「吉乃のマジックショー」 (Yoshino no majikkushou)
“Yoshino’s Magic Show”

Three episodes in and MnR is certainly getting interesting. The basic romcom setup continues apace with Masamune moving surprisingly quickly on Aki, although the first signs of MnR’s darkness are emerging. MnR’s revenge premise is plenty dark by itself, but considering the comedic nature of the show—especially based on episode one—I assumed the premise would remain a means to push Masamune and Aki into some funny situations. We still see that here, with Masamune scholastically battling it out with Aki to see who’s the smartest one of the bunch, or both winding up on a date which descends into something more awkward than originally intended. What’s changed is the nature of the relationship. As highlighted last episode, Aki definitely likes Masamune—evidenced by her reinforcing the good-natured jest of that email rejection and Masamune’s reaction here—but not as a potential lover. That changed by the end of the date. Aki’s spontaneous lap pillow shows a clear change in her perception, indicating a new infatuation with her old childhood friend. It’s only a fledgling attraction currently, but Masamune has successfully broken through Aki’s “bitch” barrier.

Masamune too is not immune from the effects of love, clearly smitten with Aki’s cute side, but doing everything in his power to avoid falling into the pitfall of puppy love. The risk of Masamune actually liking Aki gives MnR an interesting twist, as that whole revenge plot suddenly becomes thematically relevant. Masamune’s revelation here quickly brings up the forgotten question of consequences regarding Aki’s rejection. Yeah the girl certainly needs (and deserves) a wakeup call, but is publically humiliating her the right path? Yoshino through her trust can already manipulate Aki into doing just about anything, while Masamune is already having an impact on Aki’s actions. The effects may be small at the moment, but over time they do add up. I really hope Masamune does end up attracted to Aki—if only briefly—just to explore this dilemma because it offers a piece of drama not requiring some mundane misinterpretation to generate.

Of course all of this ignores the little monster in hiding that is Yoshino. While Yoshino has her head on right regarding her reason for siding with Masmune, there’s no denying she is probably the most dangerous one currently. Yoshino follows her own schedule and does what she thinks is best, Masamune’s capabilities/opinions be damned. This one more than Aki will likely be the crack tripping up Masamune at some point, likely over something Yoshino gets Aki to do that Masamune is unable to properly take advantage of. Not like I’ll complain though, watching Aki flail around with Masamune is pretty damn funny, especially when she doubles down on incorrect knowledge; having both Aki and Masamune screw up with each other—all due to Yoshino—would be the cherry on top of this revenge scheme disaster in the making. Consider this one picked up for coverage, I’ll be damned if I’m starting to get into it.

Random Tidbits

Aki’s first date PreCure cosplay is doubly hilarious when noting such a thing actually exists. In pickup circles the concept is called peacocking, originally invented by self-described “pickup artist” Mystery who wore outrageous and overly flamboyant outfits to attract attention and/or break the ice. Of course it’s designed more for guys and club settings, but Yoshino’s assistance is ironically factual.

Aki has competition with Kojuurou over food it seems. No competition over who’s the designated bottom though, especially if newly revealed BL lover Futaba has anything to say on the matter.

I’m not sure a maternal outie is called “son of a bitch”, but I’ll eagerly take the JoJo reference regardless 😛

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  1. https://randomc.net/image/Masamune-kun%20no%20Revenge/Masamune-kun%20no%20Revenge%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2017.jpg
    My goodness, I have never seen such a “sinister” big breasted female character, especially since I thought she was somewhat of a “mob character.” Might as well call her Yanderella later maybe.

    One of the biggest mysteries, in anime, is how thin girls eat a lot of carbs yet they never gain weight.

    1. I think it might be a clue as to why she is the way she is. I believe she feels bad for having hurt Masamune in the past so she reflects it in her eating, trying to gain weight to ease her guilt. Thought of labeling this as a spoiler but I honestly know nothing about the Manga pr if there is even one.

  2. anyone notice how shallow some anime guys are? they only want their respectable love interest to be one way and nothing more. the boys from chunniybou are a perfect example as soon as “mori summer” showed you she really was they became disinterested and backed off. idk I just find kind of shallow. why? the bl thing? just why? Futaba was already a cool character there’s no need for this at all. at least animes back in 90s didn’t have to resort to this cheapness they could tell a actual story without going the “x,y,and z” route.

