「レム」 (Remu)

I love episodes like these that take the time to step back and bring the viewers up to speed about what actually happened between the characters in the past. From the get-go, we knew that Ram and Rem were characters that must’ve gone through a great deal in their lifetime. This episode just goes to show that wow – there’s only so much you think you know before you’re shown a completely different side of the story. And maybe some viewers could’ve guessed it but I was floored by the history of Ram and Rem’s upbringing. It was hinted that Rem and Ram were close but just how close and why they were so protective of one another is a different story. The flashback from this episode shows not only their family and village growing up, but all of Rem’s trials and struggles of growing up in the shadow of her older twin, Ram. It’s clearly a focus on Rem and I never expected that the show would distinguish the two that much. Even though they’re twins, they grew up very differently and Rem is the one that drives home that sympathy from the viewers. Now I know why she does what she does and why she’s also “better” than Ram at nearly all the household chores… and yet, still puts Ram on this pedestal that she’s striving to become.

Knowing Ram and Rem a little more now, goes to show that all of Rem’s actions and behaviors are really a result of her upbringing and what she’s had to live through. Just because of one malicious thought that crossed her mind in this exact moment, Rem has put herself down so much to “make up” for the fact that she was glad her sister lost her horn. I don’t blame her for her thoughts, but I sympathize with her reactions. Now it suddenly makes sense why she goes on a mission to kill Subaru in the earlier loops and why it’s so hard to gain the twins’ trust. Rem needs someone to tell her that it’s okay and she can be her own person and not live in the shadows of her sister. Subaru turned out to be that person and his compassion towards her really helped her open up. It was an emotionally touching scene as Subaru finally gets his “good ending” with the twins in this arc.

While the episode gives away almost most of the twins’ upbringing, it hints at a lot of events that don’t get exact explanations (yet). So we know that Rem and Ram’s village of demons was ransacked by a group of robed individuals that are tied to the Witch (as stated by the twins before) and that easily explains why they hate Subaru from his scent. It also shows Roswaal swooping in to save Ram right after her horn is chopped out and takes in both twins to work in his mansion. Ram clearly still has some magical powers, but it needs to be recuperated by Roswaal after use and there’s this awkward scene of her sitting on his lap to recover. So while we get the general overview of how and why the twins are maids in the residence, we don’t know any more about the Witch – or the shaman dog that Roswaal obliterates. Thanks to Roswaal, Subaru is curse-free and the mystery of solved of how to progress through this loop. Someone once mentioned that the kid who originally introduced the dog has disappeared (bum bum bum!!) and it turns out that they were right. She’s probably a villain disguised as a child to bring the dog in and now the trail has gone cold. At the end, Roswaal mentions a dragon that makes him uneasy and all the while – the Witch is still at large. Who is she and what does she want? I think we’ll finally get to learn more about her next arc.

That’s a lot of information to take in in half an hour and because of it, I think there’s a lot of assumptions that have to be made as well. For one – they don’t show what happened at the end of last week’s episode with Subaru attacking Rem. I assume that she has still her horn after the attack and Subaru merely knocked her out. That was something I would’ve liked to see animated but I can understand why it was cut out if time is of the essence. Subaru also manages to perform magic on his own in this episode and that shocked me. I know that it’s pretty much exactly what he did with Puck but it looked more advance than I would’ve expected from him. He meets no resistance this time by the Witch (I’m just going to assume the anonymous dark hand is the Witch’s until proven otherwise), but doesn’t provide a lot of answers about the limitations of his powers (if there are any). If Subaru is somehow tied to the Witch, this would explain why she “controls” his ability to tell others about his revival, but I would assume that it also ties them in other ways; for example, using each other’s mana pool or being able to “sense” one another. Maybe this will be explored further on when Subaru starts to control his shadow magic and build up his strength.

All in all, an excellent way to wrap up the ending for this arc. I thought it tied up all the loose ends it could involving the twins, and Subaru finally gets his date with Emilia! Beatrice and Roswaal are still a bit of a mystery but I’m sure their backgrounds will be revealed when the time is right. The twins will certainly continue being an asset to Subaru as he finds himself more intertwined with the events around him. There were a few hiccups along the way or scenes which I thought could’ve been cut short but hopefully it will contribute to the overall character development for Subaru. Sundays can’t come soon enough!

