「サーバーメンテナンス中です」 (Saabaa Mentenansu Chuu desu)
“Server Down for Maintenance”

Welp I dare so no one expected things to happen quite like this. Two more deaths, two outrageous surprises, and the setup for our final battle of the season. Mahou Shoujo certainly has its weakness, but damn does it know how to deviously screw with our expectations.

Heading into this week we knew one of Cranberry and Swim Swim was going to perish for our viewing pleasure, but I’m pretty sure no one predicted this course of events. Cranberry getting the upper hand on Swim Swim wasn’t all too surprising (considering Cranberry is battle tested), but Tama all but coming out of nowhere and planting a virtual black hole in her? That shocked the hell out of me, even if it served as a tasteful bit of irony given how easy Cranberry dismissed Tama. And Cranberry’s death wasn’t even the full extent of things, oh no, then we then we had Swim Swim swiftly execute Tama, all because the poor mutt girl happened to see Swim Swim’s actual identity. Although a pretty damn effective one-two gut punch, the one issue I had was how rushed the fight was. We barely had any of the strategic back and forth graciously hinted towards last week, instead being disappointingly presented with a few scenes before getting to the slaughter. Some more struggle on the part of Swim Swim and Cranberry for me would have gone a long way to accentuating the shock value Cranberry’s and Tama’s deaths created.

The one certainty of the fight, however, is that Swim Swim is thoroughly beyond redemption. She killed Tama because Ruler said never let your true identity be known; she told Fav to all but go f*ck himself because Ruler stated princesses are above all others; and she worries most of all about how Ruler would have handled the situation better. The girl has latched firmly onto Ruler’s teachings as the end all be all, which normally could be corrected with time, but with Swim Swim now the master (and with access to some serious power), there’s no peacefully saving her—even with the remorse over killing Tama, Swim Swim isn’t about to change. It’s incredibly ironic too given this episode’s Ruler flashbacks, showing her to be a total tsundere who actually cared greatly for her subordinates. Swim Swim sadly did not pick up on the distinction, probably because she is, after all, just a child.

Funnily enough though, Swim Swim’s position may not be guaranteed for long. Fav apparently is quite displeased with being openly shafted and annoyed that Swim Swim isn’t as pliable (or possessing the same mindset) as Cranberry. Why else break your own rules, share a hefty nugget of information with the enemy, and freely manipulate your so-called master? I’m betting Fav wants Swim Swim eliminated, but in an entertaining manner (i.e. Fav wants to see a vicious cat fight first). Either way we know that our final fight will be Kano versus Swim Swim, with the only question being who dies. Given that next week is the final episode, I really hope we get a damn good fight and finally a reveal on just what this whole selection test is for. If the stars align too, we might even see a sequel announcement to top things off.

Random Tidbits

That is one randomly inserted transformation sequence.

Funny noting that episode one’s teaser was also due to Fav’s interference—demon randomly running berserk my ass. The puffball more than anything is the true evil of this series, Cranberry was just his enabler.





    1. How can I NOT be entertained.
      Honestly, if someone like Batman or Captain America existed in this world then Swim Swim would be the WORST enemy he could ever face. This is truly the most “sinister,” especially in terms of appearance, possible villain ever made.

      Ironically, this is mainly because Nemurin gave some sort of “nice words” that things turned this BAD.

  1. And then there were three…

    All I can say is DAMN This is darker than Madoka. Fav is in for a whoopin when I get my hands on his ass. Totally didn’t see Cranberry going down from Tama. Poor Swim Swim has been so corrupted by this kill or die.

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. You want real monster?
      Look in the mirror.
      Imagine if Fav was making the whole MG Games to broadcasts it to papy-per-view audience.
      And WE are that audience (even if most managed to dodge the paying part)
      WE are getting sick pleasure of watching MG killed in gruseome ways.
      I feel guilty now but can’t stop myself from wanting to see how it ends.

