「脱出 レゾナンス」 (Dasshutsu Rezonansu)
“Escape Resonance”

The best find a way through in the toughest of times, and this week was all about finding the proper resolve to overcome obstacles, move forward, and make a statement. Hayate takes a tremendous beat down to get there, but it’s all worth it as he defeats an Aerial Knight without killing them and saves our good ol’ Captain from last week in quick succession. Topping things off is Freyja and her new found resolve, and for the most part, it’s business as usual as her song paves the way for our cast’s successful escape.

What this leaves us with is the first significant setback in the plans of the Aerial Knights—one that could have ramifications extending far beyond just this one battle. If there’s one thing this battle showed, it’s that Freyja’s capable of both awakening the ruins of the Protoculture and establishing a resonance with it that empowers Hayate while simultaneously disrupting the “wind” of the Aerial Knights. It remains to be seen whether or not she’s capable of doing this at will or if it’s just a one time affair, but it’s certainly something to keep an eye on—especially given the potential relation of this phenomenon to the Protoculture and the Windermere theories regarding their link to them and their supposed “superior lineage” versus other descendant species.

With that said, not everything ends up in the positive spectrum this week, with Messer and Mirage notably taking the short end of the stick. As expected, Messer succumbs partially to the Var infection, and his struggles throughout the episode hint at someone who could be more of a short-term liability until his condition is resolved. The question is whether or not their investigations from Vordor could lead to a permanent cure, and it’s interesting how even the Walkure’s songs couldn’t completely purge him of the infection this time despite their supposed functions as a vaccine and an agent to reverse the infection’s effects.

As for Mirage, she ends up being relegated to an observational role this time around, and at this point I feel a little bad for her in regards to how things worked out. With Freyja’s help, it’s safe to say that Hayate’s eclipsed her abilities in the field—he’s already accomplished more against the Aerial Knights than she has—and it’s not hard to see how this could contribute further to her issues as a pilot struggling to find her way. There’s no doubt in my mind that she’ll regain her composure at some point in the future, but that moment certainly isn’t now, and one wonders when she’ll finally get that chance to truly shine.

On the other hand, shining is something that Mikumo can’t seem to stop doing on a daily basis, and I’m still convinced that her role is even more significant than we think. Her ability to appear out of nowhere at the most critical of moments is uncanny, and she does this once more this week with yet another solo to get things started for our cast. Looking further back, it was her words that also got Freyja thinking in the first place about her role and the reasons for her song, and it’s not a stretch to say that she laid the groundwork for all the development we received this week. One could argue at this point she’s a guide leading our cast to their next destination, and here’s hoping that she’s actually playing a significant role in the grand scheme of things rather than a convenient plot device hidden under the guise of a mysterious character.

Looking forward, the thing to pay attention to becomes the Aerial Knights and their next move as they deal with their first real obstacle. At the same time, Roid’s intervention and the fact that Freyja survives purely due to his actions make you wonder if he’s planning something of his own, and it’s particularly interesting when you consider how his reaction to Freyja’s song ends up the complete opposite of the disrupted Aerial Knights. There’s also Arad’s comments indicating how “he’d be proud if he could see you right now” regarding Hayate, and let’s just say there’s more than a few potential plot threads introduced this time around. Until next week.




  1. Dammit I was thinking “Finish Him!” when Hayate had a lock on the red head’s cockpit. Now Hayate has an insulted hot head who’s gunning for him and would probably stoop to any level just to get even. :p

    1. No kidding. Bogue’s such an obnoxious character that I was yelling at Hayate for not shooting at the cockpit. I had a feeling they were going to force a rival on Hayate since Messer had one despite not being the MC, but… ugh.

    2. Windermerean side got obnoxious characters so it’s hard to cheer for them, I mean in a lot of war stories we sometimes want to cheers for the other side since it’s not always the other side is ultimate evil or something… But with this windermerean case I just don’t care at all if they all got killed, excluding innocent civilian for sure.

