「ラテットへの道中」 (Ratetto he no douchuu)
“The Road to Latette”

You know, every week going by ends up having me like Zero that much more it seems. Not much has “happened” per say, but the show has currently done a wonderful job of immersing us in its world—pretty much the alter ego of Re:Creators. Unlike those divisive info dumps, Zero so far sticks to the small things and succeeds very well. Whether it be the likeable chemistry between Zero and the mercenary, or the minor world building exposition, the show has not failed in keeping me glued to the screen.

A good example of Zero’s formula is the mercenary’s act towards the kids. Having a good natured heart, the mercenary does not wish to see them fall prey to other, less morally inclined beastfallen, and thus tries scaring them off. That is until Zero uses a bruised ankle to flip the script and set the mercenary up in a flattering, magic-assisted light. Cute and funny yes, but this situation showed how caring/understanding both Zero and the mercenary are, and provided a further example of Zero’s endearing affection for her furry body pillow. This of course does not touch upon Zero’s helpful drying assistance or the hilarious kissing discussion, but I think those moments speak for themselves. Zero certainly has a long way to go in that education on romantic love.

Another interesting tangent this week concerned magic. Besides the difference between sorcery and magic, we now also have innate differences within magic itself. I’m liking the way Zero is going here because it keeps magic grounded in a sense. A magician must know the spell and possess the appropriate emotional state to produce successful magic, lacking in either could yield failure. Want to switch types of magic? You must also alter your thoughts and act accordingly. Talent alone will therefore not completely compensate for mentality, a point likely to have importance later on, especially regarding the grimoire’s destructive potential. I’m further suspecting this reveal factors into why we have not seen any men (so far) practicing magic. Considering men and women have different psychologies (biological fact), it’s not a stretch to believe one sex is more attuned to magic. The mercenary clearly has difficulties with the basics—even if not really taught yet—and all men knowingly involved with witches so far have been deliberately declared as human. Yeah that could change next week given the preview, but right now it appears witches are majority women, including Albus. Yes, the blondie is a girl, I’m calling it here. What, need more evidence? Just look at his response to a thoroughly fuwafuwa mercenary. No man would ever freak out that much.

Having got our fill of cute and pleasant bed bonding and magic elaboration, however, it’s time to get down and dirty into the plot. We have ourselves a massacred village, a missing book, and a good chance both are connected in some form or another. With next week looking like the meeting between Zero and the Sorcerers of Zero, I expect we’ll finally learn just how dangerous this Grimoire of Zero actually is.




  1. The travel and immersion segments are all anime-original. The journey to Latette was only a minor segment of LN1, Chp 4.

    The anime’s likely padding the LN plot with original material to ensure Vol 1 can be covered in the 1 cour.

  2. Gotta say that I’m right there with you on the enjoyment factor there Pancakes. There’s just something about the dynamics that help the “watchability” of the show. I usually enjoy stories like this, because it gives me the urge to come back and re-watch it. Here’s hoping it stays interesting!

    1. It’s definitely down to Zero and the mercenary IMO, their relationship fills the void in an otherwise shallow story (for the moment at least). The Spice and Wolf similarities in this regard are probably why I’m liking it so much, it’s “personable” fantasy per say.

  3. On Re Creators, Hiroe Rei tweeted this semi-apology:
    “And the 4th episode is over! It’s my fault that there was so much talking this time. All I wanna say about those parts is that (director) Aoki (Ei)-san is very skillfully handling them by adding the eating and yuri scenes.”

    Methinks Hiroe felt the infodump was vital to progress the story, and insisted the director put it into the show as is. It’s likely even in his draft story. The eating parts were probably added to try smoothen the flow.

    1. i think she only understand as far as the explanation on the book example like..”the act when lips meet with lips etc” not the psychological and social aspect of it

    2. Probably because the act of copulation differs from the romantic aspects of sex. Kissing is usually portrayed as an act of affection or lead up to sex, not sex itself–unless you’re a demon apparently. Zero likely sees sex as baby making only, explaining her lack of understanding.

  4. So far so good. Not flawless, but while the plot/story pacing is let’s say leisurely, I don’t find it boring. The interaction between Zero & Mercenary works well. Still, there were times it was a bit slow IMO, and yeah, does need to pick up the pace a bit story wise. Don’t rush it, but a bit quicker. Overall, have to think the execution is pretty good if not better. One of those watch & enjoy shows.

    Zero is awesome. Quite possibly my favorite character this season. She’s an adult (from what I’ve read) and acts like one. Yeah, doesn’t know what kissing is, but she’s been hard core, live in a cave doing magic research. Doesn’t seem very conducive to romance. To me she does give off a mature vibe which is a nice change from typical middle-school or HS protagonist. Mercenary does as well and I also like him (but not as much as Zero). As for whatshisname (it’s short, but still can’t remember the kid’s name), honestly I do wonder whether this would be better or at least as good if the kid was gone. Think Spice & Wolf with just Zero & Mercenary (romance optional). JMO, but his character feels kind of tacked on to me.

  5. I love this series, but this entire episode had me wondering if it was filler from the source material as it seemed pointless and meandering but not in a good way. Love the characters, but didn’t care for the episode though the washing scene was pretty cute.


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