「弱虫の妹へ」 (Yowamushi no Imouto e)
“For My Weak Little Sister”

Sibling spats don’t usually end like THAT.

Fluffy Text, Dire Subtext

This season hasn’t entirely jettisoned the fluffy antics or the humorous moments, as I had feared. Those elements are an integral part of the Prisma Illya formula. Yet not all is the same, even when Tanaka-san is tromping around in her underwear or falling asleep in class. (She’s a treasure trove of idiot humor.)

The difference is tone. While the jokes are still there, the undercurrent isn’t light and happy like it was in the first episode, much less large swaths of the first three seasons; this is no longer a tale that, for large sections, is about friends having totally happy carefree fun. The text can still be jokey and fun, but the subtext is dire. The show can still be fun, but it’s never have that same joy it had until Miyu is rescued. Nor should it—and that damper on the happy-happy fun times will make it all the sweeter when Miyu is finally rescued from the Ainsworth’s clutches.

Don’t Complain

Prisma Illya is probably not at its best when it’s philosophizing. That’s more the traditional Fate stories’ schtick, though I think most would agree that even there they sometimes get lodged way too far up their own asses (see: several episode late in Unlimited Blade Works’ run). Here, I’m not sure I agree with Kuro. She seems to imply that Miyu’s small-s stoic refusal to express her emotions is a strength, whereas I see it as the kind of brittle strength that’s liable to shatter when it’s most needed. There’s nothing wrong with doubting, as long as doubting doesn’t stop you from doing what needs to be done. The one area she’s undoubtedly right, though, is that Illya needs to put herself in Miyu’s shoes, to empathize with her, and to realize what she’s had to go through. Then, she needs to go save her. Now.

Lancer, Rider, and Saber

I have to mention how awesome the fight animation was! For something that’s a sideshow in the grand scheme of things, and which other studios would have skimped on, Silver Link did nothing of the sort. That’s no surprise at this point, but it always deserves plaudits. Diligent work is so rarely rewarded as it should be.

It was also really cool to see three new Illya card forms: Lancer, Rider, and Saber Lily. And of course, at least one of them had to be showing an eyebrow-raising amount of skin, because of course it did. But the Rider costume was at least pretty much what Rider actually wore, and having her Saber version be more along the lines of Saber Lily? Cooool! Can’t wait to see her go Excalibur mode more often.

Sibling Spat to Sibling Spit Swap

Hells bells Prisma Illya, lewd much? I figured Kuro was just low on mana, but wrapping her legs around Illya? Leeeeeewd! There is a certain amusement in seeing Saber and Archer make out, only now it’s gay and incestuous. Anime!

Seriously though, lewd. And this shot didn’t work in the least. Mostly it was just freaky. The gay incestuous sister love confession at the end? That was sweet though, and would have been even without (or perhaps, in spite of) the making out right beforehand. Illya’s nakama, including her sister, really are her greatest strength.

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – Sibling spat turns into sibling spit swap after the debut of three new Illya hero modes. Lewd! #prisma_illya s4e4

Random thoughts:

  • At first I thought Bazett’s legs were shaking out of fear, but no. The desk is just too small. I feel you, Bazett.
  • I have a feeling that Kuro’s trick with the curse was just that, a trick. Either it’s been gone for a while and she kept the tattoo as a symbol of her bond with Illya, or she used magic to hide the tattoo, not get rid of the curse. That’s supposition, though.
  • I feel like if Illya can keep switching between combat styles like she did this episode, she could be one of the most powerful fighters around. It’s the same way that Archer/Kuro can be so dangerous because they can fight from melee or sniper-level range, and anything in between. That flexibility is a huge asset, and Illya doesn’t even have to use shallow imitations to do it.
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      1. Surely you get the reference? Even if I did slightly mangle the line.

        Besides, between the ending to the previous season, and what they cut out of episode 3, absolutely everything that I came to this series for is gone. There’s nothing left for me to do except poke at the random yuri selfcest scenes.

  1. Prisma Illya, makinng you question whether or not you should be locked up behind bars…The anime team did certainly expand on the Ilya and Kuro scenes, both the fighty and the lovely ones. The one with the tongue was too much though.

    I imagine that you are a pretty busy person and I think it’s not your main job. But how did you manage to bring out two books in relatively short time? How do you manage that in terms of shedules, works ehtics and stuff? That actually interests me. Sorry if that’s too off-topic.

