「花咲く乙女よ穴を掘れ This world requires choice and resolution.」 (Hanasaku Otome yo Ana o Hore)
“The Blooming Maiden Digs a Hole This world requires choice and resolution.”

The calls have been heard, the prayers have been answered. This week was the Magane special. Meteora info dumps, Souta suffering, snappy Alice(taria) righteousness? Nothing on our resident crazy who has firmly established herself as a force of chaos amidst calls for destruction and the rewriting of worlds. If any episode heralds a shift in Re:Creators’ tone it is this one, as not only has Altair become a single side of the antagonist coin, but our heroes’ work just doubled in size.

Since appearing Magane has been hinting towards a “special” role, and I dare say it was proven here. Any ideas about this girl being an Altair ally are gone, any hopes of falling for Meteora’s words permanently eliminated. Miss shark teeth is a power unto herself, thoroughly committed to her visions of grandeur while eking as much entertainment out of the process as possible. In a sense it’s like a more sinister Joker, chaos is the goal, but Magane wants to control it, regulate it, turn the tap on and off as she wills. There’s no Batman for Magane, in her mind everyone is a toy and there purely for her solipsistic amusement. Besides the consistent hilarity Sakamoto Maaya evokes from Magane’s character—seriously, crazy doesn’t get better than this—I’m especially loving how well Magane counteracts Souta’s cliché personality. The threats of Souta clamming up discussed last week are probably not long for this world as Magane effectively tore the heart out of that issue. She had—has—Souta around her finger, skewering his feeble defense and catalyzing his breakdown. Yes no mention of his knowledge of Altair was made, but I seriously doubt our resident dweeb will keep that hidden much longer, the writing is on the wall: speak now, or shark teeth will enjoy slowly flaying you alive. Figuratively, of course.

The big shocker though was obviously Mamika’s death, which while mostly inevitable—death flags don’t lie people—was certainly teased around with. I’m honestly not surprised Mamika did die, but the target of Alice’s anguish definitely raised an eyebrow. Magane’s inciting of rage within Alice is bloody impressive all things considered, especially when noting Magane never actually lied in the process. Yeah shark teeth stretched and conveniently forgot a fact here and there, but Alice incorrectly put two and two together herself. It’s an intriguing setup, because in Alice’s eyes Meteora is the true enemy, Altair remains a friend, and Magane got a leg up by telling the “truth”; i.e. because Magane only stated vague “facts” and let Alice make up her own mind, Alice places more faith in her conclusion than she otherwise would. This will make the upcoming fight significantly harder for Celestia and friends since Alice now has no reason to believe their remarks about Altair being both Gunpuku and Mamika’s murderer. While I highly doubt the upcoming fight will be conclusive because of plot reasons, it will nevertheless not be an easy stalemate considering Yuuya’s half strength and Celestia being evenly matched against the knight. Honestly given Magane’s actions of late anything and everything could happen here, but at least we know Altair now has two opposing sides in place of one. Well, assuming Altair even survived the magical nuke.

Although next week’s results may be unknown and Magane’s future shenanigans a mystery, on the plus side we keep learning more about our suicide girl. If Souta’s remarks are anything to go by, he actually did nothing to Setsuna, simply letting her suffer under the heels of her tormenters because he detested her prowess. If true—and currently there’s no reason to suspect otherwise—this would explain why Altair views Souta in an amusing light, and why Altair is so angry at everyone else. Something terrible happened to Setsuna, Souta knew about it, and that issue directly led to her death. Combine it with the remnants from Mamika’s death and the overall picture is starting to fill in. We may not have all the answers or know when the big reveal—and trust me, there is one—is coming, but it’s hard denying the experience keeps on improving. Come what may, Re:Creators is now a whole new ballgame.


    1. I would say that Magane is definitely more like Kefka then the Joker. Since she wants godlike power and to turn the world into her own toy. While joker is more about causing chaos and terror just for hell of it.

      So yeah, Magane definitely has a kefka vibe coming from her.

    2. I don’t understand how mamika who had like 20 dying words for Alice failed to say something as simple as Altair evil.

      And I don’t see how they can have Magane’s power work any further when it’s counter is so trivially simple.

