「 拡散 オンステージ」 (Kakusan Onsuteji)
“Scatter on Stage”

Given the imminent return to hostilities, it’s only fitting that we get one last array of performances to send us off, and let’s just say that they’re putting everything on the line this time around. Fan-service mixes with a virus-laced galactic broadcast to double as a source of income for the Platoon, and Bogue continues his role as a running gag by accidentally donating to the Walkure’s coffers instead of stopping their broadcast. The latter ends up serving as perhaps the only real source of humor this time around though, as the rest of the episode ends up filled with romantic sparkles and the revelation we’ve all been waiting for.

As expected, Hayate’s father is confirmed as the one who dropped the dimensional weapon on Windermere. The twist is that he annihilated the NUNS forces and their entire garrison base while he was at it, and it’s an interesting revelation that makes you wonder about his original intentions and the actual consequences of his actions. Given Wright’s apparently positive interactions with the Windermeres, one would assume that he did it to assist the latter or to stop the conflict in general, and he was successful in this sense, given that hostilities seemed to have stopped shortly afterwards. The problem is that the civilian casualties on the Windermere side bred resentment toward the organization he belonged to—even if he didn’t seem to be acting on their orders—and it’s exactly that resentment that brings us to the conflict we’re seeing now.

The can was merely kicked down the road so to speak, and what we’re seeing is the failure of Wright’s attempted intervention years down the line. The question that begs to be asked is how the Windermere masses not only don’t know who dropped the weapon (you’d think Wright would admit to his actions assuming he’s the person I think he is) but also don’t know that a NUNS base was the actual target. The fact that the NUNS lost their forward base and likely a significant amount of their forces seems like something that would be noticeable—unless it was blocked from ever reaching their ears, and the whole situation reeks of shady, behind the scenes antics. It wouldn’t be surprising if Gramia utilized the situation to his own benefit to rise up in the first place, and it’d be interesting to see if Roid (the guy watching Walkure videos in secret) even knew a single thing about it, or if he’s just playing into the hands of those behind the first conflict without even knowing it.

Either way, without confirmation that Wright’s actually dead, Hayate’s inevitable arrival on Windermere could also bring an unexpected reunion. At the very least, the latter gets a chance to correct the aftermath of his father’s fateful decision—something that could be instrumental in also restoring his relations with Freyja, which have been thrown into confusion despite the large amount of romantic sparks (and almost a confession!) we get this week.

Looking forward, Voldor returns once again as the next stage, and another fateful meeting could very well set things up for another series of twists and turns.




  1. It look like NUNS or UNSpacy is heading for war, Winderemere being a backwater area is just a symptom of a greater whole. The nExt Macross would probably have UNSPACY committing civil War like their protoculture forefather.

    1. Actually already happened in Macross VF-X2 between Earth supremacist organization Lactence and pro-decentralization group Vindrance. Lactence didn’t like that the government decentralized so they hatch up a plan supplying Zentradi Anti-UN terrorist group Black Rainbow wth weapons through Critical Path Corporation, a PMC, R&D and black market supplier. Causing frontier planets to call upon Central UN Forces as renforcements. Thing is through media manipulation Lactence a conspiracy in UN Spacy would take over Earth in a coup while allowing them to attack other planets defenses weakening them. For example destroying the UN Spacy Fold Comm relay on Endebald and destroying Vulcan’s laser satellite. Vindrance a faction of UN Spacy that got wind of Lactence conspiracy went rogue to save the NUNG and Earth. VF-X2 MC Aegis Focker who thought he was piloting against terrorists switch sides to Vindirance defeating Lactence. Vindirance according to Macross Chronicle glossary is rumored to be led by Theresa Jenius, daughter of Max and Milia under the alias Maria Fokina Barnrose. Max is rumored to be an anti-Lactence supporter. This is basically Macross’ Titans-AEUG conflict.

      Funny thing about this short civil war is that the MF novels imply Macross Galaxy had a hand in it as one of the AI in Grace’s head thus part of the Macross Galaxy conspiracy is Critical Path president Manfred Brando.Manfred supplied both Lactence and Black Rainbow with the Sound Jamming System which interferes with targeting systems. The MF novel reveals that its Hyperspace Resonance Crystalline Lens it uses is Fold Quartz. The Zauberflute fold comm system which Critical Path used as a cover for the Sound Jamming System is being used by Epsilon Foundation for the Sound Wave System of the Sigur Valens in episode 14.

      Thus we see a pattern with Lactence, Temzin of the 33rd Marines and Leon Mishima, Macross Galaxy uses patsies for its agenda of uniting the galaxy.

      It could be Windermere and Var is their plan B when their plan A failed and Macross Galaxy leadership were revealed as enemies of humanity as a whole.

