「愛狂しき刃「花酒蕨」」 (Ai kuruoshiki ha, Hanazake Warabi)
“The Love-Crazed Blade, Warabi Hanasaka”

By god we are certainly collecting those stamps aren’t we? Five episodes down, three stamps acquired, and only two Swords remaining outside the Nomura harem orbit. Makes me really curious what happens once we are done playing Boy Scouts here because it surely cannot take the entire season. Right? Honestly I have no idea, but if Busou Shoujo’s progress proves as entertaining as these battles are, I have no complaints. I came here to giggle, not to think.

Warabi’s battle this week certainly retained the entertainment, and not for the obvious reasons. Part of my concern over Busou Shoujo was repetition, particularly with Nomura single-handedly winning all the fights and obtaining all the girls. While still occurring, this episode altered that script by having Rei and Mary largely do the winning. Yeah Nomura out-boxed a boxing bear—Kyoubou certainly has the versatile skillset—but our sword fighting came down to two smitten Swords ignorant to their changing personalities, no black gloves of torsional magic required. Of course it might also help that the ridiculous laughter was kept to a minimum, but I digress. Probably helping as well is the kick I’m getting watching Rei and Mary subtly shift into typical tsundere antics, while the lovable kouhai provide choice comedic relief. Nomura getting slapped? Before it was down to misandry, now it’s the sweet sound of protective love for big sisters—even if (U)Choka and Nono won’t fully admit it. Not as pronounced as the blatant jealousy mini-Char and our French blondie showcased during the victory dance though–Nomura’s hands are for harem touchy touchy only. Slowly but surely the Five Swords are being corrupted from within, and besides Warabi they cannot even see it, I love it.

The interesting bit, however, is what exactly happens now. Sure Warabi has yet to embrace the church of Nomura, but that’ll happen with time. Rather it’s how the fights with the remaining Swords will come about. Satori was downright devilish in her political reading of the Council’s act—Warabi probably kicks herself for declaring the Warabinpics over so fast—and her tacit assistance of Nomura indicates her desires do not necessarily align with the rest. Even Tsukuyo by all appearances likes (hears?) the way this throwdown went, indicating some potential apprehension to further correction. I’m quite curious seeing how this plays out because if this episode was any indication, we may have some imaginative fights upcoming. Money is on Satori though, those batsh*t crazy eyes can only lead to amazing things. So long as Busou Shoujo keeps the funnies a coming, I’m ready for whatever this show cares to throw at me next.

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  1. This might be the best fight so far. Ever since the start it’s been non-stop flashing of moves one after the other but this one just takes the cake. I’m actually amazed just how much play-by-play explanations they did in this one and it just tickled my fancy so much that Warabi’s entire repertoire of moves was so varied to the point of it being too silly. Extremely refreshing change of pace especially since she was fighting Rin instead of the infallible Nomura.

    The main Five Swords fights are great. And I genuinely can’t wait to see just how fucking balls to the walls batshit insane Satori really is.

    1. I loved it for just how crazy it was. Kyoubou going full boxer was hilarious enough, but the glasses minion throwing literal nuts and bolts ended me, I didn’t see that coming at all. I also hope Satori does not disappoint, because she looks deliciously deadly.

  2. How are you guys getting hold of anime in such high quality?
    I download my anime to get screen shots but I can’t do that anymore with BakaBT and Nyaatorrents down.
    Those two were my main sources. D:

    1. Can you download torrents from there though?
      I am an AMV maker as well. So I have been struggling a lot lately.
      It sucks that BakaBT and Nyaatorrents went down.

  3. Like Pancakes, this is my fun, easy watch show for the season. It’s been OK so far, comedy has been a bit more hit/miss than I’d like lately, but overall entertaining enough. The stamps are getting collected fast, but the two left might not be quite at as easily obtained. Also have to think the stamps are not the end game. Anime’s “final boss” will likely be the empress. Will say that in terms of the series overall, I do wonder how long it goes. Once the empress is defeated, then what?

    I’m kind of glad Warabi’s “arc” is over because she’s been the weakest (character-wise) of the 5 Swords so far IMO. Loli+”Ohohohohoho” oujo-sama type. YMMV. If the laugh was supposed to be annoying, they got it right! I don’t hate her, but meh, not going to miss her either. Frankly, I hope she’s not added to the harem for two reasons. One, not a huge fan, and two rather this play out where not every girl ends up swooning for the ML. Could be wrong, but I’m starting to think that it will be just be the two love rivals.

    More I watch, the more I think that Satori’s kind of an amazing character because WOW has the show nailed the bat-shit crazy vibe. Definitely unpredictable. The presentation isn’t over-the-top/”comic book” like some other shows, but rather creepy has hell as it should be. Good job with her from visual to voice acting.

    1. I honestly don’t know what to expect after defeating the Empress, the show has basically set in stone the premise of Nomura only seeking freedom. After that there’s nothing really “more” to jump off from, unless there’s some back story still missing.

      I think the laughter was meant as a joke–particularly given the animal personifications of Warabi’s three minions discussed last week–but it was definitely used too often. At least we should know next week how the harem will play out.

      1. Funny of you to say “unless there’s some back story still missing”. TVTropes has that the manga of Buso Shoujo is a stealth sequel of the writer’s previous manga, Shinakoi.

        So quite a lot of back story to be played with if true.

        Dorian S.

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