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OP: 「Flower」 by Lenny code fiction

「今年の1年はウケるな」 (Kotoshi no Ichinen wa Ukeru na)
“This Year’s First-Years are Hilarious”

If you know me, you know I love a good sports anime. 2013/2014 essentially kick-started the new generation of sports anime fans, and after a dip in numbers last year, this season is giving us plenty to test out. So far, Yuri!!! on Ice and Haikyuu!! are clear winners, which isn’t too surprising, whilst All Out!! (which also adheres to the exclamation point trend) lingers behind. This premiere wasn’t bad by any means, but it was the sports anime standard, for better or worse. Fans of the genre are sure to enjoy the quirks of the characters and look forward to what positions they’re going to play (in more ways than one…) now that we’re getting to know what their relationships are like and how they work as a team. But similarly, this episode was so damn predictable that nothing presented was surprising. I sensed every plot shift moments before it came, and could almost imagine the seiyuus shouting out certain key phrases, and that meant the result left me wanting a little more.

The premise is simple: We’ve got the hotheaded shrimp, Gion Kenji (Chiba Shouya), whose major gag is that he’s short and everyone likes to point out that’s short (though he might look at little taller if he didn’t walk with bowed legs and a hunch), and in contrast there’s the gentle giant, Iwashimizu Sumiaki (Adachi Yuto) a first year of intimidating size who gets bullied by others and is too timid to use his strength. We’ve got a boisterous chibi and a book-loving buff boy – it’s a match made in the shipping heavens. Honestly, I’m shocked this episode was lacking in homoerotic subtext that I expected from glancing over the manga and character designs; this was more masculine and boyish than I envisioned, but that’s likely to only aid its quest to concur the fujoshi.

With the two leads established, the rest of the episode is dedicated to rugby – a sport that I, as a Scot, am familiar with just as much as football (although I play neither). But it’s not shocking that your average Japanese highschooler wouldn’t have heard of it. As a result, we spent some time viewing the pitch – as opposed to actually getting involved and invested in the game – as Gion realises how fun it looked. Sprickle on some: “Any one is welcome on this field and anyone can be the star if they so wish!“, and you’ve got your premise for the show. But there’s also Iwashimizu’s middle school drama to consider, as he was recruited by a friend before injuring his shoulder and causing the team to lose a crushing defeat. His friend’s painful screams were the most striking moment of the episode; that scene felt guttural and real, so I hope we get to see more of the gruesome results that come with such a violent sport.

Overall, All Out!! is sure to appeal to the new wave of sports fan who need something to scratch their itch this season. If this episode is any indication, it’s unlikely to be groundbreaking in its story or production, but the comedy is goofy and endearing, the characters are cute when their designs aren’t utterly ridiculous, and there’s a positive energy to Gion that could make him a worthy lead. Though, I do think the height jokes could get old very quickly.

Also, butts. If you like meaty man butts, you’ve got 24 more episodes of them on display to look forward to.


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ED: 「全力少年」 (Zenryoku Shounen) by Sukima Switch


  1. Sadly it was a bad episode which will be probably followed by a bad show. The characters are way too extreme in their quirks and it overshadows anything that could be considered good, like f.e. parts of the soundtrack. Too bad, as a former rugby player in the youth, I had hopes for this anime.

  2. Also, this will probably end up as number 10 on the list of this season’s sport anime. After Haikyuu, Tiger Mask, Yuri on Ice, 3-gatsu, Keijo, Ping Pong Lolis, Long Raiders, Vivid Strike and still ongoing Days.

    Each of them had better opening episode so far.

    1. I’ve not checked out all of those shows yet, but chances are All Out!! will be on the lower half of the list. Especially since there’s so many sports anime on offer this season.

  3. The start for this sport anime is run-of-the-mill and that will put off those with little to no interest in the sport. Was expecting this since I have read some of the manga well before its announcement and did a recheck recently.

    Will see how it goes in the next 2-3 episodes before deciding to watch as it is released or just put on the backburner to collect and watch in times of lull. Will want to see how they animate the rugby action. Too many still action shots and back to the queue it goes.

  4. I know damn well I’m being strung along by the intentional ship tease of shows like this but dammit if I don’t fall for it every time. So far I like what I’m seeing. If anything the animation is gorgeous. But what the hell is up with that cork screw hair?

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t go as far to say the animation was gorgeous. Similar to Diamond no Ace, the episode was almost entirely made of still and panning shots – the animation was very limited. The character designs and art is solid, but I hope we get to see some proper action in future rugby matches.

  5. Guess I’m the only one that loved it. It’s already 10x better than DAYS, with its Amazing MC that has yet to do a single thing worthy of EVERYONE’S sycophantic praise 😛

    & the 2 MC of All-OUT!! have the same personalities as Ed n Al from Fullmetal. You can’t go wrong with that 🙂

  6. You know, I have no beef with the first episode as it’s just like ANY other sports anime’s first episode. 1 guy finds out about this amazing sport and he will go from a scrub to be the shining half-back or a screaming winger (but looks like he’s going to be in the forward pack).

    Also anyone can be a star? PAH! As I used to play prop, I find that statement hilarious.

  7. Once again we have an anime that falls under logic, the sports lingo and unlike Days which I am finding a bit tedious to watch it is a good start.

    I would say that we have had a very good selection of sports anime from last year to now from cycling to baseball it has followed logic and Haikyuu for me was the by far the best due to the ending.

    And that is not to say Kuroko wasn’t good it was great but when you focus on sports realism is always better.

    I read a post once where a guy tried do what Kuroko did and eventually he did become a phantom (no longer played was on the bench.) Yes crazy people do exist but getting back to All Out. I never liked Rugby because I am small and the only thing I could do was run for my life lol. I was forced to play at school and it never ended until I moved school lol.

    I did love running past people and I did find it enjoying. All Out for me will be on par with Diamond no Ace as it can not beat the last minutes of Haikyuu for me lol.

    I hope it does get covered and @SAMU you are the right person for the job lol.


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