「ロトワ」 (Rotowa)

I get the feeling—just a feeling—that anime has a somewhat misguided view of the functioning of the United Nations. I don’t exactly blame anyone for that; the United Nations is one of those organisations that, when it’s working, we hear very little about, and so we sort of forget what it actually does when there’s no crisis going on. And when there is a crisis, everyone heaps undue attention, the Security Council gets all the stage time, the permanent members overshadow everyone else, and we all remember why we don’t like them.

In practice, I think referring this whole Wam matter to the Security Council and threatening sanctions straight away is a brash, unusual, and even unwise move. Although the analogy to nuclear weapons are raised immediately (one thing I would like more of in Kado: subtlety), it’s not really a 1:1 comparison here, is it? We’re still in the process of figuring out what these Wam are, what they do, and how they may be used, so immediately resorting to the hard line, provoking a potentially friendly nation, and turning it into pariah state off the bat may be jumping the gun a bit. We’re sort of okay with nuclear power, so…? Regardless, shouldn’t they at least open, I don’t know, a Wam commission first? Take things slowly? It’s not like Wam are chemical weapons; there are no facilities for actually receiving them and holding them, even if Japan gave them up. There’s no ‘United Nations Warehouse For All the Wam’. Maybe start there first.

And all of that? General Assembly, not Security Council.

In general, though, I can understand why every other, non-Wamified countries are panicing. If these Wam can indeed power anything effortlessly with infinite energy, they sound very, very dangerous. Splitting the atom was simply about producing large amounts of energy, and we instantly made super-weapons with that science. What will we do with infinite energy? Basically, anything we want. Anything. That’s incredible. In fact, it’s incomprehensible. Even if Wam was used for the most benign of purposes, it would require a rethinking of all human infrastructure, economics, social organisation, and physics. Rethinking that we have never done, of course, because the concept of infinite energy is madness. It’s like if a genie offered you three wishes out of the blue; unless one has spent an undue amount of time fantasising about it, one will probably blow them on something stupid like becoming a prince because they’re simply not prepared for this opportunity.

I wonder if Za actually knows this. He’s evidently still learning about humanity, and has only just gotten to the concept of countries. Yet, even before he figured those out, he’s dumped all this Wam on us. Has he really, really thought this through? Is he sure this is a good idea? Or are we all supposed to just make it up as we go along? I know that the concept of an omnipotent God who has a master plan for all of us is a daunting idea, and perhaps hard to believe. But what if there was an omnipotent god, but it actually has no plan at all? Perhaps that’s the more terrifying thought.




  1. Zashunina seems like a great idea with genuine good intentions to help humanity but that reporter made me think: Does he even have a concept of good and evil? I´m not talking about he´s an amoral being but maybe, just maybe, he´s in a pure state of mind, he has never being tainted by malice like so many humans so the idea that the Wam could be use for evil is beyond incomprinhensible to the guy.

  2. Well, the Staats in our current Time.. Yes even the aggressive one (i do not want to point fingers here).. What you think will do with this infinity Energy? Use it for Humanity? or to keep their Archenemies in check?

    What you think will happen.. if you give mankind, that still use Rock and Bows, suddenly Nuclear Power? Some Star Trek episode had this thing, too. Just exchange Nuclear Weapons with laser Weapons

    1. or see it in our own History… Nuclear Power was found around WW2.. first for Infinity Energy or an alternate Power source. But someone wanted to use it as an Bomb, and when WW2 ended.. the run for Atom Bomb broke the roof and Cold War was born… lucky both sides come to conclusion what these Bombs can do…

  3. Unrealistic depiction of the UN? Lol… This show is completely out of it.
    No stock market&JPY crash when the alien arrived, no panic, people are not fleeing the country, no complete wipeout of the whole world economy and the resulting chaos when he announces free energy and other tech etc. No, nothing bad happens, instead we get some ridiculous story about sharing the bread and how Japs are the most fit to do it. Of course, those evil UN gaijin won’t share this sentiment… cause you know, that is what they exist for, to get in the way of the peace-loving nihonjin and their new alien friend.