      1. Indeed. As much as I enjoyed Magane’s antics and use of Jedi truths, I must say that the confusion with Mamika’s last words felt too contrived. Magane just happened to find Mamika by pure chance, Mamika just happened to have enough energies to tell Magane in detail AND to stop Alice from attacking the psycho, but not enough to say a simple “Altair did it”, and then Alice fell easily for Magane’s half-truths.

        I think it was in one review in this site (I don’t remember who said it exactly; Stilts? Passerby?), something akin to “coincidences that make the writer’s life easier are not good coincidences”.

      2. It is really kinda complicated. Despite being gravely injured by Altair, I think Mamika is still trying to save her in her last moment, staying true to herself to the end. Telling something like “Altair did this” will cause Alice (simple-minded as she is) to go straight after Altair, which is the last thing Mamika wanted.

      3. I knew this situation where the truth was twisted into a lie was going to happen the moment Magame happened across Mamiko in the cliffhanger. It’s a common tactic in anime and tv shows. It’s so common it happens in real life as well. In my case, all the time.

  1. Magane, Magane, Magane. She’s a villain, she’s vile, and she’s anarchic. And I just so goddamn love her so much. She just commands the scene, smoothly makes you pay all your attention to her, and not only her behavior has “Why the hell not” written all over it, it’s the like Re:CREATORS itself screams “Yeah we have her here as a villain, cause why the hell not.”

    She’s the Heath Ledger Joker of the show, and for me, she’s the star of the show at the moment. And Sakamoto Maaya made sure she sounds bat shit crazy nuts. God I love her.

    On the other hand, I’m surprised Yuuya kinda gives a crap now about Magane being all evil and wanting to stop her when he cared only for himself before. What caused this change in him?

    And yeah, Mamika died, because of course in an anime like this, someone had to die sooner or later. However, the way she disintegrated right after begs the question: Can they be summoned once again from their worlds? If so, I imagine it will typically be not the same Mamika that had the great personal development which ironically resulted in her untimely death. Alice, on the other hand, will not have Mamika’s moment I feel. She will die an ignorant idiot. Which means the only way Mamika’s death will not be in vain is that the slight change she may have affected in Souta will make him finally get off his ass, stop being such a coward, and just plain tell his allies about his connection to Altair.

    And I have to say, I’m liking Meteora gradually more as the episodes go by.

    1. But her power is literally counterable by not talking and just killing her or using a canned logic bomb statement everytime you want to respond or say something. You could teach literally a kid to do it because it’s just words. Also a growing plot hole is that Meteora knows the simple counter just say it out loud to everyone before they try to kill Magane.

      1. The joker doesn’t need or have word magic is the point. And she too loves exposition or rather the show does as they seem persistently worried people might get confused which is leaving open ever increasing plot holes maybe that is how third universe ends.

    2. On the other hand, I’m surprised Yuuya kinda gives a crap now about Magane being all evil and wanting to stop her when he cared only for himself before. What caused this change in him?

      I’m more itnerested about what Yuuya and Meteora were doing before they arrived. At first, I thought it was that Souta had done the sensible thing and, after getting Magane’s call, called his friends so he could have reinforcements if things went badly. But no, their arrival seemed to be a complete surprise for him too.

      Ok, headcanon to answer both questions: Yuuya and Meteora went on a date to a secluded place with no pesky witnesses around, exactly the kind of place Magane was looking for too. It also explains why Yuuya has mellowed XD

      And yeah, Mamika died, because of course in an anime like this, someone had to die sooner or later. However, the way she disintegrated right after begs the question: Can they be summoned once again from their worlds? If so, I imagine it will typically be not the same Mamika that had the great personal development which ironically resulted in her untimely death.

      That’s a good question and an intriguing prospect that explores the potential of the things we’ve seen in the setting so far. Sadly, I’m not holding my breath.

      1. it’s probably more of the gov’t monitoring the phone / chat of everybody involved. (ie no dumps classified info to wikileaks) so a call/message from an unknown number would ring alarm bells.

  2. Mamika did actually die, and the Souta getting blackmailed thing didn’t get dragged out? Wow. I was expecting the Magane blackmailing Souta story to go on for a long time, but that got wrapped up pretty quickly with the timely arrival of Yuya and Meteora.

