「男女対抗忍術合戦!!」 (Danjo Taikou Ninjutsu Gassen!!)
“A Ninjutsu Battle of the Sexes!”

I only just realised why it makes perfect sense for Konohamaru to be so close to Boruto. Although Boruto shows no signs of aspiring to be Hokage, both were frequent troublemakers that craved acknowledgement for themselves, irrespective of their relations to a Hokage. My realisation also made me appreciate how level-headed and likeable Boruto is compared to a younger Konohamaru. Studio Pierrot have done a fantastic job of portraying Boruto as cheeky and cocksure without seeming too obnoxious.

Episode Impressions

While tensions between the genders remained unsteady, who thought that a piece of yakisoba bread would finally cause nerves to fray? Damn it Chocho, would it hurt that bad to spare a yakisoba bread in this situation?!? Whatever. Boys vs Girls, No Items, Final Destination any weapons allowed, Ninja Academy. Team that captures the flag wins and the losers listen to what the winners say. Let the fight begin!

The ‘mission’ turns out to be fairly fun, as Shino has set up traps all over the academy, and everybody has their competitive spirit stoked. Then, the girls start eliminating the guys one by one. Iwabe makes a wall to keep the girls out, but Chocho makes him pay for it. Then there’s the classic Metal Lee, who effortlessly catches swathes of shurikens, then flops after he gets flustered by the girls. Speaking of which, it surprises me how quickly Inojin has come to get along with Boruto. Alongside Shikidai and Denki, these guys are already a squad. And I really like how Inojin trolled the girls with his superbeast scroll! If I recall correctly, William Congreve uttered ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman pranked’. Toad you so, girls don’t frogret about pranks. I Denki might be in for a bad time.

Neck and neck, and at the final hurdle on the rooftop, both teams pull out their trump cards. I am a simple man. I see explosions, and I like. But nostalgic hype meters flew off the chart when Boruto successfully completed the summoning jutsu with a slight twist that arguably distinguishes him from Naruto a bit. He summons some kind of demonic creature that seems like a chimera, which he has no control over. Nothing like your sweaty toads of mass destruction from yore that you would expect from Australia, though I will have to page Passerby on this one.

It almost severely injures our young ninjas, but fortunately a rasengan from Konohamaru is enough to save the day. The girls win the Battle of the Sexes, but since Naruto saved Chocho from being hurt badly, all differences are set aside as a peaceful resolution is reached. Shortly after which the Ninja Academy building collapses.

Concluding Thoughts

With a mysterious silhouette fading away into the sunset, it seems we will get the exciting transfer student next episode, who will be looking to challenge Boruto. While many of us will know the identity of this character from the movie or the manga, I would rather not spoil it for people who might not know.

As far as character development goes, this episode did very well. Hopefully, this will be the standard for a long time to come. Almost everyone got a chance to shine in the spotlight and showcased their own individual personalities in a way that further distinguishes many of them from their parents. I think the artistic freedom to create original content (without contradicting the established canon) has play a huge part in Boruto’s current success. In addition to thoroughly fleshing out our characters, what could have been a mini-arc of fillers was broadcasted as a single episode.

If you have been enjoying Boruto so far, the good news is that I will be continuing to write posts for it. The bad news is that I’m back to university and busy with exams this term, so my posts won’t be as comprehensive as they previously were. No doubt, I will continue to write posts earnestly through thick and thin, and please expect a return to form following the end of my exams!




    1. Shino is arguably an incompetent teacher, but there were some potential underlying implications this episode that I felt were significant enough to expand upon his character. Especially compared to the days of Naruto Shippuden.

      The expressions exchanged between Shino and Konohamaru during their conversation made me wonder if Shino feels inadequate compared to his contemporary ninjas. Shino advocating fighting to resolve the issue between his students seems like a textbook example of poor conflict resolution.

      I personally like to see it as a projection of his unrealised dreams of rivalries, considering Kishimoto left him in the dust after many other characters really pulled ahead in terms of power.

      Following the war, Shino is stuck teaching at the Ninja Academy, while Naruto is the President of Hokageville with Sasuke as his right-hand man and Shikamaru as his left-hand man.

      It’s a tough feeling to stomach, being so far behind in life, while seeing everyone do well for themselves including his old teammates. Okay, so Kiba once made the non-ironic statement that he wanted to become Hokage (Hahaha), but even if that wasn’t realised, he still got paired off with some beautiful cat lady, while Hinata already has kids with the man she has deeply loved since forever.

      But I respect that despite his less favourable circumstances, Shino tries his best to guide the younger generation, even if such sentiments are misdirected at times. If accidentally destroying the Ninja Academy is a part of your lesson, then you are probably doing something wrong.

  1. https://randomc.net/image/Boruto%20Naruto%20Next%20Generations/Boruto%20Naruto%20Next%20Generations%20-%2004%20-%20Large%2004.jpg
    I was expecting a kiss during this episode.

    Notably I just realized I didn’t notice that this kid didn’t show up in the past episodes. I can guess Mitsuki summoned that snake.