    1. Forgot to mention one more thing. The show spent a whole episode 0 to display how awesome Shindou is as a negotiator, and a human. THE IRONY of it: those factory guys he helped are now completely irrelevant together with their old and new technology and skills.

    2. As fun as I find this show, it definitely falls into that weird “ideal disaster” area where everything goes wrong in the right way. No time wasted on more realistic, less “interesting” stuff.

    3. No stock market&JPY crash when the alien arrived, no panic, people are not fleeing the country, no complete wipeout of the whole world economy and the resulting chaos when he announces free energy and other tech etc

      This should have at least been acknowledged. I mean, the idea of a free and infinity energy source would crash every single market in the world. New York was probably open while zaShuina was making his announcement. Even with my limited understanding of the stock market, I can see how that stunt would have wrecked the markets.

      Now, on the UNSC acting like retards… I would love to say that it was unrealistic, but the UN has this nasty habit of working only to keep the status quo no matter what. The Wam is basically poison for it and obliterates all the USA (only really relevant because is a rich country) and Rusia (only relevant because of their energy business) importance in the global stage.

    4. Agree with you 100% Ill write what I wrote at the last episode (chose the wrong link). The writing of this story is absolutely ridiculous, like no thought put into it at all.
      this is not realistic of all countries. IN fact, no country would demand the “Wam” why? well because Japan would have no reason to care about “Sanctions” . . .if you have infinite energy and a cube that can’t be destroyed.

      That and the fact that the U.S. would not consent to sanctions + attack on Japan as it’s an apply as important as England and Canada. Instead, they’d probably send scientists or suggest sending delegations of scientists from all countries(or at least all five security council countries) to study the wam. . .like NASA does with the ISS.

      Seeing as the U.N. is pretty much RUN by the U.S. and it’s military, the U.S. would have no reason to attack Japan, and the people DEFINITELY wouldn’t stand for it, no matter what corporations would say.

      The suggestion that the possibility exists for infinite energy itself is good enough, the governments of the world (especially the U.S. and Europe) would be scrambling their SCIENTISTS together, not their aircraft carriers and fighter jets.

      It’s obvious that these writers have NO idea about the Geo-political/economic state of the world when they wrote this POS. As it’s obvious that commiting acts of war would pretty much END each country, as their economies would crash overnight. That and the U.S. is NOT the Puppet of the U.N. in fact, the U.S. military is so powerful, they would take on the whole world and win.[Wikipedia Rainbow Protocol] So basically, this anime ends here, at least for me with how stupid the writers are. It doesn’t take that much to do research on this stuff.

  4. I can’t say if I believe zaShunina has a plan, per say, but I do think he has more of a goal then we are seeing. He did say that he wanted humanity to “make the right choice” when he introduced the Wam, which implies he has expectations and maybe even fail-safes for what humanity will do.

    Ignoring the UN(cause why not), I’mmuch more excited to see the excitable airhead stop bouncing in the background and take center-stage for a bit. Also loved how realistic it was that someone didn’t hesitate to post Tsukai literally “LOL”ing. You want unlimited media, you’re gonna get Internet videos. Lots of ’em.

  5. There is one thing here I will confirm. The UN really suck. Let’s admit that fact because when has that organization ever been that useful? I mean look at the state of the Middle-East? The organization only handle matters more selectively to things they they think they can solve, but obviously another superpower would fuck it up as always

    This is one of those superpowers because Japan has it and they don’t

    Let’s also admit this. The Wam’s are super useful in terms of energy. It could also make energy prices more cheaper and cleaner. If properly used the Wam could permanently end the energy crisis forever. Maybe it could also be used for interstellar space travel as it’ll be powered by the Wam. Even a space station could be purely powered by it

    However, the only downside is that if the Wam could be used more abusively then it could have the potential of being a weapon or power one to wipe out a city or a state. People are deeply afraid of things they don’t really understand and they would easily jump to the conclusion that the purpose of the Wam could be used more destructively without thinking about the benefit. To me it’s purely double-standard because they would easily judge a country based on what they think is a threat to all, and it’s not the first time it happen because they do this in real-life also since a number of countries with the worst human-rights records tend to have their way in the UN. Saudi Arabia is one, and the United States is another. Remember “Iraq” because of the so-called “WMD’s”?

