OP3 Sequence

OP3: 「心臓を捧げよ!」 (Shinzou wo Sasageyo!) by Linked Horizon

「獣の巨人」 (Shishi no Kyojin)
“Beast Titan”

It took four years, but series that blew through 2013 as one of the most popular of the last decade returns—AND SO HAVE I!, so if you’re reading this Rukia, then yeah you were right—bringing with it much of what we’ve come to expect, especially in regards to its new opening sequence. Taking bits and pieces of the first season’s two opening themes, it doesn’t capture the magic of either of its predecessors, but it’s a visual treat nonetheless, giving us trademark slow-mos of the squads’ pre-deployment preparations while serving as an important reminder not only that we’re watching Shingeki again, but that the fighting’s far from over.

You’d figure that between taking down Annie, confirming there were humans capable of transforming into Titans as enemies, finding out that Titans make up at least a section of the walls and that some people actually knew about it, humanity would get a chance to breathe, but who are we kidding? This isn’t just a stroll in the park and with all these monstrosities running around, there ain’t no rest for the weary. The breach of Wall Rose officially brings humanity down to its final defensive barrier, and the fact that they haven’t found out the identities of the other potential saboteurs within mean that it’s only a matter of time before even that falls. The surprise appearance of an abnormal “Beast Titan” only highlights the new threats on the horizon, and with the gruesome death of the one noted to be just behind Levi himself in combat skill—humanity’s also lost one of its best assets, making things ever the more grim.

All things considered, this was an episode that focused on the implications more than anything, and assuming Titans make up more than just one section of the wall, it’s significant because it provides a convenient explanation as to how humanity managed to create such fortifications in the first place. Given its enormity and complexity, one of the major questions I had early on was how humanity managed to create not one, but three concentric walls with not only a large overall circumference, but a high enough height to keep out even the largest of Titans, and the fact that the latter might’ve actually helped out in its construction certainly makes it viable while also explaining the potential origins of Titans in the first place. Admittedly, the former wasn’t an explanation the series needed to have given the genre, but it always nice to have one. Of course, there’s assumptions made and it brings with it a whole assortment of other potential questions and problems, but it’s a start—and here’s hoping that with humanity’s potential end comes the beginning of the answers we’ve been seeking from the series.

It’s just too bad the church cult seems likelier to prefer death over revealing what they know, and it goes to show not only how crazy they really are, but continues the theme of how even in the worst of times, it seems like there’s someone out there just waiting to stab you in the back—or at least, unwilling to prevent you from being stabbed. Looking forward, one wonders how many deaths their withholding of information will cause in the future, especially when you realize that the Beast Titan seems to be humanoid in origin (his mention of “you know we reside in the nape of the neck” is particularly telling), yet seems to possess no knowledge of the weapons used by the Survey Corps. The latter hints at origins outside the wall, which a curious difference compared to the “Human Titans” we’ve seen so far.

Overall, the return of Shingeki ends up a resounding success for the most part, and it’s notable how they basically resumed immediately after the events of the first season. The late revelation that it’ll be only twelve episodes likely put a damper on the excitement for many, but given how many series have been doing the every other season thing, I wouldn’t be surprised if this means we’ll get another season in the fall instead (source material willing). Here’s looking forward to next week, and yes, I’ll be returning to weekly coverage here with this series (with Cherrie’s help on caps making this possible—Thanks!) while simultaneously trying to prep a catch up of Strike the Blood II by the time the remaining episodes air.

Full-Length Cap(s): 34

Author’s Note: Once again, please refrain from spoilers of the source material past what’s been covered so far. There is a zero tolerance policy in effect as with previous season of Shingeki and comments with spoilers will be immediately deleted and bans handed out where necessary.


ED3 Sequence

ED3: 「夕暮れの鳥」 (Yuugure no Tori) by 神聖かまってちゃん (Shinsei Kamattechan)



  1. S2 will only be 12 eps.
    A French animator working in Japan, Thomas Romain, apologized for this via Twitter, saying there’s a shortage of current animation staff since they’re being used on other anime titles for the year.

    1. Good job, u did ur research. Now we have a name to send fan letter (read: death threats) to express our appreciation (extend to 25 eps or u die) for his hard work.

      1. Uhhh, let’s not. Logistical issues aren’t exactly things you can solve easily. You’d think some sympathy would be in order for the struggles they’re going through in that regard rather than threats and getting pissed at something that’s likely out of their control and/or won’t change the fact we’ll get another season likely in the fall anyway. That and it’s not exactly a productive endeavor since it likely won’t yield anything positive doing things like that.