    3. It’s interesting because it’s reflective of the ironic nature of the Windermere fight.

      Windermeres are physically older and developed than humans of the same age group due to their disposition, but due to the quick growth, it can be argued that their mental development never really catches up (until the end) to give them the maturity you’d expect of supposed middle-age and older “adults” of the same equivalent age. We see this come out a lot in how Bogue himself can’t always control his own rune, so one can give a pretty good reason for what we’re seeing here, especially if they’re growing up in this kind of setting.

      Ultimately doesn’t excuse the attitude, but at least it makes sense given the grand scheme.

      Interestingly enough, one could draw some parallels between how they’re acting and how Hayate was earlier on too.

      1. I’m not sure if I buy that their mental development doesn’t catch up. From her designs, they look like young adults at best, the equivalent of Hayate’s age.

        Bogue is not unlike any other bloodthirsty fanatic, a type seen in history too many times to count. And they are never the most sympathetic characters, mental age notwithstanding.

  2. I felt like I was rewatching an episode of Macross 7 when the pilots get zombied out and Basara’s music wake them up. Freyja is definitely more interesting than Ranka, she’s got a lot of heart. I can’t wait for some more Mikumo & Freyja duets.

    1. This. It’s quite clear Frontier was an attempt to make a series more in line with the original and Do You Remember Love, going so far as to include a couple songs from them.

      Delta is obviously an attempt to be more in line with Macross 7. I think the choice of making a Frontier and 7 crossover/recap movie a couple years back was intentional, to refresh people with the concepts of Sound Force and the ‘weaponization’ of music from around that time.

      I’m expecting as the series goes on, we’ll see more and more parallels with 7. I’m starting to wonder if Freyja met Basara and that’s going to be one of the mid to late season reveals.

    1. It wasn’t the most articulate of responses, but I quite enjoyed it, as it was just Freyja being Freyja.

      In her own way, she managed to denounce some of the reasoning the Aerial Knights had in regards to why they started the war, and it all boils down to the notion that whatever justification they have doesn’t change the fact they’ve involved besides themselves and the SPACY, and the fight they bring for supposed liberation of other planets glances over the fact that their own people are put front and center in the line of fire too. At some point they’re going to or already have crossed a line in regards to what they’re using their own people for/telling their own people, and it’s notable because even Roid himself mentions that if they did actually kill Freyja, they’d be no better than the supposed baddies they were fighting.

      Bit hilarious overall and it doesn’t really cover the whole picture since the Aerial Knights lost people too, but it hits a lot of good points.

    1. If I’m not looking at the ending credits wrong, it’s likely GIRAFFE BLUES. There were a few songs listed this time around though, but I’m pretty sure Mikumo’s solo was probably NEO STREAM.

      Either way the Walkure Attack OST (tracklist here: http://vgmdb.net/album/58694) that’s coming out in July should have it. Until then we probably won’t know for sure unless it’s re-used later and shows up in the credits as the only song or something.

  3. I´m going to take a quote form Concrete Revolution here: what if the people of Brigir Clouster don´t the freedom the Windemere are “offering”? It´s obvious that there is more to it about the so called use of dimensional weapons by the Windemeres in the last war, it would come as no surprise if it was the New Unified Goverment who actually used those weapons in the first place to end the war, but thise that mean they have the right to do all this? they have killed millions of innocents people they are trying “free” in their sick experiment with Var Symdrome, they have used many others as killing puppets and there is no guarantee that the bad experience the Windemeres had with NUG is the same for the rest of the races of the galaxy, for all we know they might be florishing with their help!.

    All this and the fact the Windemeres are incredebly racist to all humans no matter where they come from and how fanaticaly belive they are superior because they are the “true heirs” of the Protoculture (they almost look as fabatical as Nazis in that aspect) makes me see them as complete baguys in the this story. Yes, sure I feel bad for all they went through in the last war but I think all the races in Brigir Clouster will hate their guts once they find out they are responsible for the Var Syndrome and if the reaction of the cat mayor last episode is any indication they can´t stand that insane superiority complex either.