    Come to think of it though, it’s pretty hilarious how it came to this. Magane was very close to making Alice kill herself with her lance via that curse magic, but had that chance interrupted by Selesia and Meteora. So, with Alice still alive, Magane has now managed to make Alice completely hellbent on killing Meteora, and Magane didn’t even need her curse magic to do it. I guess this is how a villain turns lemons into lemonade, lol.

    1. Not to mention that it has been established that Magane’s bending of reality’s truth is permanent (or at least lasts as long as Magane wills it). This means that if Alice were to realize she was fooled and try to kill Magane… Alice will be speared by her own lance. Magane has nothing to fear from Alice (unless Alice pulls a Macduff and uses a different weapon).

      1. Not sure on that just yet. It’s also possible that by breaking off the attack Alice broke Magane’s spell and reset things; we still do not know the full limitations and effects of Magane’s power. Still would be really intriguing if it was the case though, it would be the height of tragic irony if Alice died by her own hand.

      2. Still would be really intriguing if it was the case though, it would be the height of tragic irony if Alice died by her own hand.

        The writers seem hellbent on making Alice hold the Idiot Ball forever, so I can definitely see that happening.

    1. Romance? More like Master-plaything. She’ll toy with him as long as she gets pleasure from doing so. Once it gets boring, he gets offed. She’ll make good friends with Kirei Kotomine. 😀

      Less destructive? As if. If anything, she’s like Kurumi from Date A Live.

      Magnus Tancred
      1. It’s a (lame) joke how the Magane-Souta thing’s like a route from twisted otome dating sims where all the love interests are psycologically messed up and enjoy harming its heroine in various ways (ex the Diabolik Lovers franchise).

  3. I guess it was just me that wanted to punch the f*k outta Magane after all the s*** she pulled off this episode >=0[. Guess the writers are doing a bang-up job >=0\.

    1. I can understand the sentiment of wantint to punch her in her shark face. As entertainingly twisted as she may be, at the end of the day Magane is an unrepentant sadistic psycho with terrifying goals and it seems she’s going to stay that way. She’s more Kefka and Joker than Ougi and Kurumi.

    2. No worries you’re not the only one, I’ve seen plenty of comments from others hating Magane and her actions. I personally find crazy fun as hell to watch–especially well-written crazy–but at the end of the day it’s still a disaster for everything around it 😛

      1. I have a number of things that will kill a series for me, but this one broke one of my fundamentals: “kill the cute girl, and you’re out.” That one’s pretty non-negotiable for me, and a number of series that are popularly considered to be among the greatest things ever are on my “unwatchable garbage” list because of it.

      2. Killing the naive, cute and oh so optimistic girl was a plus on my book! Slaughter them all, I say. Anyone who wants to face harsh realities and psychotic villains with sappy and lame values taken from child entertaining tropes will end up just like our pint sized cute magical girl. That’s fine writing and something that had to be done. I already liked this show, but this last couple of episodes upped this show to one of the top 3 of the season!

        As the saying goes: Lose one, gain the other!

  4. Magane will be the final boss. She will successfully destroy the world and become a Goddess. In order to fight her, the heroes must first fight three battles with three enemies each. After that, they will fight her in her goddess form xD

    PS: there will be no save point in between battle…..

    1. Heh that actually gives me hope Souta will turn into something half decent before all is said and done. My reading about Hiroe Rei only writing the basic character descriptions and story overview had me worried, but those comments make me a little more optimistic now.

  5. Aliceteria had her eyes sharp on Meteora back in episode 7, clearly stating how deep her disliking Meteora and her words. Now with the death of Mamijou and Magane’s “puzzle-truth”, i bet shes now has more reason to kill Meteora. Yuuya is busy confronting Magane, and Selesia is nowhere to be found. Hangyaku could possibly hold off Alice to buy some time or Meteora could simply summon heavy-duty weapons again from the military…

    Wise NPC knows when to keep her mouth shut. XD i am impressed!

    Man, instead of fighting Alice, i really wish to see Magane vs Meteora court of argument’s battle scene. Its really painful watching ReCreators every week, ahh…i hope i can marathon this instead.

    onion warrior
  6. So her power is pretty literally useless if you a) speak lies like everything you say is true or b) don’t speak at all.

