「鬼がかったやり方」 (Oni ga Katta Yarikata)
“Fanatical Methods Like a Demon”

He’s alive! Subaru is not dead for once, which isn’t all too surprising as most people already anticipated. Emilia, Beatrice and Rem come to his rescue this time but it comes with a price. He’s been cursed so many times by these mabeasts that he only has half a day to live! Subaru’s reaction shocked Beatrice more than the actually news because it’s not like he’s a a stranger to dying anymore. He just wants to know more, the who and why and how to prevent it; and as a viewer, I just want to use this opportunity to learn more about this world and how it operates. The episode has built out the setting for Re: Zero a lot more and now we know the repercussions of exactly what happens when you encounter mabeasts, why they’re attracted to Subaru and a bit more about ogres and demons. It’s incredible just how much there is to know even though we’re almost halfway through the series. I really do feel like I’m in Subaru’s shoes, learning everything for the first time and learning new things every day.

Now the best part of the episode for me this week was when Ram finally revealed the story of how she lost her horn, or rather, even just offering up the information that she has no horn unlike Rem. It’s said that she was born with one but for some reason, hers got chopped up in a past event with Rem. Is this a reference to the Ogre story we heard not so long ago? Was she trying to blend in with the village and gave up her demonic form in the process? Or perhaps she did something bad (like Rem currently) and had her horn chopped up? It would make sense why Rem is so protective of her older sister (as I’ve mentioned before) and why Ram resorts to chopping off Rem’s in this situation. It’s also interesting to note that demons whom are twins are each born with one horn as opposed to the pair and I wonder if that in turn means that they’re each half of what they’re fully capable of. I can’t imagine what both Rem and Ram would be like if they were both out of control. They would serve as both maids and bodyguards for the mansion.

Most of the episode is focused on the hunt for Rem before she gets herself killed for the sake of saving Subaru. What a long way Subaru has come to prove himself to the maids from being potential murderers to his saviors. It was a chase around the forest as Ram and Subaru try and track down Rem in her demon state. She’s hard to find if it wasn’t for Subaru’s bait to attract the mabeasts to him instead. Even though the mabeasts were created by the Witch, the reason that Subaru probably still lures them in is because they’re attracted to her smell – and the reason he smells like her, I believe is because he gives off her stench every time she clenches his heart. Of course, assuming that the mabeasts were created by the Witch, that also probably means that the shaman puppy is linked to the Witch or possessed by her. With this final scene, it’s implied that Rem will also lose her horn like Ram did – but this means saving her life by returning her back into a conscious state. It would be a nice twist though if Subaru used this opportunity to attack the puppy instead since the scene flashes back to the dog. This is assuming that the other mabeasts would die if he killed the main source – the shaman dog. We’ll have to wait another week to see how it’s done. And once that’s settled… maybe we’ll finally get past this arc and on to the next because the deaths in the mansion would stop.

Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Hmmm… I have to say, I actually like Ram more than I like Rem #dontthrowrocksatme And now we know the story about demons and their horns. Poor Ram =( I wonder why she lost hers… #ReZero


  1. I can’t wait. Both the mades are cute, I’m just attracted to kick ass loli maids that from time to time go insane with bestial lust and rage. I mean did you see how she fucking used her flail to do a blackflip? Truly an Oni could oni (haha get it?) do that!

    Art of Rem (Kuma) -Your Waifu is Trash (JK)!!!-
    1. ” I’m just attracted to kick ass loli maids that from time to time go insane with bestial lust and rage.”

      That’s a fairly niche fetish there, buddy.

      The Waker
  2. Fingers crossed on the ‘attacking the dog instead of the meido’ thing. Rem losing her horn here would suck. I mean, then she’ll lose her powerup, be saddled with an exhausted Ram and a lightly beaten Subaru, and still be in the middle of a pack of mabeasts in the middle of monster forest.

    How is this an improvement over five minutes ago, when she was crushing mabeasts left and right with a giant wrecking ball?

    1. It’s not stated clearly but Subaru’s first and foremost goal is to stop Rem from rampaging until die, in that crazed state she will keep fighting without attempting to flee at all so first she need to return to normal state and directing more effort into fleeing together instead of fighting head on with the dogs.

