「瘯心の渦中で」 (Shishin no Kachuu de)
“The the Midst of Jealousy”

This episode of Tekketsu no Orphans can be looked at in two ways: The positives of its long-term planning and setting up of a grander plot, and the negatives of a action-less episode that was frankly a little boring. Perhaps it’s just my luck that the two episodes of Tekketsu on Orphans that I have blogged were ones that I thoroughly enjoyed and had plenty to discuss. In the bigger picture, there were plenty of episodes during the middle of the first season that didn’t do anything for me and felt like stalling. I’m getting that sense again, though I do prefer being able to jump between character groups and locations rather than being stuck in space battles with wacky pirates that don’t really matter. What I’m getting at here is that I don’t think this show is perfect; this episode wasn’t bad or anything, it just felt like it was lacking in some real substantive content for the mean time.

For the positives, I’m seeing some nice possibilities as to where these characters could go and how alliances will unravel. It’s revealed that Orga and McGillis are conversing despite their differences, which I find fascinating. I get the impression this bond is more “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.” rather than any long-standing agreement between both parties. Things are bound to go wrong along the way, and I’ll be looking forward to seeing how that happens and what the repercussions are of that change. I also liked that we got some scenes of the pirates that attacked last week, if only to have them re-appear at some point; we need to know more about the foes they’re fighting if we’re to truly care, and this is a good step. There’s also those fateful bracelets that are sure to come back to haunt us when one of the trio doesn’t make it out of the series alive; you know it to be true, there’s no way this sort of emotional connection is being made if it ain’t gonna be broken. And then there’s also the mysterious masked figure who is sure to play a larger role in things to come. I suspect it’s a new character altogether, but if anyone has any theories on a returning face then feels free to comment below.

Now, for the not so interesting. To sum it up, this episode was just a bit of a snooze for me. The plot wasn’t really moving, the conversations served their purpose and were at times amusing, but nothing felt vital here. We got a flashback for our new guy from last week, which was hard-hitting stuff, but there hasn’t been enough reasons given to truly care about his plight. The suffering of him and the many orphans that make up Tekkedan is a terrible thing, but I’m not yet sold on any of the new characters. Perhaps with time they’ll prove themselves, but I’d be willing to bet a bunch of them won’t make it to the finish line.

Cogs are turning beneath the surface, but not much is happening above ground this week. If I were marathoning this, then I would have little to complain about here as I could just go to the next episode and watch whatever action is set to unfold, but on a week-to-week basis, Tekketsu no Orphans proves tricky at times. In truth, I marathoned a sizeable chunk of the first season after growing distant with the space pirate arc, and I suspect that’s the best way for me to watch this show going forward. I’ve read your comments from last week and appreciate your enthusiasm, but at the end of the day in a season as packed as this, and with a show I’d rather watch in bulk, it’s difficult for me to commit to blogging this right now. Hopefully you’ll all understand. But this definitely isn’t the last Tekketsu no Orphans post you’ll see on RandomC.


ED Sequence

ED: 「少年の果て」 (Shounen no Hate) by Granrodeo



  1. https://randomc.net/image/Gundam%20Tekketsu%20no%20Orphans/Gundam%20Tekketsu%20no%20Orphans%202%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2035.jpg
    I suspect that the new Char Clone…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    Also, “we interrupt this Gundam anime to bring you Tiger and Bunny.” *ding*

    I’m hoping that things will start heating up once the third episode rolls in.

    The new guy does provide an interesting new perspective as one of Tekkadan’s new recruits that don’t have (or are forbidden) to undergo the Alaya-Vijnana procedure (though he still wants to). Give him time, training and win enough battles in a mobile suit that doesn’t have the Alaya-Vijnana system and we might have an ace in the making (if not an action survivor).

    1. In regarding for the new guy: I suspect that he’ll get so frustrated by the fact he can’t beat Mikazuki, he will do the unthinkable to which jeopardizes Tekkadan as a whole.
      As for the Masked-Man: that would be a great “WTF?!” Moment considering the fact on how it ended in the last season’s finale.

      1. Interesting theory, but I have my doubts.
        Show Spoiler ▼

    2. As for Hush, it really depends upon if he gets out of his pity party. Every single member of Tekkadan has a sob story to tell. You sir, are not entitled to act all sullen and dysfunctional simply because of that.

      The thing is, he wants to be a rival for Mika, when the two aren’t even in the same sandbox. Mika doesn’t even know his name.
      I hope he doesn’t go the way of the whole Ein/Crank situation, and he goes to fight Mika, only for Mika to ask, “Who are you, again?”

  2. That new guy in Tekkadan, I’m afraid will turn to the villian’s side later on since he’s always so upset about how Mika made it through the surgery but his bro didn’t and became disabled.

      1. Well, there’s the possibility that it’s Iznario, as I can’t see that guy staying out of things and letting his son get away with what he did.

        Another possibility is that it’s actually Isurugi in disguise, being McGillis’ mole while with Rustal?

  3. McGillis is again the most fascinating character of the cast. I too was surprised that he and Orga were doing business, but then I remembered: technically, McGillis never stopped being their ally for all the first season. Sure, he backstabbed all his previous friends, manipulated all factions and even Orga realizes that he isn’t trustworthy, yet from Tekkadan’s perspective he has done them more good than harm.

