「リトルレディ、襲来」 (Ritoru Redi, Shuurai)
“The Little Lady Attacks”

It’s not the loli you have to worry about. It’s her father.

Erica Ainsworth

I’m not sure if I was spoiled for this and forgot, or if I just clued into it immediately, but it would appear that the adorable little loli Erica (Morohoshi Sumire), who is so full of pride, is one of the Ainsworths. I like how they wove hints into the narrative before dropping the bombshell at the end. Simple conservation of detail would argue that she’s more than a random passersloli, for there’s no one in this world but allies, enemies, and Kotomine, but she could have easily been an ally. But Tanaka was growling at her the whole time, and bit her, and couldn’t get along. For someone as constitutionally cheerful as Tanaka, that means something up—and the only thing she knows is that she will destroy the Ainsworths.

Yet, though I picked up on this immediately, the sudden appearance of this little girl was more used to point the spotlight on Tanaka, along Bazett’s wounds. Okay, mostly Gil-kun’s deflections and Bazett’s wounds did that, but it got Illya asking important questions about Tanaka again. Even if she can be trusted, which is perhaps a dicey proposition since they don’t know anything about her, not knowing more about her is a risk. It’d be wise to learn more.

Pride Goeth Before the Reveal

Little Erica herself is a bundle of pride, isn’t she? It further stands to reason that she’s the daughter of the rich and powerful Ainsworths, but I also just got a kick out of her ironclad pride. (Or what she thought was ironclad.) It’s hard not to like her, though it remain to be seen if that’s a tenable position. With a father like this, she could still be rotten to the core. And she isn’t entirely oblivious, since she knew who Illya was ahead of time. Hmmm…

One Helluva Cliffhanger

I definitely cursed aloud when it was revealed that the sleepy, silly, klutzy father was Darius Ainsworth (Konishi Katsuyuki), and that he was bad fuckin’ news. Not out of any annoyance, other than at a well done cliffhanger. Dammit! I want to know what happens next. They did build up to that realization nicely though. Just as we were getting it, Illya was getting it, and then the alarm goes off. Aaaaaand fight!

tl;dr: @StiltsOutLoud – A wild loli appears! (A new one.) Tanaka is not pleased, which makes sense once the loli’s father appears #prisma_illya s4e5

Random thoughts:

  • Gil-kun’s Noble Phantasms are just getting silly. A roof hot spring? If they weren’t always used for gags, I’d start thinking he should be able to solve anything with something from his hammerspace.
  • Bazett is undoubtedly the best waifu present. Don’t worry Bazett-chan, I’ll manage our finances, you just be tough, maidenly, and strike fear into the heart of my enemies. The Bazett & Stilts Mercenary Agency will be a sure thing! (P.S. keep that maid outfit from the specials. For science.)
  • Tanaka-san is learning some suspect things. Fortunately for us.

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    1. Yep she will have to be good with the girl children she has with Kuro and Mayu and the ones they have from her, a guy can dream 😉

      Science is working on this and of course magic, maybe Ruby. And girls only no Y chromosome involved.

      I like Bazzet’s business fighting outfit, but she looks real good in skimpy female clothes.

  1. A bit too SOL heavy for my taste after we already had last week.

    I would be surprised if Erica turned out to be a “normal” girl. Okay, she’s the daughter of a mage, but maybe she’ll turn out to be the result of another experiment?
    Also thought about her being the Ainsworth equivalent of whatever Tanaka is, but since it looks like Tanaka or at least her human conscience only started to exist with her meeting with Illya, that doesn’t seem to be the case after all.

    Uuuhm, those drawing skills are interesting. Is she drawing Illya? 😀

    What are those signs in the onsen supposed to mean?

    Nice heart ahegao. 😀

      1. The most popular theory seems to be that Tanaka is a part of Earth’s Counter Force, or, to be more precise, a being created by the will of Gaia.
        This would put her on a level with (or even above) True Ancestors, making her one of the most powerful characters in the entire Type Moon Multiverse, but also an enemy of mankind and possibly the final enemy of Prisma Illya.

        The main argument for this theory is: (Warning: MAJOR spoiler ahead.)
        Show Spoiler ▼

    1. The drawing looked like a mushroom cloud to me, especially since the others were just discussing what actually caused the giant crater in town. I’d assume Tanaka has some sort of relation to the crater, whether she caused it herself while attacking the Ainsworths, or it was the trigger for her memory loss, or something else.

  2. my reactions during episode…
    -Tanaka-san can be used as armor piercing missile if launched at sufficient speed?
    -“what a cute butt!” dat lewd wand….
    -critical hit by “Ilya-oneechan!”
    -“that cute girl cant be our enemy” – she is so wrong….
    -best noble phantasm ever
    -surprise kiss attack
    -lol dat bazette reaction
    -is she posessed by spirit of Akatsuki? lady this, lady that…

  3. https://randomc.net/image/Fate%20kaleid%20liner%20Prisma%20Illya/Fate%20kaleid%20liner%20Prisma%20Illya%203rei%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2001.jpg
    I was hoping Kuro would use Trace to look at the heater and check if it was broken like Shirou does. Would have been a good nod, though she probably couldn’t fix it even if she did that.

    They removed Gil from the hot springs scene and replaced him with Erica. He was suppose to be bathing in the other side(the hot springs was bigger than what was shown in the episode). Actually, the actual order is that they took a bath first then they met Erica. After Tanaka finished her speech about the Ainsworths, Gil was doing his suspicious smirk. Kuro then retorted to Gil that he was doing that face again, which he denied.

    Quick, hide your lolis!

  4. HalfDemonInuyasha
  5. It actually was kind of obvious the guy and Erica were part of the Ainsworth, they’re standing together next to Beako and Angelica in the opening song, so I didn’t really feel much of a surprise at the supposed reveal. Honestly felt like a bit of a wasted episode, but It’s a nice lull before the storm I suppose, and some funny fanservice scenes as always. I hope Tanaka remembers something about her past and/or reveals her powers next episode.


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