    Maybe it’s also why Japan would be the one country that has the Wam because it’s one of the few countries that would use it for civilian purposes like energy. This also plays into another factor because as I mentioned that other countries can have their way in the UN, and one of the things the Wam provides is an alternative form of energy. That literally means no more nuclear power and no more need of oil and gas to power stuff up. The Wam is the perfect replacement. That’s bad news for some countries because they are dependent on oil, and governments do have ties to lobbying groups from known oil corporations. To see something that could replace all that will not be good for profits since the main drive is money, and the world economy is partly reliant on that. To them the Wam can provide an unlimited source of energy at an extremely cheap price with no pollution or harmful chemicals or any forms of hazardous substance. To the population that realizes that would find that very attractive in the long-term. This would create new businesses and jobs based on clean energy which the Wam could provide, and some energy companies would consider switching to this to maintain it’s existing customers and gain new customers from it and perhaps invest in new Wam technology. This would also create new technologies based on the power of the Wam’s However, that would also cost the oil industry and energy plants that run on nuclear power a large amount of profits and customers looking for an alternative form of energy at half the price they would normally have to pay. Since they do have ties to a number of politicians in power they would use their influence to make up whatever excuse in order to ensure they don’t lose profits or influence

    This is pretty much why Japan is being sanctioned because a number of corporations would not lose what power they have with this as it’s the only country that has Wam. For me, Za has a clear point and for humans to progress into a better age would need the best advancement for the population as a whole in order to progress into the future. This is perhaps the best thing that has ever happend in a long time, and their have been attempts before to create clean energy like the fusion reactor and right now the electric cars. If Japan can pull this off then it’ll be the only utopia of clean energy. Maybe the first and only country that can do that and could provide other countries with free energy. That would totally piss off other nations that relies on oil and other polluted energy. So obviously they would makeup stuff to say the Wams are dangerous and it can be used as a weapon. In the wrong hands that is

    So honestly I wouldn’t care about the UN because in the end they won’t do much and they will only follow the interest of those that fund the organization itself

    The future is clean energy and the advancement of technology to help the population and the future to a new horizon, and it can be done at the hands of people with a clear vision with conviction and good intention. Wouldn’t care whatr other people thing so long as you do the right thing and use this chance to help those in need

    Th Wam are the future!

    Also, Saraka Tsukai is cute

    1. Wow man, you sure wrote a lot. The problem is you are still caught in the alternative reality this show built after the aliens arrival. Real situation will be completely different. First of all, you do understand that the moment he announces free energy and promises to advance humanity(provide tech) would completely wipe out todays capitalist economy in general? Oil-dependent nations, greed, corporations – that thinking is too narrow. Everything will become worthless: money, gold, natural resources, tech, medicine, skills(jobs) even food. Everything will loose it value completely, because no one will know if tomorrow your old stuff, skills, ideas or tech will be worth anything with the knowledge that said alien would provide. For example, even something like works of art will be worthless if he will provide a technology that can copy something down to atomic level.

      That is why what you write(and they present) about the stupid UN discussion is funny. What economic sanctions if the current economy is no longer relevant?
      Basically, what the show introduces is something like the ultimate socialistic paradise towards which all humanity moves: free energy + robots operated by neural nets or an AI + unlimited resources from space. The problem is that humanity moves to it step by step, and zaShunina just shoves it in humanity’s face. It will become a very ugly situation, cause you wont be able to get basic necessities at first like food, medicine, transportation. Countries of the world will have to deal with that, not suddenly decide at UNSC(why UNSC, by the way) to issue irrelevant sanctions and armed intervention towards a country that hosts some transdimensional being, which probably can negate anything humans can throw at it. And to deal with their problems they will have to ask zaShunina for Wam and tech, so just by announcing free energy he should have the world at his feet…

      Do you see how that diverts from what the show has told you so far? Basically, after zaShunina’s arrival, the show forks our reality into something imaginary. So no point discussing that imaginary reality from a realistic perspective.

