「Light & Shadow」

Further Advancements

Taking small steps comparative to the knowledge of our world but big steps in the fantasy world, Ernesti is revolutionising Silhouette Knight technology in leaps and bounds. Crossbows that demolish solid rock? Hunting corps style manoeuvre gears for giant ass mechas? All seen and done, yet why does it feel so exciting? While not quite being high energy laser cannons or flying, I really enjoy seeing Ernesti trying to implement design concepts that adhere to the fun spirit of creativity. You truly get a feel for his passion and enthusiasm, which as I’ve said before is absolutely infectious.

Marquis Dixgard

Although the outcome favoured Eru, things could have easily gone south. I found myself being quite annoyed at he naïveté displayed by the Walter twins, though I can understand the approval they are seeking from their father. I did appreciate Stephanie, who stormed in to confront her father over the letter he sent to Marquis Dixgard. The siblings did consult and request her beforehand in the novels, but from my perspective, she proactively pulled the trigger to find out if Ernesti was okay.

Fortunately, Ernesti was more than a match for Marquis Dixgard. Our lovable robotaku shota schooled the man on mechs, and turned his world upside down in mere moments. What’s more, he even offloaded the project management side of his ventures. Without needing to spend time explaining his progress to various people (which the Marquis will now handle), Ernesti is free to expend all his efforts upon the practical aspects of research and development.

Concluding Thoughts

I bet Addie loves Er-kun furrowing his brows, when needing to tinker about for improvements. But seriously, she seems really desperate for Ernesti and I think it was a bad thing for the anime to cut out certain interactions between them. Addie actually got kidnapped by a student who wanted to win a duel against Kid in an underhanded way, only for Ernesti to end up rescuing her. Although I wasn’t a really big fan of this plot device, it certainly helps justify the feelings she has developed towards him. Hopefully this explanation will help people consider Addie as being more than a one dimensional character. Plus, there is much that a 30+ year old reincarnated spirit can do to others. Young children are very easily shaped and influenced by their teachers, peers and life experiences. In my opinion, an unfortunate trend and shortcoming typically found in isekai where a protagonist reincarnates into a baby.

I also want to take this chance to clarify Marquis Dixgard’s motives. Dixgard understands that the King is an impulsive and free-spirited individual, and fears that this has created the seemingly arbitrary trust towards Ernesti. He’s incredibly loyal to the king, being the unfortunate charge tasked with reluctantly accompanying him with the Silhouette Knight experiments in the flashback. We can expect he’ll want the best for the kingdom and will make sure to assist Ernesti at every turn, now that he has gotten to know our mechasexual protagonist for who he is.

From the looks of it, a mysterious faction is angling towards stealing some of the Telestare prototypes. Whether they succeed or not, the next question would be if they even have the skill and control to pilot these machines. After all, if a capable knight runner like Edgar struggled to utilise the training machines, I doubt anyone other than a genius like Ernesti could successfully pilot one from the get go. That said, it looks like the mysterious faction themselves have another mecha with different advancements. Can’t wait to see which one wins out for whatever reason next episode!



  1. How many episodes is this meant to be? They aren’t going to get very far into the story if this is only 12 or 13 at the current rate, probably not even to the point where Show Spoiler ▼

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Official episode count has’t been stated yet. The briskness of the story progress suggests 12-13 eps, with the intention of covering up to Vol 5 of the LNs (ending the spoiler point you mentioned).

      1. Volume 5 ends in the middle of a storyline. That would be a horrible place to stop, unless we are looking at an anime-original ending.

        Speaking of, it seems like anime-original endings have become much less of a thing recently.

  2. The feeling and atmosphere in this episode were all over the place and kinda hard to bear. The twins came off as pretty dumb and carefree instead of whatever they were supposed to be, and the sense of danger for Ernesti I assume we were supposed to have before the lecture just wasn’t well done.

    Story keeps getting sacrificed for more action…

  3. Surprised they slowed down the pace here a bit was expecting them to complete the Fort attack in 1 ep too based on the initial pace.

    They omitted out Stephanie’s dickish younger brother(Twins older half brother). That part was supposed to be part of the Academy entry part as a result we lost some characterization for the twins and Stephanie (Stephanie’s mentality is similar to their father, she’ll prioritize family up to a certain point, but is overall honorable when she gave Eru a hint were the other students were keeping Addy)

    So based on this pacing we’d have the fort attack completed by next ep.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Pretty tight if they’re going for 13 eps only

  4. People keep complaining on the twins, but they conveniently forget they are still kids. illegitimate kids at that. with their parent asking something out of them. you have to account for their feelings in this case.

    1. Feelings that have been shown very poorly, I’m sorry to say. Last time we heard about the father they were running away from home because of him, and until the expedition it didn’t look like they were even on good terms with Staphanie, with nothing else about the rest of the family. That’s a lot of negative without any positive, so why wouldn’t it be weird for them to be suddenly doing him favors? Especially when they seemed a little suspicion when he asked them.

  5. Peace in Fremevilla is a somewhat relative term – it’s peaceful in the locals don’t have to worry about being attacked by hostile human nations; they have to worry about being attacked and eaten by magically charged monsters.

  6. @Ep 05:

    Nice Melee no more Nice Mecha battles of Long range weapons used in close combat and the old Sword and Shield thing…

    Sure it is not Gundam with laser weapons and Boom boom, but the Back Weapons sure give a glimp of this feeling. But the Choreografie of the fights was good… Someone really work out this moves, am i impressed.

    Yeap, alone for this melee fight this episode was worth watching


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