    1. I don’t write as much as I did in high school but when you get on a roll you don’t stop until you’re wondering why it’s dark outside and you’re hungry. Plus, like stilts could ever not do things at 11! Dude doesn’t sleep!

    2. @dean

      The first book actually took me like five years to write (I had to go from abjectly terrible to halfway decent), and the second, at a year and a half, took like 7 months longer than I wanted. Though I suppose that’s not what you’re asking, haha

      The short answer is that I’m stubborn. You’re right that writing isn’t my only job. I actually have two other jobs right now, and if you want to toss writing for RC in there, that makes four total. (I’m slowly going insane as we speak.) But I make the time. Even if I’m busy, even if I have other things going on, even if I’m tired, I make the time. Otherwise I feel like my day (or week, or month) has been a failure.

      Here’s a more useful answer: I pay myself first. If there’s something big and important that I really want to make sure I do, like write books, I make sure to do that FIRST, and then catch up on all the other stuff if I can. Lately I’ve been going to sleep early so I can wake up early and write before the day starts. (Historically Smokex365 has been right, I’m a night owl by nature, but that’s been changing.) That way, before I do any of the urgent things, I’ve made sure I’ve done the one thing I’ll hate myself if I don’t do.

      I also always make sure to pay attention to the important things that aren’t urgent. It’s easy to let the important but non-urgent work fall by the wayside in favor of the latest crisis. I try to focus on the important and non-urgent, and then the urgent, and then let the rest go undone. I don’t work out as much as I’d like. I don’t clean my place as often as I should. I’m constantly behind on every anime, and have given up on catching up. These are things I can do once the writing is done, or not. But I have to pay myself first.

      I could go on, but the biggest thing is the commitment. Most people say they want to write a book, but they’re lying to themselves. I don’t lie to myself. I either quit something early or I latch on and never let go. Writing books falls in the latter category.

      Now, back to magic lolis 😀

      (P.S. Buy my books)

      1. i want to tell you this, like i tell my close friends

        As long you are happy doing your things, then you should pursued it. But when it become just an old habit of yours and no fun is there anymore, then you should quit

        He is an volunteer Teacher. The unpaid night overworking, the gatherings and such… he has now less more time then bevor he started doing his job.

      2. I actually like all of my jobs, though I’ll drop the one I like the least once the one I like the second most pays better, which should happen within six months. Writing books is the one I like the most, though, so that’s not going anywhere.

        Trust me, once I stop enjoying something, I stop doing it. I just have a strange affinity for the grind. That’s why I still enjoy writing here, even after 4 1/2 years.

      3. of course the Job or Jobs, that fill your Refrigerator and pays the Power and Water fees and so on, are more important, then the others. You need to drink, eat and have an roof over your head..

  2. While by no means a “deep” series, I am ecstatic that this season has a lot more weight to it. I enjoy the slice of life antics but Prisma Illya’s happy moments shine when there is an undercurrent of actual depth and emotion. I am HYPED. Plus it can’t get much cooler than Illya, Kuro, Bazett, Gil and Fanservice-Mcgee stomping in to save Miyu from baddies <3

  3. Wow yep would not have been surprised if it cut to both of them naked under a sheet on mattress in the Nurses office after that oh so hot.
    Yep that was Wincest, and I love how Illiya initiated it and stayed in the dominant position the whole time she’s getting more and more into this. It is sort of selfcest as well as they are two parts of the same person.
    I don’t know if I have ever seen a hotter make out session between any two people in any anime, still on a high after that.

    Illiya I thought was the most powerful main fate character before this and now she’s even more powerful, imagine someone in other fates able to switch hero’s that fast, let alone switch hero’s at all and also have the advantage of not having a separate mage as a weaker target to take out.
    I had forgotten Lancer’s automatic kill weapon as he tends to lose despite that.

    Bazett I’m not seeing her weapon container so she might be without her best attack.

    Look forward to buying your book in softcover once it comes out.

    Oh, off topic, saw video of Japanese guy who in english interviews people on the street on various things often girl things. One video on the subject of what Japanese women find attractive one said a guy that was way taller than her who would pat her on the head often and I had to think of Stilts.

    1. Poor Lancer. Hopefully this time at least his weapon gets to be useful.

      I’m assuming Bazett has Fragarach somewhere. Maybe she didn’t bring it with her before . . . though, hm, yeah, that’s a bit odd. Maybe Rin and Luvia will bring it later on.

      Next week! (Hopefully) They’ll be out in print right quick. I’ll be sure to update my end-of-post blurb when that happens.