  2. “I wouldn’t be surprised if this means we’ll get another season in the fall instead (source material willing)”

    Season 1 ended and this episode starts with chapter 34. The source material is currently on chapter 91. If the anime follows the source material at the same rate as season 1, then there’s roughly 42 episodes of material left until the anime catches up. If this season follows the manga storyline and doesn’t deviate too much, then I would expect a continuation in the fall, especially considering what happens in this arc in the manga.

    1. @anon234: Thanks. That helps since I need to go back and review the series (per my post below). Does anime season 1 pretty much follow the manga? If so, then I’ll just review the manga since I can do that faster that watch several episodes.

      Thanks again.

      1. They added a little bit of filler so the season would end where they wanted it to, but for the most part it followed the manga. A few scenes were animated differently, but nothing that I feel would change the story.

  3. This commend isn’t relate to anime at all but I recommend If u have free time just play Attack on Titan : Wings of Freedom (PC/PS4). I don’t interest in it at first but after I try play it,It’s so much fun action game. U play as many main charecters from A.O.T fight with horde of Titans. The game story cover anime season 1 and a little bit more.

      1. I tried to catch up with the manga but I think the artwork isn’t my cup of tea and I find it hard to read =( (don’t throw rocks at me!)
        Show Spoiler ▼

    1. i see, these 3 pictures from the ED3 here, gives me a feeling of some fisherman captured an mermaid, and drank her blood… and so on.. An old story

      you could say, they Show Spoiler ▼

  4. I don’t know what to say. But was that last part with that prolonged death scene really necessary? It’s not like I’m against it, just not used to it since I haven’t been watching anything as “intense” as AoT. Ready for some intense action?? Haha, nope, let’s start off with the death scene first. Really didn’t expect them to kill of a named character so soon (I don’t even remember his name yet… RIP). They did a good job reminding me that anyone can die anytime. Let’s see how many more of the previously introduced characters going to be taken out this season.

    1. Yeah, that last part was a bit strange in regards to how much they drew it out. I suppose part of it is to emphasize that it’s a named and important/strong char going poof, but eek, dunno if that really got the effect they were looking for.

      1. yeah I feel like they took him out way too soon. I barely have any attachment to him. It would’ve been better if they gave us more time to get attached to him then kill him off. Like if they killed off petra or the other two guys (sry, I don’t remember ur names) in this way I’d be a lot more traumatized. This… this is just another gruesome scene. Still packed a lot of impact but could’ve be crazier. It felt like they wasted this good character, could’ve easily let some no name poor soul take his place and probably still have the same impact. But who knows, maybe they DO have that in store for us later by killing people from 104th in even worse ways and this just serves as a warm up.

        TBH, I’m here for the fancy animation/fight scene etc. I don’t mind the gore and stuff but if possible, I’d rather they tone it down. But nevertheless they did a good job on it, if not I wouldn’t be here screaming in agony about that death scene.

    2. I thought it was just me who didn’t recognize him but I guess he’s a completely new character which makes sense >_> They gave him quite a role for such short screentime which again proves that they can make me care for someone while ripping him apart ='( so sad, so sad.

      1. Mike(?) was in the previous season too, and not a new character. He’s the one who could sniff out Titans from afar.

        There was never really a focus on him to be fair, so it’s not surprising that most seem to have forgotten him. Poor Mikey :'(

    3. I actually tried to Ctrl+F Mike and see what people thought of his last moments, no one here seems to have mentioned his name… I guess he didn’t stick out very much? 😛

      I was just trying to get through listening to All Might screaming in agony and get eaten up like that.. (had just watched BnHA before this so the impact was harder, lol)

    4. Belatedly…it’s been a busy week. But why did they make Mike’s death so drawn out? To create despair.

      They made it a point to mention that he was the second most able soldier in the whole Corps, right behind Levi. He was a man of action and rare ability, but beyond even that a highly regarded leader, evidenced by the carrying out of his orders And he demonstrated just how accomplished he was by singlehandedly holding off the marauding band of Titans for hours, to enable the rest of the troop to escape. And then–

      He was brought low by the Beast Titan, having been shocked out of his wits at hearing it speak to him intelligently and thoughtfully. Even considering his injuries, it reduced him to a cowering wreck, unable to respond, unable to do anything but curl up in abject fear as it plucked his equipment off his back in a deceptively gentle manner, and then ambled off to who knows what next.

      And then….

      He remembered himself. Literally. He remembered his own words of motivation to Nanaba earlier. Yes, this is that device so often used in story after story, in so many narratives: the fallen man rises again. Mike roused himself, gathered his wits, and readied himself to fight again.

      And then!