    1. Windermere attitude is almost copy-paste of imperial Japan back in WW2, offcially “liberating” neighbors from western colonial powers, while effectively crushing them in even more ruthless colonial empire of their own. Add to this the habit of executing prisoners of war, and racist contempt for other species…
      The jury is out yet abot who really used the dimesnional weapon at Windermere, but it could be either side at the moment or even some 3rd faction bent on sparking a wider war…

      1. Indeed, Windermerean slogans are disturbingly similar to Japanese propaganda for their Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere, the Hakko Ichiu slogan or the Shinmin no Ichi manifesto. Heck, even that academic report about the superiority of Brisingr races mentioned in the previous episode smells like the “Investigation of Global Policy with the Yamato Race as Nucleus”.

        If the dimensional weapon happens to be a more serious space version of the Mukden Incident, Windermere will have fulfilled all the criteria to be Imperial Japan In Space! (from the isolationist kingdom forced to open itself by more advanced foreign powers to the surprise attack before a formal declaration of war, the parallelisms started early).

      2. Windmere seems like some carbon copy of Gundam Neo-Zeon group that believes in eradicating Earthlings because they the true space inhabitants refused to be controlled by Earth.

  4. That was entertaining. Especially when the phenomenon that started with VF-29 is back with a vengeance, disabling the red-haired knight’s fighter. Also, failed stun-grenade is not unexpected when it was a 5v2.



    Just who is Mikumo-san? With the way she was acting throughout last week (as well as this week), and the fact that she’s the only one that’s acting way out of norm whenever ‘Lady-M’ hands out assignments…

    1. i have my own conclusion and speculation about her. As you see, her Hair is special. as if she gain her Powers from other Dimension.. *hint* of my ideas

    2. Mikumo could be a military agent who was had talent as a singer and also double duty as a spy or special agent. If you saw how she just leaps out into the air in front of missiles and fighting. She’s got a lot of guts, sort of like Basara in M7 just goes into combat and starts singing while dodging attacks. Takes lots of skills to achieve that.

  5. I’d argue that it was Freyja that saved the Voldor Captain more than Hayate. Hayate did try, but was ultimately getting ready to shoot when Freyja intervened and started singing.

  6. Well, I would like to make a few observation most positive and negative! I am so conflicted!

    First the Positive:

    Finally! We have a signature song that we can hang our hat on. The immnelman dance was pretty good but this song right there made sweet loving to my ears and stood out to me as THE signature battle song.

    I like how they did the old “we have a flash bang grenade” and then got owned by the Knights proving that they’re not known as Knights for nothing.

    Walkure doing battle like usual.I read on other sites that people have problems with the girls singing on the battle field and controlling stuff that can stop missiles for them. I think most people fail to realized that these girls are not singing for profit but are part of the military to weaponized their Fold Wave abilities. They probably had to train hard to use those special techs OR their fold waves abilities let them control those tech.

    Also, did anyone see how Hayate went into vajira mode like Alto did in the Macross Frontier movie?!

    Most of this episode was awesome in general and I find myself surprise everytime it ended. Feels way too short!

    It might just be me but Freya sounds remind me of the Toni Braxton Unbreak my Heart beat And Eternal Snow from Full Moon


    Now for the bad:

    Hayate… what he did with the cat fighter pilot with the wings? I understand, what he did with the Knight? I cannot forgive. ESPECIALLY if BORUGE kill any more of NUNS soldiers in combat, ALL of that blood will be on Hayate hands. He had the chance to take out an enemy fighter ace but failed to do so.

    The macross Frontier mistake. Remember in Frontier, Ranka was the focus and Sheryl was the side character like mirage. I get a feeling that maybe T.V is for Ranka and movies is for the other girl in Macross.

    In the original Macross it seem like Minmey until it wasn’t. DYRL was Rick and Lisa heavily.

  7. Bogue status: TOLD. Not only Hayate mocked him with the so-called chivalry of the Aerial Knights (which ATM is a big fat 0), but also put him in his rightful place (the ground, defeated, with nothing to retort). Now, interesting what Arad said about “him”. Hayate could be ANOTHER son on Max outside marrige (Macross 7 Trash), son of former UNSpacy Ace pilot and now SMS flight instructor Isamu Alva Dyson, or even more if Kawamori’s mind is working overtime here.
    Freyja is clearly on the mission to make this series into the first defeat of the (slightly) older part of the triangle. ATM she has eclipsed Mirage in any way, she’s charming, not toxic as Minmei, Mylene or Ranka, and she’s actually useful in the battlefield. Kudos!