    If you c) say anything true about her or your intentions she can say a lie within a lie to invert it.

    1. D) ironically by sicing the dumbest spear knight in the multiverse on the government’s team she is saving her life because the lie inversions stick so if she ever tried to spear Magane she would end up stabbing herself instead.

      1. This is what makes no sense in the story they have a counter so simple and discovered way too early. It would be far better to make it hard for both the audience and mcs to figure out the weakness over time instead of info dumping it episodes ago.

      2. Ironically that probably would not be enough though. Her lie to the book shop clerk was written down, and he was still attacked, so the key to keeping her power contained is actually not talking (or writing). So long as you don’t identify Magane’s lie as a lie, she’s powerless. Her strength comes from riling people up and forcing them to respond on her terms.

    2. Good points. Still, it’s obvious that the writers wanted to hype Magane’s capabilities as a Final Boss in this episode:

      -She still can’t fly, but now she turns out to have feline reflexes and superhuman agility.

      -Spotting her lies is not the only way to activate her power; it’s better if you don’t say anything at all, for she will twist it to serve her purposes.

      -Once activated, the reality is bent forever.

      Nevertheless, even then the power is less than impressive. Can she only change minor things? When Souta was calling her a liar time and again, I was thinking: couldn’t Magane just use her power at that moment to bend reality so that what she’s saying is true? But that would be far, far too OP.

      1. When Souta was calling her a liar time and again, I was thinking: couldn’t Magane just use her power at that moment to bend reality so that what she’s saying is true?

        What was it that she lied about in her conversation with Souta (and that he called lies) that she can bend reality with? I thought the same as you at first, but re-watching made me realize that Magane was not lying during those times.

        Now the scene has turned into Souta being a G*DDAMN MORON for shouting back, “You’re lying! You’re lying!” against someone HE KNOWS uses that very thing as a weapon. Souta, were you TRYING to make it so Meteora was the one who killed Mamika!?!?!?!?

      2. What was it that she lied about in her conversation with Souta (and that he called lies) that she can bend reality with? I thought the same as you at first, but re-watching made me realize that Magane was not lying during those times.

        For example, when Magane says “Meteora is working with Altair, and they are staging a rigged game”, the first thing Souta does is to say she’s lying. Could she have used that to make it so that Meteora is really a Big Bad? I doubt it, but it was a moment of fridge horror.

      3. For example, when Magane says “Meteora is working with Altair, and they are staging a rigged game”, the first thing Souta does is to say she’s lying.

        No, what Magane said to Souta was that she wanted Souta to tell Selejia(sp?) that “message”. Souta asked why she wanted him to tell that lie (the content of the message). Magane replied that it didn’t matter whether the message was a lie or not, she just wants him to deliver it. Therefore, Magane wasn’t lying.

      4. Also, Magane was technically not lying for most of the conversation (and the parts that she may have lied about were not challenged verbally as lies), but consider how Souta was interpreting the conversation.

        Souta’s response to Magane telling him “Alice would say Meteora killed Mamika” was to call Magane a liar. Magane was not lying, but what Souta was responding to was the IMPLICATION that Meteora killed Mamika. He confirms this by accusing Magane of killing Mamika (which Magane can truthfully say she didn’t and was not lying about).

        So, way to go Souta. You’re super lucky that Magane was not lying, or there was the possibility of her making what you (Souta) thought was a lie into reality. *facepalm*

      5. Souta asked why she wanted him to tell that lie (the content of the message).

        Er, that alone means he identified the “message” as a lie (“Telling lies like that. What are you trying to do?”), which should be more than enough, I think. However, I realize we really don’t know much about the rules and limitations of Magane’s powers. As far as I remember, she only used her chant (“A lie about a lie, it turns inside-out on itself”) in three occasions:

        1) She wrote “you will be attacked by this” in that book, but despite the bookseller’s distress, she couldn’t activate her power until she asked “what it says there, do you think it’s a lie?” and he answered “of course it’s a lie, don’t be stupid”.

        2) When she tried to use her power on Alice, she said “You might get stabbed by that, instead of by me”. Muttered her chant when Alice answered “I shall not die at the hands of one who spouts nonsense”.

