“Visit Nanaki Before Doubting Masaki”

「納鳴訪ねて真咲を疑う」 (Nanaki Tazunete Masaki wo Utagau)

Masaki and Her Bad Backstory:

That was certainly an episode of Mayoiga right there. Picking up where last week left off, we witness the backstory that Masaki is (poorly) explaining to the group. What’s most amusing about the whole thing is that it isn’t a very good backstory, which fits perfectly for a show like Mayoiga. By that I mean Masaki’s explanation of the events are vague, in the way that a badly written show that attempts to be serious would gloss over the details merely to get from plot points A to B – here, when she says something that doesn’t add up, clarify, or results in more questions than answers, she is held accountable. She’s basically being told: “Your backstory sucks!”. That could mean that she’s making it up on the spot, but it’s easier for us to give her the benefit of the doubt because we see the events unfold in the opening minutes of the episode, and there’s nothing that out of the ordinary going on. But I had to laugh whenever anyone assumed her vague knowledge of a certain event must mean that she’s still secretly a ghost/monster/witch/whatever else she’s being accused off. And of course, Lovepon is relentless in her quest for executions… or rather, exorcisms!

A Wild Bus Appears!:

A lot of this show is made up of characters simply shouting at each other – spouting out nonsense that is so ridiculous you can’t help but laugh. But the highlight of the week comes with the return of the bus driver, who swerves in with no fear of knocking down and potentially killing a few villagers. We haven’t seen him since the mystery of his dead daughter was brought up, and clearly he’s just as fucked in the head as everyone else here (except for Masaki – her backstory is fairly normal and sensible compared to everyone else’s, which sets her apart from the group). While this episode wasn’t as thrilling as last week’s witch trials, things got intense when Masaki and Mitsumune were dragged onto the bus and Speedstar tagged along. It feels like we’re setting up for something big, especially going by the hints in the preview.

But the most hilarious part has to be how the rest of the group dealt with the bus driver’s arrival. The fact that they were treating it like some wild animal that could be tracked down and hunted was so absurd I can’t even begin to explain… but it is totally believable that these idiots would be unable to think of any other approach to solving this problem. Thankfully, Nanko remains the voice of reason – and actually speaks out for the first time. When she’s not holding onto her belly fat (presumably to help her think), she’s providing logical and sensible options that the rest of the group has to consider. Her, Lion, and now Maimai make up their own little group, managing to seem levelheaded and genuinely likeable amongst the crowd of weirdos. And not only that, but Judgement returns in the final scene of the episode with a bow and arrow! I didn’t think he was dead, but I wasn’t missing him in the slightest. It’s funny when you think that only one of the thirty characters has died so far, and we’re already two thirds into the story.

Overview – What’s Next?:

While not as exciting or genius as last week, this episode was still pretty fun – the perfect balance of stupid and serious. The pace is still slow, but if rumours are true then next week should be a game changer. Apparently the cast members were shocked by the events of next week’s episode, and going by the preview we should be in for some tripping twists and turns. With only four episodes to go, I say the weirder things become, the better!



  1. Heh, I remember back in episode 2 when everyone was like “people better start dying soon”. Now we’re 8 episodes in and we haven’t even confirmed the first death. To summarize, we have a group of 30 people who find a hidden village, one of them runs off (and presumably dies) while the remaining 29 freak out. Aaand suddenly only 4 episodes left.

    My initial thought was that all deaths in this show were gonna be them killing each other out of fear, distrust, etc. Now that we’re this late in the game, I’m thinking maybe no one else will die.

    By the way, am I the only one who still suspects that Masaki killed Yottsun after he tried to get handsy with her?

    1. At this point, I’m expecting a second bus to arrive, full of their parents, to drag them home & tell them to stop acting like total idiots &…I don’t know get a job, get over your pretty minor problems & stop expecting a magical village to somehow sort out your lives, maybe 😛

  2. so, Judgement is apparently Archer class servant
    ironically now the bus is somehow again mobile, everyone could have just driven away…
    if they were not too busy with execu… erm exorcimns stuff
    I am thoroughly amazed the death count is so low yet

  3. Masaki’s past, so she’s been to the village before (gasp!), and she not a ghost. Occam’s Razor wins again.

    Though her cousin becomes bizarrely and quickly unhinged, just while taking photos no less, and begins running once he sees his monster. It looked like they were just running on the road, and she somehow falls down a hill (it was a cliff!)!

