「疑惑の新学期」 (Giwaku no shin gakki)
“The New School Term Filled With Doubts”

When we all look back on MnR at season’s end, this episode without a doubt will be the one which made or broke the show. Up until this point MnR was proceeding well, we had a logical procession from initial meeting to building of rapport and personal discovery which normally would have ended with the true confessions and final revelations. The show had all the components necessary for this path, and could have even ended with the fallout of Masamune’s big reveal and vengeful rejection if drama was desired. Instead we got ourselves a fake Masamune.

My main problem with Gasou’s introduction as touched on above is his apparent superfluity. There is no need for this character when the central premise—Masamune’s revenge—already possesses a logical conclusion. Aki and Masamune were already gearing up for the big reveal, Aki in admitting her interest in Masamune—at least to herself—and Masamune in sticking with his plan. The upcoming battle of the plays for example could easily have served to naturally finish MnR’s main plot, all without needing Gasou.

Given Gasou is not technically required then, why is he here? So far I’d argue Gasou functions less a rival/character than a roadblock, a blatant means to drag MnR’s story out and generate further drama. The guy after all is largely Masamune in all ways barring the chub, he’s smart, athletic, and friendly with damn near everyone. He also shows up just as Aki becomes vulnerable, and with an authentic marriage letter/signature to boot. This doesn’t even cover the character reactions, with only Yoshino seriously questioning his presence. Aki though showcases the problem the best. Up until now all guys were utterly annihilated by the cruel princess, and even Masamune with his skill took a couple of episodes to wear her down. While Gasou materialized just as Aki was reminiscing, explaining away her sudden meekness and shyness is still difficult, especially that 180 reversal in interest regarding Masamune. Given the speed and nature of Aki’s change here, the whole thing just feels deliberately forced to me. At least Neko’s ignorance towards Gasou has the excuse of the arranged marriage being kept quiet, barring a few proud yuri lovers.

Although I’m criticizing a lot here, part of me is withholding actual judgement until we receive some further information. We don’t know why Gasou is impersonating Masamune for starters, or why he showed up now of all times. Furthermore was last week’s revealed misunderstanding between Masamune and Aki and the missing memories—on Masamune’s part—regarding Aki’s supposed rejection all those years ago. For all I know Gasou could end up serving a more important role here than initially thought. Until we see just where MnR chooses to run with this, there’s little point in excessively fretting over the minutiae. Doing so after all would take away from watching Kojuurou reach her his final form.

Random Tidbits

Character problems aside, Gasou demonstrates a useful piece of pickup knowledge: getting “in” with the group. Going for a girl can fail spectacularly if her friends dislike you, so getting friendly with them first can eliminate a large source of potential romantic trouble. If Masamune had done that originally for example, the yuri gaggle might have actually sided with him against Gasou.


  1. Gasou’s initial role is to be a roadblock, but he later on change into something that further plot faster imo, and with the lastest translated manga chapter, it confirmed it. Gasou’s introduction in the this play battle actually further the plot quite a bit with its conclusion as well, but I’m not sure if they can reach the true climax of the series at this point :[

    1. I think it’s all but guaranteed we will not see the true ending this season, so the question becomes whether we get some anime original ending, a cliff hanger, or a second season. Just for the proper conclusion I wouldn’t mind a second season, but I could understand why if that doesn’t materialize.

  2. https://randomc.net/image/Masamune-kun%20no%20Revenge/Masamune-kun%20no%20Revenge%20-%2010%20-%20Large%2011.jpg
    So Neko undergoes surgery that could potentially end her life, but recovers within a month (the whole summer break)…and the doctors removed something from her… From that vague description and blurred background image, it looks like an appendectomy to me. While that may be a wrong guess (can’t say diagnosis, as I’m not a doctor, though I can relate if she did undergo appendectomy), I’m still glad to see Neko in the pink of health. That said…

    “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” Doubly so if she’s now a shipper on deck for Masamune x Aki.

    “You spin me right round, baby
    Right round like a record, baby
    Right round round round…”

    Searched/read the manga chapters corresponding to this episode (chapters 19 to 21), and I have a hunch that the end of the school festival arc might be the end point for this season. Though I’m unsure if that end point will be on episode 12 or 13, and whether that point will provide a good hook for a second season.

    1. Probably not an appendectomy, that’s a quick procedure and you’re relatively good to go (i.e. walking around) within a day. I’m guessing a small bowel resection or colectomy given her nutrient issues.

      The cutoff point is interesting too because no one has a good idea currently. The school arc likely is the end, but then it’s up in the air if we get an anime original ending or a second season. Considering there’s 40 chapters, there’s enough material for a second season, but who knows if that’s in the cards.

    1. Hah I wasn’t the only one! I did a serious double take when he popped up, I swore for a second that was Masamune’s new look, which made the subsequent rejection all the more confusing. At least until the yuri gaggle solved the riddle lol.

  3. This was like if you were watching a basketball game, then in the final quarter it became a football game. They are both technically sports, but it’s really distracting, out of no where, and not the least bit conducive to the match you were already watching and enjoying.

  4. I have to admit that fast jumped forward in small spurts for this episode. Arcs like this just get under my skin. He’s obviously lying, and all that I want to see is him get revealed for the liar that he is. Stuff like this is just awkward no matter how many times that I see it in anime, and I always find it hard to get through.


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