「自動人形を繋ぐもの(プログレッサー)」 (Jidou ningyou o tsunagu mono no (puroguressaa))

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from covering Clockwork Planet, it’s that there is never a bad time for sexual innuendos. Well, that and Naoto’s truly limitless indulgence. It’s a synergistic combo really, where a noticeable lack of plot advancement is neatly patched over by some hilarious—and well fitting—character interactions. Am I slightly annoyed we still don’t know what the delusional bearded guy is actually up to? Yeah, but the humour more than makes up for that.

For better or worse, this week was largely a buildup. The pieces were set up for the final showdown, some hints dropped regarding future events, and character relationships firmly solidified. Naoto in particular keeps improving in unexpected ways, and mostly for reasons due in part to others. He and Marie for example are now two peas in a pod, working seamlessly together and complementing each other where they themselves are lacking. I’m really starting to like this emerging chemistry between these two because it feels natural, there’s no forced aspect or robot development often seen elsewhere. Both characters simply do their thing and build off one another. The interesting part for me though was Hoshinomiya’s quiet remarks about Naoto’s hearing. Naoto being a prodigy and so-called “world saviour” is already known, but this is the first time someone has identified him as a serious threat. Clearly the kid bears some relation to Y and/or his power, but it’s not known what or how it could be dangerous. I’m actually intrigued seeing where this goes given the utter lack of information up to now, but we likely won’t find anything out until our old guy Gennai is confronted.

On the other side of things though is the Naoto harem family, which has been officially (i.e. maritally) confirmed. I did predict betrothal at some point last week, but lo and behold the dweeb did the deed now, and with a bloody fidget ring no less. At least it’s a nice looking fidget ring. I’d cringe if the moment wasn’t so cute, particularly when the explicit words were never actually spoken between the two—the implication was well understood on both sides, the true mark of a trusting couple. As with Marie, Naoto’s relationship with RyuZU is surprisingly organic. Yes it’s somewhat shoehorned for the sake of wish fulfillment, but both have a way of honestly and openly interacting with one another, at least during the more serious moments. Take away RyuZU’s godly lap and Naoto’s gear fetish for example, and it’s the sort of relationship you could find in your typical romance story. Of course this doesn’t take care of AnchoR’s role, but Naoto first has to work things out with Mama Marie before we get the full family experience. I never knew I’d come around to liking this setup, but eh, I have worse guilty pleasures :P.

With only two episodes remaining, it’s looking increasingly likely the upcoming big giant robot fight is where Clockwork will leave things off. Still have to find out what Gennai is really up to with his whole Y hatred and get Halter back into a more reasonable body mind you, but I imagine those bits will fall into place on their own. The important question is obviously when RyuZU finally kisses the dweeb, because if there’s one thing I know, it’s that you don’t tease more than three times in a row. When will the fated moment finally occur? Will it even happen? No bloody idea, but you can be sure it’s not far off now.




      1. I supposed that it was a poético way to say it. ^^U

        Anyway, it’s clear nos that the anime os going to finish at the end of the second volume.

        The problem with the plot, I think, it’s that we are only un the begining of the story. It’s as if you made a serie of the first half le the first volume of Game of Thrones.

        So there isn’t a lot that we can do. I, myself, am happy to have at least an anime adaptation.

  1. this is the first time someone has identified him as a serious threat

    Not that hard to imagine. He’s crazy awesome in a runt-sized package.

    He may seem frivolous, but even in that “date” with AnchoR he was trying to cook up a plan that eventually became the Pillar of Heaven takeover we see in this episode.
    Not to “save the world” as Marie would, but as payback to those who hurt RyuZU and AnchoR.

    Remember in the first arc that he wasn’t interested in fixing the Kyoto clock tower, but in meeting AnchoR. This may mean he doesn’t have a high regard for (most) people, which may also be the reason why he prefers automata. :O

    Bottom line: if he ever goes unhinged, or the government actively targets his girls, there will be hell to pay, and not even Marie can stop him.

