「ヒストリア」 (Hisutoria)

In counting back to last week and Ymir’s initial reveal as a human Titan, I’m half convinced at this point that everyone’s a darn Titan and they just don’t know it yet! Jokes aside, this week’s episode continues the general trend of focusing on particular back stories as Ymir and Christa take center stage as two people with similar backgrounds. The exactly circumstances are seemingly different—Christa’s an illegitimate child of a noble—and the explanation leaves out much about Ymir’s pre-Survey Corps past, but it does do enough to at least demonstrate why she ends up diving into the Titan horde in an attempt to protect the latter. In the end though, it does nothing but add more questions into the equation, and count me in as someone who’s starting to get worried about pacing and whether we’ll even get anything substantial answers-wise this season.

With that said, the Ymir story line seems to have come to an end, and given the preview—with its yet another potential Human Titan(?) possibly giving us even more questions—it seems like a good time to just go over some of the questions that are left outstanding. For one, there’s the obvious questions about her past—where did Ymir come from previously, how did she know a language most can’t even read, how did she gain Titan powers, and if she herself didn’t know, then when did she find out? The way it is, Ymir’s origins are all but question marks, and the fact that she has done nothing else with her Titan abilities despite killing Reiner’s buddy back then makes you wonder about what her game is. Was she someone aligned to a particular group? Or was the reason something as simple as not having enough food to eat while scrounging around? When you consider how she essentially used her powers to save Daz, she’s not exactly someone hellbent on destroying humanity, yet she sure seems to be anything but focused on saving it either.

Going back to what I mentioned before—everything we get this week helps demonstrate her reasons for being here at this moment, but does nothing otherwise. As exciting as it was to see her take off and just go off on the other Titans, I can’t say the whole “I’M DOING THIS FOR YOU CHRISTA” and “REMEMBER THE PROMISE!” bits really gave anything else on the emotional front, and it’s frustrating to see because of how this backstory clearly should’ve and could’ve done more. Unfortunately, with the “all questions and no answers” way of doing things, there just wasn’t enough revealed about Ymir and Christa for me to care as much as I should have, and it pains me that between all the drama and suspense, the two weren’t ever given the development they deserved.

I can understand they weren’t the main protagonists per se, and much of the Shingeki no Kyojin experience lies within its horrors and the suspense of not knowing when things might hit the fan again, but the latter works best with a quick pace when you don’t have the most developed of characters, and the pacing has been anything but quick this season so far. Count in the exaggerated death scenes whose impacts would’ve been much greater had it not seen constant usage over the past few weeks, and I’m not too sure how to feel about the second season so far, as there are some really good moments but also some that could’ve been a lot better given the proper pacing.

Either way, next week does promise to change the equation a bit with what seems to be yet another Human Titan reveal, and I don’t know how to feel about a preview that seems to reveal exactly what’s going to happen in a future episode. I mean, when you have a picture of Eren and Reiner like this and the name of the episode is the same phrase that was used to describe Reiner two weeks ago, it doesn’t take a genius to put things together. I just hope that if things end up the way it seems like it will, we’ll get more answers than questions this time—especially if it turns out the preview’s just a red herring and it was someone else from the current group.

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  1. Was it really Ymir in Reiner’s flashback? The size and build are comparable, but Titan Ymir has way sharper teeth than the Titan from the flashback. Was that just an artistic mistake, or is it actually Reiner wrongly assuming?

    1. Given how many different faces we’ve seen on the Titans so far, chances are low you’d just so happen to run into a Titan with a similar face/size/build a second time, and they also really went out of their way to flashback multiple times as well so I’d say it’s a pretty safe assumption it’s her or something related (?) to her unless/until we get something to the contrary.

      As for the slight teeth difference, I haven’t had a chance to compare exactly myself, but if there is a minor difference it could probably be written off from just being a result of her being a bit older than she was back then or somethin.

    2. I’ll try to answer this without spoiling, but essentially a shifter’s titan form is different to a mindless titan’s form.

      That’s as far as I can say without spoiling anything.

      1. Yeah, that’s generally what I was thinking as well. He was probably also doing that because he wasn’t sure if Christa was intentionally hiding things from him the whole time.

  2. This show is repeating the same mistake most mediocre mystery shows make which is baiting answers at the end of each episode and then giving none but asking more
    Honestly I think if this continues we will stop giving a damn at some point

    1. Part of me is just joking going “ah, this is all so we forget about the basement they’ll never get to!” but then another part of me is worried that it might actually be true, haha.

    2. You like your mystery shows short then. But yes I can see how this convention bugs, no where as close to soap opera’s, but still bugs. But it is a successful tactic of long running mystery shows so I live with it and enjoy things.

      1. Mystery shows are considered to be good when the plot is advancing through the mystery. It’s not generally seen as a good trait to simply expand on the mystery and coming no closer to a payoff (with the show Lost being a particularly controversial example)

      2. I like examples of a multi season long mystery plot that could move fast though solving the mystery. Again It no problem liking your mystery only one book or season long but if you want a longer story with more world building they can not move though the main mystery very fast at all. Lost like many TV works had no real idea where it was going at first nor how long it was going to last. This story is based on a book like format where the whole major mystery is mapped out in advance. Basically this is more than a mystery story, it also fantasy and action story.

