「虚数運動機関(イマジナリー・ギア)」 (Kyosuu undou kikan (imajinarii gia)
“Imaginary Gear”

What’s this, Pancakes returning for Clockwork Planet’s fourth episode? No you’re not seeing things, I just decided to be a masochist and belatedly pick this one up. It’s just something about gears, geeks, and patronizing steampunk robots which triggers my curiosity, especially when Clockwork is showing the first signs of something greater. What can I say, I was never one for free time anyway 😛

For me the surprising bit of this episode—once removed from the usual melodrama—was the development of Naoto. Yeah, the kid still remains hopelessly lost the majority of the time, but he’s moving in a positive direction. The RyuZU waifu fantasies have taken (temporarily) a back seat to actual care and affection, with Naoto—bless his heart—protecting his female gear fetish from certain death. Well, until RyuZU commits backside sudoku and steals the spotlight. I’m still hard on the Naoto-RyuZU relationship for obvious reasons, but I’ll be damned if there isn’t the inkling of potential for it now. Of course it might also help Marie has humorously given up trying to overpower Naoto’s gear fetish and just let jug ears enjoy the fruits (gears?) of victory. Things bode well for the future of this partnership, at least until little sister AnchoR enters the picture.

The real intrigue here, however, rests with the reasoning behind the purge. Instead of some simple accumulation of anomalies and random defects as indicated previously, it appears deliberate actions were also to blame in this case. Or at least that’s how I read the guild master losing his mind and screaming about evidence cover up. If true (hint, it is), my guess is some hidden plot revolving around experimentation and implementation of new technology. Given RyuZU’s power and the confirmed existence of a sister, guaranteed similar machines (sisters) exist, some probably lie in military/guild hands, and those ones are used for nefarious purposes. With Clockwork playing the plot cards very close to its chest, I honestly do not know what to expect here, but such developments would certainly allow for the fighting teased in episode one. So long as the related technobabble sticks close to last week’s offerings all will be fine, because I don’t know how many more 0.7 micrometer gears my sides can take. Seriously, even bacteria are bigger!

Next week though we ditch the science talk for what’s truly important in life: beaches and swimsuits. Damn rights, it’s the customary beach episode, complete with breasts, blushing, and a hint of intrigue to liven the atmosphere. Looks like AnchoR finally appears, Naoto returns to form, and RyuZU gets an excuse to show off those amazing gears. Stay tuned boys and girls, next time it’s all about that wholesome family fun.




    1. If they did it’s all on the author, Marie specifically called it micrometer, no translation error. It’s why I found it so damn funny, because compared to the relativistic discussion last week, the gear size was a hilarious stretch.

      And glad you like it, for Clockwork’s faults I’m quite enjoying it 😛

  1. The guildmaster is panicking because all of his machinations (heh) like Marie’s “death”, his ties to Vacheron (a military contractor perhaps? the anime doesn’t make it clear IMO), will be exposed if the purge is averted.

    The RyuZU waifu fantasies have taken (temporarily) a back seat to actual care and affection

    IMO he already cares for RyuZU way back in episode 1, when he slaps away the hand of one of the flunkies who were hitting on her, going all white knight even though he knows he’ll get beaten to a pulp.

    Magnus Tancred
  2. This Sisters are some kind as these Planet Guardians that existed in the earlier stage of Japan Sci-fi

    I dunno (not watched util now), these Sisters are the Core Tower Guardians, and RuyZU is compatible with all of them, where they are only effective inside their own trumpf 🙂

    1. Well gears are not the right machine to do most of the stuff being done mechanically in this show anyway so I think the fact that the gears are actually not doing anything makes the cartoonists lazy. Maybe the gears are part of the magical way planet works and are magical devices and thus not always needing to be connected to work.

  3. I’m out. They cut/left out a very important scene: The scene where Naoto orders RuyZU to run away as to not be used as a sacrifice. RuyZU, however, refuses to do so. This was important, damnit.

  4. Sigh.. Background, Great, Existing Plot (Novel/whatever) solid, Ending Animation awesome.. so why the heck is the Animation Quality and even the Story so crappy.. i’ll still watch it, but come on, i bet they could do way better than that. each episode makes me both laugh and cry now.

      1. i’m not that much familiar with the production setup, but wouldn’t one normally have more time to prepare before the first episode goes live? why’d you believe it would get better on the fly? i’d certainly welcome it, but i kinda doubt it.

    1. I get a real kick out of the distances discussed. Best one IMO was the elevator scene in episode two (IIRC) where Halter was scaling ~30km. In less than an hour. My suspension of disbelief is elastic, but that definitely broke the limit lol.

      I can believe these structures being kilometers in size given they are basically sky cities, but how they are traversed or related to messes with the mind.

  5. Pancakes, I am sorry but I will open the door with the faded label called logic. I like this show, I like RyuZU, but I don’t understand this automaton. I get that the gears make her move like a classic automatic/manual watch. But, how is it that RyuZU came to acquire a conscience? Does she have an OS in her head like in “Plastic Memories” or are those gears generating a type of singularity?

    …I think the sky is falling.

  6. “Well, until RyuZU commits backside sudoku and steals the spotlight”

    I don’t know why, but I laughed stupidly at your typo. Just trying to imagine what kind of game backside sudoku could be was way too amusing.


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