        3) Last time was in this episode. Magane taunted Yuuya with “what strong power! But it’s nothing, this is no match for me” and he replied “I’ll show you! I’ve never met a girl who was fine after getting hit with this”.

        Interestingly, you have to be very lax with the interpretations of what a lie is (was Magane lying when she proposed a not impossible situation in Alice’s case or when she taunted Yuuya with something that was actually true at that point?) and what it means to spot it (Alice merely said she was spouting nonsense and Yuuya just answered with a boast of his own) for the power to work. Whatever the limitations are, I believe they’re not as strict as they may seem at first.

      6. Mistic, I have to admit that the three scenes you pointed out do make one question what the boundaries are for Magane’s power to activate (what’s considered a lie? what’s considered a valid response saying it’s a lie? etc.).

        (Please note that I am going by what was said in Japanese raws, and do not know the exact words used in subtitled versions.)

        For scene 1, while she didn’t speak the lie, she did write it. She clearly asked if it was a lie and the store clerk clearly told her it was a lie. I think we both agree this is clearly within obvious rules.

        For scene 2, problem with vagueness emerges in this one due to Magane including “kamo” (might/maybe) in her talk of Alice’s lance piercing Alice instead of Magane. Would that still be considered a lie?

        Wait, the actual question given to Alice was, “Wouldn’t you be surprised if that happened?”, which is what Alice replied to as being “nonsense”. So to make it true, Alice would be stabbed by her own lance and would be surprised by that. It’s clear that Alice is calling Magane a liar, but is what Magane asked a lie? Or did it become a lie because OF COURSE Alice would be surprised by it and Alice denied it. So Alice was the one that lied…? ARGH!! (brain hurts!)

        For scene 3, …above vagueness problem applies here as well, just as you say. Though it could be loosely interpreted that Yuuya said he was going to prove Magane’s words false.

        For the conversation we are talking about, my logic goes as follows:

        Magane: I want you to tell Selejia this “message”.
        Souta: The content of that “message” is a lie!

        Magane is honestly(cough) saying that she wants a message delivered. She did not ask Souta whether the message was true or false, nor did she claim the message was true. Souta is basically just making a non-sequitar as far as Magane is concerned.

      7. My brain hurts too. You know, it would be so nice if the writers of the series could give us a detailed manual of Magane’s powers.

        Ultimately, I believe that the obstacle wasn’t so much in Souta’s and Magane’s choice of words but in the limits of her reality warping. Even if Souta had given her the perfect scenario for her power, I doubt she could have made Meteora ‘evil’ just like that. She did seek her author so that he could give her new powers, after all. It seems she can’t even change herself so easily.

        That would also explain why she literally said “it doesn’t matter whether it’s a lie or the truth”. If she can’t make the contents of her message real, why should she care about such a tiny detail? XD

      8. Her power is vague, but there’s also a degree of willingness to it. Magane not only must lie and have the opponent explicitly identify it as a lie, but she must want the lie to take effect. This is probably why the bookstore clerk was killed and Yuuya’s attack missed, but Souta is left alone–it’s more fun having the kid force himself to do it.

        I also agree with you Mistic that there’s limits to the power. Considering the effects so far it’s likely restricted to simple physical changes. Thus Magane can alter attacks or warp magic, but cannot twist a person’s mind or affect reality as a whole. It gives her a clear weakness while still allowing for the Alices and Yuuyas to be overwhelmed because they cannot keep their mouths shut while fighting.

        Souta will always be a moron, it’s baked into his soul 😛

  7. Predictions for next episode: Alice confronts Sota or any of the Creations/ Creators. Latter decides to bring Alice to Mamika’s Creator leaving Alice to be humbled about the ordeal.

    Magane fights Altair but its a one sided battle with Magane losing. Altair is confident she’ll win against any Creation as Setsuna was the one who was most focused on them thus learning all their strengths and weakness leading to Magane to be killed.

    Selesia will feel that she couldn’t contribute much in helping everyone. Setsuna’s Creator motivates her and the experience allows Selesia’s mecha to appear turning the tide in the battle.

    More background investigation whether of not Creations ever appeared in the past and everyone learned that Creations did appear in the past and had played roles in many major events.