    Was Reiji her boyfriend, lol. In her story he referred to her uncle, so are those people retarded? Wait, I forgot which show I was watching, so yes.

    Half the people quickly forget they were about the kill her and accept her story, but the other half led by Lovepon and Glasses guy do not.

    Glasses guy is right, her story is vague, but his conclusions are ridic.

    How did she just “live in another town and get a part-time job”? That seems suspicious, though I’m gonna say it’s just poor writing so the other characters can poke holes in her story, as I think she’s telling the truth.

    Glasses guy asks why she never noticed news about herself missing. Doubtful they’d report a missing person on the news, and who knows if she read the paper.

    “Stop them!”, “Easy for you to say!”. Finally, some characters speaking some sense.

    They want to stop the bus by destroying the tires, but realize they might need it later, lol. I guess they are learning!

    Though how did the bus get out of the mud?! A wizard did it?

    The bus driver plows in and abducts Masaki and Mitsumune. I’m surprised they aren’t more thankful for being pulled out of that violent mob.

    I like that those two characters figured Masaki didn’t have a shitty past so that’s why she doesn’t see anything. Of course, they’re part of the handful of sensible characters.

    I started off disliking Valkana, but I’ve come around on him.

    Judgement returns, hysterical as ever.

    Bamboo Blade Cat
    1. Masaki said Reiji is her cousin and plus he was talking about his uncle/her father.
      ” I’m surprised they aren’t more thankful for being pulled out of that violent mob.” -> maybe because the driver is also crazy and believes Masaki can reunite him with his daughter? 😀

      1. Hey, considering Masaki was about to be stabbed (again!), it’s the lesser of two evils! But agreed, the bus driver is nuts, and that’s saying something considering the rest of the group!

        Bamboo Blade Cat
  4. Mayoiga: Civil War


    #TeamExorcise or something.

    #TeamUnknown (given not everyone has clearly chosen one side or the other and seem completely unsure of anything, like us, lol)

  5. masaki’s story is unbelievable !! so you just fell down a cliff and continue your life living in a nearby village like nothing happened !! instead of going and ask for help to search for supposedly your cousin !? anyway , i think at the end no body will die and no one is ghost and the village maybe has a power to bring out the monsters inside people or something like that .

    1. Nobody will die cause they’re all already dead!

      I definitely got that vibe when Masaki mentioned falling down cliff, waking up near the river, then began living in another town, no questions asked. Sounds like the incomplete memories of someone who thinks they’re alive but is really dead. And everyone else has stories that probably resulted in their deaths. Plus the seeing of your fears and demons makes this seem like they’re in Purgatory. Lost!

      Bamboo Blade Cat
  6. “Your vague story is vague, therefore my ridiculous, stupid theory about you being a ghost MUST be right!!!”

    no wonder everybody in the real world laughed at him. I’d make a point of laughing at him st least once a day, just to remind him, he’s a Total idiot!

  7. I wonder is Masaki’s right that there are two villages. The one she and her cousin were in looked more modern while the one they are all in right now is more old fashioned.

  8. I laughed at quite a number of scenes this episode – Dahara’s zoned out face, chuunibyou guy shooting stone arrows, overprotective Hayato etc. At this point I’ve ceased thinking about theories and logic…the ride is silly but fun so I guess I’ll just enjoy it.

    Looks like the Koharun and Valkana ship is sailing as well. Now that three of the more important characters are together in a bus, maybe the viewers will get some startling revelations in the coming episode. Reiji’s face wasn’t actually shown, so maybe he will have an important part to play in the subsequent eps…

  9. Is everybody going along with the joke that nobody in the show could remember his name properly, or am I the only one that remembers his name is Judgeness? It was very strange and unique so I haven’t forgotten it.

    1. Haha was dying of laughter during the ep when they were trying to remember his name! They just ended up calling him Asses when he disappeared and went on with their crazy life.

  10. I’ve finished Episode 5, and while I think the show has some creepy elements to it. It’s just so random. The way those people kidnapped that guy(name escapes me..) tied him up and threw in that cell(I think it was the cell area..), only for him to escape when some girl sets a fire. I was like, really? That’s awfully convenient.

    Despite that, the show is watchable. Its just a whole lotta random and stuff that doesn’t make much sense, mashed together with some overly paranoid characters who seem to like fighting among one another.

    So far I would give the series a 6 outta 10.


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