      Compare it to RPG that a meele character got berserk status and attacking both enemies and allies, with limitation that the whole team can’t run away unless the berserk stat is dispelled, meanwhile in that battle the enemy is respawning indefinitely. Relying on one berserker character to kill all the enemies while risking all of them to die is not quite a good tactic (it will be very risky bet, it’s either all the enemies killed off first or the berserk character dies and then the whole team dies, or an ally accidentally killed by stray hit from bersek character).

      Well actually it’s kind of lose lose situation for them, both option are risky bet but for Subaru he is prioritizing the posibilities so Rem and Ram can escape first.

    2. I would THINK that it’s because they want to find Rem and rescue her but Ram also knows that they’d have to fight her in the process. They clearly didn’t really have a plan in mind so Subaru winged it and this is what resulted. I agree with yoloachemist that it looks like Rem won’t attack Ram (because she caught her and didn’t end up killing her or anything) but only Subaru… and what that sounds like, is that Rem intuitively wants to kill anyone that smells like the Witch.

  3. I don’t know this how much this would hold true, but remember when Rem would kill Subaru because he has the witch stench on him? She does trust him now because he worked his ass off to gain her trust. However, when she activates her demon mode, she attacks him as if she’s retained her witch hating mindset that’s hell bent on annihilating anything that’s connected to the witch. You may think she’s merely attacking both him and Ram because she’s completely lost her reasoning in her demon mode, but then in the end when Subaru throws Ram at her (hilarious scene BTW), she doesn’t hurt her, and an enough time lapse passes by (indicated by how Rem stomped the ground after the puppy tried to erect it from beneath them) after which she still doesn’t hurt her sister and just holds her.

    If that is indeed true, then that would be intriguing. Food for thought.
    This anime has one of the most fascinating world buildings in recent anime.

  4. shipping rem x subaru !!

    i come to pump in some spoiler…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    random algorithm
      1. Before reading my post bellow please put spoiler tag on it Cherrie don’t read it, I forgot to put spoiler tag and I can’t edit it. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

      1. You don’t need any more spoilers.
        I must warn you that the series will only get darker and darker and stupid shit will happen.
        Plenty of the crap going on will be enough for you to drop the series sooner or later.
        Author was probably thinking that it was cool as fuck to throw some moe fantasy setting
        and then come up with a contrived and tragic story, pack it into novels and call it a day.

    1. A little bit clarification since I’m reading directly from the RAWS so Wanderer doesn’t drop this because of misinformation of the spoiler:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Actually it’s quite hard to explain because the first spoiler is an important key point in the plot, I’m trying to fixing the damage from wrong point on the spoiler but because it’s heavily related to a lot of events it become convoluted explanation… Sorry.
        Show Spoiler ▼


        …If you would be so kind. Cryarc missed the tags on his post above, and I think it would be better to get it hidden as soon as possible.

      4. @Wanderer: We get a lot of comments on the site that make it hard to moderate it 24/7 even with the writers that we have. We tend to watch over the comments on our specific posts the most but if you’re lucky, someone else step in. Unfortunately there’s no plug on the site that signals us when someone is calling out.

  5. I wanted to point out that the little girl with blue hair didn’t appear at all which is quite suspicious to me… I get the feeling she’s involved somehow and the fact that subaru didn’t know her name either makes me question if she’s part of the problem. She could be a random villager but what are the chances of that story-telling wise XD.

  6. https://randomc.net/image/Re%20Zero%20Kara%20Hajimeru%20Isekai%20Seikatsu/Re%20Zero%20Kara%20Hajimeru%20Isekai%20Seikatsu%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2003.jpg
    Dangerously cute because we know he is adorably good.
    Just dangerous because we know he is evil
    Notably we have seen plenty of anime where the hot villainess reforms and turns good, but animals are a different story.

    On the side note, I frankly did thought that old lady was that dark evil beauty in disguise.

    1. There’s just something about that mischievous bright grin that conveys her smart-ass nature and how sweet she can be. It is definitely a good look on her. Very attractive.

      The Waker
  7. One of the things I liked about this episode was how Subaru took advantage of his witches curse to draw the monsters in. It’s kinda like a super aggro move a tank would have xD except Subaru is just a normal human being and would die quite easily. If he could learn some protective magic of some sorts, that would be great, but he probably won’t considering the nature of this series and how he’ll have to constantly do resets to progress with his life.