    1. Probably, but likely not in the same form. If there were any story updates between the character’s materialization and death, any potential “resurrection” could be the updated version instead of the older one. Then there’s the issue of memories, which I firmly bet are lost upon character death, so the “new” character starts anew on that front. Certainly interesting seeing if resurrection happens though.

  8. Okay, I promised way before that I’m gonna do as fair as I can judging the writing of this anime, so here goes:

    As enjoyable as this episode is, the event that happened here is a bit too convenient even for anime standard, and this anime is supposed to happen in real life and free of anime-tropes. The glaring conveniences are:

    1. It just so happened that Mamika flew by Magane to the point where her blood drips on Magane’s corn dog. That makes Magane conveniently the first person that found Mamika and listen on her dying message. The chances of that happening must be a billion to one especially considering how big and complex Tokyo is and the fact that Mamika and Magane aren’t even remotely trying to find each other or know each others’ whereabouts.

    2. Alice just so happened to come at the crucial moment where Magane was still there to lie to her. And of course Alice was gullible enough to believe her.

    3. Instead of saying useful points that can convey her actual message, Mamika only repeated the words “Alice”, “Magane, please tell her” and “That person” to Alice. I mean, for heaven’s sake, if Mamika still have that energy and time to ramble on those above things to Alice before dying, she should’ve just used it to say “Gunpuku did this”. That way, there won’t be any further misunderstanding between Alice & Meteora. Or have the misunderstanding by making Mamika not being able to say anything to Alice before she died.

    Like I said, this episode is enjoyable (due to the performances, animation, music and all that jazz), but I think the writing quality slipped this time in order to create further drama for Alice, Meteora & Souta. And Meteora remains one of the good things in this show. She saw through Souta’s insecurity and able to put a stop to Magane’s benefit by exposing her methods. These two female characters and Altair is now my biggest reasons for following this series.

    1. Well said. I agree with all those points. The difference in what Mamika was able to say and her choice of words before and after was just too convenient for the writers.

      Before Alice appeared:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      After Alice arrived:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      In hindsight, was it necessary to force such a contrived chain of coincidences for the confusion to happen? Magane’s half-truth (that Mamika’s last words were an incoherent mess of disjointed sentences that could mean too many things) actually sounds more realistic and plausible than what it really happened. Had she heard those words from Mamika, Alice would have jumped to the same (wrong) conclusions, no input from Magane needed.

    2. Mamika was in trauma/shock, and she was barely able to speak at all. Her mind must have been clouded too by that time. Still it was awfully convenient to Alice get in time to watch her dying but not in time to hear most important things.
      “Please save that person” possibly is related to Souta?

      1. Pretty much this. Mamika had lost a lot of blood by that time, and very likely had already lost her mental facilities once Alice arrived. Yeah it’s convenient Mamika never mentioned Altair’s name, but at least we have a potential reason for it unlike Magane’s presence and Alice’s appearance.

    3. Here is the question though, what is actually happening here? All the characters are from things that Souta has a deep connection to it seems clear that all the characters brought into the “real” world represent facets of how Souta got on with life and were selected on purpose. Also, Altair is in contact with someone else, I assume this to be the girl who died re: the end of episode 3. Which then makes you ponder what is actually going on.

      Magane isn’t the main character in her novel unlike the other characters, normally pepole relate to the main character but it would make sense that a person who was attempting to deny their role in the suicide of a former friend would relate to/be envious of her and her ability to not be affected by other people.

      But some contrivance is required to keep the action moving as cringy and ham fisted as it may be. I’m very curious to see how this one will go.

  9. https://randomc.net/image/Re%20Creators/Re%20Creators%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2027.jpg
    I do believe that almost all of us unanimously agree that Magane is indeed the chaotic belle in the show and lynch me for saying this but Magane is by far the best girl in ReCreators. She may not have the beauty of Selestia nor the sagely knowledge of Meteora but her snarky attitude puts her above those 2.

    Now back to the serious stuff. In Magane, we see Ougi Meme. Her cryptic and mysterious ways doesn’t pinpoint where her allegiance lie. That makes her the wild card. Though at the same time, her detached approach to events mirrors the viewer’s POV.

