「魔術師再び」 (Majutsushi Futatabi)
“The Magician Once More”

Another late week for me and I apologize. On the bright side, the season preview is on its way for everyone! Yay!
Anyway… the stagiaire arc continues with Souma’s new challenge at Kojirou’s new restaurant. Instead of a duo this time, it’s just Souma on his own, trying to make a signature dish or impact on this new restaurant. The entire episode wasn’t as rushed as last week’s, but it did feel like there could’ve been more “fluff” or added pressure for Souma to do more. After last week’s triumph, I don’t feel the urgency as much (even with Kojirou running the show) for Souma to deliver something outstanding. Considering at we’re at the finish line now and there’s only one episode left, there’s no way that he’ll fail to deliver something unique to the table. The episode also doesn’t dwell on the other secondary characters that get about 10 seconds each to shine. That felt like a bit of a waste because other than seeing their faces, I didn’t get any context for their situation.

We meet some new characters that join Kojirou all the way from France and that includes his newly appointed head chef, Abel Blondin (Yamashita Seiichirou), a second cook, Lucie Hugo (Arai Satomi) and the head service manager, Wei Gao (Watanabe Akeno). The staff were completely professional and respectful of Kojirou when it comes to delivering during dinner service. It’s incredible just how much 3 people can do when there are so many patrons coming in at once (and such a difference from last week’s restaurant performance). You would think that it’s easier to create a set menu for soft-opening, but this episode just demonstrates how tricky timing can be. I’ve never been to a restaurant that serves you food timed that well (even superior fine-dining ones) but it makes sense when you want the best restaurant to have both great food and service. After all, dining out is about the experience as a whole and not just cramming food in your stomach. It does feel like the show is cramming a lot of new characters and material at you at once though. The rush doesn’t come from the plot advancement but rather from the lack of connection between the audience and characters. It’s hard to feel any empathy towards Abel and his journey towards being Kojirou’s underling when the only one I want to see more of was Kojirou himself. Oh well, I knew going into it that the episodes were going to be quick.

There wasn’t that much prepared this week in terms of jaw-dropping food, but Kojirou does manage to whip up a quiche made up of mushrooms, cheese and all that other yummy stuff that makes up a quiche. I love hen-of-the-wood mushrooms and if you haven’t tried any before – what are you waiting for?! The best fungi I’ve ever had, hands down! But they’re a bit on the pricey side so it’s not an everyday choice of food. The best part of this scene though, was seeing Kojirou unsatisfied with the way his dish turned out. I mean, it’s understandable that you’re your own worst critique, but to see Kojirou still trying to be the best without coming across as arrogant is unexpected. The guy knows that he can still improve even though he’s so critically acclaimed already. I wonder if this is how Souma is going to invent a new dish for himself or maybe use it as inspiration for something of his own. For everyone saying that Souma doesn’t have his own “style” or “cuisine” which he specializes in, you’re finally going to get a taste of it next week.

And just one more random thought – did anyone else think it was weird that they would have both French and Japanese in the same sentence? They say “oui” a lot which is “yes” in French, but then they finish off in Japanese which sounds odd to me.

Bottom Line – @ RCCherrie: A little late on this week’s #shokugekinosoma because I wanted to get the season preview and #Rezero finished first… Loved seeing Shinomiya come back to the show though =) he’s one of my fav. Alumni. It’s a little weird to hear both Japanese and French being spoken on #Shokugeki_anime o_O Does not compute!

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  1. I dunno, I’m enjoying this arc heaps.
    Hell, I’ve enjoyed this entire season very much so far. Maybe because I’ve already read the manga and just watching everything get animated is incredibly satisfying, but I remember the specific sensation that Stagiaire Arc left on me and I’m still getting the same sensation watching it.
    It just felt really good to witness these kids go outside their bubble that is the school and understand reality isn’t a prestigious school environment where everyone has just about the same opportunities to attain access to certain and similar privileges. Nope, it’s a kitchen world.
    It was great watching Soma in a gourmet kitchen environment and watching him ultimately adjust. I know it happened in an episode, but I enjoyed it.
    I like this arc a lot, especially with the way it ends lol.
    Also love Soma and Shinomiya’s relationship because it seems like the first mentor mentee relationship that isn’t him and his dad, which is fatherXson anyways. They just gel so well together.

  2. Personally I think it’s a shame they couldn’t start Season 2 with the Stagiaire arc because they had to conclude the Autumn Election arc. Stagiare would have been a great opening arc to the season, and then concluding with the Moon Banquet Festival arc. It makes me wish Season 1 was longer so they could have concluded the matches to give Season 2 the perfect opening.

    The pacing would have been perfect too. Anyway, I think we’ll probably get more seasons anyway so it’s not a huge deal.

  3. It’s a little weird to hear both Japanese and French being spoken on #Shokugeki_anime o_O Does not compute!

    Yup. Because usually, Japanese is mixed with German/English.
    (not a jab, just pointing out something amusing)

    On a completely unrelated note (to the arc, but not SnS), Show Spoiler ▼

  4. I’m kind of saddened by how rushed the Stagiare arc feels. Granted I haven’t read the source material yet, but it does feel like a waste to rush it when it could have taken it’s time, especially to explore the other characters and to lengthen Soma’s struggle a bit, rather than him grow exponentially in like one episode. I DO like this arc though, It’s a refreshing change from all the tournaments at school (though that was also fun). At least now I have incentive to read the manga once this season is over~

    1. @but it does feel like a waste to rush it when it could have taken it’s time

      There’s not enough episodes for that. Not to mention ending on a cliffhanger for this arc considering how short it is would have been quite pointless. At least when Season 3 happens, they can start with the Moon Banquet Festival arc. It’ll be better than starting a season mid way through a tournament arc like they’ve done here.

      1. Yeah, I know they wanted to end episode 13 without a cliffhanger, and it makes logical sense why they rushed it so they could come to a proper conclusion before the next cour. It’s still a shame though they didn’t have a full 2 cours so they didn’t have to do this, but I’ll take what we can get.

      2. I agree, 24 episodes would have been amazing and would have fixed the pacing issues this season had. But I guess if 13 episodes is all they had the money & plan to do, as you’ve said we just have to take what we can get. The first season didn’t sell that great, so I’m assuming that had something to do with it. I hope it’s not a Nisekoi like situation where they do a longer first season and a shorter second.


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