OP Sequence

OP: 「カミイロアワセ」 (Kami-iro Awase) by Binaria


「ただいま希望ヶ峰学園」 (Tadaima Kibougamine Gakuen)
“Hello Again, Hope’s Peak Academy”

While Mirai hen could’ve been a bit rough around the edges and somewhat direct and to-the-point, Zetsubou hen is surprisingly lighthearted in this premiere. I was actually surprised by how quickly time went by and how well integrated it was with the former. There are some noticeable differences and I’d like to think it’s done on purpose to highlight how both anime are linked but the mood is completely opposite. While Mirai hen went straight to the killing and dying and dark tones, Zetsubou hen was more hopeful and cheery. It was actually not what I expected out of both series at all and I think that’s why I’ve enjoyed watching both premieres. Anyway, moving along to the story…

If you weren’t confused by Mirai hen, then Zetsubou hen might have you scratching your head. For one, this “sequel” is actually a prequel for all the characters featured in DANGANRONPA 2 – the visual novel. You might not NEED to read it for Mirai hen, but you most certainly should if you’re going to follow Zetsubou hen. And I only say that because you have a lot more context as to what’s going to happen and you’ll actually build a connection with the characters. You might not get the same empathy or feelings towards a cast when you have no idea what happened to them in DANGANRONPA 2. And spoiler alert: (although not much of a spoiler anymore) this is the cast which Makoto was “protecting” and therefore chuffed for at the beginning of Mirai hen. They were captured by the Future Foundation and forced into a virtual reality because they were part of the Despair group led by Enoshima Junko. In DANGANRONPA 2, a large portion of them fall into a coma because they were “killed” in this virtual reality, while the remaining members stayed on a deserted island to try and revive their friends. However, the surviving students also changed a great deal during this traumatic experience and Makoto left them there hoping that they’ve changed and won’t be “Despairs” anymore.

Now I’m going to provide a quick summary of all the students in the class because not everyone is going to remember their names or who they are…

  • Hanamura Teruteru (Fukuyama Jun): Super High-school Level Cook
  • Koizumi Mahiru (Kobayashi Yuu): Super High-school Level Photographer
  • Kuzuryuu Fuyuhiko (Kishio Daisuke): Super High-school Level Gangster
  • Mioda Ibuki (Koshimizu Ami): Super High-school Level Light Music Club
  • Sonia Nevermind (Arakawa Miho): Super High-school Level Princess
  • Nidai Nekomaru (Yasumoto Hiroki): Super High-school Level Coach
  • Owari Akane (Park Romi): Super High-school Level Gymnast
  • Pekoyama Peko (Mitsuishi Kotono): Super High-school Level Swordswoman
  • Saionji Hiyoko (Mimori Suzuko): Super High-school Level Classical Dancer
  • Souda Kazuichi (Hosoya Yoshimasa): Super High-school Level Mechanic
  • Tanaka Gundam (Sugita Tomokazu): Super High-school Level Animal Breeder
  • Tsumiki Mikan (Kayano Ai): Super High-school Level Nurse
  • ”Mitarai Ryouta” (Hongou Kanata): Super High-school Level Imposter
  • Komaeda Nagito (Ogata Megumi): Ultimate Lucky Student
  • Nanami Chiaki (Hanazawa Kana): Super High-school Level Gamer
  • and…

  • Hinata Hajime (Takayama Minami): Super High-school Level ??? (That’s not a spoiler so to speak… but also keeps new comers surprised when he comes back)
  • Now that everyone has gotten a taste of our cast and characters, I hope it’s not a surprise that we know they all survive and make it to the end… so the story is certainly not about how they die one by one (yet). Instead, the story is about how they become Despairs after being influenced by Junko and how that impacts the class. Their teacher, Yukizome Chisa (Nakahara Mai) – who died in Mirai hen’s premiere – is trying to round them up one by one to attend class and does so in an interesting fashion. I don’t know how her role will impact the students; or maybe she’s in on the secret? Hmmm… but she looks like a good person at heart and she only wants the best for everyone. That kind of makes it all the more sadden to know that she’s the first to go in Mirai hen but even worse to hear that her students are on the brink of destroying the world. Anyway, I hope the first episode wasn’t too overwhelming for folks that are new to the cast. Like I said, I highly recommend everyone at least READING up on what happened in DANGANRONPA 2 to get the full experience of this prequel. I actually really like the contrast in OP and ED compared to Mirai hen and I’m looking forward to how Junko will play her role. She’s not in the credits yet… but I just know she’ll make an appearance soon enough. I’m expecting Junko and her twin sister to make an appearance and with any luck, the anime will animate their past as well.