    Speaking of Marie, her extra-spatial awareness is quite surprising, as it’s never been hinted before, and even surpassed Naoto’s hearing. It’s almost like a Newtype power. :O

    One more thing: was the other cyborg’s name ever mentioned? The end credits lists him as 「ベルモット」 (Berumotto) which the wiki romanizes as “Vermouth”.

    Magnus Tancred
    1. One more thing: was the other cyborg’s name ever mentioned? The end credits lists him as 「ベルモット」 (Berumotto) which the wiki romanizes as “Vermouth”.

      No in the anime, that I remember.

      Anyway, I don’t like alcohol (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vermouth), so an orange juice for me. :P:P

      At least it isn’t as bad as: Piña Colada (http://gate-thus-the-jsdf-fought-there.wikia.com/wiki/Pi%C3%B1a_Co_Lada -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi%C3%B1a_colada).

      Come on! What is with Japanese and weird names? X(

      1. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess how they named the cyborgs.

        Halter –> Halt –> Stop –> End –> Terminate –> Terminator 😀

        Vermouth –> aside from the alcohol, I’m thinking it could also be from “Blabbermouth” because he likes trash/sex-talking. 😛

        Magnus Tancred
      2. Vermouth –> aside from the alcohol, I’m thinking it could also be from “Blabbermouth” because he likes trash/sex-talking. 😛

        Then it would be Belabeberemoutehe. 😛

    2. I think it might be more than the risks of Naoto going crazy. He could easily be capable of more than simple hearing, with the hearing only identifying him as whatever the hell he is. RyuZU definitely knows what’s up here, but it’s telling the princess does too. There’s still something important missing.

      Marie’s ability is also interesting, but it’s mostly probably down to artistic liberty. Not as much fun if automaton repair takes a whole day and then some 😛

  2. One thing I’m glad for that I didn’t see mentioned before is that the group has been kept pretty limited, especially Naoto’s “harem” – sticking with RyuZU and, to a lesser degree I guess (?), AnchoR and Marie. They could have easily gone with an “automaton of the week” that quickly expands the harem (with the usual cliche personalities – tsundere, kuudere, dandere, yandere, etc.) and end up losing track of the story, but they manage to avoid that and leave no doubt that RyuZU is Naoto’s true one and only.


    *switches with Naoto* <3 ^_^ <3


    The "brain" is male…but the body is female…and the brain is now acting more female…does that now make the character female? Or is the character still male because, technically, there was no true gender swap…? I…I don't know what to think!!! X_X

    1. Good point on that, it’s what likely keeps the character cast interesting. The harem is limited per say, so the fan service elements are quickly blown through, giving more time for individual development and complexity. It’s also telling Marie is not part of the harem, but instead has become a friend. Next to Naoto, she’s probably the most surprising character of the show.

  3. This episode was hilarious, especially RyuZU’s reaction to the ring and begging Naoto not to do anything like that again.

    Also AnchoR asking if she lay on her papa’s lap while his head is already on RyuZU’s lap killed me.

    I do have one nitpick though that I noticed over the last few episodes- AnchoR’s arms are each a different length, one being longer then the other. Its easier to notice in scenes were she is sitting or lying down.

    What was Y thinking when he designed her that way?

    Can’t wait for the next episode!

    1. AnchoR’s arms are each a different length, one being longer then the other. Its easier to notice in scenes were she is sitting or lying down.

      You sure about that? Maybe it’s because she’s wearing a gauntlet on her right arm, or just animation error? We know it’s a low-budget production after all.






      Looks same length to me.

      BTW, anyone noticed the slightly changed OP sequence? It features the now-female cyborg, RyuZU kissing the ring Naoto gave her, among other things. 😀

      Magnus Tancred
      1. Actually you can clearly see in that picture that were her arms connect to her shoulders are different, one arm connected higher up, while the other one is lower.

        None of the other characters are drawn like that in any scene.

        Its not an error, since I noticed it in the previous episodes. Including when she made her first appearance.


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