    1. SeedStriker don’t spread false info. Max explained to Mahara he isn’t Shiba’s father and he won’t cheat on Milia. Shiba’s dead mother was the creator of the Mind System which Zentradi Col. Bacelon wants to use for a coup of the fleet. Max was friend so he helped Shiba financially. The accident that ended Mahara’s career as a pilot was also because of Bacelon who was testing the Mind System.

  8. I find the Aerial Knights reasons for war laughable. For Bogue it is imperialism but he is too stupid to realize it. For the Twins Windermere would’ve been in peace if Earther’s didn’t come. Pray tell why Windermere has a knight tradition before Earthers came? For Cassim it is revenge for a war Windermere started in the first place.

    Hayate pretty much hit where it hurts for them. They aren’t noble as they think. These nobles and knights do not even think about the peasants who make up the majority of Windermere as pointed by Freya. They are making farmers complicit in their crimes. Once it comes out their apples were the source of Var whose pockets do they think would be affected?

    Fold Quartz equipped Variable Fighters with Fold Receptor singers too OP please nerf.

    Sketchley’s Translations: Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. – Mechanic: Other UN 08A: YF-30 Chronos

    Caption: The new Fold Dimensional Resonance System mechanism is built into the YF-30. It amplifies Song Energy, and the YF-30 also became able to break through the dense Fold Faults.

    Caption: At the time of this aircraft’s development, in addition to existing technology, it’s said that parts collected from the Protoculture Ruins on the planet, and the protective weapons that guard the ruins, were also inserted into the YF-30.

    Sketchley’s Translations: Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. – Mechanic TF SMS 04A: YF-29 Durendal

    Aircraft Explanation
    The YF-29 Durendal is an aircraft that was developed with the assumption that it would be used in a decisive battle with the Vajra. The Macross The YF-29 Durendal is an aircraft that was developed under the assumption that it would be used in a decisive battle with the Vajra. The Macross Frontier Fleet and L.A.I. Co. played an important role in the development of this aircraft in the environment of the incident where the 117th Large Research Fleet had sustained a Vajra raid. It’s greatest feature is the Fold Wave System, a device that uses high-purity fold quartz that exists only inside of the Vajra’s bodies. As a result, it became possible to supply the craft with energy from sub-space, and coupled with 4 high-power thermonuclear reactor engines, this craft acquired an overwhelming manoeuvrability. Simultaneously, the fold quartz enabled the control of fold waves as an additional function of the Fold Wave System, and the YF-29 succeeded in interfering with the communications between the Vajra in combat.

    The YF-29, YF-30 and VF-31 are pretty much the high end of VF technology. Resonating with a Fold Receptor, pilots and machine gets a boost in performance. As with the case with Alto in the YF-29 with Sheryl and Ranka, and Leon Sakaki in the YF-30 with Basara.

    Additionally the Fold Wave System or Fold Wave Resonance system could explain why Keith’s Rune wind detection power was disrupted with Freyja’s singing.

    Basically Delta Platoon has a Fold Wave NT-D System for the Aerial Knights Rune Newtype powers.

    This is similar how in the Frontier TV series Ai-Kun served as a relay for Ranka to disrupt Grace’s Queen Protocol.

    1. @I find the Aerial Knights reasons for war laughable.

      This is one of the problems I have with the series. Windermere have declared war, but its been so badly thought out that I have no reason to care. It’s like. They’re at war, why should I care? So much of the more interesting stuff has happened off screen when it really shouldn’t. It was like, so hey, Windermere have taken over three planets, but they’re haven’t shown this happening on screen. Showing Windermere actively taking over a planet is a lot more interesting.

