「ゲリライベント発生中!」 (Gerira Ibento Hassei-chuu!)
“Sudden Event in Session!”

Death may have been foretold at the end of last week, but oh boy were those expectations underwhelming. Two girls offed, a large group of civilians executed sniper-style, and the promise of even more massive carnage next week? Welcome to Mahou Shoujo.

As fully expected, the leading edge of murder this week was found in Swim Swim’s group. Our new Ruler wasted little time in using every tool available to her in eliminating Weiss, from luring Nana and Weiss to her base of operations to tricking Weiss into hesitation. Weiss was probably the most pronounced death of the show so far, her suffering was tangible and agonizingly drawn out. The slowness of Weiss’ final end likely had something to do with it as it gave us time to both realize it and understand the full extent of Swim Swim’s stoic depravity. Swim Swim’s mindset particularly caught me here, as the girl remains glued to Ruler’s teachings to such an extent that Swim Swim chose Weiss as a target because Weiss reminded Swim Swim of Mary. I can safely bet Swim Swim’s subordination to Ruler’s memory will be the literal death of her, she clearly cannot imagine a life/world beyond her role model or determine a personalized form of command (hell, she even pinned Yuno’s death on her inability to fully realize Ruler’s leadership). I’m anticipating some hard decisions for Swim Swim next week.

The bigger surprise though rests in Mary’s sneak attack on Ripple and Top Speed. I did suggest this idea previously, but never as a serious expectation. It’s not all shocking Mary is legitimately crazy (after all, her back story succinctly describes the insanity), but I am surprised she chose Ripple as the target; after all, if you like bullying the weak, why go after our tsundere ninja when the likes of Nana, Top Speed, and even Snow White exist? It’s a funny way of playing Fav’s game, but it certainly gave us the most chaotic scene of the show so far. Mary more so than Cranberry is proving to be the true danger of Mahou Shoujo, she wastes little thought regarding collateral damage and is not above using innocent lives as a mean for her ends. Given this survival game’s underlying (and stubbornly secret) premise, it’s not all that shocking such an individual was selected by Fav to be a magical girl. Personally I cannot see Mary being one of the inevitable deaths next week, but really all it would take is Alice (or even Cranberry) deliberately targeting her for that assumption to turn into a real possibility.

Speaking of future deaths, with Mary now creating the perfect battleground, it seems all the pieces are in place for one hell of a fight next week. Not only will we have Ripple/Top Speed against Mary, but Koyuki and newly allied Alice trying to save the day while Swim Swim, Tama, and a thoroughly broken Peaky Angel twin ambush the converging girls. Also cannot forget about Cranberry, who given her newfound interest in Swim Swim is very likely to upend whatever turn of events awaits us. With only two more deaths to go before we reach eight survivors and everyone coming together, anything is possible at this point.

Random Tidbits

Got to feel bad for Nana, she’s probably the first girl here I’ve felt regret for. Nana might be dumb (especially when it comes to cash), but the poor girl meant well and never did any harm.

Must admit I laughed at Yuna getting her head smashed in, cannot say that wasn’t satisfying. Will be interesting too seeing how her twin sister ends up using her sullen rage against the other girls.

Strange how Cranberry is the only magical girl without a real life silhouette in her bio card. Potential hint towards who she really is? You be the judge.




  1. https://randomc.net/image/Mahou%20Shoujo%20Ikusei%20Keikaku/Mahou%20Shoujo%20Ikusei%20Keikaku%20-%2008%20-%2032.jpg
    I think the next episode will be like the beginning of Fate/Zero‘s second season. Mary went on a rampage, mahou shoujo must unite their power to defeat her. But that doesn’t mean fights between other mahou shoujo won’t happen.

    I just noticed that the show is trying not to show her stomach.

    Maybe…. Show Spoiler ▼

    One Pinch Man
    1. You think TopSpeed is pregnant? Hmm… considering the fact that she keeps insisting that “she can’t die for another 6 months”, maybe that’s the case. Oh man, I am afraid she will horribly kick the bucket, and she is my favorite mahou shoujo by far!

  2. man Mary is crazy, she doesn’t care who gets killed. She’s like the polar opposite of Top Speed Next episode is going to be a battle royale

    Ripple and Top Speed vs Mary
    Koyuki and Alice vs Swim Swims team
    Mary vs everyone?
    Cranberry vs Swim Swim’s team

    starting to wonder who/what Cranberry is, Fav called her master. Is Cranberry the creator of the MGRP app?