    2. Hm, I really don’t know about this. Mahou Iku might be darker in some ways, but the presentation is A LOT weaker. I felt a hell of a lot more emotions watching Madoka than Mahou Iku. The latter is still good for some entertainment, but it’s not on the same level as Madoka overall.

  2. things that surprised me:
    1) Tama killing Cranberry
    2) Swim Swim surviving Cranberry’s attack
    3) Swim Swim killing Tama

    There is something seriously wrong with Swim Swim, something drastic must have happened to her in the past combined with Ruler’s teachings that have Swim Swim feel no remorse to those she has killed

    Fav must really want a new master when he’s telling Koyuki and Ripple Swim Swims weakness but for what reasons? What’s Koyuki going to do now with Ripple going after Swim Swim

    It’s odd we get a transformation sequence now

    Also Tama was too pure and innocent for this deathgame

    1. Fav is a magic being gone wrong. And like any criminal who keeps doing the same crime, especially in this case where accounting to masters is involved, thinks Fav will never be caught when being caught in a repeat crime involving reports is almost guarantied.
      Swim Swim is suffering from a mental illness from genetic flaw or the intense neglect and maybe abuse of family. As such she probably needs to die if the genetic cause in a fast humane way. If later trauma like child soldiers who do horrible atrocities she could get better with confinement and long treatment if powers removed.

    2. F*** swim swim. Let her suffer and die please.

      Fearless forecast for ep 12 or last episode… Ripple beats swim swim and is ready to kill her but snow white interferes and ripple gets killed 🙁 hope not.

  3. What surprised me the most is not Swim-Swim, Cranberry, and Tama but Ripple.
    She seemed to hate unrealistic ppl like Nana, but she understood Snow White’s reason not to fight very well. I expected her to scold Snow White for being crybaby or impractical.

    For Tama, it seems to be her ability to dig a hole to everything. I think her ability is heavily underestimated and underused, so we don’t see her on offensive before despite being one of the most destructive ability.
    Swim-Swim now is like a robot programmed by Ruler. She did not feel anything.

  4. Yup…i been saying it, that Forest Scoundrel had been beaten by a Mutt Girl, too bad he got shack out by that Rabbit Fish, cuz she doesn’t want anybody to reveal her identity and that critter wants her to be her master, but she is kinda clueless for it or perhaps, I can’t wait for what happens and yes, next will be the Final Episode, Oh boy!

    Personally i don’t give that rabbit fish girl some harsh snubbing, i for one that she is somehow confused or a victim despite of so much murder that she act…

    1. Namaewoinai
    1. I chalk it up largely to worldview. Ruler gave Swim Swim one hell of an effective modus operandi, which Swim Swim abuses for all its worth. The problem is Ruler’s teachings don’t always work at face value and they were primarily styled around Ruler being the one to implement them.

      Swim Swim is smart enough to know how to use Ruler’s teachings, but her lack of life experience prevents her knowing when another a strategy would be better. After all she knows she did something wrong killing Tama, but not why–she hasn’t figured out yet that Ruler isn’t everything. It’s not intelligence or immaturity affecting Swim Swim, it’s inexperience.

  5. Fav: “Swim Swim’s weakness is sound and light”
    Cranberry: *explodes Swim Swim with sound and she’s fine*

    As much as I wanted Cranberry to casually murder Swimmy, this was probably a necesssary development. (There wasn’t much to Cranberry anyway.) Swim Swim brushing off Fav was great, and I like how Fav doesn’t even care anymore–“oh you’re gonna kill each other? Well, uh, new rule: you have to kill each other.”

    1. Hey it’s not like Magical Girl should even be participating in a death game. According to Snow White’s belief they should only help people. (Like she did earlier days and nights) So having little contribution is a murder game is a good thing. Her only flaw was that she don’t try anything to stop the game like any magical girl would have. (Apart from Nana who has secondary intentions no one else tried.) Which is why she count herself out when she said “no magical girl in the city.”

      Also give the poor girl a break. In fact, her existence itself is like an insult to Cranberry’s beliefs and Fav.

