「本気ボンバー」 (Honki bonbaa)
“Serious Bomber”

It pleases me greatly knowing Drifters is never one to leave us wanting. Burning villages to the ground? Besieging great walls with million man armies? Heh those are nothing boys and girls, after all they’re missing explosions. Thankfully that gaping hole was more than patched over this episode.

Although I’m surprised the dwarf liberation took place so fast (personally expected some more buildup first), I frankly never noticed while the events played themselves out. It truly is a compliment to Drifters that an arguably rushed moment worked so well given the focus was not so much on the story itself, but (as is rapidly becoming common) on how our characters come to adapt to this new world. Gunpowder of course was the star this week, where we got everything from powder bombs to arrow pseudo-rockets. Nobunaga’s intelligence particularly shows well here, given he not only thought of gunpowder initially, but devised turning it into bombs and rockets. Especially fascinating was Nobunaga’s comment regarding gunpowder’s true impact being its perception more than its destruction. This actually is a hypothesis for explaining gunpowder’s early usage during the Song dynasty. Since early gunpowder was not particularly effective at mass slaughter, some believe it was primarily used to sow fear. Given some military enthusiasts can overlook this point, having Nobunaga bring it up is incredibly interesting.

Also striking is how communications (of all things!) also factored into things this week. Much like the Gatling gun previously, Nobunaga was again quick to identify the possibilities, particularly for large, complex manoeuvres. Combined with Toyohisa’s (and Hannibal’s) ingenious use of Olminu’s stone walls, this week all but checked off the boxes for material never touched by typical war stories. Considering how strongly Drifters is digging into the nuts and bolts of tactical and technological development, I really am starting to think Nobunaga’s argument concerning what defines a Drifter is the correct one. We have already been inundated repeatedly by what separates Drifter from End, but this new argument definitely looks to be the correct form: Ends possess one unified objective in destroying humanity, whereas Drifters each have their own personal desire. It’s not mindset but endgame which separates a Drifter from an End. Toyohisa after all but lives for lopping off heads while Nobunaga enjoys building a state around himself, and Jesus the Black King literally seeks one (nonhuman) kingdom under god. It’s a dichotomy which sticks better than some of the more tentative ideas broached earlier while still allowing both Drifters and Ends to be “evil” at heart (i.e. Hitler’s Orte Empire). It will be interesting seeing if this idea is fleshed out further in later episodes.

Given that the dwarves are now successfully liberated though, where we go from here story-wise is anyone’s guess. With monsters now engaging in agriculture, dragons joining with the Black King, and one powerful drag queen count already eyeing possible defection, Drifters could certainly go in several directions. With the show’s love for everything Lord of the Rings, however, I can only think of one thing: liberation of the hobbits. Next week will certainly provide the answer.

Random Tidbits

Kakyoin apparently has a student in rero-ing.

Orte’s Armoured Guards Corps remind me of some of Wolfenstein’s German troopers. They also put up a comparable amount of (non)resistance.

This sign (left strangely untranslated) is actually a reference to Auschwitz’s infamous “Arbeit macht Frei” (work makes you free) placard.

Toyohisa really gives Nobunaga a run for his money sometimes. That bit with the cooking was one hell of an ingenious surrender timer, plus I never expected that demand of seppuku from the Orte commander. Toyohisa might be a tougher challenge than Nobunaga gives him credit for.


  1. random thoughts in order of appearance…
    -shock and awe, nobunaga style
    -boobs are magic
    -oh they do have palantirs?
    -and wont hesitate to use them for comedy
    -There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold
    And she’s buying a stairway to heaven.
    -ofc nobunaga first realises advantages of instant radio-like comms on the battlefield…
    -unleash the kraken, erm captive dwarves!
    -sadly they really are malnourished slave camp inmates right now, and they have to be fed first… and carefully not to make them die with sudden food influx

    1. this Fire in the “hole”.. easier, even if they survive the explosion and even the fire.. What need fire to burn? or asking in an other way. What consume fire to burn? right.. Oxygen.. Should they live long enough to be burn like an chicken, they would suffocate because no air to breath or burned lungs

  2. I marathon now Drifters until up to date, and i must say.. Its not for kids… Well, if you know some History important Names then this could be for you. But be warned, you should have an firm spirit, because the action on the screen could shaken weak minds. Also i can begin to speculate how this Dark King, but i decide not to do it… i only know he forgive them that done this to him. But okay, its for the sake of this anime. So i shut my mouth

    expect blood and gore, but not meaningless. Samurai warrior code, but also “all is allowed on the battlefield” scenes

    1. also, there is some sharp mind that can surly was the one that “invent” the laundrywoman’s truncheons into weapons.. just from looking from an different angel on them.. if someone would invent them, it would be him… Congrats

    2. Dark King speculation: After sleep over an night, there came two possibilities into my mind. how this Guys could be…

      Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Sorry, but calling the gunpowder arrows “rockets” is stretching it. They’re just grenades attached to an arrow. They’re not using the gunpowder as propellant.

    Nobunaga might think he’s running things, but Toyohisa is craftier than he appears at first glance. He’s just totally oriented towards war. Nobunaga might just lose his head when Toyohisa decides he doesn’t need him.

    1. Don’t think Toyohisa is that kind of person. He knows he needs Nobunaga to a degree as it is highly likely he will die eventually. Toyohisa doesn’t care about power or being a king, he just wants to kill people and take their heads. He knows Nobunaga is trying to run things, and it’s all better for him, since he won’t need to think about complicated things he knows he isn’t qualified for.


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