「比叡でピンチ!」 (Hiei de Pinchi!)
“In a Pinch with the Hiei!”

Last week I was talking about how Hai-Furi was effectively a tale of two halves, and each episode it needs to take some time to goof around before actually getting to the warship on warship action that is no doubt the main draw of the show, as if the drama of Hai-Furi ran off batteries that can only be charged with high school girl hijinks. This week, though, we get more or less immediately to the shooting, saving the goofy fanservice (and more yuri-shipping! And regular shipping!) for the end. As we start moving towards the finale, it’s only natural that Hai-Furi will be favouring its serious side more, which is probably overall a good thing because while the enjoyability comedy is mostly a subjective issue, I think everyone watching this show can agree on the universal appeal of guns and explosions. While I still think I prefer last week’s episode and its rescue scenario (more personable, I think), the fight against the Hiei (which keen-eyed viewers managed to distinguish as Not Musashi—good job, nerd team) was also great, even if relatively brief.

Is there any greater waste of time on this earth than democracy? Golf, I guess. Democracy and golf—both equally unproductive, both for the benefit of rich men making private deals (controversial!). I appreciate the sentiment behind Captain Mike and the principal wanting to get the input of the crew before sending their puny destroyer against a battleship, but surely this is the kind of scenario where an executive decision would be appropriate. Yeah, I know, responsible leadership, will of the people, the crew is family yada yada, but 1) is surrendering all your rights to a single unaccountable authority really so bad? and 2) in a military context, with only a few hours until the enemy ship reaches civilians and starts the zombie apocalypse, do we really have the time to open the debate to the forum for discussion? The ancient Roman senate actually ceded command to a single dictator during wartime, because they knew that expedited decisions were necessary. Scotty knows how it goes—just make the call, follow the captain, and drag the rest of your team in with you, risk of horrible death be damned. It’s a good thing that the Harekaze managed to reach a unanimous consensus so easily, or who knows how much time they would have wasted quibbling about exactly how impossible the operation actually is. Well, unanimous consensus save for the usual, but her vote doesn’t matter so it’s still cool. Democracy!

Time was also spent on delving deeper into what exactly the mind-control-rat-plague is and how disaster was unleashed, which is good because it really is about time we have a clear picture of what exactly our protagonists are fighting against. I still have mixed feelings about it, though, because I’m not really convinced about how well it meshes into the rest of the show. Again, I still think last episode’s rescue operation to be the strongest of Hai-Furi, and that came about naturally with no rodent intervention necessarily. In contrast, it seems a lot of things needed to line up to get this virus plot going (like the timely eavesdropping, or having a supergenius conveniently in your back pocket). And Hai-Furi never seemed like an ecological anime warning against the dangers of genetic engineering, nor a zombie show, but now that we’ve strayed onto that path it doesn’t feel like there’s enough thematic cohesion. It’s not a huge deal, though; in the end it’s all a complicated excuse to get these students in old warships to shoot at each other, and it’s best that we accept this plotline at face value.

I do wonder what it’s like to be part of the great rodent hive-mind, though. Why the aggression? What ambition can a rat have? I would have imagined that these zombies would at most nibble on your toes a bit, and be readily placated with an offering of cheese. I suppose hijacking warships is possibly more interesting.


  1. Democracy and golf…

    I agree that it could have been handled better by the writers,
    I just considered it a female version of the pep talk a commander
    would give his her troops before sending them into battle.

    Anyway, finally we get some idea of where the show is going and
    what has to happen for a “clean” ending to the series. That is,
    save everybody on the Musashi and eradicate and stop the virus
    (possible scold the ones responsible, too).

    Little puzzled why the Hiei stopped firing just because it was grounded;
    but hey, Anime, right?

    I’m predicting this series will wrap up in the episode before the last,
    and the final episode will be warm, cheerful, yuri hnng type of thing…

    1. Once Hiei is put at a tilt, Harekaze just needs to stay in certain positions so Hiei couldn’t bring it’s guns to bear. At that point, angry as you are, why shoot if you can’t even unrealistically hit.

      1. They surly have an “intern” Generator, like the airplanes have one. Also i bet their Engine gear surly have some neutral shifting. No its more in their mind condition that they “forgot” in how to repair this or they really are now in their blind spot, where their cannon can not reach them

  2. that way of infusing guts i can say its very EFFECTIVE. hahahaha. 😀 😀 😀

    and yep… i think this is a warm up of what’s to come. and seriously, this episode made my adrenaline rush up. quite more action that the last episode. and could say way better that the other because the harekaze crew is finally working together.

    anyway on the opening song, if it is a hint of what’s to come, i was wondering whose or what ship would help harekaze when they fired on yamato. the scene shows that they circled on yamato then fire all their main batteries and torpedoes. (1:08 – 1:10 of OP song). im feeling that its admiral spee but mi-chan would stay on harekaze. but it could be another ship.