    Also in Magane, we see the second coming of Incubator. Technically what she told Alice WAS INDEED THE TRUTH although some portions were… Conveniently forgotten and true message twisted by a play on the vocal and non-vocal communication


    Eulogy for Mamika
    She was the sweet and innocent character in the story. She believed that through magic, all problems could be solved and through the might of magic, forge friendships. Her innocent outlook made her endearing especially to Alicetaria. Alas, her time in our world came to an abrupt end when she realise that all is not fine within her party. She stood up for what she thought was justice and fell heroically defending justice. May her soul be blessed by the all great and almighty KamiMadoka and may her sins and negative emotions be cleansed by KamiMadoka.

    Velvet Scarlantina
  10. Alice is the greatest idiot in this story! She just declare war on meteora based in the words of a demons incapable of telling the truth! I think despair finally fried her brain because she was fully aware of Magane´s nature and still went alone with this insanity.

    1. Hey! Magane is plenty able to tell the truth! She’s just incapable of saying anything pleasant.

      But yeah, Alice is an idiot for trusting anything that Magane says without trying to confirm it (thanks a bunch, Mamika). Her level of intelligence is likely a reflection of her creator’s own level. What happened to that guy, anyway?

      1. Magane is the most dangerous type of person you could find in both fantasy and reality, because she has mastered the skill of lying with the truth. Any idiot can come up with a lie, there are skillful idiots that can create a whole web of lies that can cover the truth completely, but, only the most dangerous people out there can twist the truth to their own ends, making it incapable of undertanding what was the real information.

        That´s why Magane must die in order to this once and for all, Altair is predictible, hatred guides her every action but Magane only enjoys chaos with no no care if she end up dead along with the whole, as long she finds it fun it is all good to her. Indeed, she´s like the daughter of The Joker and Kefka.

    2. When someone wants to kill and start a war, they will find any reason to do so. I personally think Alice has been finding the “right” time to actually declare war with Meteora eversince episode 6 and 7.

      Onion warrior
    3. But hey! We need people like Alice, right?
      if everyone damn smartass like Meteora then the story wouldn’t be fun. We will not see an epic brainless battle if everyone being cautious.

    4. To be fair I wouldn’t call her a total idiot. She was distraught at seeing Mamika die and Magane never refused to answer her questions. Since Magane provided a response consistent with her character (i.e. teased and joked around), Alice took it as the truth–guaranteed Alice’s response would have been different if Magane acted cagey. Yeah Alice should have double checked, but emotions can quickly overwhelm rational thought, particularly when the one hindering your goal is identified as the killer. Alice cannot be blamed entirely for losing it here.

      1. Lets just say that Alice wants somebody to take the blame for Mamika’a death, or at least somebody to held responsible in believing that the whole world is againsting her and her life will always be a tragedy (like even killing off the only person she can trust like Mamika).

        Onion warrior
  11. For everyone telling how easy it would be to counter Magane’s power, I think that you are seriously underestimating her power to irate and cause you to lose your sense of composure!

  12. https://randomc.net/image/Re%20Creators/Re%20Creators%20-%2009%20-%20Large%2009.jpg
    I feel so bad for Mamika here. She really did not deserve it

    If this happens then how would we explain the blood? Is this an effect of the cognitive reality?

    The Joker finally has a girlfriend and she’s proven to be a true equal, and what made her more effective is that she can create chaos and would not tell a lie. JOKER AND MAGANE FANART!!! GO!!!

    This would make Yuuya here a Batman

    Meteora is the Oracle

    Souta is the Robin

    This would make Alice a complete idiot for not noticing what is going on

    1. This would make Alice a complete idiot for not noticing what is going on

      I’d say she’s Superman. Superpowered, arguably the physically strongest hero of the bunch, and the writers love to paint her as good-hearted but ultimately out of the loop and easy to manipulate.

  13. I must be in the minority of Re:CREATORS’ fans this week because I absolutely detested how overdone Magane was. Yes, she’s been this level of chaotic evil from the word “go” but it’s more the fact that Alice believed such an obvious, mustache-twirling villain right off the bat instead of questioning things. At. All.

    I enjoyed the tidbits we got surrounding Setsuna and Souta’s relationship, and any excuse to spend more time with Mirokuji never fails to put a smile on my face. The way Magane weaponizes her lies is awesome and I love how perceptive she is because of that; maybe I’d do better if she was kept in small doses. Only time will tell, I suppose.

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