「乱入バトル確変中!」 (Rannyuu Batoru Kakuhen-chuu!)
“Sudden Battle Chances Up!”

Death certainly has become an old friend in Mahou Shoujo. You know it’s coming and lay out the welcome mat, but never quite know what surprises the bastard has in store. This week of course saw him off two more girls, one who was entirely expected, and the other not so much.

I think we all knew the twin Minael was referring to Alice at the end of last episode, and that theory was quickly proven when Swim Swim gave us our first “real life” death of the show. Given how little Alice was fleshed out beforehand, ironically I thought Alice’s death was probably the strongest in this show, besides Nana’s. As with our bubbly nun, we received minimal development mostly showing rather than telling, and (most importantly) had the moment drawn out. Alice wasn’t simply bumped off, she stumbled, struggled, and ultimately failed, producing a good degree of agony and sadness amid the diminishing hope that somehow, someway, she would manage to survive. Top Speed’s death would have been significantly “better” for example if a similar degree of care was given to its buildup and the background behind it. Either way, it definitely shows Mahou Shoujo can elicit strong emotions given a sufficient amount of effort.

On the other side of things, we of course have Swim Swim and her quickly escalating war of attrition. Not content to simply eliminate Alice, she has finally turned her attention towards Cranberry and looks to give us a bloody good fight next week. Think what you want of her morals, but Swim Swim deserves credit: responsible for offing four girls, utilizing her ability to the utmost, and stoic in the face of incomprehensible danger. I honestly can see the showdown with Cranberry going either way, both girls possess eerily similar mindsets, are quick to take advantage of any weakness, and completely uncaring towards collateral damage—the fight will be decided by who takes advantage of the other’s mistake. Well, that is unless Kano shows up and throws a hefty wrench into things. Expect some seriously tasty fireworks next episode.

Story-wise we also received some surprising developments. Koyuki apparently can now hear calls of distress while in her “normal” form, although whether this is permanent (indicating power up potential) or due to the rabbit foot (in Alice’s possession at the time) is uncertain. Then we have Cranberry’s and Fav’s little chat. It’s finally confirmed that this game is indeed a selection test, which has been occurring since each girl was selected. Cranberry oversees the whole thing, Fav acts as a sort of mediator, and it’s all at the behest of an ambiguous World of Magic. The shocking bit though is Cranberry has apparently breached protocol by turning a supposedly idyllic search for talent into a brutal test of strength, with the victor decided (more or less) by how many fellow contestants they successfully eliminate. None of this is particularly shocking given all the hints, but considering the lateness of these revelations, I’m increasingly expecting a cliff hanger once we reach the end. I hope I’m proven wrong (i.e. sequel hype!), but it never hurts expecting the worst. With one hell of a fight to look forward to next week though, no point excessively dwelling over the unknown just yet.

Random Tidbits

Alice’s back story almost had me do a double take as I seriously thought it was Swim’s Swim’s. Under the care of an aunt and uncle, daughter to a murderer, and largely alone and ignored? That could easily explain Swim Swim’s mentality. Nice touch how Koyuki basically made her into a magical girl too.

Sad, (but not so sad) the remaining Peaky Angel was eliminated. Quite satisfying having one annoying, pint sized horror shut up for good. Too bad Fav doesn’t look to be close to a similar fate just yet.




  1. This is an interesting buildup to the end. Show Spoiler ▼

    There seems to be a total abuse of the normal sense of things, so I wonder if there will be anti-climactic reset at the end of the story. Most magical girl stories end when the protagonist loses her powers and the source of her magic leaves things pretty much as it came with only the former magical girl mentally changed by the experience. However, since this series (like Madoka Magica) deconstructs the basic story, we are pretty blind as to how things will end up. Is it possible the story has a BAD END? 🙂

    Eric Alegado
    1. It seems clear to me that Snow White/ Koyuki is going to be the one who pass the test. Though since she kinda sucks combat wise, Ripple will probably become her ally now that Alice is gone. No surprised that angel girl died, the show really makes an effort of showing that she had nothing going for her once her sister died. Previous episode I made a prediction post of Cranberry, Swim Swim, Koyuki, and Ripple as the final four, guess dog girl lives for another episode…

    2. There’s likely a proper ending here (good or bad), but I’m doubting we will see it in the remaining 2-3 episodes. More likely is we lose another girl or two and then end things where we find out what the World of Magic is after and what’s in store for our survivors next.

      I sure hope there isn’t a reset too, it would be more interesting seeing this show take its premise all the way.

  2. This is an amazing tidy world. Apparently, all of the brief interactions between magical girls and the general public greatly affected other magical girls as well. I can only guess how differently Swim Swim would have turned out had she never met Nemurin on her last mission, never mind how bad Ruler was.

    Eric Alegado
  3. I just realized something that I think many must have missed too. All the magical girl code names are references to their real names.

