「超超がんばらんば!!グランプリファイナルSP」 (Cho cho Ganbaranba!! Guranpurifainaru SP)
“Gotta Supercharge it! Grand Prix Final Short Program”

Sorry for the lateness of this post, but I haven’t had the time to sit and write down my thoughts on this episode until just now. I’ve never had to do a delayed double post here on RC, but I was actually considering it this time around… but better late than never! Thankfully, this is a relatively simple episode that speaks for itself. We’re not getting a sense as to who has a real shot at the taking the gold. It’s impressive to say that I actually wouldn’t know who to place my bets on, because things could change depending on whether we are going to get a second season eventually, or whether Yuri!!! on Ice wants to end on a happy note or a hopeful one.

First up is Yuri, who starts off in 6th place but manages to bump himself up a few despite a not so stellar performance. After everything we’ve seen him go through, it’s painful watching him not do his best here, but I suspect the free skate will be where he shines most. But the question is whether he will win or not, and I just don’t know. Realistically, he probably shouldn’t. If there’s going to be more to this series (given its popular and interest expressed by the writer), there’s no rush for him to get the gold just yet. But it sure would feel great to have this all end neatly and rewardingly. As long as they acknowledge how far Yuri has come and he that can skate to the best of his ability, I think the ending shouldn’t really matter.

Yurio goes ahead and takes the lead with his best performance yet, and there’s no wonder – it was gorgeous. He’s turned into a loveable character and I wouldn’t mind seeing him win, even if he’s still very young and there’s always time for him in the future. Right now his win makes the most sense, though there’s also Chris to consider, who’s had Victor stopping him every step of the way, and now he’s no longer there to hold him back. While Otabek did an impressive routine, I feel he’s too new to take the win so suddenly, especially when we’re familiar with every other character so much more. His budding friendship with Yurio is awesome to see – I especially liked their contrast in ballet scene flashback – but I don’t think he will (or should) win.

And then there’s the two are essentially down for the count: Phichit and J.J. Phichit’s routine was polished and lovely to behold, but the difficulty level wasn’t high enough to get any further, and I’m sure he’s just happy to be where he is. He’s an adorable soul, and I want to root for him, but let’s be real. J.J., on the other hand, ended up crashing and tumbling when it mattered most. I’ve always quite enjoyed his over-the-top energy, and seeing him force that after an abysmal performance was a little sad. I found himself totally rooting for him to get some impressive spins in while he could, but he got overwhelmed in the moment and became last year’s Yuri as a result of it. He was the frontrunner, and now he’s the underdog. Could he pull it out the bag? That would be something to watch.

Honestly, I don’t know who I want to win, and who I think should win. Deep down Yuri taking gold would be lovely, but Yurio makes the most sense after this routine. It’s just too bad there’s only one episode left, especially now that Yuri is implying Victor should return to skating after this tournament, which is sure to cause some friction between them. But I’m positive this will result in a happy ending between these two – after everything we’ve seen from them together, it would be a real kick in the teeth to not deliver a loving finish to their partnership.




  1. I’m really torn between what I want to see in the next episode:
    a) Even more updated OP, with cheering audience filling the pink stands, or
    b) no OP and ED, so they have more time to tie up all the loose ends.

    I’d bet on us seeing only Yuuri’s performance in full, which would be super emotional but not enough to win, and then a skip to the end of the tournament, with the results of Yuri winning the whole thing. Watching all 6 free skates would probably take away too much screen time, and risk the ending feeling rushed.

    Frankly, this show has been such a blast, and I don’t quite care who wins. And while I have concerns how the story would be structured if we get a second season rather than a couple of OVAs, I have faith in the production team to do their best either way. ^_^

    1. Apparently one of the creators confirmed episode 11 was going to be the last with the OP, and there is going to be no OP/ED on the final episode. That gives us more time … but not nearly ENOUGH time.

      What I want to happen in the final episode;
      1. Yuri wins. HE DESERVES IT. And so much has been leading up to it… (I agree with you though Samu, that the ending shouldn’t really matter, as long as Yuri does his best.) I definitely don’t want Chris to win haha. I think Yuri(o) and Phichit have had their moments, and JJ has failed too far, which leaves Otabek and Yuri … It would be a bit strange for last minute dark horse Otabek to come out on top, but it’s possible I suppose.
      2. Victor and Yuri reconcile, realise they are both happy with each other and that #lovewins. At the moment Yuri is a mess on this front.
      3. Victor tells Yuri he wants to stay by his side… and never leave. Through Victor skating (or, EVEN BETTER, pair skating) to that song.

      Do we have time to fit all of this and six skate routines into an episode and tie up loose ends and feel emotionally satisfied??? I guess we will soon find out! I tell you what though, I have never had faith in the creators of a show like I have faith in the creators of YOI. They have really done an amazing job at every turn. I cannot see them letting us down in the finale.

  2. It was interesting see J.J. crack under pressure here, and despite the cast gagging when J.J. putting on a show (brave face) after the end for all his fans that came to watch him was as much a testament to his character more so than a ritual he does.

    It was really interesting to watch Yuri taking stock of Victor’s reaction see other skater but when Victor was watching Yuri(o) was when Victor was basically saying goodbye to his oldself.

    I also complete forgot that Victor was born on Christmas last week…… (It sucks to be born on Christmas BTW. lol)

  3. Well Kubo Sensei has confirmed on her twitter account there will be no opening or ending theme so we will get right to it. I think Yuuri did just fine, but he was nervous and screwed up at the end when his hand touched the ice. It hurts seeing his anxiety get the best of him when he finished, but its a constant reminder that anxiety is something you deal with on a daily basis and that it never really goes away. You just find coping mechanisms to help you along the way. Its sad to see how Victor feels helpless in dealing with Yuuri anxiety, but the man is learning and will be continuously for years to come because that is how much this man loves Yuuri.

