「私一人でなんとか出来る!×チョリーッス」 (Watashi hitori de nantoka dekiru! × Chorīssu)
“I Can Handle This Myself! x Wassup”

Renai Boukun continues it’s mad-dash through the book of love tyranny, though it might be going at a pace beyond hyperspeed for our third episode. They pack in a bonding moment between Seiji and his sister, Akua, a date between Guri and Seiji, and having to replace the notebook all within an episode. The pacing is so quick that it makes it feel like there’s much more to process than there probably is. The saving grace about this is that the pacing fits the oddball chaos Guri brings to the show as we follow her around.

The first part was heart-warming since it gave the viewer a different side of Akua, who hides her softer feelings for her brother under a cold demeanor. Seeing Akua start warming up to her brother again like old times was sweet despite the anger she has for his polyamorous relationship. The only thing that I thought wasn’t good about it was the demon penguin, Stolas. For some reason, everyone knows who Stolas is, and it doesn’t look like the first time they’ve come face-to-face. It set up a good opportunity to recreate Akua’s brother dream, but a demonic lust penguin showing up out of nowhere sounds like the product of a fever dream. I guess that’s also a good way to describe the Renai Boukun experience, not that it’s a bad thing, but things like the friendly neighborhood Stolas or the Yuzu’s force field could be explained a little better.

Guri’s jokes in this episode were some of the funnier ones this time around. Having Guri play around with the censor steam or cheer from the sidelines as a playboy is beaten (along with Seiji) by all of the girls he tricked were great. I find that the laughs I get from the show are through how animated Guri is as she gets on Seiji’s case. She even makes eating an ice cream cone more amusing, though I find that a bulk of the screencaps I take end up capturing thousands of 030 faces.

Although the episode’s serious side wasn’t as deep as the teacher/student dilemma from last time, the brother/sister bond was adorable with all of the flashbacks and the desire they both have to repair their relationship was nice. The Kiss Note’s burning was resolved too easily with Tiara, the gal cupid, giving up her Kiss Phone after retiring, but I did have a fright when Akane poorly timed a day to try to attract Seiji with reverse psychology. Tiara’s pregnancy and retirement also brings some food for thought to the table about what Guri would have to think about if her feelings for Seiji develop into something more passionate.

It’s not the more subtle show nor is it the most popular, but it’s still as pleasantly crazy after the initial three episodes as it was when we first started. I’m just curious about if the pink haired girl is going to also be yandere, or if she’ll have something that sets her apart.



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  1. https://randomc.net/image/Renai%20Boukun/Renai%20Boukun%20-%2003%20-%20Large%2008.jpg
    Ah, I just realize a recent shortage of athletic tomboyish heroines, especially in a “supernatural” setting. Up to date, to my knowledge, Suzuka and Fuuka are the only ones with athletic tomboyish heroines yet they are a “slice of life” setting.

    Anyway, if I had to choose what sort of athletic tomboyish sister a Protagonist should have, I would prefer tomboyish older sisters. All Tomboyish younger sisters tend to be Tsundere. Sadly, Tomboyish younger sister settings tend to be overwhelming in numbers.

    I have always wondered if a human can actually turn blue instead of just black and blue

    Guri-“going on about something as unrealistic as a demon”
    O_o (sarcastic tone) wow, big words for an angel.

    Poor Seiji, what did he deserve to get hit on the back of head.

    Have to love it when women get that “punk” tone turned on. Must find more of such heroines.

    On the side note, for some reason I hear the Japanese word “neko”, as in cat, whenever Homewrecker is used. Just realized this.

    Anyway, funny how I wanted the Kiss Note to be burned since episode 1; that Escalated quickly. The worst weapon that could end Humanity, however, returned in the form of a phone.

    I could only wonder if any anime character can resist the power of the Notebook. If the names of someone like Durarara’s Izaya and Shizuo are written in the notebook then those two obviously would need the same amount of willpower, just to prevent themselves from kissing each other, that fate/stay night’s Gilgamesh has.

    And gee, how many heroines can resemble this girl? None I know could ever have that “revealingly and seductively dangerous” vibe.

    1. Izaya and Shizuo as both of them are not really humans, at least anymore, as far as I can tell I’m fairly sure both would break the spell if they were effected by it to begin with. After all can the King of all Trolls Izaya actually love someone? And Shizuo is the force of will power. Sorry Yaoi fangirls.

      And why would anyone ship Izaya with anyone except a real troll living under a bridge?

  2. This is moving SOOOOOO much quicker than the manga was. Feels like they’re rolling with 3 chapters an episode, and each chapter can range from 20-40 pages if I recall right.

    As for that glasses chick… let’s just say she’s the most devilish of the entire cast. Even beating the ACTUAL devil.

  3. They seem to be moving the timeline around or just skipping a few chapters to introduce Shikimi as early as possible. She is the lady in skimpy clothing at the end of the episode with pink hair. Good call, she is deliciously sexy, crazy and crazy sexy.

  4. I thought it was funny that you looked into the serious side of the episode and didn´t mention Tiara´s explanation that even if two people are joined by force thanks to the kiss note, once two hearts are connected that bond cannot be severed with ease.

    Among all the corny and eye-rolling love teachings the manga contains that one actually struck a chord with me for some reason.

    Also yeah, everyone but the viewer knowing who Stolas is was the joke. A pretty effective and original one if you ask me. In the manga there´s even a part in which Yuzu bolts through the streets screaming Stolas has returned and all innocent bystanders are shocked to hear the news to the point they start to evacuate the town.


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