    Of course, if this Char-clone proves to be too friendly, the series introduces a new Char-clone. War of Chars!

  4. First off I love the new OP and ED, not as good as the first ones, but I loved the visuals, especially the young Orga, Mika, and Atra becoming friends as kids and Kudelia just around the corner.

    So we see some more of the inner workings of what’s going on and see some of the conflicts that will be coming up later. We have the pirates, Dawn Horizon, of course, but that’s just the surface. There’s much more at work here. Orga and McGillis seem to be in a working relationship, not trusting each other, but one that’s mutually beneficial for them both.

    We have McMurdo who still seems to have another side of him that he’s not showing Tekkadan. We have an internal splintering with the Earth and Mars branches that is showing some chafing. I think that one might be the most dangerous, and with only Chad and Takaki there to look after things, it’s in a precarious position.

    We have Hush and learn about his past. The more I see of him, the more I can see Hush going bad and maybe even going traitor. He really wants to get AV surgery and its going to cost him. To find out his past and what happened to his friend, it should be obvious what the problem is with getting the surgery. And his priorities are all wrong anyway, which I think is why his friend just left him with only a “good luck”. Well, that and the fact that being in Tekkaden his story is only one of many and he seems to be determined to live in his own pity party. But, we’ll have to watch this one and see how it goes.

    It was rather hilarious to see him try to hit Atra and then to see Mika take him down so coldly with only one hand. Don’t mess with Atra, I don’t care if you are part of Tekkadan. Mika will take you out!

    We get to see our masked man here, and it seems that it’s really him who Rustal is getting all the info about McGillis from. I can now see this as probably being Gaelio. Perhaps Rustal’s men rescues him gave him some mechanical enhancements in order to heal him, which Gali asked for in honor of Ein. Gali while in healing, had time to stew and basically the idea of revenge consumed him and completely changed his way of thinking. Sacrificing his nobility, his honor, his old identity, he became obsessed with vengeance, and trained to become stronger and a better pilot, as well as becoming more devious, morally corrupt, throwing away any semblance of the happy go lucky guy from before. If that’s who are masked man is, then that’s the only way I can see that working.

    However, that being said, I think that this would then take away any chance for McGillis in actually being any real villain in the series. He seems to be taking a backseat this time around. And this new masked guy, along with Rustal and his cronies are going to be our new villains. If this is Gaelio, then his vengeance is going to turn him into a bigger monster than the one he wishes to destroy. It’s just the way of these stories. In fact, I can see his bloodthirst for McGillis causing him to accidentally harm or even kill his own sister and anything he ever loved. But we’ll have to see.

    There’s another chance that this isn’t Gaelio but instead Iznario. But we’ll have to wait and see.

  5. Personally, even without much mecha fights (which we do have a little in this episode ), I’m still enthralled by the characters and what they are doing. We have Orga who is forced to make a deal with the untrustworthy McG because he need him, we have McG with his own plan to restore order on Mars as (I assume) part of a bigger plan of him, we have some season1-veteran side-characters on Earth-branch who received some spotlight (Chad, Aston, Takaki and his sister which we finally see in person) facing some problems on Arbrau, Hush and his backstory and the masked-dude (which looks like Iron Mask-expy from Gundam F91 than a Char-clone) looking menacing. We even get to see first-hand the fate of the poor children who failed the AV-surgery which only addressed briefly by Orga in season 1. In other words, this episode is a good and insightful setup for various conflicts to come and that alone is more than enough to keep my interest. The idea of being bored still hasn’t come to me yet since the start of the second season.

    That said, I know what Samu feels. If you’re not that invested to the characters and the business and political machinations of this series, some parts of IBO can be understandably boring (especially for those hungry for mecha fights). Though I consider the focus on gritty socioeconomic parts fascinating compared to other Gundam series. Maybe it’s just the grownup in me kickin in who like to see the main Gundam series become more complex and steady in depicting its story and characters (IBO, Thunderbolt, and Origin did it really well) since I’m in my late 20s, has passed my teenage and college years, and is a working husband now (not unlike Naze, but obviously not as lucky as him to have multiple beautiful wives as I only have one).

    Anyway, thanks for your effort, Samu. I’ll definitely looking forward to your future “wholesale” review of IBO S2. You can do it after each three episodes (3,6,9,etc) but it’s okay too if you decide to do it after the season ends.

    PS: Btw, nobody going to review the entirety of Gundam Thunderbolt & Gundam The Origin in this site?

    1. If she goes out, she better go out with a bang and with purpose. If IBO finishes without giving Kudelia a proper and satisfying character arc then my overall view of the show will be affected. Still… I have hope for the time being.

    2. I don’t think so… The political female leader in recent Gundam never dies (I am thinking as far back as Wing). They need them alive to perpetuate the hard won peace because no one else is idealistic enough to do this.

  6. Yet again I’m reminded how sexist this show really is. Your place is in the kitchen, woman! So what if you’re still at (primary) school!

    Sunrise being progressive in 2016.


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