「新しい道」 (Atarashii Michi)
“A New Path”

Ninja Duo > Ninja Trio

Shino setting up combat training, with the intention of figuring out who would make good teams, can only mean one thing. As the preparations are made for our current generation’s transition into the genin class, we’re nearing the end of our time in the Ninja Academy. It feels like Kishimoto really tied down potential plot variations by pigeon-holing the Ina-Shika-Cho trio. As I said before, just the glimpses we see of Shikadai’s synergy with Boruto and Mitsuki make it a huge shame that his team was decided at birth. Regardless, this newer iteration still exhibited some really strong teamwork, echoing back to the previous generation. Shikadai’s cunning trick of unnerving Metal really reminded me of Shikamaru’s intelligent fighting style, turning the fight into a 3v2 situation. Cho Cho promptly bodying Metal with a partial Multi-Size fist really gave me some throwbacks to Choji loyally following up on Shikamaru’s commands. I don’t think Inojin used the mind possession once, instead relying on Sai’s ink based jutsu. But I don’t mind, because I never really cared much for Ino anyway, not to mention it seems ink has greater synergy with shadow binding compared to mind possession. Sorry Ino fans, if you even exist out there.

At the end of the day, none of this is enough to overcome Boruto and Mitsuki, who demonstrate that their perfect partnership is more than a match for any trio. Though they resort to some pretty cheap tricks to snatch victory away from the jaws of defeat, I’d say not much else could have gotten them the win, and some nifty coordination was still required for it to succeed.

Sumire’s Return

The wisdom that Naruto has gained with age and responsibilities never ceases to amaze me. Seriously, saying stuff like:

‘Children don’t get to choose their parents, but they can choose their friends’

When did this obnoxious but endearing try-hard become such a cool badass? I mean, Naruto is the god damn Hokage, but even then I can never stop finding his growth to be absolutely remarkable. Note that he also kept his word, specifically the promise to Boruto that he wouldn’t let down Sumire. The kid should really learn to trust his father, and realise this is a man whose ninja way is to never go back on his words.

When Shino stood near the entrance to the academy, all by himself, I feared the worst had come about. Thank goodness that was not the case! Shino never stops being awkward, but well-meaning all the same. His outburst in Iruka’s office where he offered to take charge Sumire was so sweet, and he even went to visit her solitary confinement unit to provide reassurance and advice. If she ends up accepting his offer, I sure hope she won’t mind the bugs too much! Personally, I can’t tell if what we’re seeing is a Shino who has grown as a result of his tribulations, or a side of Shino that was there all along. Whatever it is, he can only improve by leaps and bounds as a teacher, once he straightens out his rough edges of inexperience.

Concluding Thoughts

Sumire made a brave choice facing up to her crimes, and I’m pretty happy to see that she won’t have to move away. But a lot of explaining will have to be done to justify the limited appearances she, Denki and Iwabe have later on in the series, owing to their nature as anime original characters. With the cameo of Naruto and Sasuke meeting at the remains of the God Tree, as well as the Otsutsuki and the new ED theme, it’s pretty much confirmed that we will be getting a rehash of the movie. I’m excited to see if they will retcon some stuff and add on new things, possibly including more appearances for anime original characters like Sumire, Denki and Iwabe. And of course, I simply can’t wait for the heaping of extra Salad we’re going to get.

ED2.1 Sequence

ED2: 「サヨナラムーンタウン」 (Sayonara Moon Town) by Scenarioart



    1. The Narutoverse’s answer to Vegeta and Nappa! It’s going to be fun when they arrive to Earth… or whatever the planet is. Now that you mention Jupiter, what does the solar system in that universe look like?

  1. That freaking doll-girl. If they made her an actual supporting character, she’d be as positively received as Sumire herself. I’m tempted to call it the Hex Maniac Effect.

    This has got to be the most tension-filled episode thus far. They REALLY teased Sumire not staying, and they decide she’s a regular member (for now). BoruSumi is just gonna grow to equal strength as BoruSara at this rate.

    And her smile! Damn, that freaking smile. Gotta protect it. Couldn’t help but feel Boruto standing to the side there felt very–actually, pretty Neji or Minato-like. His subtle expressions show the contrast he’s got to Naruto.

    Speaking of Naruto. It’s odd that he never found out where Boruto was during the whole incident, but it retroactively fits, since he never really seems to truly notice Boruto’s own achievements and only sees the surface of them instead. And what Boruto doesn’t despise is his dad coming home late, it’s the impact on his mom and sister–but we already know that. But what I truly got from the exchange mainly between father and son is that when they DO have time to spend together, it’ll be filled with tension and clashing. And this will continue on for years to the point that they will drift apart even in the same home. Having undergone this myself, I couldn’t help but relate.

    Heck, I think the reason I love Boruto the series and character so much is because he’s the first character I can finally, truly relate to as a person. I won’t go into details unless asked though.

    Also, since when was Shino this cool outside of fanfiction? Hell, he’s still cooler than in fanfiction! Kinda funny that the guy with the least screentime really got the most attention. He got what he wanted in the end by doing what was natural for him.

    Funny enough, the full song version of Boruto’s action theme was the highlight of the 2v3 for me. Sounds badass.

