「いつか夢見た世界」 (Itsuka yumemita sekai)
“The Ideal World”

Gentlemen, it’s finally here, Zestiria’s endgame. Having brought Alisha and Rose together with Sorey, the gears have now switched from prolonged character development towards dealing with the end boss. This episode was textbook “calm before the storm”, as the party was finalized, copious back story revealed, and the story’s game ending power ups brought to light.

As far as end bosses go, the Lord of Calamity fleshed out this week certainly breaks no molds. The guy is the root of all calamity, he plans on ending the world with one brobdingagian explosion—insert customary Megumin joke here—and also finds solace in doing everything in the cold, northern wastelands. It’s your paint by numbers approach to villains, although his aide/adjutant keeps things interesting with her repeated appearances and refusal to specify why she’s telling the party everything. These breadcrumbs all but guaranteed the girl will factor into the Lord of Calamity’s defeat—doubt there will be a cliff hanger at this point—but I’m not sure she is a turncoat just yet. Also intriguing is the further Berseria spoilers brought up, particularly the Velvet Crowe history and how it relates to the calamities. Given Zestiria is eager to relate the two series in regards Malevolence, I’m guessing the final fight will involve Velvet in some fashion, although in what manner remains to be seen.

On the side of good of course we now have a complete party, with Sorey, the squires, and all assorted Seraphim joined by some Hyland logistical support, Rolance cavalry knightly escorts, and Atakk and pals for a little Lailah flirtation. In this regard it’s the typical buildup episode, however I did enjoy how Zestiria at least attempts showing how difficult the upcoming battle will be. A large number of eager recruits were turned away, and several occasions were used to showcase the Lord of Calamity’s power compared to that of a lowly dragon. Especially interesting was the difficulty for both Rose and Alisha to armatize with their paired Seraphim. From a narrative standpoint it’s nice having the squires unable to instantly master this new power, as it retains the suspense for the boss fight and shows how far the characters have yet to go. Compared to previous episodes—particularly the comparative ease of the dragon purifications—it’s a small, but nice touch that builds some anticipation towards the upcoming events. Need look no further than the Edna-Alisha pairing for example and the likelihood of an armatized Alisha in the not too distant future.

With only three episodes left this season, I’m hoping hard Zestiria will go out a bang. Final power acquisition will probably happen next week before we get down and dirty dealing with the Lord of Calamity and the mid-fight twist certainly to come out. It’s taken a long time to get here, but Zestiria has enough cards remaining for a good final act. Might not make up for all the slow development, but I’m not one to turn down a good boss fight. God knows we deserve one.




  1. I uh have no idea what they’re planning with Heldslf’s plan. His plan involved accessing Artorius Throne, a shrine dedicated to the Seraph Artorius. Plus they haven’t talked a lick about the reason the lands overflowing with so much malevolence from within or Earthpulses. All three of which should be tied together. A nice time to do that would have been at the Church in Rolance considering they worship the deity Maotelus of the Five Lords, who is also connected to all this.

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    Dezel’s animosity towards Symonne made sense in the game, considering she appeared before him at his lowest to laugh at him (Twice!). Which lead him to think she was the cause of losing someone he cared about so much. For Symonne herself I can’t tell what they’ll do with her.

    1. what i find confusing, with Velvet we have now 2 Lords of Calimity in this World. Is that not an Problem? or will velvet help Sorey to understand his own Dark side, and Sorey will turn in someone like Velvet? Accept his dark and White side, an Grey Shepard?

  2. I’m more and more convinced Velvet Crowe is going to be involved in some way for the anime-only ending. Like here’s some major additions to the anime in this episode:
    -That whole army thing
    -Alisha being with Sorey for the final battle
    -Alisha even attempting Armatizing
    -Zaveid and Dezel being together
    -Simone having motive besides “I KILL YOU TROLLOLOLOLOL”
    -Maltran’s sub-plot just not done, and good for that. Never made sense.

    1. The Maltran sub plot actually did make sense, it was just not implemented well, and would certainly been better than portraying a bit player like Bartlow as anything more than a pawn.

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      Symonne actually did have motive, but it was something left out of the game for no real reason and would have been tied to Cardinal Forton if they had included it.

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      There was loads of stuff not included in the game that I was hoping the anime would include, but it hasn’t, and honestly it disappoints me. Berseria at least answers questions left out of Zestiria.

    2. Yeah it really looks like this adaptation is designed to fix some of the game’s more glaring issues. There is a better degree of logical procession, and many of characters now possess better motivations for their actions. In hindsight I do think a lot of the development here could have been trimmed down, but compared to the game’s plot, things here are arguably working better.

    1. Also, if both Squires do not withstand the merging power of armatize, then perhaps the Norims, can fill the gap like this one that helped Alisha in the earlier Episode in this Dungeon

  3. I have a feeling the aide wants the Shepherd and his allies to defeat the Lord of Calamity, otherwise there wouldn’t really be a need to keep observing them and seeing how powerful they are, but she obviously won’t state that directly since there may be a risk of the Lord realizing her true intentions.

    It’s wrapping up pretty nicely. It almost felt jarringly fast paced as the whole gang is here and mobilizing an entire army with all their past allies. I hope they keep the pace up for the next 3 episodes. As long as the ending fight has the usual kickass Ufotable animation cranked up to 10, I’ll likely be satisfied.

    1. I’m thinking the aide also wants Sorey and crew to defeat the Lord of Calamity, but as you mention she probably wants to keep her desires hidden. It’s strange given we know next to nothing about her, but it does provide a potential “out” for the upcoming fight if the armatizations prove ineffective.

      All I want at this stage is a satisfying fight and some excellent fireworks. Won’t exactly make up for the slow buildup, but I’ll take it.

  4. Did anyone notice that the camping scene where Dezel and Zaveid are drinking and Alisha and Rose are chatting like old friends was taken shot for shot from the ending song of the first season?

  5. Ep 22:

    Preparations for the End Boss fight: starting….

    1/3 complete

    But, i can not write down my feelings right now. perhaps if they show me the other parts to see this as a whole, i begin to understand them.

    btw, i have a gist why they head that far north. And this has something to do with ToB


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