    1. anyway i smell season 2. with 4 episodes left, it would be so hard for them to wrap up this remaining events without rushing: saving admiral spee and the battle vs musashi (which i think may take 2 episodes)

      not to mention lots of remaining ships to save. <<< (perhaps readers of the manga could give light on this)

    1. Nah. Its definitely the pan dimensional beings or the mice from the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. This is just one of their “experiments”. Soon will see singing dolphins

  3. I’m just shocked that a society that hands over battleships and live ammunition to unsupervised high schoolers didn’t have the forethought to keep an eye on the mutant hive mind rats they genetically engineered and then just sort of forgot about on the ocean floor.

    1. the deepness water was their coffin, but then an Vulcan was the partypooper and lift this Sub above water again. Even today there are limits in how deep you can dive with an submarine, let alone scuba divers

  4. Yay! We’re finally getting some action again! I think this has our first warship battle since, what, episode 3? The rescue mission in the last episode was cool, but more of THIS is what I want from this show. If they do a season two, I hope they give us more of the “cute girls fighting against overwhelming odds and pulling off longshot victories” and less of the “cute girls doing cute things” fluff.

    1. but, we are at episode 8, and can someone confirm if they run with 12 or 24 episodes? or 12 and split into an 2nd season? because i am afraid they they now rush things. if they had only 4 episodes now

  5. The thing for why they want to sail to the harbors (thy took their sweet time on the open seas). Perhaps it is the desire of the ants to go Home. and this are the harbors for the Maidens

    1. What makes you think they would’ve got gamers onto the staff? Way too costly and time consuming and all the necessary materials to make an engaging battle they would already have. That’s what you have research and technical staff for. Plus gamers aren’t exactly the most informed even if they are good/great at the game they are playing. They wouldn’t know more than what someone else could with a few days of research.

      Goodwill Wright
  6. So They Survive the Dragon Ship (Hiei), and stop them…WOW! just WOW!
    I congratulate the Crew for outwitting the battleship,

    Great work Ms. Akeno “The Cape Captain” or “Harekaze 01” Misaki…Great Work… (slowly clapping hands and XD)…-sigh-

    As for that virus…well…yeah, they may had solved it out BUT…i fear that they face even more dangers than this virus, i think that there is some sort of unknown life forms on those newly form island there…just a thought BTW!

    So, The Black Ironclad Captain has a habit of uh…”Nagging Butts”……OH PLEASE!!

    Anyways, it seems like, yes, 2nd season has a slight possibility, and if they do…well…there is a word for that:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  7. This show is good, but now was good as Girls und Panzer… Well, maybe that’s because the ship as too slow, so they can’t really produce all the crazy action scenes Girls und Panzer had.

    1. You really believe these Tanks in Girls und Panzer are that light and fast in speed? do remind you that this is Anime, and some anime magic its here at play

    2. Well, I may agree for that but if it wearn’t for ya know…Mizushima, if this guy go directing this instead of (ahem) “this show“…

      But, then again it kinda overkill and kinda unfair too, Still they had a lot of thing to do on this show.

    1. I would very much like to cover it myself, but it’s quite a busy time for everyone at RandomC right now, unfortunately. Movies are especially difficult to squeeze out a post for, due to length. We’ll have to see how things go.

    2. a Mix of old “High noon” Cowboy western films and Tank Pros doing their tricks (drifting, ramming) . They surly had input from Wargaming community.
      Wait for the Blu-ray comrades and buy it, it worth it. Just put your Brain in popcorn movie mode, and turn of the realistic section (heaviness of the tanks) to enjoy the jokes 🙂
      Let alone the Roller coaster can handle 3 tanks weight at once, just enjoy the screenplay
      edit: i would not be wondering, if Wargaming was so nice to build an special Orai Map in WoT just for the director to play and test his stunts also these Crusader Tanks, Crusader B tanks are most used from Clans because of their mobility in WoT

      Bravo, bravissimo, maniefique, sugoi, wunderbar, awesome
      let alone the final climax and the camera play. This is really a high tension film.
      If you are an real fan, buy the blu-ray if possible

      copy & paste

  8. So the veil of mystery surrounding the origins of that virus has been lifted…

    Also, I love this Eureka moment–and it’s reminiscent of a scene from the movie version of Master and Commander, too.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    If there’s any episode that proves Akeno’s credentials as captain, this is it.

    Comment came (much) later than usual because I immediately watched the Girls und Panzer movie after watching this episode and I’m in a bit of a withdrawal after seeing the movie. What can I say? I wanted to watch two military moe shows in one go (well, almost).

    1. I appreciate the sentiment behind Captain Mike and the principal wanting to get the input of the crew before sending their puny destroyer against a battleship, but surely this is the kind of scenario where an executive decision would be appropriate.

