Just when you thought the series couldn’t get any darker, we realize the rabbit hole is deeper than we ever imagined. As it turns out, the Second Exorcist plan wasn’t so much an idea to create “new” Exorcists as it was to recycle old ones by transplanting their brains into new vessels, and the Black Order truly earns its moniker after the revelations of this episode.

Quite frankly, it makes you wonder if mankind’s worth saving if the organization responsible for it have none of their humanity left, and suddenly, it becomes clear why the Noah may be keeping them around on purpose. Given enough desperation and time, it wouldn’t be surprising if the Black Order ultimately created something stronger or more dangerous than even the Noah could deploy, and one wonders if it’s hasn’t already been done in
the form of Alma Karma. The way
the Noah are investing all their manpower to awaken him from his slumber certainly doesn’t bode well in the grand scheme of things either way, and it wouldn’t be without a fair share of irony to see Alma wrecking the Black Order one more time.

With that said, perhaps the most interesting thing to note is how Kanda’s still here despite everything that’s happened, and the reason why he’s still here is certainly something to look out for—even if it could be that he’s just being forced/coerced to do so. Until then, I’m admittedly at a loss for words here.

We came in knowing that pretty much every Exorcist arrived with his/her own baggage, but I didn’t quite expect this. For all the tragedy and heartbreak that’s come with all our other members, it’s not hard to see how much more Kanda’s had to deal with comparatively, especially if he still retains all his memories from his previous life. The things that would have to do to a person’s mind—well, let’s just say hallucinations and going down the deep end are far from unexpected, and I’d say that this is one of those moments where we can only wait and see what we get from Alma’s side of things.

Here’s looking forward to next week (and more Road?).




    1. Nah, impossible. At best he had good intentions, but nothing changes the fact that 99% of people that suffer from him are innocent and that he revels in the sufferings he causes. No matter how evil the dark side of Black Order is, nothing will excuse his deeds (to begin with, they are like that because of him).

      Lord Nayrael
  1. Inb4 Road starts to try & coerce Allen to their side or something(not that it’d happen) but damn, that’s some disturbing unexpected past Kanda had there. Also, really liking the fact that he’s actually receiving some proper background which he didn’t in like, 103 eps of the 1st season. All we know about him back then was that he was a much less developed version of “the serious rival” archtype character of a shounen anime, who’s main traits were being kinda angry(or no non-sense type of guy, take it as u will) and kinda badasss.

    Manly Tear
    1. Seems like that’s what the Noah are trying to do overall though, interestingly enough, despite the Fourteenth wanting to kill the Earl. Chalk that up to the usual crazy Noah shenanigans, haha.

      And yeah, they’ve taken their time to really do much regarding Kanda, but they’re making it up here in spades.

  2. it becomes clear why the Noah may be keeping them around on purpose

    I thought it was because the Earl wants to use the Order to lure the Heart user out since it will be harder for him/her to hide if both sides are looking for him/her? I think this is mentioned in the previous season

    1. Hmmm… my memory’s a bit foggy on that end. I remember them explicitly saying something about keeping the Order around for a reason, but I don’t know if they mentioned what that reason was.

  3. This episode hit me harder than when I read the chapter, probably because I didn’t care for Kanda much.

    “Makes you wonder if mankind is worth saving” Yea, wow that scene when Kanda realizes who he is and starts screaming as they try to put him to sleep…
    I thought the transition to Allen’s screaming was well done because I also forgot he was watching.

    Also has anyone else noticed how the animations has been getting much much better? Loving Hallow so far.

    1. Yeah, the poor animation was one of the biggest complaints I had when I watched the first episode but it has gotten much better. Now if only it wasn’t so colorful. But Hallow gets a lot right, so I can’t complain too much.

    2. There’s also just the forced attempts at synchronizing him with his former Innocence as well. Pretty much “died” an extra time every time that failed. That and limbs falling apart etc. etc. The fact they got used to that and just laughed at it showed just how crazy things were for the guy.

      And yeah, I noticed that as well. The animation’s becoming more consistent as the episodes go by.

  4. You either have sincerely good hearted people who had quite the traumatic life experience, or you have so called peace keeping organizations that are far away from being saints, or you have villains. Dark story is dark alright. Though that’s what makes it so good in the first place. I’m loving it more and more.

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