「風立ちぬ」 (Kaze tachi nu)
“The Wind Rises”

When the opening theme doesn’t play, you know things are about to get serious. I actually predicted this potential outcome in Episode 3, where Akane’s father hints towards the fact his job constantly relocates him. Unfortunately, Chekhov’s Gun retaliates in full force, possibly shattering Akane and Kotarou’s dreams of attending the same highschool. And I’m feeling naïve, considering my hopes have been crushed for a conclusion undisturbed by dramatic developments. It was only last episode that Akane and Kotarou put up their wishes of everlasting love amongst the wind chimes, yet the sweet moment was ephemeral in passing. With that cheery prospect being thrown into doubt, other worrying storms are starting to brew up too.


Kotarou’s mother is a bit too pushy when it comes to future decisions – the boy is only 14 years old. No doubt she has his best interests at heart, but she is so preoccupied by academic standards that she fails to notice Kotarou’s strengths. Fortunately, Kotarou’s father provides a counterbalance, telling Kotarou to take it easy and go do what he loves. Though Mum may rule the roost, it doesn’t mean Dad can’t offer discreet moral support. Based off last week’s omake, it seems Kotarou’s father also backs up his son because Kotarou’s manuscript exceeded his expectations. He probably believes his son can make it in the literary industry and I’m sure it would mean the world for Kotarou if he knew.


Anxiety has often overcome Akane’s ability to perform. I was definitely feeling nervous for Akane’s sake, since it would be upsetting if she fell at the final hurdle of her middle school track career, with Kotarou watching on no less. However, Akane managed to make the most out of it, even setting a personal record in the process, leaving me happy that she could end on such a high note!

Kotarou secretly went to watch Akane’s race. But contrasting how easily Akane mingled into the shrine community, Kotarou looks like an uncomfortable outsider to the world of track and field. Wanting to congratulate her for her achievements, he instead opts to walk away upon spotting her being surrounded by fellow club members.

Strangely, seeing Akane cry together with her friends wasn’t too sad. I could why it was sad for those involved, but the lack of development between the three friends after the first few episodes meant my impression was ultimately subdued. Not to mention, constant exposure to the negative side of Akane and Chinatsu’s relationship made it difficult for me to take Chinatsu’s tears seriously. I suppose you can be conflicted in really liking ones of your best friends, but still be jealously attracted to her boyfriend. However, a bad taste was left in my mouth, when Chinatsu and Hira conversed on the train about their unrequited feelings. I have no idea what kind of twisted plot they are trying to hatch. But whatever they’re planning, it can’t be good. It’s time for the S.S. Akane x Kotarou to go full steam ahead, and plough through these evil machinations!


I’d venture that Tsuki ga Kirei properly showcases how texting has become an integral part of modern romance, and I’m also sure people would agree that Akane and Kotarou’s communication via emoji is next level. Watching Kotarou and Akane exchanging truly delightful text messages never stops being so adorable. While Akane blushes way more while cuddling her stuffed sheep, it’s interesting to see how Kotarou has mellowed out over time, a stark contrast from taking out his excitement on light switch pull cords.

However, indirect means of communicating can pose a double-edged sword. It can easily be used as a crutch for skirting around issues that require a productive discussion in real life. Akane chooses to break the news of her potential departure to Kotarou over text, and I think that this is important information she should have told him in person. In the near future, they will definitely talk about the problem with each other in person anyway, so the time of reckoning is merely postponed. That said, we probably have another festival episode on our hands, that will most likely culminate into the climax of Tsuki ga Kirei. Times are looking uncertain, so we can only hope and pray for the best.

Ayane’s Boyfriend 2

The story of how Ayane met her boyfriend seems like love at first sight.  It was funny witnessing Ayane’s 180 degree turn on her notion of an ideal boyfriend, and her subsequent recommendation of dating guys possessing trade skills to Akane. Speaking of which, can we agree that writing and dancing skills are no worse?

Guys’ Girl Talk

Girls’ Guy Talk

These two were actually one omake, ‘Guys’ Girl Talk, Girl’s Guy Talk’, but I wanted to demonstrate how they mirrored each other almost perfectly. The guys are impressed by Nagahara’s sleazy heroics, while the girls are horrified after hearing the tale from Setsuko. Hopefully Nagahara won’t be a terrible influence on Inaba and Kaneko, especially since I really like Kaneko’s dynamic with Aira. That said, I’m fairly certain Kaneko has ways of smoothly attaining what he wants, without stooping as low as Nagahara.


  1. I don’t know. Maybe this is just me being too optimistic in a way that’s not realistic, but when Kotarou’s father told him to follow his heart and do whatever he wants, my mind just immediately jumped at the possibility that Kotarou may very well move away with Akane into her new town. He could expand his authorial horizons, and possibly rise in the ranks thanks to this huge step in his life. Not to mention, as we’ve been thoroughly shown so far, Kotarou is definitely man enough to do it. But I don’t know if it will happen. Stuff like that doesn’t really happen often in real life, and unfortunately, more often than not, the parties involved are left long-distance communicating at best. We’ll see. We’ll just see. I still think anything can happen. The ED just rolls in every time I feel some despair to tell me “There is still a chance for them despite everything that’s going on.” Maybe that is a red herring, but I think I’d be kinda heartless to dismiss it as such. This anime is just messing with me at this point. What I said before, about how this anime works because it’s down to earth? I think I’ll take it back now. Screw that. Now I just want a happy ending for those 2 together *cries*. I think I’ve grown a love-hate relationship with it.