      1. Wait so are you telling me that UNSPACY is pretty much weaker now? That NUNS is weaker and that the people that Hikaru and Misa worked so hard to saved end up being splinter off into various city states for lack of a better word?


        Not sure how I feel about that now…

    2. The Earth UN Government came to be due to countries uniting under one banner in preparation for first contact with aliens. Not all were thrilled in a one world government thus the Anti-UN Alliance came to be and was mostly defeated in 2007. In 2008 we still see a remnant in Macross Zero. Come 2010 after the Rain of Death humanity’s survivors and Zentradi defectors formed the new UN Government with intent of spreading among the stars so that the species and culture would survive. It was never the intention of Global who is essentially the founding father of this new state to create an empire. Hence the Galaxy Treaty prohibiting conquest of planets with intelligent life. However a centralized government does have its pitfalls. Planets and fleets calling for more autonomy and independence as seen in Macross M3 during Max and Milia’s stint as Dancing Skull Squadron and Isamu’s personal record listing wherever he ends up a war or conflict happens. While the old Ant-UN is dead its ideals were inherited by rebel Zentradi who are anti-Earth. The 2040’s shows they can’t keep the centralized form of government anymore as humanity spread out throughout the galaxy that it isn’t practical anymore. In 2040 Sharon Apple happened taking over Earth’s defense grid and taking control of millions in Macross City through mind control. The Varauta campaign saw one colony taken over as an effect of Earth sending an investigation team on a Protoculture ruin planet, the loss of Macross 5 and leaving Macross 5 to fend for itself as the enemy were the extra dimensional Protodevlin that even gave an entire Zentradi fleet pause, they were the masters of the Supervision Army who once owned the Macross. UN Forces HQ gave Macross 7 two suicidal orders twice without even considering sending reinforcements. One in destroying the Protodevlin and the other destroying a Meltrandi fleet at 500 to 1 odds. Earth itself isn’t safe as rebel Zentradi that left Earth made contact with Lost Zentradi, uncultured ones, giving them new gear and fixing a Mobile Fortress to invade Earth in 2047. Which was stopped by Vahalla III’s special forces and the musical tactical group Milky Dolls, an idol group that uses Song Energy dresses like Walkure does.

      The decentralized government the New UN Government is like the EU while NUNS is like NATO. Even with the defeat of Lactence there were still hold outs that didn’t like the new status quo like Pro-Earth Zentradi group Fasces that attacked Macross Galaxy in 2058 in Macross the Ride and in planet Kasshubu where there is a civil war between the old Earth UN Spacy and New UN Spacy also mentioned in Macross the ride.

      Does that mean Earth isn’t important? No it still is the seat of the NUNG parliament. Each emigrant fleet and colony is now a sovereign state. As such they are the ones in charge of local NUNS both in budget and in arming them. The VF-171 was the last mandated VF of the NUNG replacing the VF-11. Why was the VF-19 not the mandated mainline fighter despite winning Project Supernova? Several reasons. One it is expensive, two it is not pilot friendly except for aces, three Earth won’t send the full specs only the monkey model VF-19E. Why? It is because Isamu in the YF-19 and Guld in the YF-21 broke through Earth’s defense grid. With Isamu successfully damaging the SDF-1 Macross’ bridge. This happened again in 2051 with Aegis Focker in the VF-X Ravens special forces VF-19A. Anti-UN Zentradi has a nasty habit of copying their tech and making better versions. The Zentradi Variable Glaug was created studying the VF-4 while Feios Valkyrie was built using data from the VF-X-11 with performance rivalling the VF-19 and VF-22. Earth is afraid emigrant fleets or colonies would revolt and attack Earth hence keeping the best tech for itself while requiring them to specs of their latest weapons and getting approval for mass production. For example Shinsei was allowed to distribute the YF-24 specs and a less advanced Inertial Store Converter. Macross Frontier made the VF-25 and YF-29 out of it. Maacross Galaxy on the other hand kept the final version of the VF-27 to themselves while giving initial two engine specs to Earth of the YF-27 Shaher. SMS Ouroboros on the other hand produced the YF-30 which is the ancestor the VF-31.

      Now politics and other concerns is a factor for Earth to send Central NUNS reinforcements. In Macross Frontier TV Ozma acknowledge between the lag time of Earth receiving their message and parliament coming to a decision it may be too late. In Wings of Goodbye Earth’s response is gathering NUNS and SMS forces from nearby fleets to act as reinforcements. In the Wings of Goodbye novelization the reinforcementts also included Battle 7 from Macross 7 fleet, Battle 11 from Macross 11 fleet and Macross 13/Battle 13 from Earth. Macross 13 is Earth’s secret defense fleet. The Brisingr globular cluster is on the other end of the galaxy opposite of Earth. Reinforcements may take too long to arrive. Also there are other concerns like Lost Zentradi fleets. Both in 2059 Brisingr Alliance NUNS asked Windermere to send reinforcements to them against a Lost Zentradi fleet in the region also planet Sephira in the Laramis star system, where Messer was supposed to transfer, was attacked by a Lost Zentradi fleet. There are still Anti-UN elements like the one Mirage mentioned in her first sortie when they tried to hijack an island ship.