      And I’d totally pat my kawaii waifu’s head as much as she wants. Though I still prefer a tall woman with legs for days. Bonus points: she’d still be short to me! Everyone wins. *head pats hypothetical waifu*

  4. This episode had everything that Fate/ Illya has to offer.

    Goofy comedy, flashy action, light philosophy, and of course FULL-ON LEWD LOLI YURI SELFCEST WINCEST!!!

    Yellow Mellow
  5. Ginobi47
  6. About the curse, it was explained in the manga that Show Spoiler ▼

    They keep skipping small bits of dialogue like that in the anime and it’s starting to annoy me.

  7. As quoted by an anonymous user long past

    So Saber Lily is making out with Archer, eh?
    Saber Lily
    I see what you did there, Mr. Author of Fate Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya

    1. No you don’t?

      Saber’s true end in Realta Nua, is that she goes to Avalon after dying in the holy grail war looking like Saber Lily, and meets up with Shirou. Shirou then was basically Archer even in appearance and they make out.

      Here in Illya, Saber Lily is making out with Archer, Saber Lily being in the dom position just like her true ending.

      Oh I see you’re trying to say Saber Lily = Yuri because lily. I guess there’s a double entendre there.

  8. Okay, i did bite. I was thinking that i spoiled me myself with the manga and would not enjoy this anime adaption now. but somehow i jumped on this “feeling” train of this anime here. I am bord this Ship. I hope the Captain show me a nice Trip, even i knew the World

  9. By actually asking Kuro to stay by her side forever, Illya is essentially embracing the very personification of the original pre-programmed Magus personality of hers that was sealed away, as every-bit integral and necessary to her very self. This is a far cry from the first two seasons, where Illya in many ways was trying to deny that she was, by inherent nature, far more than the ordinary girl the bed-rock of her identity was built upon.

    It’s a shame this excellent, rather deep and organic level of character development is sacrificed by Silver-link ensuring that the audience is niche.

    Also, Saber Lily has two meanings. The second, SFW meaning, is that just as Saber Lily was the innocence of Arturia in her adventures before embracing the burdens of becoming a King, Illya is the most innocent incarnation of any of her alternate-selves in the multi-verse, the very personification of the musing in Fate/zero that if Illya was raised in an ordinary environment, she would have been a very pro-social and very friendly young woman.

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kuro could have erased that curse a while back but chose not to. It is a kind of physical representation of her bond with Illya. And not a bad thing to have extra motivation to not let your sibling get hurt.

  11. You know, because Kuro was created via magic and her body wouldn’t be Illya’s, technically it isn’t true incest. Oh, if Illya really loves Kuro that much, she could just change it by wishing for it. It is how Kuro’s still alive after all. Also, if Illya can grab Saber Lily, that also probably means that she could grab Arturia from a specific time period to also have children with Kuro (thanks Merlin for that).

    So yeah, this IxK ship not only is going strong, but serious consideration for being a real thing.

    Oh and Kuro totally brought Illya to an orgasm. Think that’s one of the power up requirements to pass along the energy in its entirity. Can’t remember too well on that, since I haven’t played Fate in like forever.

    Dorian S.
    1. That is with the normal fate series, where having sex equals to mana transfers. Kissing does not equal mana transfer in the normal ones.
      In this spin-off however, orgasm is not needed for the transfer.
      It might make them exhausted as they’ll feel too much pleasure but the orgasm part is not needed 😛

      1. Kuro told Illya that better mana transfer though sex was an option, resulting in Illya Henti repeatedly said response. Kuro found kissing normal people just not very helpful, it’s kissing a huge mana source like Illya that works best, the brother would work but not as well. So it might be in the others kissing just not good enough with week sources and even in this story sex would be better. And here it’s not just kissing it is full making out, swapping body fluids deep tongue kissing, full body contact sex without intercourse level kissing. 😉

      2. well, perhaps this kissing here is born out of this Asia superstition, that Sex keep you young or leach the life force of the other and add it your own. So in a way Sex for them is to expand their own lifespan or recharge their “Life force”

        Your laughing? Then explain me these Shark fins and more, in this world of enlightenment.. So there are still superstitions out in the world and are still used

        but oh well, we Illya fans know this is to recharge her Mana, but for outsiders this is just Yuri stuff

      1. I’m not quite sure what you are implying. Are you saying after having watched these two make out that there is no yuri in this???

        Also tags in bato are a community thing. It’s not like they magically appear from the publisher!


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