    1. I’m not sure Cranberry (or Fav) is the creator of MGRP, given Fav’s and her discussion earlier it seems more like MGRP is just a tool they found that works for identifying suitable girls. Basically MGRP is a front which is only used as long as necessary for Cranberry/Fav to find their candidates for whatever purpose.

  3. Everyone is heading to the final battleground kind of end there. Looks like the survivor will be less than half when it’s over. If Swim Swim decide to face Cranberry one-on-one later, I think she could win if she used all item her team have(weapon, invisible cloak,and possibly, an energy or berserk pill, since it doesn’t heal wound).
    Also my guess about Top Speed’s six month is right after all, I wish she survive this battleground, it’d be devastating for her husband if she died.

    And last, next episode’s title suggest rule change. Are there any rules that still stands throughout this 8 episodes? Civilians harmed, candies stolen, killing is encouraged, what else to add?

    1. Funnily enough there have been zero rules stated for this competition. Instead we have received “updates” which expand upon what a magical girl can do (i.e. steal candies, encouraging murder). I don’t think Fav is one for restrictions in his killing games 😛

  4. It’s also impressive how the two angels were quick to adapt to the survival mentality. When you consider one of them turned into a blade, and was actually used to pierce through Weiss’s abdomen, you have to wonder if she could see or even feel that, but shortly after that, you see the two of them in a brief celebration. Now with one twin taken out, I can’t imagine any way she’ll turn toward the light after that series of events.

    And I do feel bad for Nana, I felt a nice connection between Weiss and her. And I know Weiss pushed her out to protect her, but to not see Nana use her magic to empower Weiss gave me a sign that Weiss was going to be checking out. I’m unsure if Nana has to have her in her sights to use it, or she respected Weiss’s sacrifice to have her survive, but regardless, connection was strong enough to give me the feels. But to go out on such a low key note after getting stabbed and losing an arm, I thought there’d be a much bigger struggle for her to keep fighting, especially after last week’s ending and what she was capable of doing against Cranberry, but it just ends on that. Bleh, felt lackluster, but as you said, seeing her bop Yuna’s head was a bit of dark humor. Almost a cartoonish amount of blood, but amusing nonetheless.

    Not sure I’m a big fan on Alice coming in casually by Snow White’s side near the end, feels a little out of place, but I’m not entirely against it if it gets her involved in the next set of big action they’re setting up. I imagine she’ll really pull off some surprises to whoever hasn’t gone against her yet. 😛

    Fuwa Fuwa
  5. Did you hear that guys? That was the sound of sh*t hiting the fan! This series just keeps hurting me every week when good guys are killed off like this but I keep coming back because I have to see how this madness ends and for looks of it the before the dust settles the whole city will go out in flames.

  6. Swim Swim is a monster! How many magical girls does she have to kill just to become the perfect queen she aspires?. She is so twisted she´s now using civilians as bait for the love of god. And don´t get me started on Mary, that´s a wole different level of monster!.

  7. So…..is Calamity Mary’s ex-husband a cross-dresser or something? I mean that shot of his mouth he had lipstick on and Mary complained that he barely made money. So I can only put together he works at some sort of burlesque drag-show or is a prostitute. idk, can anyone shed some light on this?

    I don’t really think Nana would have been much help if she stayed tbh. She was too stunned/distracted to clearly concentrate and she would have probably just weighed Weiss down. Considering its 4 v 1. Hell, if Weiss tried to put up walls to block them out Tama would just create a sink hole underneath them. Plus its not like they can teleport or anything. So it would be up to a wounded Weiss to carry a distraught Nana out of there, while trying to outrun those 4. All-in-all, Nana, you really need to get your act together now.

  8. oh well the s..t has hit the fan…
    Mary going berserk sniper
    Weiss and Yunael bite the dust
    Nana and Minael predictably get mindbroken… I didnt care for the selfish twins before, but now I am like, even they didn’t deserve to die…
    you want the bad news? I am afraid it will end with Fav announcing another round of the culling, and another until there will be one girl left standing…
    there is a reason 16 is such fitting number for elimination rounds in sports…
    Also I think Fav and Cranberry gonna intervene now, since Mary is completely breaking their little Masquerade concerning existence of MG.
    We have sound control confirmed as Cranberry’s special ability – not terribly OP, but she seems to know expertly how to use it to distract opponents.
    My pet theory is Cranberry is survivor of previous edition of “MG games”, hence her power as veteran fighter?