  2. The effect Freyjas singing had on Hayate recently made me wonder if her abilities as a singer are growing? That or they’ve established quite a close bond together.

    Anyway I think there’s two sides to story about Hayate’s father. And I’m sure the other side will eventually come out.

    1. I feel it’s about their bond as well, since he went to that sky-wind place again, like when he was flying some episodes ago and he felt the wind while Freyja sang. But the fact he hears her voice from anywhere and makes him dizzy doesn’t add up to helping him feel the wind and all.

      I suppose Hayate’s father was definitely good, as Arad said, but he had to do it or something for reasons we will be able to understand (or like the series will make you think that lol).

    2. Definitely something to do with their bond, but could very well involve his fold pendant as well.

      And yeah, I’m expecting there to be more to what he did, or at the very least he didn’t intend the long term consequences to be what they ended up.

  3. This episode showed it again – even though I try to like the series, the writing is just so…stupid. “riding on the wind” in a vacuum, the overly simplified computer cracking, “Makimaki” being annoying and dressed in a weird way for a military briefing, and this episode having Freijas confession interrupted by this couple who really urgently needed to tell her how much they like her singing – calling out to her from afar, of course, otherwise they might have missed the big chance to interrupt the two of them, and we cant have that, can we?…Then Freyja is saying something about never having seen anyone “wrinkly” before, while the king looked quite “wringkly” to me, and now we also have anmesia for the most annoying character. I dont care about her not so subtly hinted at past at all. The only interesting thing that comes out of this is that this woman appearantly ran around naked in this show for no reason whatsoever. Im sorry, I’m just so disappointed by this.

    And I also dont like the music! XD

    1. You still haven’t figured out that the whole “wind” thing is a fancy metaphor for fold/bio-fold waves?

      They’re not literally talking about the wind all this time…

      1. Yes yes, I know, but this is story-extern the way I see it, not story-intern. But I let that slide, if it bothers you so much. Doesnt make the story any better.

      2. I’m not entirely too sure about that though. What does it mean to be able to “see the wind” and “ride the wind”? Folds aren’t even traditionally traversable like that I don’t think. To be sure, the graphics for when they ‘ride the wind’ are similar to what Alto did in the MF movies with the whole fold synchro, but really, is any of this stuff ever explained? It’s basically just a sort of convenient Newtype plot device at this point, though Gundam explains its physics far better than Macross has been doing in my opinion.

    2. While we’re on the subject on nitpicking; I looked back at previous episodes, and the king actually had barely any wrinkles at all (no more than the Elysion’s captain, anyways); basically, they drew him like a sharp-featured middle-aged anime character, and then added those white patches to indicate his age (which were probably what you were confusing for wrinkles).

    3. You’re either not paying attention or you’re just looking for things to complain about. Either way, I’m going to make you look stupid now:
      1. The king was old, but did NOT have any wrinkels. He was almost 40. The people there literally don’t get wrinkles because they die before they could get them.
      2. “The wind” is a metaphor. I can’t belive you haven’t figure this out. It’s a cultural thing akin to “guided by God”. They even say their people “return to the wind”. You think the dead bodies just start floating?
      3. Nobody has amnesia. What are you even talking about? You mean how Freja can’t remember some things? She was FOUR.
      4. Who the hell ran around naked?

  4. I personally believe that Roid may have tested the Mind Control on Hayate’s father. After all, he and the White Knight seem to have started their “plan” a long while ago.

    1. Indeed, that seems a very common theory now that the cat is out of the bag. Given that the hawks in Windermere and the very king Gramia seemed livid about the nuke, it’s unlikely that Hayato’s father was following the independentists’ wishes by dropping that bomb. And since the series seems hellbent on implying that nukes are the evilest evil in the world (biological weapons and slavery, not so much), it would be jarring to have that supposedly great person commit such a horrible sin. Against his own comrades, in fact.

      Roid is the main suspect. Even now, his fellow hawks suspect that he twisted Gramia’s last words for his own benefit. A master stroke like using that nuke to both ensure the NUNS’ defeat in Windermere and give his countrymen an emotional reason to pursue his Protoculture master race fairy tale is not far-fetched at this point.

  5. “We’re going to send you back to the planet where you were captured before, but don’t worry, this time there’s a rebellion/resistance/secret group to get you farther into the enemy’s base without being caught.”

    R-i-i-i-g-g-h-h-t-t. Who sees the “leader” of this “resistance” leading the Delta Platoon into an inevitable betrayal scene at a dummy Protoculture-ruins location?