    And dang, the action was really polished this episode. I liked seeing both Ram and Rem in action as well. I laughed when Subaru yelled “the strongest sword!” as it tore in half and they plummeted towards the ground, he barely just had a weapon and it’s already gone!

  8. Pretty good episode IMO. I’d say one of the better ones for the show thus far. Perhaps Subaru not dying wasn’t the biggest surprise, but it was a nice variation from the usual. Liked that. One positive for this arc has certainly been the characterization of Rem & Ram. Definitely feel much more substantial than they did early on. Good job there.

    In fact, I’m a little surprised at how much Emilia has been shoved to the background lately. I’m sure she’ll be brought back to the forefront later, but right now her character feels a bit thinner than I would have expected given her (what I presume to be) FL role.

    I wondered about how curses worked in-universe before and this episode again seemed to be playing a bit loose with the mechanics. Perhaps I missed something, but it’s like we’ve gone from “your screwed once you’re cursed” to “??? depends” to “well, one curse is simple to undo, but multiple curses are a different story”. It’s not a huge issue, but the story seems to be revising things as it goes along. O.o

    Lastly, I still have mixed feelings with pacing. On one level I have no qualms about pacing in terms of each episode lately. Still, for whatever reason, I’m ready to be done with this arc. I assume next episode will be the last one for this arc.

    P.S. Right now, Beatrice is definitely best girl. 😀

    1. I THINK the way it was explained was that a curse is deadly if it activates before you notice and remove it, but when she saw it Beako could strip it off like taking off a jacket. Then the big ball o’ curses was too complicated to remove ahead of time that way.

      1. @Guile: That explanation makes the most sense, but again, unless I’m forgetting/missed something, the apparently delayed “activation” part wasn’t clearly delineated early on. First time around it sure seemed like once your cursed (via touch) it’s over, and now it’s not that big of a deal unless you’re cursed multiple times.

        As I said, it’s a huge deal, but I do think the show/series could have done a better job from the outset with this.

    2. @daikama:
      I think it only seemed like it was a OHKO move because no one caught on to what was happening. First time Subaru died in his sleep, second time he was weakened and vomiting down the hall before Rem killed him. Apparently some other time Rem managed to get herself infected with the curse (Still don’t quite know how. She doesn’t seem the type to get herself in the kind of situation Subaru was in to get bitten. *Shrug) This time around Subaru went looking for it and got the curse removed. I think what was said is that once the curse activates, there’s nothing to be done, but if you get to it before then, you can stop it. From what we learned, the curse happens at night when the mabeasts restore their mana. It seems that mabeasts in that forest use the curse to “eat” in a sense, and their dinner starts sometime after nightfall. This seems to put all the pieces together. “Dog” bites Subaru/Rem and the curse remains dormant. Once it is time to eat, it activates draining mana as though through digestion, killing the one who is cursed. This time around, Subaru is bitten multiple times making the task like trying to solve multiple Rubik’s cubes lumped together, instead of untangling one knot. Since din-din is established to be nighttime, he has until then to fix all this. The easiest way is to kill all the things until nothing is left to do the draining. Now this leaves some questions in timing in the case of the kids. Did they get bitten in time for that night’s drain? Why arrange them in the circle? There seemed to be a gap in the circle where Braids-chan could fit. Was she supposed to be there? Why was she away from everyone? This explanation is also predicated on the assumption that if you are bitten after a certain point at night, the curse will take until that same time the next night to activate since Subaru was bitten and didn’t immediately die. I hope this helped make things clearer.

      The Waker
    3. I wondered about how curses worked in-universe before and this episode again seemed to be playing a bit loose with the mechanics. Perhaps I missed something, but it’s like we’ve gone from “your screwed once you’re cursed” to “??? depends” to “well, one curse is simple to undo, but multiple curses are a different story”. It’s not a huge issue, but the story seems to be revising things as it goes along. O.o

      That’s because your mixing something up here. Beako said once a curse activated there nothing you can do about it. Until then an inflicted curse are just simple spell forms/patterns that can be remove which Beako did in episode 9 if you recall.

      This is supported when you remember that whenever Subaru went to the village in the earlier loops it was during the afternoon and after he got bit he would then die at night and not immediately after infliction. That was because of the curse activating at that point.

      So it’s still consistent.

      Iron Maw

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