    In regards to Victor and Yuuri at this point we know how much of an unreliable narrator Yuuri is and that he completely misread Victor’s reactions to other peoples skating. We have had two episodes of Victor’s monologue about how much happier he is and that he found Life and Love with Yuuri. Its clear Victor has been wanting to retire for awhile now and those monologues and his conversation with Yurio cemented Victor coming to terms with it, BUT Yuuri and Victor have been avoiding having that conversation about what they intend to do after the Grand Pix Final which is a problem. In a way I’m glad Yuuri is “breaking up” with Victor because now these two dorks can talk about this together and heck I want to see Victor get mad at him and call him out on his bs..

    In regards to everyone else’s performance I love Yurio’s and Phichit these two are my babies and I’m rooting for them too. I still don’t entirely like JJ, but he has earned my respect and I’m annoyed people are saying his anxiety and freak out came out of no where. Here is the thing folks anxiety HAPPENS at random situations without the person in question knowing it. There are different levels of anxiety so it would do folks some good if they researched about it. Otobeki was fine.

    As for Chris are we not going to talk about the fact he has a boyfriend/husband???? (His performance was fine).

    1. I know, right? JJ came to the GPF as the favorite for gold this time. He has all eyes on him, all his country expectations and he is only 19. I think his break down was understandable.

  4. Is there anyone here though who thinks that Yurio — breaking the world record aside — is being too much of a jerk here? He’s continuing to put down Yuri for no good reason, and I’m extremely certain that age does NOT justify it. I’m fearing that he’s going too far, even ever since the last episode…

    1. I feel the same. This is far more than being tsundere. I don’t find him cute at all right now. His performance was really good but he is too young, too disrespectful (not only to Yuri but Sara as well). I actually don’t want him to win gold at all. I don’t think it would be good for him in the long run. He needs to learn to be more humble and respectful of his fellow skaters. I was really happy with him in ep 9 and then in ep 11 I felt really disappointed.
      Also, although he skated beautifully it struck me as odd that they didn’t show much of his expressions while skating. His hair was always hiding his faces. I wonder if there’s a deeper meaning in that.
      And lastly there’s the thing about his stamina. Throughout the show it’s been mentioned several times that his stamina is not the best. We’ll see in the FS.

      1. I think Yuri interrupting Sara and Yuuri was because they were about to talk when Otabek’s performance was starting, which in itself can be seen as disrespectful and we know Yurio and Otabek are now besties.

  5. *With tears streaking down face*

    Fan of King JJ
  6. To me it seemes that Yuri ACTUALLY want’s to break up with Victor. Not only end the coaching.
    This was the only time Victor wasn’t glued to Yuri post performence. Yuri felt that becuase his performance wasn’t first place, Victor is extreamly dissappointed. And with all the talk about getting married after the gold medal, even if it was just to piss off all the other contestants, put extra pressure on him. He totally broke down on the ice and Victor did close to nothing.. Why would Victor ignore him like that? Why wouldn’t he offer any words of encouregment or even one of his famous scolds while smiling? I think at this point Yuri believes Victor isn’t interested in him at all. He wants to set him free, from coaching and from him.

    We of course know that is far from the truth. Victor all along this episode thinks about how he can re-invent himself alongside Yuri. For the first time he feels insperation flowing through him while not being alone. To me it looks like he got lost in thoughts while watching the other skaters, maybe getting new ideas for chorepgraphy. That is his reason for not being there for Yuri. He is human after all, and not always the best boyfriend/coach…

    I hope Yuri gets yelled at by Victor for being stupid and thinking his love for him depends on skating abilities. Really want to see them talk about their relationship honestly and upfront for the first time (onscreen..?). Wonder how their about to go throught that, with the anime’s vageness about them as a couple.

    This episode got me so worked up ><"

  7. I don’t care about the gold but i want a happy ending.

    I don’t see an adult story with a nice ending since that librarian soldiers anime …

    People noticed that the last track in Yuri on Ice O.S.T is a duet of Victor’s song …

  8. Let’s face the truth … This is going to end up with: “We learned a lot from meeting other people. That’s cool” ¬_¬;.

    Yuuri probably keep on skating in Japan and maybe mentoring Minami XP.

    Victor and Yuuri are really going to split apart … After the initial shock, Victor is going to open up to the world and perhaps find a real boyfriend ^^;.

    I hope that Yurio will calm down and keep in touch with Yuuri and Hasetsu people. We know that Yurio can be nice to “Katsudon” when Victor vanishes from the picture …

    The problem is that people expected too much from this rushed anime … It’s not going to be the ultimate LGBT representation in the anime world … There is no one right now XP …

    Perhaps “Yuri on Ice” was never meant to be a romance tale between Victor and Yuuri (or maybe a tragic one XP).

    Victor’s Aria is the tale of a heartbroken man and Yuuri’s theme like someone spreading love XP. Yuuri was unable to picture what really love is until now and in denial to have romantic feelings for Victor …

    I’m quite sure that there is not going to be a wedding. Come on … There is no time for all of that in one single episode XD …

    Yuuri probably was meant to be an inspiration for those around him in one form or another -__-; …

    Maybe i’m in the wrong and i have more imagination than Don Quijote XP … It’s funny when we analyze a fiction tale that much XDD …

    One thing is for sure: Chocolate is going to sold out in supermarkets around the world this week, ^^; ahaha …

    (I’m sorry if my writting doesn’t make sense. I’m not so good in English language XDD).


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