      1. Well if anything Shoji Kawamori isn’t above tackling issues Japanese aren’t comfortable with. Take Macross Dynamite 7 it has an environmentalist and anti-whaling message. SDF Macross used not-nukes with Reaction weapons and has been treated like nukes with restrictions and laws since. SDF Macross also had Kaifun who is a hypocrite expy of anti-military student protestors of the 70’s. Windermere is pretty much an expy of Japan. From the Megaroad 4 fleet that arrived on Windermere representing the Perry expedition to its war for independence and aftermath representing the Meiji Restoration leading to Imperial Japan. Conquering and “freeing” Brisingr races from Earth’s influence making them the true heirs of the Protoculture making Windermereans more equal than others is reminiscent of Imperial Japan’s East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere and Asians for Asians of Imperial Japan.

      2. You’re right, but they’re not really selling this war. Maybe it’s the writing that’s lacking. I want to like this show but I’m not buying Windermere as a credible threat, especially since we haven’t seen much of their army(or if them actually annexing words on screen), and the way Walkure can neutralize the Var anyways with their song.

        Maybe if they focused less on trying to cash in on the Idol craze in Japan and more on developing these characters(And let’s be honest here, Mikumos the only notable Walkure member, not including Freyja). This show would easily be better.

  9. Thoughts on this episode:

    1. So Hayate kills redshirt Lt. Uroh, but spares Bogue because reasons. In both situations a teammate (Mirage and now Freyja, were at risk) Double standards much?

    2. Messer’s infected with the Var Syndrome, which is spread via Windermere apples and altered drinking water. So why aren’t the other Delta squad members infected? Given the NUNS (and perhaps the PMCs as well) have standardized rations to include the aforementioned food products, why aren’t more of them infected? Lt. Chuck and Mirage were both with the NUNS Spacy before, so they must have consumed the same foodstuffs as well.

    3. Is Roid secretly getting off by interrupting Keith and Co.’s schemes? I feel like he’s hindering more than helping their plans for Galactic Domination. Is he going for “even-the-bad-guys-have-standards”-trope? Or is he actually from the “doves”/”moderates” faction; those who don’t want war but were forced to go along with the popular pro-war sentiment?

    4. Why can’t the Chaos PMC bring in the entire Macross Elysion, for some much needed supporting fire? I get the infiltration part needed stealth, but when your cover is blown, you need more dakka to make sure bad guys stay down – especially since the mind controlled NUNS have a fleet in orbit.

    1. Messer is perhaps long infected with the Vars, but these memories while shooting with the Gun, let them boil over again. Seems like he gain some natural resistent against this Vars to some degree

    2. because of the Wind singer, they still do not know that only the combination of the Water with the Appells can spread the Vars “Do not worry, if something happen to us, we have the Walkyre at our side!” (failsave)

    3. 1. Much like Alto who was linked to Sheryl and Ranka through Fold Quartz Hayate is linked with Freyja synchronizing with her. He could’ve killed Bogue but knowing how Freyja felt about this war chose to spare Bogue.

      2. Messer may have been infected by Var before and the water comes from water tables going through Protoculture ruins. Ragna may not have a ruin of its own to get spring water from.

      3. Roid is a Protoculture researcher and thins of the long term instead of winning short battles. He wants to win the war not the glory the Aerial nights are after. Heinz is at his death bed and the Walkure particularly Freyja activated the ruins. Terrans know more about Fold Receptors than he does as it has been a repeated phenomenon among singers since Basara Nekki 22 years ago. Going by Macross FB7 some details of the Varauta War is classified by NUNS. Walkure is a Tactical Sound Unit like Sound Force.

      4. Chaos’ Ragna branch thus Macross Elysion is contracted to the Ragna government. Which is why they only launch Aether.

  10. It seems that Roid is, just like he claimed last week, a scientist. Not sure what his position really is in the Windermere government, but his actions seem to have more to do with his research than any real political motive. He needs Freyja alive because he wants to know how the Walkure affects fold waves. The effect of Freyja’s song on the ruins probably tingled his scientific curiosity too. I suspect he’s in this for his research. The extreme actions he’s taking probably has to do with the fact that he is running out of time. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t he already past 30? Unlike most scientists who can take decades to research something, Windermeres don’t have that luxury. I think he’s recklessly trying to validate his theory.