Bottom Line – @ RCCherrie: That flashback on Rem and Ram was exactly what I needed for some context. Thank you #ReZero for that. The episode actually felt like a proper ending for this arc. I was very satisfied with the way it turned out =)

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  1. It does seem a wee bit suspicious that Subaru happens to have Shadow magic, the very rare elemental affinity that (I’m assuming) the Witch also possesses (given her evil shadow hand and all).

    I wonder if it’s correlation (they both have shadow affinity, which is why she could pull this off in the first place) or causation (she warped him at fundamental levels when she did her hoodoo, and he took on her affinity)?
    These guys’re PROBABLY not the Magical KKK. Enveloping robes with pointed hats are just in among mystery cultists this year.

    1. I believe that is actually a chart of how many pieces of art were submitted for each character on Pixiv within the last counting period (which I believe was 1 week). It is an indirect indication of popularity, but it is not a popularity poll.

      Incest Emblem
  2. Fhttps://randomc.net/image/Re%20Zero%20Kara%20Hajimeru%20Isekai%20Seikatsu/Re%20Zero%20Kara%20Hajimeru%20Isekai%20Seikatsu%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2036.jpg
    When a clown makes a series face, you know another storm is comming.

    Next enemies is the Church that is bent in the extermination Oni, elves, and half-elves. Obviously Suburu may experience more painful deaths like burning in the stake or iron maiden.

    Now, how many times our dear main character died? Hopefully his “save point” will switch.

    1. Didn’t Rem say several episodes ago that it was the Witch’s Cult that screwed them all up which is also why Rem hated Witch-smelling Subaru? So I doubt that these guys are Witch-Hunters.

  3. If only there were a way to insert that GIF. Seriously the animators need to give themselves a hand for the way they animated Rem’s tears. It was very touching, IMO, it replaced the lap pillow scene for me, as the most touching, and the most rewarding scene for Re:Zero. Congratulations Subaru, you finished Rem’s route!

    Art of Rem (Kuma)
  4. OH GODS next week is Game of Thrones normal mind blowing 9th episode and this show goes new arc it might kill me!

    The authors of these works should get together to chuckle maniacally over the mind screwing they do to their readers.

    I got such a kick when Suburu called in a broken arrow strike without knowing he was by casting his spell. Broken arrow is the Vietnam term for calling in all artillery batteries and air power in the area to all hit close as a last ditch attempt to wipe the enemy, it normally works. Final Protective Fire is the official term when I was in, saw a what they call a million dollar minute (now many millions with inflation) when the artillery and air units lay in Final Protective Fire and it like the world is going to end in explosive firepower. When the clown flew in an unloaded hell reminded me of my long ago D&D days when high level wizards could level cities at level 18.

    That was so cute at the end and very mature of Suburu and he got his date, with his inexperience I don’t think he realizes he might have just nailed down another women’s love.

  5. Great ep. It is not strange Rem is liked more than Emilia now, as at this point in time, she got a lot more background info that helps us feel for her. Emilia is still a mystery, especially with her similarities to the Witch.
    I like the symbolic add-on that was included when Rem, upon opening herself up to Subaru, now shows her full face (both eyes).

      1. Actually, Rem can do the wind-cut too. If you remember the way she moved her hand when she killed subaru after the cliff when his throat was cut and right before he knocked Rem out when he was flying through the air Rem holds her hand getting ready to cut subaru down when the dog casts ‘Explosion’ on the ground and she is distracted and stomps down.

  6. Another good episode – again, one of the series best IMO. Is it me or is the series getting stronger lately? Sure seems that way. Have to give credit for show/series for really fleshing out both Rem & Ram. When first introduced, it’s easy for one to think “Eh, stereotypical maido twins” when really they had a MUCH bigger role in this arc than one might initially suspect. As I mentioned before, it’s also kind of surprising how Emilia is effectively put on the back burner this arc. Not saying that’s bad, but she’s definitely been overshadowed by both Rem & Ram lately. Again, I’m sure she’ll be back in the spotlight as the series progresses. That needs to happen since her character is pretty thin by comparison now.