    3. As someone who’s caught up with the manga, I can say this much
      Show Spoiler ▼

      All that, along with the manga’s slow pacing and its monthly release, makes it so that the anime is nowhere close to the basement storyline, and because we only have 12 episodes for now, by my estimation, we need after that somewhere between 25 and 39 more episodes until the anime finally gets to the basement. If you love Attack on Titan as much as I do then I recommend you do as I did, completely forget about it until it comes along. Though even I got frustrated at some point because I thought the author suddenly forgot about it in favor of the current events.

    4. Well I think SnK has a lot of mystery elements in it, but it’s also an action series and it has a lot going on asides from the “Who dun it?” aspects. There’s a lot of cliffhangers yes, but I think the show also answers a lot of the questions at the same time (for example, you know that people can transform in titans and you already know that Ymir, Eren and Annie are 3 of them). You can’t really expect it to drop some answers without asking more questions though because then the show is kinda over o_o…
      Having read the manga myself, (un)fortunately, the show is far from over and it’s really not a simple plot to unfold. If you’re impatient for how the mystery is unfolding, I think reading the manga is your best bet to get all the answers right away or – hang tight! I think the remainder of this season is going to be amazing =3

  3. After this episode my opinion of Ymir drastically improved. She’d been a huge jerk throughout the show, but in this episode she did save Daz (whom she referred to as ‘having one foot in the grave’) and fought to protect other recruits. I guess her life experience has made her sour and detached, but she is still capable of bonding with other people and selflessness.
    Why she killed Reiner’s buddy is a huge mystery – I hope we won’t have to wait another 3 years to find out!

    1. Yeah, I mean this was definitely one of those situations where you’d rather have some development than none, so Ymir does ultimately turn out better as a character as a result.

      All these darn questions with no answers are really starting to weigh things down though.

    2. The only reason I can think of is that perhaps, when she came across Reiner’s village, she had transformed into a Titan while in a rage against humanity, causing her to mindlessly consume humans.

      After all, we’ve never seen the other Titan shifters personally eat humans, except for when Eren wanted to eat Annie during both his Titan rampages.

  4. Clearly Ymir and Christa are in love. And as they not mentioning any of the main characters love life I assume it the often used Japanese keep love life secret in public thing going on. These are adults in a profession where you can die at any time, unless stated differently I assume the characters to be at least having hookup’s or hiring a Prostitute in town. From what I have observed Japanese gay sex is fine but gays are expected to comply with the public facade that only different sex married couples have sex, very uninteresting sex infrequently only with each other. This in a country with a hook up Love Hotel industry, leads the world in kinky and the vast majority have more than one lover. So yes I think Ymir and Christa have had sex a lot but we probably will never let to know for sure.

    1. Isayama has all but confirmed that Ymir’s feelings for Christa (or Historia) are romantic. Christa is more ambiguous but its clear she’s very attached to Ymir. Oddly enough, this fact and the reveal that Ymir was a titan was spoiled to me not by annoying manga readers but by the surprising amount of fanart that these two have even way back after season 1 aired. Suffice to say, YmirxChrista (dubbed YumiKuri) is a very popular ship among the fandom.

  5. It’s going to be a long while episode wise until we get back to Wall Maria and Shiganshina, since there are more urgent things are trying to slap ALL THE VIEWERS right in the face next week…

    …It feels like a long time for us but it hasn’t been that long for our titan-hunting gang.

    A rather light spoiler item for the next two weeks:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. We have a scene with Eren and Reiner that probably hints at the fact that Reiner might be a Titan as well and then we have the opening sequence with Eren battling the Armoured Titan… If things go the way I think they might, we’ll be up for one hell of a ride!
    As for the secret, IMO, it’s becoming awfully clear that every Titan was once a normal person that somehow was granted that morphing power, maybe by a pill or a potion. The completely destroyed village, with no trace of violence, strongly hints that someone has turned everyone into Titans.
    However all of that poses even more questions.
    Right now, my innate curiosity is torturing and tempting me with ideas of going ahead and just dive into the manga; ideas to which I’ll desperately resist, at least until the end of the season.

      1. My curiosity just escalated once again! We already know that there are different types of Titans – (Colossal, Armoured, Beast) and regular stupid ones (are they really?) – which might hint at different origins or processes of creation.

        The key to the kingdom of knowledge is locked in that basement (Maybe a laboratory where is father worked on a serum to create Titans. Who knows? Maybe we’ll find out that the Titans were some kind of weapon that went out of control.) We’ll have to wait for this season’s end, I have the feeling that it might shine some light upon the mystery, even if only a dim one.

  7. Here’s a question I haven’t seen asked yet… What the heck do all the animals with glowing hearts during the Opening have to do with anything?? I have read the manga, and it still makes no sense!

    Nathan O
    1. …what about the bugs and dinosaurs? Someone got *really* creative with this season’s OP.

      Anyway, I love how abjectly useless Eren is. He kills his first titan in the middle of the second season (not counting his kills in berserk titan form), is stupidly happy about this, and immediately face-plants. I guess it’s an improvement over gary stu-type MCs.

    2. When I was watching it, I got this strange idea that they were hinting that maybe the Titans are the next step on the road of evolution… Goodbye humans, it’s been a nice ride, time to make way for the Titans!

  8. 。。。Is there anybody find this ?


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