      For what it’s worth, this was common during the Royal Navy’s heyday (i.e. 18th/19th centuries). If you’re heading into a life or death struggle of the sort that wooden ship combat entails (e.g. has sinking, maybe no friendly ship within 1000 miles, even if you win your ship might be crippled, variable weather, local conditions), then it’s best to have everyone committed to the battle approach. So perhaps the best way forward was to not fight today, but to wait until conditions changed. The idea of tricking the Hiei into grounding itself is a good example.

      British ships generally believed themselves superior to those of other navies. So a ship of 25 guns might be willing to take on another with say 35 guns depending upon the conditions, but it helped their success when the crew bought in. Of course, the best led ships were more likely to also be aggressive.

      Master and Commander, in addition to being a good movie, as mentioned above, provides some good examples.

  9. Catching up on shows so late to comment. For whatever it’s worth, my thoughts on Ep. 08. In short, very much more of the same. There were a couple good things, but also more “SMH”, “eye-brow raising” moments when I started to think about things.

    Best part probably was the tactic of tricking Hiei into running aground. Execution/presentation of that is another story, but the idea was a good one. Harekaze’s draft/draught is 3.76 m (12 ft 4 in) vs. 9.7 m (31 ft 10 in) for Hiei. Fair enough on that. The show expanded on Rin being less scared (character development for her) though I have to wonder why there was a vote in the first place. Uh, chain of command anyone? Way to try and ditch responsibility Principal. You DID give the OK for the plan so…

    I was going to give credit for not using the engines, again, as a plot device for “tension”, but sadly the show once again felt the need to play the same card for the 3rd or 4th time. From Guinness World Records:

    In 1968, during a shakedown cruise, the Iowa-class USS New Jersey (BB-62) achieved a top speed of 35.2 knots (65.2 km/h) which it sustained for six hours. As part of a brutal test of the ship’s engines, the captain then ordered the ship to go instantly from “all ahead flank” to “all back emergency”. New Jersey took some two miles to come to a stop.[emphasis added]

    Note: that was “flank” speed which is true maximum/”over-boost” speed. For SIX HOURS. Harukaze’s “full ahead speed” (max designed speed for continuous use) is 36kn. BTW – Hiei’s full speed is either 29kn or 30kn depending upon source. Point here is that Harekaze is 20% FASTER than Hiei without needing to go to “flank” speed. Also, this is what – 40-50 YEARS after New Jersey’s record setting shakedown cruise and 7 DECADES after WWII, yet even with a “water-world” setting they STILL haven’t mastered WWII steam engine technology. Give me a large break, and please STOP using the bloody engines as a plot device.

    You DO have an FBB shelling a DD. Is that not enough for some theoretical tension? The answer, sadly, is no because Harekaze has more plot armor than Musashi, Yamato, and let’s throw in Shinano as well, combined. For me, repeatedly playing the “engine card” is counterproductive given the repetition. Besides, take it out and what changes here? NOTHING.

    Honestly the chase was OK at best. Harekaze’s not getting hit, and neither is Hiei for that matter (FYI – uh, those 10cm shells might not do anything against Hiei’s belt armor, but can sure damage superstructure which did happen with DD gunfire during WWII). Oh who am I kidding, without an iota of even WWII level firecontrol, the Harekaze crew can put a shell or torp exactly where they want (see shooting AP shells out of the air). Speaking of which…

    One of my LOL moments was when the Dept. Captain exclaimed: “”What!? Do the same thing we did with Graf Spee!? But even that time, it was impossible!” Are you serious!? You just said “even that time” because you DID freaking do it so it’s not “impossible”. Not only that, but IIRC, it only took TWO shells to accomplish said “impossibility” Hell, you’re shooting shells out of the air which is even more “impossible”. These “But we can’t do xyz!” statements are ludicrous when the hyper-competent crew has done hyper-competent things – especially the very same thing you profess to be “impossible”.

    I also got a LOL moment when they interrupted the “tense” start of the battle when Hiei first started firing to go to the kitten about to crap on the bridge. This show is terrible with integrating “comedy” and supposedly serious moments. That totally booted me out of any immersion I might have had. Then, someone (director/script writers – someone) decided it was important enough to show that, in fact, the kitten had ultimately used the litter box properly lest the audience be worried about that detail going forward. Seriously!?

    Pinky & the Brain plot line confirmed, but we knew that. I’ll give the show some credit for explaining why they can’t just saltwater bomb infected crews. Then again, why/how saltwater works in the first place and/or for a limited time, etc. isn’t explained. This isn’t exactly the strongest of plot lines so best not to think about it. As for convenient genius doc on board, uh, shouldn’t she have been on Musashi since that has the “best” students and she’s like the best BluMer med student ever? Again, this whole “best/honor/worst” student crew crap needs to go IMO.

    TL:DR = Steady as she goes for this show which IMO still nets out as more bad than good.


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