    And poor Denki. For him to be left with Sarada and the “mob girls.”
    I do wonder if that girl, with the tail, happens to be Kiba’s kid.

    Anyway, two things I learned this episode. Boruto likes snakes, no shock there for obvious reasons. Another thing, ramen isn’t in Boruto’s list of favorite food.

    1. Anyway, two things I learned this episode. Boruto likes snakes, no shock there for obvious reasons. Another thing, ramen isn’t in Boruto’s list of favorite food.

      Boruto is just begging for Sasuke to be his master.

      And the point about food is a very shocking one, really. With so much talk about food in this episode, was I the only one who expected Boruto to mention ramen sooner or later? Bad habits, I guess.

  2. I think the kids in the academy are slowly, but surely becoming a very well adjusted ensemble cast. While in the original series the characters were introduced in compatmentalized trios, here they all give the feeling of belonging to the same class.

    Ok, they have their own circles, but they all feel natural and not carbon-copies of their parents. Just because she’s from the Ino-Shika-Cho tradition, there’s no reason Chocho can’t be best friends with the Uchiha girl. Denki tags along with Boruto because he’s his first friend in the academy. Boruto was already having adventures with Shikadai before the first episode, and after the events of Ep. 3 it seems Inojin and Metal Lee are joining them. Iwabe remains a bit apart but now he’s actively taking part in group activities.

    Although Boruto is definitely not the ultimate anime masterpiece, I feel the need to praise it for avoiding the usual pitfalls of too many sequels and spin-offs and keep being an entertaining shonen that feels both familiar and new.

    Also, loving Chocho and (surprise!) Konohamaru right now.

    1. You raise some really fantastic points, Mistic! Glad to see that you are enjoying the show, and recognising its value for what it’s worth.

      While this is by no means a masterpiece, Boruto succeeds in giving me consistently high levels of entertainment every week, much like Pokemon Sun and Moon which I am also following. While it shows some clear inspiration from its shounen roots, it definitely does try to make a refreshing spin on some concepts.

      Can’t say I have a favourite character this early on, but I have to say that Inojin is slowly but surely winning me over. This is considering I said I really disliked him two weeks ago XD

  3. Without focusing and comparing Naruto Series and Boruto Series, i glad this anime somehow kinda entertaining for some reason. But i have to admit it, the entertaining might be slightly mild and far to easygoing story line. Anyway i really wish to have some suspense or tension feeling like how naruto series does, but i guess, this boruto series might give a different feeling, see how this thing turn up well.

    PS: as part noticable event here some i want to highlight
    1) comparison of skills, naruto series make a hard way to train a technique include summoning but boruto ark seems just a click of it.
    2) likewise new generation are rather slow in develop their maturity
    3) so denki strength are hacking no jutsu? xD
    4) Likewise shino character are slightly a little dull, hoping for the best to see his spotlight.

    1. Naruto didn’t really start in high suspense either. It did fairly quickly go into a seriosu arc, but that’s partially because Kishimoto had to pace it quicker due to ever-present chance of cancellation for all new Manga. Boruto has no need for such fears and can take a more leisurely pace.
      But as the prologue shows, shit will hit the fan eventually.

      The new generation is currently younger (around 10 years) than the former generation at start of Naruto (12 years). If anything, they are TOO mature compared to their parents.

      Lord Nayrael
      1. I don’t think Naruto really got serious until the Naruto vs Sasuke fight which set up Shippuden. The challenges the team faced weren’t really super serious, but it helped with their team work. The bad guys they faced were almost like boss fights(If you go by RPG logic). They came out of it stronger and with a better sense of team work. They grew as individuals.

        When Sasuke left, Sakuras world came crashing down, and Naruto lost his friend/rival. They had to accept the reality of things. Life can be cruel.

    1. One can speculate, but there is not enough information between this episode and the original series on the Summoning Jutsu to adequately explain why this would be.

      Guess we can only wait and see what happens.

  4. It’ll be interesting to see Borutos reason to fight during this series. Naruto had always fought for acceptance. In other similar shows, Goku fought for fun. I’m not a One Piece fan but I hear Luffy fought for himself. Every hero has their own reason, it may take time to develop, but it makes them who they are.

    1. From the future flash we got, Boruto seems to eventually fight in order to preserve the ninja. At the moment, he’s fighting to distinguish himself from Naruto – to show that he’s more than just the Hokages son.

      People can say that Luffy fights for himself, but I actually disagree with that notion. Luffy rarely picks fights unless his nakama and acquaintances have been extremely wronged.Show Spoiler ▼

      That shows me Luffy is extremely selfless, and yes he’s fighting for his dream to become Pirate King, but he protects those he cares about because he knows he cannot become the Pirate King alone. He needs everyone else to help him get there.

      1. “At the moment, he’s fighting to distinguish himself from Naruto”

        It’s funny you say that because in your own summary you say…

        “The girls win the Battle of the Sexes, but since Naruto saved Chocho from being hurt badly, all differences are set aside as a peaceful resolution is reached.”


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