    I have to wonder about Naruto’s Shadow Clone near the end. Given how it seems to be a distant place in the dead of night, I can only assume Naruto deliberately tried his damnedest not to fall asleep. I think this actually may be the real reason he came home early: to avoid overworking so his clone can meet up with Sasuke while he stayed awake the entire night until morning.

    As for the revelations regarding the Otsutsukis. I. Freaking. Called it! The Nue IS Otsutsuki in origin 😀

    Toneri though, no wonder it took forever for more Otsutsuki to respond. Gotta be grateful for the guy–especially seeing as he’s been holding the fort until Momoshiki inevitably offs him first. Once he’s dead, there’s not gonna be much holding back forced portals in space-time.

    I hope that when it does happen, Toneri will give us a scene worth remembering.

    1. I forgot to mention it, but Denki and Iwabe… actually kind of reminds mo of Naruto and Sasuke in a way. The Dead Last and a top student on the same team. I kinda wonder how it’ll go next episode, because a hacker Dead Last (when the last one we had was a walking nuke) would be interesting. Couldn’t help but feel it ironic that their Dead Last has so much support and friends too, despite his limited strengths.

      1. I’d say that Denki and Iwabe are both similar in an opposite way. Iwabe was Dead Last too. Very good at the physical part of being a ninja, but the current curriculum requires more brains. Denki has the brains covered, but needs more brawn. Together, they could complement each other perfectly. They just need a third member that can achieve a balance. Not exactly the same dynamics as Sasuke and Naruto, since Sasuke excelled at everything and Naruto failed at everything too.

      2. I’d agree on Denki and Iwabe balancing each other out quite nicely, one being the brains and the other brawns. As for their third team member, it would need to be someone who is not canonically tied down. It can’t be Sumire either, assuming she’ll team up with her friends Namida and Wasabi. There’s a high chance it could be Metal Lee, for all we know. A bunch of misfits tagging together to overcome their personal weaknesses sounds like a compelling storyline.

      3. Nah, MMM and FFF teams are very rare in Naruto, and usually reserved for lowest level fodder XP
        Thus, Iwabe and Denki are most likely to be paired with a girl.
        As for Metal Lee… my sadistic heart hopes for a rare FMF and he gets to be paired with Wasabi and Namida. Poor guy’ll never get a break from nervousness that way, especially once he hits puberty ;P

        Lord Nayrael
  2. Agreed about Shino. Boruto has done wonders for his characterization and development as something more than the “quiet member who uses bugs of Team 8”.

    I liked especially his advice to Sumire in the confinement room. Despite he himself being firmly in Team “Let Sumire Stay”, the first thing he did was to offer her the chance to get away from the academy and assure her that it was a perfectly reasonable choice. Like Iruka pointed out (he’s the great sage for good teaching and mentoring), what’s important is what the poor kid wants and needs. I wouldn’t rule out that Shino may become Sumire’s parental figure in the future.

    Oh, and although it might have been a sad experience, that the adults chose to confine her and make sure she wasn’t a threat anymore was also sensible from their part. No immediate Heel-Face vote of confidence from the authorities, even if most agree she should be treated as a victim rather than a culprit (like a child soldier). Again, Boruto shines in the little details.

    I’m excited to see if they will retcon some stuff and add on new things, possibly including more appearances for anime original characters like Sumire, Denki and Iwabe.

    I wonder that too. Perhaps the Boruto anime will become some sort of Dragon Ball Super. Super had the two Toriyama-approved movies before it, and it has a manga too, yet by including and adapting all the existing material and adding its own, the DBS anime becomes the main version of the story.

    Hey, after all, we’ve gone from “anime-only characters in the Narutoverse are bland filler” to Sumire being the breakout character of the Borutoverse. That’s success!

    1. Mistic, gotta agree on your assessment of Shino. He’s really grown on me in Boruto, particularly because of his willingness to stand by his students and believe in them, possessing an ilk similar to that of Iruka when he took that fuma shuriken for Naruto. Though his inexperience leads him to be flawed, I have no doubt he can end up becoming a suitable successor to Iruka within the Ninja Academy. The bond he has fostered with Sumire really reminds me of early day Naruto and Iruka.

  3. The Director noted that much had to be cut from the script Kishimoto made for the Boruto movie due to the time constraints… and that he intends to make the TV series more loyal to it, seeing as time is more plentiful. So it’s very likely that there will be changes.

    Lord Nayrael
    1. Really? So the anime is going to actually be more fiathful to Kishimoto’s spirit? Interesting. I wonder if Kishimoto would like to add more changes after having watched the complete film, so now he knows what he liked best and what he didn’t like.

    2. Good, but hope he do not the same mistake, where in Naruto’s Manga time, the mange could also had the name “Sasuke the Wonderchild”… I mean nothing against Sasuke, but i hope he do not forget the MC’s

      This TV Adaption is called Boruto, sure they can give (and should) their parents some screentime, but the main focus should be Boruto and his Friends and his “youth and own problems” World

      But perhaps i begin to be to old for this, and somehow lose the contact with the young generation.

      Anyway, i wish his Team all Luck and Gabbatte!!


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