    About Akane not telling him about her moving away face-to-face, I could understand. They just started, and she knew he’d be incredibly hurt by this change. She knew he had to know, sooner better than later, but just wasn’t strong enough to face his hurt about it, because she must be hurt as well, and that’d be too much for her. Hurt is always gonna be there, no matter how she spins it.

    1. We can remove the hate in the love-hate if the ending is happy, and just call it bittersweet if it isn’t.

      >It’s possible for Kotarou to move. Maybe he won’t attend highschool altogether, and will become a highschool light novel author, living in an apartment provided by Kadoyama.

      >As for Akane not telling Kotarou about her move earlier and in person, I suppose I should be a bit more lenient considering she’s also only 14. Hurt is hurt as you put it, and maybe it is better for the two to have time to think for themselves.

  2. Re: Hira I don’t see why him still secretly pining for Akane qualifies as twisted, it seems pretty normal to me. Hearts don’t mend so easily and he hasn’t done anything wrong, unlike Chinatsu with her plotting.

    Re: girls’ talk I found it funny how the problem seemed to stem from the assumption that when girls have sex with them, guys should pay all the expenses. So I guess I can see why plenty of school girls in Japan are pretty casual about what we generally call hooking around here.

    1. >I suppose ‘twisted’ was a bit strong. Though if it wasn’t clear, I reckon I used it in a context of the plan itself being ‘morally twisted’ for trying to interfere with a loving relationship, as opposed to the pining itself being twisted.

      >I got the feeling guys usually pay for it, because they want ‘it’ more. That said, everyone was pretty casual about it. I wonder how far Aira and Kaneko have gone.

  3. Akane chooses to break the news of her potential departure to Kotarou over text, and I think that this is important information she should have told him in person

    Actually I thought it was really good she told him ASAP after accidentally letting Hira know.

    1. Hmmmm… fair enough, but I always feel like she could have told him earlier. The race may have required her full concentration and attention, which could have played a part. In hindsight, perhaps I’ve been a bit too harsh overall in all of my judgements this episode.

    1. If you’re interested, the TV programme description for the next episode came out. It might be a spoiler, so click at your own risk.

      Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Yeah Krafty, pretty unfortunate that it really did go this way, after you asked me about it 7 weeks ago. Hopefully Tsuki ga Kirei doesn’t get too carried away, because for me this series is at its best when Akane and Kotarou have their adorable moments together.

  4. I certainly enjoyed this episode. When the girls started crying I actually felt quite sad, however if they all continue to join the track club they eventually meet again in high school anyway. I think it’s very interesting that Koutarou decided to go and watch her running but not telling her right away. Did he feel so much out of place there?
    I’m so happy that she made it I was rooting for her like they did and yelling at my screen AKANE! GO! this was definitely my favourite part.
    Anyway we somehow knew what was coming and I’m glad the show doesn’t treat it as the worst thing. They really take it seriously and how to handle this problem. I like how Akane is genuinely thinking about her future and trying to find out which high school would be best for her. This feels so real and I still like this the most about Tsuki ga Kirei.
    The scene with Hira and Chinatsu at the end gave me some hope of future interactions between them. His response to her answered most of my questions. deep down somewhere I still might be rooting for him haha sorry not sorry

    1. Hey Kana-chan. Apologies for the late reply!

      I also enjoyed this episode. I’ll just put down to my lack of sensitivity, and proceed to agree that it was interesting for Kotarou to go and watch Akane run, without telling her right away. Did he feel out of place? That would be my guess. As a socially awkward and shy kid who is not in the clique, it would be difficult to hang out with the jocks. He also probably aware of Akane being nervous, and didn’t want to make her even more stressed, so he chose to support her from a distance. As for me, my favourite parts of the episodes will always be when the two talk together and continue to fall even more in love.

      Thinking about the future is something that comes earlier for Japanese people, since university isn’t quite the be all end all required in the eyes of many Western societies. That’s why so many animes are featured in highschool, since it is often seen as the last ‘harrumph’ before setting off into the adult world, whereas over here the ubiquitous university attendances provide a buffer for such a transition.

      At this point, I can’t claim to care much about Hira and Chinatsu. Not everyone needs to be perfectly paired off, and I’m fine with the two vanishing into obscurity as long as I receive closure on Akane and Kotarou at the end.

  5. For me, I consider this the first real climax in the series. Even though there was a love triangle with Chinatsu, she didn’t bother too much into their relationship.
    For some reason, if they go with the realistic-ness of a relationship, then I feel like they might split up because they’re only in middle school and how many relationships last from MS lol.

    1. I didn’t really consider this a climax, rather a precursor to a climax. Though I’m saying this with the benefit of hindsight, having just blogged the most recent episode.

      For some reason, if they go with the realistic-ness of a relationship, then I feel like they might split up because they’re only in middle school and how many relationships last from MS lol.

      Lunascha, nooooo! Say it ain’t so! :'(

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