    Koyuki for example uses the “snow” character in her first name,

  4. Sucks that Alice died, maybe her death will trigger something within Koyuki to make her take action

    so what is this World of Magic? Is Cranberry from there? and why only test girls? are girls the only ones capable of using magic in the World of Magic

    The Cranberry and Swim Swim fight should be an interesting one

    1. It’s pretty clear Cranberry and Fav are from the World of Magic, the big question is what they want the magical girls for. Considering the focus on talent too I’m guessing it must have something to do with fighting off a big baddie which refuses to die.

  5. Koyuki really jumps around in personality, at least in that 2 minutes where she says she doesn’t want to be left alone, then in hearing that in this killing game, you must…kill more, then she goes “Leave me alone!” Granted, you could chalk that up to her emotions getting the better of her after hearing how many of her friends were involved in the latest “drop outs,” but that jump really felt kind of sudden. Also, you really have to chalk it up to Alice, she managed to stay conscious to leave passing words to Koyuki after two slashes and a full-on backstab, I strangely find that more impressive than her near-invulnerable magical girl self lol. Still a small shame she went out on a rather low key note.

    Also, this show is being a little too on-the-nose with the “backstory = death” thing, but Cranberry killing the Peaky Angel was a really impressive action, just hearing heartbeats and knowing exactly where it strike, it’s a very unique death on someone who had it coming for a while. And I gotta say, this ending is the one I feel the most hype about. The battle royale scenario which didn’t really become much of one last episode didn’t leave much impact, but Swim Swim and Cranberry, now that’s where it’s at.

    Fuwa Fuwa
    1. Anime never really do justice to Snow White character really. They downplay a lot of thing about her. The lack of monologue hurt too.

      -Never punch the tower from anger after La Pucelle death.(The dent that it made was deep)
      -No mention of spending the days crying
      -No mention of spending her days alley with mostly garbage and strays trying to hide from the world
      and her troubles without sleeping and eating. (Alice and Magicaloid found her there)
      -When she meet Sister Nana she don’t arrive first, She came to the meeting place “prepared” and observed that Weiss won’t harm her if she don’t harmed Nana.
      -Minael never attack her either, Alice caught her intention fist, then Snow White too.
      -Nothing about her hearing “screams, moans, and wails of pain” and seeing a lot of people die

      They change her break down here too, somehow make it at the worst possible moment. She was at that point barely holding on, Nana death and the realization that terrorist attack where many die was a magical girl broke her. But what make her snapped was Alice’s answer ““Not all of the magical girls have died yet”. Then again She wasn’t really angry at Alice either, she just blame herself. She even note that Alice’s worry and concern from her face.

      1. Interesting, thanks for explaining.

        This series has felt too sanitized and clean for what they are trying to show. Sounds like the source is better thought-out.

        This show’s sempai, Madoka, was brilliant at portraying despair and anguish because Shaft was willing to show the “dirt” and “grit” in the characters and artwork. This show is too damn tidy and glossy and thus can’t break down into something feeling real.

      2. Snow White sure has it rough, this poor girl has been broken way too many times: the death of La Pucelle destroyed her since he/she was her best friend and mentor; then she starts to open up to Alice and relying in Sister Nana and Winterprison but they are killed one after the other. Just to make sure her sanity is completely destroyed the killing game is not stopping and Swim Swim (the biggest monster in this story) has her marked.

      3. Heh that actually changes the image I get of her a lot. I can see why it was cut out though, the writers are pushing the killing and the shock moments and leaving only essential development/back story, probably because they think it will be the most popular approach.

      4. Yeah @Pancakes, I just get into LNs not long ago. Snow White’s image changes a lot for me.

        She believed that magical girls shouldn’t be killing each other, they should help people and solve this situation but she is powerless to do anything. Still she tried her best to do what she can to help people despite being really traumatized from earlier events. In the end She is still a child, she can only hold on for so far, watching people getting blown up and hearing people’s last thoughts is not a pleasant experience. To top it off, Sister Nana and Winterprison die and the carnage was a Magical girl doing.

        It’s normal that she will break not that this was her first time breaking.

    1. Namaewoinai
  6. I feel sadder with Alice’s death than other good chars so far in Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku.
    She did not have a single drop of happiness before being helped by Snow White then got misunderstood by everyone and the only one she believed in near the end of her life. Top Speed, Nana, Winterprison and other have some nice moments before their deaths, being loved by someone. On the other hand, nothing good happened to Alice even though she is one of the nicer girls in story.

    1. Same sentiments and I really like her character. Sad part for this episode is that she died and swim swim still lives, great part is that one of the twins already died. I wish swim swim would suffer before and die.

  7. You’ve got to wonder what Fav writes in his reports to cover up mass death.
    (That whole conversation raised so many questions. Why did Cranberry turn the selection process into a death game; why does she participate if she’s also running it; and what’s Cranberry going to do when Snow White–who seems weak–is inevitably the last one standing in a survival-of-the-fittest deathmatch?)

    Ugg, poor Alice. We all knew it was coming, but that was one of the sadder deaths.