      1. Well, we are just on the free energy stage. If other free stuff follow is still in the unknown. So it’s unlikely that with the announcement of free energy the whole economy would crash. Free energy, doesn’t mean free manufacturing. It doesn’t even mean free distribution of energy, and so even most energy enterprises would stay in operation. Therefore the limited impact of the announcement is not so unrealistic.

    2. Just look what the low Oil Price worldwide is doing to some countries… and if these Wams get “free for all” then there is no need for Oil anymore, just for Wheels and other productions, anyway not anymore as primary Energy source (also, our Oil someday runs out, it do not grow on trees), so soon or later we have to find an alternative energy source, for our Children and grandchildren. it is our duty

      1. But, is the anime doing it right? the entire 12 Episode (or more) based around the “Free for All Energy” problem? Or are there more Free stuff following, like Free for all food in the “jesus” way?

    3. Japan is a horrible, horrible choice to give all this power to. Imperial nostalgia is strong in Japan, as is apologizing the deeds of what they did in WW2. Not to mention they are one of the more xenophobic countries in the First World, if not the most xenophobic one.
      Give them the power to no longer fear USA and UN and you are opening an extremely ugly can of worms.

      Let’s be honest here, our dear alien did not choose Japan because they are nice, but because it’s a Japanese show. And just like Hollywood, your own country is represented as the best one.

      1. Or maybe zaShunina had some hidden agenda he did not mention? Japan is not rich in mineral resources, is a set of islands isolated by sea and is pretty monoethnic. Maybe these qualities were just right for him to conduct his experiment? I think it’s still all wrong, but one can dream.

  6. I “like” how they say restrictions, sanctions, and even military force would be used if the Wam wasn’t given over. Is this in an alternate reality or what? The U.S. has TONS of bases in Japan and to think they would agree with that is dumb.

  7. I was really annoyed by Saraka acting like a 10-year old in the car. This person is one of Japan’s brightest and most suited for the job? Give me a break. Is she even aware that throwing a fit over a dumb video makes others lose all respect they have for her? I sure did. She and the childish scientist should find a common language. Go play in the sandbox together, kids.

      1. She was with a guy she just met. Is Shindo her bedtime companion? ‘Japan’s finest negotiator’ my ass. Looks like she got her job due to connections, rather than competence, she is nowhere close to being professional.

      2. This was more an “fan service” for the spectators of this anime. Looks like she will be a bit longer on her site, so this was more to break the Ice of the 4th Wall

    1. She is a pure fan service character, just as Hanamori is a comic relief one. Both would never get their jobs in the real world with the behaviour they display.

    1. They only mention it in passing but opinion polls in Japan in the show demonstrate they are not handling it that well, with most still to stunned to have a opinion. Hey it only three days, we humans can procrastinate longer than that before doing something as citizens, world leaders are a different story. But the Japanese showed during the Flooding and earlier disasters that the Japanese really do stay calm and well behaved in emergencies. I really think the Japanese one of the best cultures in short run to handle first contact well, long term my opinion gets different.

  8. In Star Trek this is why people in the Federation do not have or use money. Free power combined with replicators means effective personal infinite wealth like in the Federation of Planets in Star Trek. Production of star ships and the power needs of faster than light travel actually have resource limits. Gene Roddenberry and thinkers have already realized this. We probably are going to face this in next hundred years as robots replace all jobs including management eventually. You either switch to some form of Communism or let people cease to exist. Then you get what I call a hobby economy in the Federation, people work in jobs created because someone thought they fun to do, people like to work so you get craftsmen doing things by hand, crafting of goods old style, restaurants that people like to eat at because it’s social even though the house replicator can make any food well you can think of. Anime Aria also shows this, people start writing letters again that are delivered by hand even though full color holographic communication available, at time you think the show is in 1950’s or even 1800’s Venice as some jobs done very old school, jobs and work being done but a relaxed pace. This even though sky ships are floating down from space, sky platforms are heating the planet that used to be Mars to Earth temperature and maintaining a atmosphere, underground people are making the gravity almost Earth like and the Planet has been turned into a water world call Aqua. A economy basically set up to keep the humans busy exists. Yes free power results eventually in utopia if you work for it.


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