    Overall I’m surprisingly impressed by how Lerche has been able to pull off these two series simultaneously this season! That’s two very different but interconnected stories with no real source material to go from. I’m excited to see how they intertwine and impact one another – with one story based in the past and one in the future. I love how Chisa is “present” in both and I like how it also brings back a lot of old characters (Kirigiri Jin (Koyama Rikiya) who is Kyouko’s deceased father in the first season) we’ve seen in passing and hopefully it’ll provide more context for “The World’s Biggest, Most Awful, Most Tragic Event in Human History.”

    Bottom Line – @RCCherrie: Great cast on #Danganronpa Zetsubou hen! This prequel actually surprised me more than Mirai hen. Love <3 Can’t wait to see how the cast all ties together and I give Lerche credit for handling both series simultaneously this season.


    ED Sequence

    ED: 「絶対希望バースデー」 (Zettai Kibou Birthday) by 緒方恵美 (Ogata Megumi)


    1. For those of you who might find this useful, the the games and anime timeline should go like this:

      Danganronpa Zetsubou hen (anime)
      Danganronpa 1 / Dangranronpa Season 1(game/anime)
      Danganronpa 2 (game)
      Dangranronpa: Ultra despair girls (spin-off game)
      Dangranronpa Mirai hen (anime)

      I’m not including the novels and manga because I’m not so familiar with them so if anyone else wants to jump in and add them…Also, I’m not too certain of Ultra Despair Girls place but I think before Mirai hen is about right)

    2. As I mentioned in Mirai-hen, seeing this first would have given at least a bit more impact to Chisa being the first to go because of giving us a lot more exposure to her here and already becoming one of my favorite characters (along with, so far, Akane, Ibuki, and Chiaki).

      I also find myself liking this group of students a bit more overall than the first series. I guess I like how there’s a feeling of a lot more energy behind this group (though the seemingly “normal” school setting at the moment as opposed to the kidnapping-based “despair” school setting probably is a big reason for it, lol)

      “NO MUSIC!”

      “NO HORMONES!”

      Ibuki seemed like she’d fit right into Mad Max: Fury Road XD

    3. Wasn’t expecting to see more of Chisa but that is not a bad thing. I was impressed to see her impressing Fuyuhiko, disarming Peko, being buddies with Ibuki, chasing down the Imposter and in general, winning the cast’s respect. I thought she would have more trouble to handle them given what we saw of her in Mirai-hen. I like her character more because of it.

      As for the rest of the cast, it is a bit sad to see them all happy considering what happens to them in the future, specially with Hajime. He is probably my favorite character of the whole series and it seems on next episode Show Spoiler ▼

    4. So as an anime only viewer would I be good to go if I’ve read the article for 2 on the wiki? You said reading up on it might help so I’m curious. I do know the events of the first trial in but that’s all the extent of my knowledge beyond what the DR wikia summarizes.

        1. Playing the game has never been a requirement for enjoying these two shows though. You may appreciate them more, but you won’t be completely and utterly lost watching these shows if you don’t play. I would imagine most anime only viewers being able to understand the story by the finale of either show just fine.

          It’s a shame that this “Requirement” that some people are saying is scaring off potential viewers. There’s still a long way to go for either show.

          But whatever.

        2. Honestly, fine, you can probably understand the extremely barebones basic story because of the necessary recaps the show gives. But, and especially for this prequel, the impact of a lot of plot points and characters are incredibly wasted, especially since if you have any interest at all in the Danganronpa franchise, you can literally just watch the second game on Youtube.

          Yes, my God, it’s a shame that fans of the franchise are passionate about something they enjoy, and they recommend that you should have knowledge of the second game.

    5. I think basically Zetsubou-hen starts off with Despair that eventually becomes Hope, while Mirai-Hen is the opposite. Start off cheery and Hopeful and falls into Despair later, which we already know happens.

      Also WTF Nanami Chiaki was a real person?


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