      I wished they adapted SWRP after this as an OVA or something, having a deeper look into Snow’s mind was very interesting.

  6. “Swim Swim, you were the chosen one, you could have brought balance to this whole thing!” Truly the dark side has taken over her lol.

    But anyway, had expected Cranberry to bite the dust after he claim of “not being able to beat me” at the end of the last episode, but a two-minute fight? She proved way more capable with knowing about pincer attack and being aware of her surrounding, but eh, it was at least worth it to see Tama use her ability in a way I’m willing to admit was creative…before she got offed as well. Turned out too well too briefly for Swim Swim, but had some cool stuff happen at the very least.

    And even the stuff with Snow White and Kano being haunted by their friend’s spirits did touch on a good soft spot. Now with the last episode coming up, I’m really hoping for a grand finale…or at least something that last longer than 2 minutes, but either way, looking forward to it!

    Fuwa Fuwa
  7. https://randomc.net/image/Mahou%20Shoujo%20Ikusei%20Keikaku/Mahou%20Shoujo%20Ikusei%20Keikaku%20-%2011%20-%20Large%2007.jpg

    RIP best girl. To be honest you could have seen it coming. Cranbarry acted extremely overconfident by setting up the fight near her home turf. Such she expected to win quickly without leaving any survivors. But her overconfidence let her ignore Tama, which landed a lucky punch with her surprisingly effective power. Also the episode title hinted at her demise.

  8. Was totally expecting Swim to sacrifice Tama to kill Cranberry. The way things played out makes Swim Swim look unfavorable in the viewer’s eye. At least we’ll get the fated Ripple vs Swim. Fav is clearly trying to get Swim killed as he realized Swim is useless administratively (to be expected from a little kid).

  9. Everyone looked down at Tama while she had one hell of a combat ability.
    It was so ironic that Cranberry wanted to fight the strongest opponents – yet she was defeated by someobne everyine including herself deemed weak…
    Seeing unexpectedly good side of Ruler in the flashback was mighty surprise. I too wonder if she dedicated her intellect to saving everyone, could the slaughter be avoided?
    I loved Fav being totally sidelined by SwimSwim! He needs much worse, but this was so satisfying in his own right. Getting his phone call disconnected because homework is more important- sweet!
    Alas nothing good lasts long in the grimdark world of MGRP. Fav manipulates 2 of 3 surviving MG into fighting. I wonder if Snow white can intervene to save at least one life?

  10. Well that hole thing escalated quickly.


    …I’m sorry.

    Anyway, in terms of the monster in Cranberry’s flashback, from what I read someone mention, the LN also explained that…

    Show Spoiler ▼


    Nuuuuuu, don’t torture me with best waifu illusions! =(


    Sailor Mars? lol

  11. So, I read the LN up to volume 7 (ENG TLed) and it’s really, really depressing. Sheit. Though, future Snow White really grows on me. No spoilers, but I must have bad luck because all my favorite characters keep dying. T_T

    1. You now know why Snow White is so well loved by the fanbase. 🙂

      Unmarked Snow White isn’t that bad as anime ended up making her out to be too. Her character was just built on thoughts which sadly were left out in the anime.

  12. Totally didn’t expect it to go like this. Swim swim is a goner. This anime pushes the viewer to the edge because most of the things happening won’t happen with a slight twist. If swim swim recognize Ruler’s kindness, If Nemurin didn’t came into Swim Swim’s dream.

    But everything won’t happen if Fav didn’t kill his previous master(I’m still not sure whether the berserk demon was intentional or not, but still). Can’t we just kill Fav and end this? (Yeah we can’t, I know <_<)

    『File not found』 next week. I expect Fav to be master-less because Ripple and Swim Swim died, and Snow White decline to be the master.

    1. Or Fav is a computer program and the remaining magical girl decides to say “screw this” and break him. Of course Snow White is fated to be the one since episode 1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ripple and Swim knock each other out while Koyuki remains the only pure magical girl.


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