    Some random thoughts:
    Walkure concert tech used in battle is kinda scary.
    Reminds me of Sharon harassing Isamu in the YF-19.

    And did Hayate finally do the Immelmann? (Named after WWI Ace, Max Immelmann) Can anyone else verify?

      1. Aww, too bad. Was waiting for him to do that maneuver ever since I saw his name. He was even in the perfect situation to do it, since Bogue was at a higher altitude and different vector. Guess, I’ll wait a little longer then. XD

  11. Shahir
    1. Based on what I’ve seen so far, Roid is interested in studying Walkure. While the others are interested in conquest such as Keith and the other Knights. He’s halted full scale fighting once Walkure is able to come through freeing people from Vars.

  12. Mikumo is like the main character that never was in this show. It’s like they’re too scared to give her more significance because they don’t want another Sheryl Nome type character. The fact she’s the leader of Walkure, has a special voice(Like Freyja) and has some leadership qualities, I think it’s a shame she’ll probably be relegated to support roles.

    Anyway I may stop watching this weekly and save a few episodes to marathon. This show is getting kinda meh to me. It’s gone from a 7 or so, to a 4 or 5 out of 10 in my eyes.

    1. i speculate, that our Mikumo is an pure breed first Generation or at last some kind of Guardian/watcher from the genetics modified race of the Protoculter, we saw her beginning to sing an episode earlier, as if she “reports” or awaken this Relics back to power. Seems like their function are some kind of Song/waves Mega Booster that can take sides, or support the stronger voice. Her Hair is her “key”, perhaps they gain power from the dimension where the Protoculter locked themselves, after the Dimension Bomb cut the link between Windmere world (where the little prince is singing) and them. or they perhaps cut the link to protect their children from abusing their powers, as they are using the Water around the relics. Also Mikumo could have immortal lifespan but Wars and other things like disease or starving, could let her be the last one of her kind. Walkyrie members are hybrdis of her race, where the Father or Mother could be an pure race like herself or 2-4 generation ancestor connection. so they need these mechanical boosters. Freya could be also some Hybrid, perhaps her mother would be the some like Mikumo, and she received most of their Genes, or while looking at the Dimensional Bomb work/sphere, she received this tool from them as last gift to guide her

      Perhaps they try to use the “lower” races to force their Gods to reappear again. they misunderstand the glowing of the Crystals in their Gate room, to even sacrifice more of them, perhaps they are that desperate that they go there and sacrifice some VIP of their own race. Here take the Inca or Maya culture in your mind, to understand my picture now

      also the Wind singer sing his sadness with no color, Walkyrie sing the joyness and life songs with many colors. where now 2 members do not need the mechanical help of the boosters. but they compensate it with her own skills, like hacking and such. Both are now the spear spike of Walkyrie where the others can hide and support them from the back

      Roid perhaps is trying to exploit these Protoculter powers for himself. Like they wanted to control the aliens in the last Macross for their own war plays, with help of their Gods they can go behind their own borders, to enslave the universe.. or he try to find a way to expand their own life years (fear of death. So many miracles to find, so little time i have. Let’s make a pact with the devil! Faust!!)

      this are my thoughts, conclusion and speculation right now about this anime

      1. but yeah, for now it is more the songs then lesser the Macross typical actions that hold me into this all. The Bones are good (Songs) but they need to grown the flesh around them

      2. also an side effect, even today some Humans sing to speaking with their Gods. So the music is in their flesh and blood, just the Priesters (aka Singers) forgotten it, so the Walkyries could be some wandering priestess. Perhaps they communicated through Songs with their ancestors, like Ar Tonelico

  13. Please dont tell me what Arad’s comments indicating how “he’d be proud if he could see you right now”

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Darren Thong
    1. There’s only 8 year gap between Delta and Frontier. So unless Hayate is 8 years old I don’t see how that’s possible. He could, however be the son of some other Macross MC.


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