    1. I think Cranberry just likes fighting personally, she has a somewhat psychopathic mindset, plus it would explain why she participates in the game. Also it would help her personally test the subjects for suitability 😛

  8. I would have liked a attempt to activate Alice powers once in the ally. But does Swim Swim have ability to see though rock? otherwise there was no way to tell injured girl in ally or where she is. I guess they wanted Alice mental state to explain why she did not instant convert in ally as that was clear for transform.
    I think they did a emotional scene on the wrong girl. Alice was a target you hit sleeping in bed no need for fancy crowd scene.

    So the outside force Cranberry worries about is her boss that also infers that her bosses enemies might also be active as well. Swim Swim seams to be the type who can not feel emotion on deaths even her own. She helps her team as she feels it her duty but has no empathy.

    That terror attack is also a threat even if Cranberry does not think so. I probably thinking killing a pregnant girl might just be for shock value but they did make her the wife of a politician even a though a low one and this is a terror attack in Japan if was very unbelievable there was anything but evidence markers on that roof or that they were finished studying it. I would figure they would figure out every impact and be working out how each worked and as they got off normal pattern the intensity would grow. Clearly some unknown weapons are involved as well as impacts in the building from some sort of hardened air object. The Americans are going to be called as well as international agencies. If there are any Men in Black or X-file type groups they are going to be all over this. The governments might be starting from the start but there was the first episode incident and maybe more in the past. Time scale might be only thing to save Cranberry as governments with taxes and hundreds of millions of citizens might grins slowly but they will grind.
    Cranberry is typical mad killer who has twisted something else into her killing game. Thing is Fav are you trapped following Cranberry orders or you also a rouge agent out for fun? Sorry you can only fake reports so long before something does not add up and a audit comes your way. Government agencies having thousands working on the case is not going to be missed. In fact after that terror incident I’d be packing up and looking for a place to hide from you bosses as you could not afford that level of investigation.

  9. And there goes Hardgore Alice and just as Snow White was warming up to her as well. It’s zetsubou to be a mahou shoujo i tell you.

    So Swim Swim vs Cranberry next week, we have seen Swim Swim be able to “swim” through any type of material or object. But can she “swim” through sound, which I think happens to be Cranberry’s power?

    Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

  10. Cranberry’s strength lies more in her tactical mind than her mastery of sound… she is able to use it as distraction, and as unerring passive sonar, down to locating beating heart of “transformed” Minael… SwimSwim has similar mindset, finding new and unexpected uses for both her and her allies abilities…

    1. I´m not quiet sure that´s the only thing her sound magic could do, we haven´t seen her fight for real yet, Wiess Winterprison and La Pucelle pushed her but nowhere near the edge so it scares how she´s is when she goes all out.

  11. It’s funny; I feel that I should feel sympathy for Alice and I think she’s the most sympathetic of all thus far. I feel that I should think Snow White is boring and lame af. But never once have I felt anything for this show at all aside from a mild curiosity of what’s moving behind the scenes.

    With Alice’s death, I’ve realized most of the girls are mere paper dolls and the ones remaining are the most boring and dullest of the bunch.

    Snow White is an insecure, timid, hopeless emotional mess. Swim Swim is freakishly detached with all the personality of an unprogrammed robot. The dog girl is worse than Snow White and even more painful to watch because she was a victim before the story even started. Cranberry is obviously evil and cruel, lacking all possible redemptive factors and has displayed no motivation the audience can give a damn about. Ms Ninja has consistently played the most shallow tsundere possible.

    IMO, story started with too many girls, no characterization beyond the eyepatch summary, and blunt, cheap, shallow string pulling to drag cheap emotions from an audience automatically conditioned to give them. Sorry it never turned into anything better but it’s hard to be shocked by the nth killing show to come along when it’s as blandly cookie-cutter as this.

  12. Despite it’s obvious from previous episode, I just can’t stomach Alice’s death. her life was painful to watch. I’m a bit glad that at least she could meet Snow white during her last breath though. Now I don’t know who to cheer for in Swim Swim vs Cranberry, but I hope both will suffer through hell before winning.

    Also I wonder if Cranberry’s killer will be Fav’s next master, that could change things.

  13. I knew Alice would die, but I never thought it would hit really hard. It was the saddest death out of all the rest. She had a sadlife. But when she encountered Snow White she became happy.

    Swim Swim destroyed a lot of lives. Its hard to believe such a little child could be so smart and ruthless. But she has to pay for what she did. Cranberry as well as Pav needs to pay for the bloody mess they started. If it wasn’t for them this wouldn’t happened.

    RIP Alice. Sweet dreams.

    1. Cranberry is a freaking monster, she´s a happy combo of blood knight + social darwinist and she´s not going to stop until she is burning in hell. Nevertheless, Swim Swim takes the cake as the real mosnter of this story, she may be a child but that´s the scary part! Her mind is so corrupted that no matter what happens she will never understand that what she´s doing is wrong: Ruler destroyed her perception of good and evil so completely that she created a complete sociiopath so she must die right here and now, she´s nothing but a monster now, just imagine her as an adult.


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