  6. Honestly, compared to Frontier, this has been so biased towards Freyja all the time that
    a)it’ll make me really mad if they don’t end up together they are so pure and cute together,
    b)I feel sorry for Mirage having less amount of development than that cat-seal and that her development right now is being a third wheel-though not really since Hayate has Freyja goggles.
    The birthday present was too big and their interactions are too sweet at this point to make a swift towards Mirage belivable, especially since they click so much with Freyja. I don’t want to be wrong since my endgame is sailing smoothly but I fear that shift, like with Ranka/Sheryl, even if I shipped Alto with Ranka from day 1, I could see the development and connection between the other pair pretty early in the game, and it was never that biased.

    Apart from that, Mirage’s past is even more intriging! I feel she was from Windermere, maybe her voice chance is getting old? But I feel she’ll define their fate.

    Also I thought they said this Macross was going to have more love triangles, and it kinda didn’t (I mean Kaname’s was so-so since, well…)

      1. I think you mean mikumo, not mirage in regards to the possible windemere past. And yea, if the show even tries to pull a hayatexmirage out of left field, it will feel so contrived for the sake of shipping wars. In all honesty, i think it’s a breath of fresh air that delta didnt play the whole love triangle thing up. They knew who the pairing was that they wanted and they sort of used mirage as a component to flesh that pairing out

      2. If that’s the case then sure, even the opening is way more biased towards FreyjaHayate, or Walkure itself than Mirage. But 17 episodes later I don’t know why Mirage is the third main character.
        Yes I meant Mikumo!

    1. Episode 17 just about confirms that Freyja is going to be the girl. As I have said last week, I had this habit of supporting the wrong girl. Turns out I still do. Really feeling sad for Mirajane, but she never really stood out throughout the series. Messer effectively stole the first half of the show. After that, it was all about Freyja and Hayate. From that point on, there was no turning back. Regardless, I’m still a Mirajane fan and that will never change.

      1. weird as in the couple of hayatexfrejya feels weird or weird as in the progression of events pertaining to their growing feelings seems way too straightforward for a show like macross that you feel like there’s bound to be some contrived twist?

    2. It’s becoming very boring and biased indeed the last thing that could make a good twist would be the pendant twisting hayates feelings a little because of freyja without she realizing it.
      Mirage stays a good girl with her heart in the right place at least they are not actively trying to make anyone dislike her.

  7. OK NUNS look more and more like not the good guys to root for, though Windermere side is definitely not the good guys either.
    No white and black just shades of grey fading into black…
    I wonder if Roid was the one who negotiaited with Hayate’s father his dimensional bomb attack…

  8. It looks like they just exposed their whole marketing strategy. Guess it’s time to check my computers/devices for unwanted trojans. So, uhh, what’s Statelights IP address? Need to check if anything’s connecting to them.

  9. I wish those “not muh frontier” and “not muh robotech” to leaves.

    It’s a legit complain for the first time but after, like, their 10th times spouting this borderline meme it’s just a low quality fecesposting.

  10. great episode.. love the songs

    Now we can see that Hayate’s connection power has increased to Freyja’s songs, I can predict a scenario where the Windermere (roid) kidnap Freyja to use her power for their benefits. on the other hand, Hayate would be able to connect her from anywhere and raises up his power to rescue her.

  11. I feel the love-triangle of macross delta is not quite triangle at all. Every episode is all about Freyja, she is good character, but if they don’t give Mirage enough screen time. This will not be love-triangle at all.

    1. I think there’s at least some rumors that Shoji didn’t really want a triangle this time around. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if there’s actually any truth to that.

      1. ..if you want dark thoughts, that perhaps the reason why Mirage let Freyja have this “happy memories”

        This Lifespan cut can ruin the mood. What should the Mirage do? She can not wait until she drops dead? or she want to ruin Freyja’s happy memories? Its like fighting with someone that has Cancer and you know it…

        Oh, i hit the “dark deep” secret of this Triangle

      2. hahahaha you talk as if Mirage has a chance, forgetting Hayate’s feeling..

        Hayate is the one who should decide and from episode 1 we know where his feeling is heading toward who….

      3. what Mirage thinks about Freyja Lifespan, doesn’t affect Freyja and Hayate relationship.. she just notices how much Hayate cares for Freyja and gets jealous..

        Anyway, I don’t think she believes she has a chance that’s why she doesn’t make any move..

      4. You’re not wrong Hana, there’s too much going on for Mirage to care about how long Freyjas going to live. That’s not to say she doesn’t care at all, but with the war stuff going on there’s more important stuff to worry about.

  12. I was always under the assumption that everybody knew the NUNS base was what was destroyed. I mean, the lie that was told was that the weapon was used by the Windermereans, why would they just drop it nowhere? I think the only revelation here is that it was the NUNS who dropped it, and now that it was Hayate’s father.


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