    1. To be fair I’m not sure we can pin Masamune as shallow yet. He likes Aki’s stubborn arrogance and is dangerously close to being smitten by her cute side as evidenced here. His musings this episode over Aki’s personality change likely stems from self-reflection and the beginning of questioning his plan for vengeance. If Aki is changing before even falling for Masamune, what is the need to reject her? That question–if properly explored–puts this show ahead of many of its competitors through novel introspection devoid of artificial drama.

      I am somewhat agreed on Futaba’s BL, but here I’d argue it’s more for humour than advancing any sort of plot. It establishes Futaba as a sidekick to Masamune and completely removes her from any romance contention, allowing the romantic focus to remain on Masamune and Aki.

  3. Despite all of the stupidity and mean-spiritedness on display here (I mean, Aki seems pretty dumb for falling for the “cosplay on a first date” trick and she making Masamune pay for her lunches in case of a lost bet is somewhat cruel) I still find some of the scenes charming enough to come back for another episode next week. Though they really should handle the scene transitions better in the future since the cuts almost always leave the situations unexplained, like what happened after they left the restaurant running and probably without paying, or how in the hell Aki transported Masamune to a park bench after she knocked him out. (Yeah, most of these could be explained that her family has so much money that she could buy the whole district just to smooth things out, nevertheless these small details break the suspension of disbelief for me too often to really enjoy the show.)

    Faolin Eye
    1. 1. They probably paid when they received the meal
      2. There were a lot of people around, and she may have asked someone to help carry him somewhere else

      There’s nothing really much to think about here tbh.

      Lord Nayrael
  4. Pancakes, how much do you think are Japanese writers aware of game principles? They seem to be much more aware than western writers. But maybe are game principles more compatible to a more conservative society like japan.

    1. Not sure personally, but likely not any more than people over here. You have to actively search to find such information as it’s niche and–over here especially–controversial. The difference I’d argue is that Japan in general treats such facts when they pop up as logical or commonsense, compared to the “interesting” responses you can generate here even mentioning game in a discussion setting.

      As you mention the conservatism of Japan likely has something to do with this, but there is also a clear difference in romance writing between Japan and the West. Western writers typically go for the harlequin format, while Japanese writers are more willing (in my experience) to explore different relationship forms. Harlequin romance is all about female self inserts, so Japanese writers see more game concepts in their works simply because they have more opportunities to unknowingly stumble across one.

  5. I can’t help but chuckle at all the characters – they all have their flaws, but I couldn’t hate any of them 🙂

    This is running as guilty pleasure for me. Relax and enjoy.

  6. I am more convinced than ever that Yoshino manipulated Masamune into buying all those bread last week. Being able to spike coffee which just came out of a vending machine with laxative though might be a bit too much of an assumption on Masamune’s part. I’m also surprised it’s only in this week’s episode that I noticed Yoshino is pretty well developed. Futaba being a fujoshi was also a surprise.

    1. I wouldn’t say manipulated, more like guilt tripped the poor guy through sheer clumsiness. Yoshino is clearly using Masamune for her own ends, but I don’t think she’s bad enough to use him so she can keep Aki happy with her. Yoshino seems to like keeping her relationship with Aki strictly between them, with little outside interference.

  7. https://randomc.net/image/Masamune-kun%20no%20Revenge/Masamune-kun%20no%20Revenge%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2017.jpg

    “Of course all of this ignores the little monster in hiding that is Yoshino. While Yoshino has her head on right regarding her reason for siding with Masmune, there’s no denying she is probably the most dangerous one currently”

    Hell of course she’s the most dangerous… She’s Swim Swim in a different time line! It’s all part of her’s and Fam’s plan!

    Futaba shot up the rankings… Though not as nearly as high as Suruga Kanbaru.

    Kojuurou Shuri, delicate as an orchid, fair as a cherry blossom, the personification of feminine grace and also… a dude. Tall as a willow, slender as a reed, a dude. Radiant in shrine vestments, dude. The sun dips low in a rosy sky, secateurs buzz, Shuri is a dude.

    – Masamune Makabe

    Heck… That scene outdoes the entire episode

    Velvet Scarlantina

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