  9. RIP Winterprison, you were based till your last breath.

    I like how she was taken down though, not through strength just simple, quick witted trickery. Nana(fake) wasn’t even holding a knife when she hug her, transformed into a smaller object I suppose. The real thing the got Weiss killed was her love for Nana, she love her so much that she hesitated even knowing it was a fake and that was fatal.

    I don’t subscribe to that fight being “lackluster”, if that can be called a fight. That was brilliant.

    I found Character stats for this too.

    1. ugg poor Weiss. I’d rather she took out both of the sociopathic angels before she died, but them’s the breaks. Kind of ironic that Cranberry seems like she’ll be the one to avenge Weiss. “Kill someone who give me a battle boner will you?”

      Also I love the individual trait (last rating for each character) on that chart. Apparently Nana has no faith, Weiss can really hold her liquor, and Mary is pretty good at housework. Who knew.

  10. I’d like to give a moment of silence for Weiss Winterprison. May she rest in peace.

    At first I didn’t think much about Ikusei Keikaku but seeing some screen shots and word of mouth got me interested in it thus I started watching.

    8 episodes in and all I can say is that shit has covered the fans. Week in week out it’s literally shit hitting the shit covered fans.

    For a familiar that rarely makes an appearance, Kyuubei manages to possibly be one of the most hated character ever. The odd thing is, Kyuubei seems to be working for Cranberry which I find it to be interesting. Does that mean that Cranberry is the root of all this?

    The other mahou sjoujo that deserves to be in the lime light is Swim Swim. Sukumizu wearing busty succubus loli… That’s really the last person you’d expect to be the Great Manipulator. Between Calamity Mary and Ruler, Swim Swim is much more frightening since she’s very quiet and will not hesitate to make use of anything and anyone to achieve the end

    Now for something exposition. I’ll put it in spoilers so that the text wall does not turn anyone off and makes scrolling through the comments easier.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Velvet Scarlantina
    1. SwimSwim is “beware the quiet ones” trope incarnated. She is the only girl here thinking in tactical terms.
      Calamity Mary is rapidly losing whatever little sanity she had, and I am predicting she will go down, since she managed to make foes of almost all girls now, plus Fav doesnt like the publicity she will attract with her rampage in the city.
      Cranberry is probably featured in the very first scene of the series, and im speculating she is survivor of some “previous” round of fighting. What is exactly her deal with Fav, nice to know would be… “says in Yodaspeak”

    2. Madoka Magica invented the genre and made writers dare to be different. – Generic anime fan with RWBY avatar, 2016.

      No doubt that people similar to you would only start watching based on word of mouth from the greater populace, it’s quite sad since Magical Raising is a completely different type of show from Madoka, with potential and source material to have more seasons with this level of quality.

    3. It was sort of a original nerf till Madoka Magica brought the death back. Although the girls in Sailor Moon did reincarnate they all died and Sailor Moon committed suicide and tried to kill herself again in new life. That is the original manga that is, then new version brought back the manga with the incest, suicide, death, killing of human opponents, Sailor Moon at 14 sex, lesbian sex, open mouth lesbian kissing, father turning daughter into a monster, Sailors making money by “escorting” older men, gender fluid character and more.

  11. Namaewoinai
  12. I like how SwimSwim is handled. She used great tactics but was punished with the loss of one retainer for a strategic mistake. If it is true that the elimination round stops at eight, she should have focused on eliminating the week ones and attack the strong ones only with an overwhelming advantage.

    1. SwimSwim is too bound by teachings of Ruler… she should think more independently. Though, there is whole strategic science theoremat regarding target priorities… Attack the strongest threat, or the most immediate one, or maybe weakest to fast minimise number of enemies?

      1. It is difficult to apply general theorems to this specific situation. We have a free for all, with good changes that a specific threat is eliminated by somebody else. In this situation the highest priority has to minimize risk. You have to eliminate the enemies in an order which makes it unlikely to be picked by someone else. SwimSwim did the opposite, she attracted an enemy with many allies. There is a high risk that Nana tells the others and organises an alliance against her. She also draw Cranberry’s interests to herself. But to be fair she couldn’t know how Cranberry thinks.


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