinking ship to rescue a cat. Or at least tell her it is a cat and then she can decide if its worth risking her life for a pet.

  8. The impact of the second half of the episode was really dampened for me when those idiots send Munetani off to save their “young one”. I know people love their pets… I love my cats… but if I’m on a sinking and malfunctioning ship I’m going to swallow my grief and not send a teenager off to possibly die saving what she has to find out herself is just a kitten.

    Hell they didn’t even keep the fucking thing, it rubs up against her a bit and their precious just gets handed off like nothing.

  9. I had a slight “Oh, crap” moment seeing lightning strike the Harekaze‘s crow’s nest. While it’s fortunate that the officer in the crow’s nest wasn’t there (I hope), the lightning would have downright killed any crew unlucky enough to be caught outside in that thunderstorm.

    In the middle of the open ocean, the highest thing around–besides rogue waves–is a ship. And lightning usually goes for the highest thing or structure around. (I don’t know if naval ships have their own lightning rods, and I’d love to know how they work on a ship–how it conducts the lightning safely into the water, to be precise–because a ship is mainly made out of metal.)

    Also, couldn’t the ship’s doctor just radioed HQ her report? The presence of cell phones indicate the existence of wireless communication–unless long-distance wireless/satellite communication also doesn’t exist in this verse. Hmm, I guess HQ needed an actual sample…

    In any case, I’m hoping that the box is hermetically sealed. If the crew of that Blue Mermaids rescue ship gets infected, well…crap.

  10. possible “traitor on board” flag… TSK…

    and i agree with incognito… and i smell something like that blue mermaid ship would get infected, thus the report about the virus and the antivirus would not be delivered to their school.

  11. I’ve really tried, but this is the episode where I have to finally give up on this show. I can’t specify anything in particular, but it was tripping all my NOPE breakers.

    So farewell shipgirls. Sadly it looks like they’re going to turn Kuro into a villain. I’ll have to pretend I didn’t see that, and just imagine that they spend the rest of their days running around saving shopping malls.

  12. Perhaps i have an idea for an solution for Haifuri’s Diesel-san

    hidden in spoilers

    Show Spoiler ▼


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