    But wow did this arc do wonders for Rem & Ram as characters, especially Rem after this. I mean c’mon! How “d’aaw kawaii” is this!? O.O When this arc started, I never thought I’d like the two (especially Rem) as much as I do now. Good job show. (Beatrice is still best girl though :P).

    Overall, quite a solid episode to the point that even cliche’ moments like Roswaal swooping in to easily save the day, etc. are a mere blip on the proverbial RADAR screen. Not only that, as someone who has mixed feelings about Subaru, “Good Subaru” (i.e. not annoying) showed up again which definitely made things more enjoyable for me. The only quibble I have with Ep. 11 is the end scene with Ram & Roswaal was more creepy to me than say endearing or anything else (they are not going for “sexy” are they? O.o).

    I have NOT read the LN, but in terms of general atmosphere/tone for next arc, I’ve read that (not sure if this is really a “spoiler”, but will use tags to be safe):
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I don’t know if they were going for “endearing” with that scene between Roswaal and Ram. Now that we have the requisite backstory, it seems like Ram’s horn loss and power potential is the focus point of their cuddle sessions. I don’t know if he’s trying to regrow the horn, or tap into whatever mana Ram has since he seems to be using the spot where her horn used to be. Maybe the horn is the oni version of the gate to pull mana.

      The Waker
      1. Roswaal: Oh, let me just make spuuurrious comments about having to leave you alone for a night!
        Ram: Yes, Roswaal-sama. Let me imply that my body is yours for the taking.
        Roswaal: Very gooood! Now come, sit on my lap while I enter you with my manaaa~. Is it good for you, my deeaarrr?

        Me: … Damn it, Ros. You ARE still gay, right? Right?

        I feel like Ros’s affectations MUST be some kind of stereotype, but I’m not actually sure what he’s is perpetuating. Okama, maybe?

      2. I never really saw that scene as “endearing”, but more like “ownership” or servitude. Ram mentioned that “ever since that incident, my body belonged to you Roswaal” or something like that, so to me it implies a more sexual or sensual relationship between the two, which is shown by getting on his lap or putting her hand on him, which would be unnecessary otherwise.

      3. @The Waker @Guile @ChromeNova: First, I get that it was “mana recharging”, but LOL, they could have done that in a much more clinical fashion. Agree “endearing” isn’t the best description. “Sexy” is probably what they were going for. We had a similar cuddles lap scene previously, the “my body is yours” statement along with the general presentation took things to another level IMO. Regardless, as noted above, personally the best description for that scene is “creepy”, not “sexy”.

  7. Such a satisfying end to this arc, we finally get a much needed look into Rem and Ram’s past life and now I can fully empathize with them both. Seeing Rem break down and tears and smiling was probably the most satisfying moment of the episode. Now that the maid route has been completed (at least for now), I’m looking forward to see Emilia take the spotlight (and more beatrice please!)

    Not really a spoiler, but I’m a bit excited and frightened of the upcoming arc, as I hear comments saying it may get very grim dark :X I’m all for it, but I hope there is some light at the end of the road and it doesn’t just spiral down and down. Either way, the first cour of Re:Zero already has me so invested in the show that I’ll be sure to watch all of it!

  8. That scene in the bedroom with Subaru and Rem where he encourages her to think about the future, even if it’s planning for a silly thing like which shoe to put on first, was very beautiful. This is the kind of thing anyone could benefit from hearing. I know alot of people who need to hear such advice.. Unfortunately, it’s a matter of hearing it from the right person, when really this is the sort of thing that should be able to be said by anyone to anyone and still be taken to heart.

  9. Roswaal mentions a dragon that makes him uneasy

    Maybe lost in translation, but in the Crunchyroll subs he says he won’t get anything get in the way of his agenda and it’s all in preparation for the day when he’s going to kill the dragon. I’d be shocked if this wasn’t a reference to the same dragon we learnt protects the kingdom/royal family a few episodes back.


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