      And then, with fire in his belly and steel in his mind, he failed. He failed utterly. He was once again reduced to absolute helplessness, a mewling victim being torn apart by Titans that would otherwise have been cannon fodder. His death, which should have been stoic and defiant, was anything but that. Oh, certainly, the others in the Survey Corps would believe that he sacrificed himself heroically and nobly so that the alarm could be sounded. And that was indeed accomplished.

      But the viewers know better. We know how he died. We know his pitiable cries as he was torn apart, unable to stop the Beast Titan. The second best soldier that humanity has, he meets his fate like this. This is despair, thick and heavy like fog rolling on the ground.

      Andreas Hvang
  5. omggg its finally here, I haven’t been on your blog for the last 2 seasons cause there wasn’t really much interesting anime, but good to be back!

    only 12 ep rip 🙁

  6. I was kinda surprised the Beast Titan didn’t recognize the 3D Maneuver Gear. That’s something you’d think all the intelligent Titans would be well aware of already, be it from Recon Corps corpses or any information Annie would’ve sent back as a mole, so that lack of knowledge raises some questions.

  7. Hmm… Not sure about anyone else, but I think I need a SnK (or AoT if you prefer) refresher course. 4 years ago, I watched the anime and even read a good chunk of the manga (so the titan wall building blocks and “abnormal beast titan” were not a surprise. About were I left off with the manga), but forgot too much. Conny/Connie? Yeah, totally don’t remember that guy. I didn’t forget everything of course, but I did forget more than I thought, particularly with some side characters. After watching Season 2 Ep. 01 (or I guess 26), I think a refresher course will help with enjoying this season more.

    So… not sure what to do here. I guess I can try to find the time and go back to, IDK, Ep. 20? and pick up from there. Maybe try to check out the manga (can skim/read that faster) though I’m not 100% sure how close anime follows source. Wikipedia does have very brief episode recaps, but not sure if it’s enough. Open to suggestions if anyone has an efficient way to go about this. Otherwise, might fall behind with the show. :/

    “… assuming Titans make up more than just one section of the wall, it’s significant because it provides a convenient explanation as to how humanity managed to create such fortifications in the first place.”

    That’s a fair point though TBH, while I had some issues with season one, I just kind of went with the walls (there have been massive structures built in antiquity). But sure, if you think about it it does raise questions. IMO the actual ability to construct it isn’t necessarily so dubious with sufficient materials + labor/some basic machinery and time, but getting it done with titans roaming around is another matter – unless the titans were so very kind enough to take a looong break from attack. That being said… the wall is freaking constructed of titans!” I remember that as a surprising, “WTF” type moment for me when reading the manga. So yeah, I guess one question answered, but a LOT of other questions raised. I assume such questions are ultimately answered in the manga, but with only 12 episodes (per comment above), I have some doubts as to how far we’ll get in the anime this season.

    1. I always thought it was disturbing how all the titans look like they’re just normal “big” people but then they eat humans… and show no difference in expression or anything *shivers
      This beast titan is in another league entirely though… =S

  8. https://randomc.net/2017/03/31/youjo-senki-12-end/


    To be completely frank, I would have just committed suicide right then and there. That would AT LEAST prevent me from even feeling the madness that would come from an even grislier final moment.

    Anyways… Man, to think that it really has been 4 years since the first season came out. 4 years: gone, like it was nothing- fuck! I need to start making animes soon before my shell expires prematurely.

    Before I leave for my sleep, perhaps I shall attempt to try and make sense of the ending sequence. Well, here goes:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Nishizawa Mihashi
  9. What to say, what to say…
    A direct continuation after 2 minute explaination, as if it was on a 12 week hiatus instead of a 4 year one. That just causes us to forget some of the fine folks from Levi’s squad, as they were not mentioned as much as the guys and gals from the 104th…

    It may be fine for some other shows, but this show may deserve a longer explanation to get us back into things IMO.

    Still, it’s just as brutal as ever. I like it (giving me the chills the entire episode).

  10. Interesting how in the introduction, you see the “heart” of the giants, even giant animals alongside the giant humans (Titans). Almost like “everything is against the humans, even animals!”. And then we see the Beast Titan.

    What I did not like about Season One is that everything is stretched out 3x more than necessary. Even the OVAs. So I suspect if we are going to have 12 episodes in Season Two, that will be what, about 2-3 days realtime in the anime?

  11. I have been waiting too long for this!!!
    It is sort of hard to make any comments w/o any spoilers.. I am happy with the speed of this episode not to mention we have all waited for too long.. And am very glad they showed how our main characters were doing because I was very curious before watching this episode.
    I am assuming they will be doing some more side character development which I don’t mind at all. I absolutely cannot wait for the next episode!


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